Open Thread

This story about Michele Bachmann will be the story of the day.  The story sounds accurate as other reporters have been able to confirm parts of it pretty easily from her staffers and her spokesperson didn’t deny the story with the vigor you would expect if the story was false.  However, I think how the story impacts Bachmann’s candidacy depends on the issue to which the press directs its focus.  If it focuses on her migraines, Bachmann should be ok.  However, if the press focuses on the story’s claim that Bachmann has resorted to heavy pill usage when her stress level was high and when she received bad news, Bachmann will have a pretty tough news cycle to navigate.

Even Mark Halperin concedes that Governor Palin could still vault to the front of the pack despite her "late start."

Unsurprisingly, Rick Perry is already walking back his comments about how he felt a calling and sounds uncommitted again.

What happened to Jeanne Devon’s traffic over at Mudflats?

What else is going on this morning?

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