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Governor Palin’s Tea Party Speech Will Take Place on the Three-Year Anniversary of Her RNC Convention Speech

Whitney was the first person to notice that the Tea Party keynote address she is scheduled to give in Waukee, Iowa falls on the three the three-year anniversary of her speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention (September 3rd).  You know what I’m thinking…

The Governor seemed to provide a preview of her speech in a press release from the Tea Party group:

I’m very excited to join grassroots Iowans at the ‘Restoring America’ event over Labor Day Weekend…Gatherings like this of independent liberty-loving Americans from every walk of life exemplify our commitment to come together to seek solutions to the problems confronting our nation. As I’ve said many times, including at Pella during my last visit to Iowa: We don’t need a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. We need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free. The 2012 election will be a great debate between those two conflicting visions for our country.

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  • dhunter

    I will be there! Thanks for coming to Iowa Sarah!

  • Guest

    Restore America!

  • bradkarr

    ARE   WE   READY   FOR  A  " DO OVER " ?

    • Another_Fine_Mess

      Too funny!!!!

  • section9

    Naaaaaaah. She wouldn’t announce in Iowa.

    She’d announce on Sarah Palin Day. In Ohio. 

    • palinsupporter1

      I don’t think so. I think she might be an announced candidate before the Iowa event hopefully in August but I don’t think in Ohio.

    • Jasmine Clark


      • Carmelo Junior

        Sarah Palin Day-29 August

    • Iowa4Palin

      Dayton again?  With stops in NH, SC, FL before the event in Iowa?

    • David Zimmerman

      Good! Then she can introduce Boehner’s conservative replacement.

    • John B. Hefmier

      With her talking a number of times about having a heart for Michigan, I would say that she announces there.  They definitely need the attention.

  • HuntingMoose

    Urg. So another 5+ weeks to wait for that official announcement on Mark&Bob show….

  • HuntingMoose

    Bob & Mark will do a live broadcast from Iowa on labor day weekend


    • Pete Petretich

      Good, they deserve to deal with a few crazy rumors.

      Personally, I heard that they were switching to Sirius/ XM during the midnight hour.

    • pupzillamom

      I was mulling that too in my flipping’ EUPHORIA!!!! Ok powder dry still but DANG!! Can this be it? CUDA ONLY 2012, MADAME PRESIDENT 45!

      • MaMcGriz

        Be ready pup! Be very ready! [:~))

        • pupzillamom

          : )!!!!!! with every heartbeat…

          • MaMcGriz

            I feel ya!!

            Let’s do this!

            • pupzillamom

              Grrrrr!!! AMEN!!

    • latinchic

      Are u freakin’ kidding me???!!!

      • HuntingMoose

        You all missed the ";-) " in my post.

        I always wondered how she could still keep her promise to Mark & Bob while still doing the big announcement in a bigger setting.

        just occurred to me she can just phone in to those guys from whereever she is or have those guys be with her on site.

        so am I kidding you? or may be shining the light on something obvious under our nose?

        in May we had as possible dates memorial day weekend/ 4th and someone suggested labor day (as last possibility). Memorial day weekend was shot down because it would take attention away from memorial day weekend. 4th was a possibility but that has come and gone. Perry will announce before the end of august so she can nip him in the butt by announcing right after him.
        (1) she already announced her candidacy exactly 2 years ago with hear retreat/reload comment.
        (2) Reagan announced his candidacy in November. So for that official announcement it may still take a while.
        (3) ames straw poll allows write-in candidates so she has no reason to announce before aug 8th.

        • Aitch748

          Well, a winking smiley doesn’t always mean "I’m just messin’ with ya." Sometimes it can mean "Is this cool or what?"

    • Jasmine Clark

      really? is this confirmed? where’s your source? if this is true, even more proof she’s running.

      • suehimel

        Did you guys see the wink in the post?

    • Ceejay


      Palin Patriots, are you ready????   

      Sarah 2012!
      Game On!
      Let’s roll!


      news networks will carry, waiting for "the undefeated" announcement to challenge "the one".

  • Mrl Tav

    I think there’s a possibility she’ll announce sooner than that.

    • John Norton

       Im still be watching the day before The great dissapointments birthday…

      • Mrl Tav

        yes I’ll be paying attention to that date as well. it’s also the same as the budget deadline.

