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Massive National Rollout for ‘The Undefeated’ Announced


ARC Entertainment Announces Massive National Rollout for Sarah Palin Film, ‘The Undefeated’
Beginning September 1st Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View to Make the Film Accessible to Approximately 75 Million Homes Through Major Cable and Satellite Companies Such as DIRECTV, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable The Video on Demand / Pay-Per-View Launch to be Backed by Multi-Million-Dollar Marketing Campaign DVD to Launch October 4th in Stores Nationwide with an Initial Shipment Estimated at 250,000 Units Walmart to Receive a “Special Edition” Version of the Film Limited Engagement Theatrical Release to Continue Nationwide Throughout August and September.

Santa Monica, Calif. (PRWEB) July 24, 2011

Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment, the distributor of “The Undefeated,” the film about Gov. Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, jointly announced today that beginning on September 1st the film will be available to 75 million homes via Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View access through national and regional cable and satellite operators. The DVD will launch on October 4th and will be available at traditional and online retailers nationwide. ARC is estimating its initial unit shipment to be approximately 250,000 units. A “Special Edition” DVD will contain additional new content and will only be sold in Walmart stores. ARC will continue to expand the limited engagement theatrical release nationwide throughout August and September as demand across the country remains high.

Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, said, “Since the film opened in select markets across the country on July 15th we have been inundated with requests from people wanting the film to be made available in their market. After methodically analyzing the most effective ways to bring this galvanizing film to the widest audience as soon as possible we have determined that continued limited theatrical distribution, Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View and DVD sales will be the best modalities by which to deliver this film as widely as possible. We have created partnerships with national cable, satellite and mass retailers to achieve our distribution goals.”

“This title is absolutely perfect for Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View backed by a traditional and significant marketing campaign. We are incredibly excited about having this film made available to the entire country earlier than expected,” said Glenn Bracken Evans, the film’s producer. “A traditional windowed release would not have allowed us to maximize viewership of this highly sought after film,” continued Evans.

“The Undefeated is a terrific case study for a digital cinema release. We have been nimble, efficient and brought this film to many eager viewers with almost no turn around time,” said Jill Newhouse Calcaterra, chief marketing officer at Cinedigm, the film’s digital distributor. “We look forward to bringing this film to many more audiences across the country during the next month.”

Filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon stated, “Given the strong audience reaction we have determined there is overwhelming demand for us to get this film out broadly enough to cover the entire nation in September and October. In a 90-day period from August to November we will be able to effectively cover the nation through multiple distribution modalities.”

The Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View deals with strategic partners will be backed by a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign to heighten awareness in all markets to the film’s availability.

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  • Joanne Mayo


  • nkthgreek

    From Obamanation to Palination!

  • celestiallady

    Now they are talking – that’s the ticket!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  • idesign2

    GAME ON!!!!

  • Guest

    Whoo-Hoo, game, set, and match Palin!

  • grizzlyrising

    Great news, and smart as hell!

  • JPMewley

    Hold on to your hats folks, the show is fixing to start.

    Palin 2012

  • wisetrog wt

    This is big. Since by that time, she’ll be  running,  it will generate huge interest in her candidacy and in this film. SO both should benefit from each other.

  • teledude

    This is just so unconventional!


    • Guest

      That’s just so Sarah!  I think we should write Webster’s to tell them they need to include a new defenition for "unconventional"! 

      Because the lame stream media and right wing establishment republicans don’t get the relationship between Sarah Palin and UNCONVENTIONAL!!!  "Palin’s done nothing to tell us she’s running"….etc…etc…etc…

  • CBDenver

    Glad to hear of the nationwide roll-out of The Undefeated.  One of the key messages of the movie is that Gov Palin has consistently been fiscally responsible — as City Council member, as Mayor, as Governor.  The current debt negotiations crisis is bringing home the message to all Americans that we desperately need a President who really "gets it" regarding the need to reign in unsustainable government spending.  The perfect timing for Gov Palin’s message.  Game on, 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  • mystery127

    Hallelujah!!!! What good news….what joy…..its starting to unfold…

  • Reloading

    The tempo is picking up!!!!!


  • derised1

    Sarahmania will hit the world timed with the announcement of her POTUS run! Brilliant!! :)

  • TedTorgerson

    Mittens raises $20 million to buy air time for 30 second ads. Sarah’s movie MAKES $20 million from people paying to watch it!

    • Guest

      Toldja she knows how to make her money squeal. Imagine how she’ll handle ours. 

  • Firelight

    Game on!!!!!

  • jeaneeinabottle


  • Al B.

    And the House lights start to dim…hehehe.

  • Guest


    Finally I’ll get to see it!!!!!!!  :-D

    I’m tired of reading reports from people that hate Sarah that were dragged kicking and screaming to go see it!  ;-)  39 more days!!!!  :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D  Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! 

  • CliffNZ


  • Jasmine Clark

    finally!!! been waiting for this news for a long time!!

    "Walmart to Receive a “Special Edition” "

    omg i want to see…

    • larrygeary

      I wonder if we SarahPAC contributors are getting that one for our $100. I hope so. If not, I’m a frequent Walmart shopper so I’ll pick up another.

    • Michael_from_Michigan


      This is the final proof that Sarah is running before she makes her presidential candidacy official!  Why else go to this extent with the movie unless she is running for president! 

      • larrygeary

        Sarah has no control over the movie, or the timing and form of its distribution. None. She receives no money from it in any form whether film, PPV or DVD, nor does SarahPAC. (Exception: The DVDs SarahPAC offered for a $100 contribution.)

        • excopconservative

          Assuming she had an adequate agent in her dealings with HarperCollins, she would have received a royalty on income received by Harper for its license to Victory Films. 

          • lanahi

            Bannon would get that royalty, not Sarah.  Sarah did not own interest in the movie.  The only royalty she might get is for the audio used from her book.

        • Todd Underwood

          Everyone owes a great amount of gratitude to Mr. Bannon with making this happen.  He was never in this for the money, if he breaks even financially I’d suspect he would be happy.  His intent is to help save this country.  Listen to him, look at his background, he is a patriot.
          I believe all that is happening with this film was always his intent.  The initial showings in select theaters to trick the LSM into giving his film (and Sarah) free publicity to initially get the word out and then have it easily available for the American people to see it.  This PPV/DVD action now was always planned.  It prevents the the LSM from filtering this message as we all know they would.  I’ll go out on a limb here and actually guess that Andrew Brietbart might have had something to do with this.  :)  
          What is going to fun to watch is the left tie themselved in knots shouting "Campaign Finance Laws" when she does declare.  And what’s really so cool about this?  Priceless campaign advantages of something done in the free market!!!  I’d like to see Bannon’s smirk when he donates money to her campaign, all perfectly legal.  :)  

          • Guest

            They can’t.  That’s why Bannon did the movie about Sarah.  The SCOTUS ruling for Citizens United is what paved the way for this.  Bannon CAN do a film and Sarah run for POTUS without having ANY repercussions with McCain-Feingold or other campaign finance laws.  I’m sure that’s also part of the reason Sarah stayed out of the movie and only contributing the audio book of Going Rogue. 

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