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Mark Levin Interviews Steve Bannon About The Undefeated

Mark Levin interviewed Steve Bannon tonight on his radio show. Enjoy!

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  • palin45potus

    The Great One talking about The game Changer!

    Love it Love it Love it!

  • M_Minnesota

    I loved it where Bannon said that the 2008 Palin rallies people looked around and saw that they were not alone and that there began the Tea party Movement.   Pre-Beck call?  "I am all alone?"

  • danielvito

    I can’t tell you how impressed I am w/Steven Bannon. Thank you!

  • manajordan

    I don’t know if this has been discussed before. But, Bannon mentioned briefly his attendance at the C4P meetup in Chicago. I remember walking back in to the room after watching Fire from the Heartland and seeing him surrounded by this group of awesome C4Pers who spoke passionately and convincingly about their support of the Guv. I could tell he was impressed by you all. Congrats to the organizers of that event on their inspiration in having Mr. Bannon there, you guys opened some doors :)

    • CharterOakie

      Exactly, mj.  I remember that circle surrounding him; I was part of it.  
      Fortunately though I had buttonholed him immediately after the showing of "Fire from the Heartland" and was able to chat about a few things before he was completely surrounded.

  • William Morgan

    check out this interview of steve bannon by a npr station in Atlanta

    • John Norton

      I just listened Thanks WM for that link. When the DVDs come out in Wallmart then we ll be getting the word out. But word of mouth has its advantages too. After seeing the film and when the Gov. announces it will put an energy back in our country that we havnt seen for… that ive never seen before and ive ben around since 52…

    • JeannieBinVA


      He said 2 really good things to get a much wider audience among independent-minded folks (regardless of party preference) — the very voters she will need to win the general:  
      1) that he thinks the NPR audience is fair-minded — this is a fantastic soft challenge to every anti-Palin person who thinks they "know" who Sarah Palin is; and 
      2) the film showing how her approach is anti-establishment, pragmatic and non-ideological (taking on the Republican establishment and the oil companies, angering the Christian right over gay rights, etc.). 

  • William Morgan

    this is long but go to the 11 minute mark and you hear exactly what people like Rush and Mark Levin have been saying when it concerns Sarah and her characterization by the LSM

  • friskyness

    Mark Levin was great in the Undefeated!  Just saw the 7:00 showing in CA.

  • Michael Reyes

    I had a great time at the movie everyone stood up and clapped at the end all the people there were great no noise ,cell phones or loud talking I actually had a great experiance.

  • Hyman Roth

    Levin is Pentangeli.

  • Escaped_Teleprompter
    • Guest

      Good little write up …Thanks for posting

  • irishcoins

    It is hard to imagine, after seeing the depth and majesty of this film, that Bannon plans to roll out a film 30 days before Iowa, that will eclipse this one.

    • Guest

      I know what the heck is it….can’t wait he said it would be good .for us……

      • freeperjim

        Is it confirmed that the "surprise" will be another film/video…or will it be something else?

        • Guest

          wonder why he even mentioned anything…lol…

    • goldenprez

      Irish … This comment has piqued my interest. I have not been able to garner any information in this regard. Where and when did you hear about this? And where can any additional information be found?

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • irishcoins

        The Daily Beast July 15, although I posted these quotes below on July 14 at, which does not allow linking to the Daily Beast, since it is a "blog", referencing the same interview from July 13:

        Marlow Stern interview of Steve Bannon:

        “She’s not in the political, cultural, or social elite of Alaska,” said Bannon. “She’s out of the loop, and as obscure as any American walking into a Walmart. It’s interesting how anti-establishment she is. She’s a true populist, and I think that’s why she’s feared so much.”

        Bannon said he believes that Bachmann and Palin can coexist as “two totally different candidates”—before hinting that he himself has something special in store: “I’ve got something that I’m working on that I think is going to be even more controversial than this film,” he said. “If everything goes according to plan, I intend to drop this exactly 30 days before the Iowa caucus. It’s definitely timed for 2012.” He pauses, before adding, “There are forces brewing right beneath the surface, that I try to show in these films, that are going to have a tectonic plate shift in the culture of American politics. I think the paradigm is shifting, and it’s going to shift dramatically.”

        • goldenprez

          Irish … You made my day! Much obliged. Now I owe you. Excellent research.

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

  • Guest

    Great interview, Steve Bannon is my hero….

  • JohnBarry2012

    Great as always, the great one from the brick-and-steel bunker command post in an undisclosed location.

    • CharterOakie

      …beneath the brick and steel of a nondescript building.

      • JohnBarry2012

        Yea, the nuclear Tomahawk is more potent than the bombastic bully pulpit.

  • jb

    And The Great One was great in the movie!

  • CharterOakie

    Excellent interview.  Thanks for posting it, Stacy!

    For day by day men came to David to help him, until there was a great army like the army of God.   1Chronicles 12:22 (NASB)

    And day by day, for months and years, men and women of ability and character have been stepping up to help and defend Sarah Palin.  God is still working in the hearts and minds of good, honest people, and the army is still growing.

  • TherealDL

    Please get Steve Bannon to please, please, please NOT use the word "enervate" in relation to Sarah Palin. (It means " to deprive of strength or vitality; weaken physically or mentally; debilitate…")
    The Dumb Bastard’s followers, arrogant elites that they are, will jump on this.
    Sarah ENERGIZES the people around her, and there are many Palinistams (Tammy Bruce’s term, I believe) out here that will get her real story out to the "undecided".
    Dragon Lady

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