  • PaMom4Palin

    Oh how I wish I was able to go!!! Bring down the house Gov! (ohhh and I can not wait to see the libnuts knickers in a knot…it will be a beautiful site to see!!!) :)

    • Al B.

      Word has reached the elitist halls of Manhattan.  Tweet from Jedediah Bila:

      JedediahBila Jedediah Bila
      Panic at a left-wing elitist Manhattan gathering about @SarahPalinUSA’s September trip to Iowa. Little things like this make my day. :)
      34 minutes ago

      • Quiet_Righty

        Today they panic.
        Next year they will be wailing, cursing and moaning.

      • ReaganerThanThou

        Yes, feel the panic, Manhattan liberals … Feel it BURN!!

  • Whitney Pitcher

    Just an observation….:) When she said August or September, I originally was thinking Sept 17th–Constitution Day. Who knows? As long as we hear that she’s announcing a bid in the next two months-ish, that’s all that matters. 

  • Pete Petretich

    I think it makes sense that she would announce in a photogenic and historic place just before this speech on Labor Day weekend.

    Mount Rushmore?

  • Tammy_Buchanan

    Sept 3rd Money Bomb for SP in the amount of $20.12, $201.20 or $2012.00 save your money for Sarah!

  • Mrl Tav

    I recall a Bible
    literature class I took in college and the professor used to always
    point out the Biblical significance of the numeral 3 for example, God’s attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.Three times is the blessing given in Numbers 6:23, 24:, As we have in the number one the sovereignty of the one God; and in two
    the second person, the Son, the great Deliverer; so in "three" we have
    the third person, the Holy Spirit, and many, many more.  

    • quidam65

      The number three is also interesting in mathematics, as there is an entire branch devoted to the mathematical properties of the triangle (trigonometry), which of course has three sides.  No other geometric shape has its own branch (though the circle gets a good chunk of study).

  • cuttingboardblues

    I think she may announce before this event, thus giving it more importance and a huge first appearance after her announcement. 

    • palinsupporter1

      I agree, next thing I think we will all be looking for is a release from fox news.

    • lanahi
      • Christopher H Fromme

        I live in Pittsburgh but plan on going to Columbia if I can get tickets.  Jim DeMint is one of the three hosts.

        • lanahi

          I would love to have tickets to that event if she’s there. Well, ANY event Sarah is at!
          I think it would be the best debate, with three conservatives asking questions about major ISSUES. And it will be for only those who manage to get 5% or more in national polls, so there won’t be a whole herd of participants…maybe 5 or 6 at most.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      I also agree. The event echos her own campaign theme of restoring America, and announcing her candidacy just prior will ensure max coverage of what is probably her campaign rollout.

  • Sue Lynn

    I live in Martin Michigan and would love to go…Any buses planning on going? Let me know message me. Maybe even get there several days early to help O4P…Lets get something going. Martin is by Kalamazoo…..

    • jhva99

      Martin US131 Dragway!!!!  Sunday! Sunday!  See Dyno Don Nicholson battle it out with Arnie ‘The Farmer" Bezwick, in their fuel injected Funny Cars!!!!

      Martin is only 490 miles fromWaukee IA.  About 9 hours on I-80.

      • jhva99

        I lived in Kalamazoo for about 25 years and have been to the dragway several times when I was a youngster.

        • Sue Lynn

          We should  Drag a bus load to Waukee Iowa for the event. I would love to be there for the event…Palin unplugged how cool is that!!!!

          • jhva99

            Sue Lynn, if you live anywhere near Dallas Texas, you need to get over to texas4palin, the official o4p Texas chapter. We are trying to get enough riders for a bus with a wrap that will have a slogan or something on the side. Plus some blocks of hotel rooms at a corporate rate.

          • jhva99
      • Sue Lynn

        I can hear the races from my house…No kidding

  • PW4SP ? ?

    I do hope it’s televised.

    • Jasmine Clark

      it probably will be televised or livestreamed or something.

  • bjwilson83

    Woohoo! Thanks to everybody who helped cheer me up last night about Perry, but THIS is what I really needed. If it’s game on in Iowa, she’s running!

