Jennifer Stefano: Through this Film, the Conscience of a Conservative is Awakened Once Again

Jennifer Stefano conducted an interview recently with Steve Bannon and also wrote a good review about The Undefeated for Newsmax. She writes:

In 1960 Barry Goldwater’s book, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” laid out a roadmap for conservative thought. He gave the country a basis for action and, in doing so, paved the way for the Reagan revolution in 1980. Goldwater’s book is credited with converting many who were either unsure or unaware of their own political ideology. The film “The Undefeated” picks up where Goldwater left off.

The film has been touted as a documentary on Sarah Palin’s political
achievements in Alaska. But like Goldwater’s book once did, the film
gives America a moral roadmap through the prism of the right. Four
minutes into director Stephen Bannon’s documentary, viewers are disabused of the notion they are either watching a propoganda piece or simply a political highlight reel. In those first few minutes, Bannon brings to life three years worth of hate-filled, sexist and often shockingly violent diatribes leveled at Palin and her children.


“I feel the governor’s story transcends politics,” said Bannon. “She is
obscure as anyone in America as the story opens . . . and through grit,
tenacity and courage, she made an impact on modern life.”

The film concludes by showing Palin’s impact through the rise of the tea party movement. It’s here where Bannon tidily brings Goldwater’s ideology to fruition. The finale shows Palin and the tea party as the children of the Reagan revolution. The film successfully argues a Palin presidency would be a watershed moment in American history, if only the right has the moral courage to take a stand.

“The Undefeated” will not only change minds about Palin but also bring
shame to those who added to the vitriol against her. Through this film,
the conscience of a conservative is awakened once again. Viewers will be forced to reconsider Palin and her role as Reagan’s heir apparent. As the film opens in this theaters this week, somewhere, Goldwater is smiling as the revolution rolls on.

You can read the entire piece here.

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