  • Jasmine Clark

    "The 2012 election will be a great debate between those two conflicting visions for our country."

    i think it’s very interesting that she even mentioned the 2012 election in the press release at all, if she supposedly "isn’t running." why even bring up the election? is the rally all about the election? no, it’s just a tea party rally to promote tea party principles, not necessarily an election. SHE brought it up on her own. she didn’t have to. so she will be talking about the election during the speech. and she said that the election will be about the conficting visions of transformation vs. restoration. obviously transformation refers to obama. who does "restoration" refer to? rick perry, or to the person who has "said many times" that we need a "fundamental restoration???" isn’t it obvious that she sees HERSELF as the opposition to obama? more proof that she’s running…

  • LibertyLvr

    I don’t see Sarah ‘using’ the Tea Party to make her presidential announcement. I believe she will wait until some time after her speech and the event to announce. It would also betray the ideals of the Tea Party to announce before the speech. Announcing either before or during would compromise the Tea Party as endorsing a candidate. No, I see Sarah as speechifying as Citizen Sarah.  Then, after a respectable time, she will make her announcement. This is the way I see Sarah.

    • jhva99

      The political action commitee, Tea Party of America, was created in Iowa less than 3 months ago.  Its purpose at this time is to sponsor an event called the Restoring America rally.

      Sarah Palin has said:
       We don’t need a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. We need a ‘restoration’ of all that is good and strong and free. The 2012 election will be a great debate between those two conflicting visions for our country.

      I hear Sarah’s voice in the title of this rally.  We may get a preview of the campaign stump speech.  This is totally grass-roots, totally outside the party apperatus.  Which is the Republicans worst nightmare.  The demoncrats are concernrd but not yet a direct target of the invisible Palin machine, other than Obama who is about to go buggy in a presser very soon,

      • LibertyLvr

        Would you expand on that "Obama who is about to go buggy in a presser very soon" comment?

        • jhva99

          Obama is such a petulant man/boy, everyone is seeing cracks in his armor and a penchant for becoming enraged when he doesn’t get his way.  I can see him losing his temper at a press conference and perhaps go turretts on the White House press corp.

          • Stand4Liberty

            Oh yes, I agree. I thought you had something specific [caused by Sarah] in mind.

      • excopconservative

        If Boehner and the Republicans drive him buggy just wait until he’s dealing with Sarah.  

    • mistah charley

      this makes sense, even though it means a longer wait for the announcement 

      semper ubi sub ubi

    • NY4P

      So, according to your logic, no declared candidates can ever speak by a tea party event? I don’t think so. Sarah’s Madison tea party speech was awesome, but the media blackout really blunted the exposure and hence the impact it should have had. I don’t believe Sarah will let that happen again. If she is a declared candidate before the event, the media will be much more likely to cover her speech. And it will be awesome and she will hit it out of the ball park! Game On!

  • unseen1

    hmmm this  suggests more than just a speech doesn’t it?

    RealClearScott Scott Conroy Stand by for Palin news…the latest lull is about to end.7 hours ago

    • section9

      Yah, but that was hours ago, wasn’t it?

      • unseen1

        yes  but  my  point is  he  sounds like there is more to come.   a  one  off story  about  aspeech in IA  is  big news  but  it  doesn’t  mena the "lull is aboout to end"   

        Maybe i’m  reading  too much into a tweet  but  it seems  liek he is saying  that   the  stories will continue  to  break.  just  my $.02

    • blerch

      He tweeted that before the announcement of her Iowa speech.

  • grizzlyrising

    Pardon me for repeating a point I made a few days ago (not that anyone would remember!) but I think Sarah may wait until after 9/11/11 to announce.  One thing she has practically (re)invented is the Toe-Stepper.  Think Mitt in NH and Michelle in IA.  Obama is going to go nuts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, probably shouting from the rooftops that he took down OBL.  Therefore it would be best to roll out a toe-stepper after he tries to politicize 9-11.   He may even use 9-11 to subconciously start his campaign.  I mean, what’s he gonna run on, the economy?

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      If Sarah announces on Labor Day, no one will care what Barf Vader does a week later. The Labor Day event promises to be more than a toe-stepper. More like an uppercut punch from Mike Tyson, for a knockout.

    • sarahhasmyvote

      This President thinks he is responsible for getting bin Laden. Remember his "I" speech after the news broke? This military accomplishment happened despite the President, but we will hear much about it during the campaign. 

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