Sarah Palin: “America has a Do-Over in November 2012″/Open Thread (Update: Newsweek Cover Story Now Available)

In my opinion, everyone seems to be missing the biggest tell from the Facebook post she wrote yesterday.  Here’s what she wrote about a “do-over.”

America has a do-over in November 2012.

Only two people can plausibly use the term “do-over” as it relates to the 2012 election: John McCain and Sarah Palin. Since McCain has unequiovcably ruled out running again and since it’s unlikely that Governor Palin will endorse someone who has unequivocably ruled out running again, the most reasonable conclusion to draw from her use of the “do-over” term is that she plans on running for the presidency.

It’s also true that she made it pretty clear as to who she will not support in the section where she laid out the qualifications that she believes a presidential candidate must have (e.g., Michele Bachmann, Mitt “peacetime” Romney). What most people don’t get is that she may have ruled out Rick Perry as well:

It requires a strong chief executive who has been entrusted with real authority

Everyone knows that the Texas Governor holds very little authority.  By contrast, as Con Bunde explains in The Undefeated, the Alaska Governor holds more authority than nearly every other Governor in the country.

So unless you believe that Governor Palin will endorse Tim Pawlenty, a man she has already beaten before when a highly respected moderate Republican determined that she was more capable than he was to lead the country, the most reasonable conclusion to draw from the Governor’s Facebook post is that she is endorsing herself.

Anyone disagree?  What else is going on today?  The Newsweek article should be out later today due to demand.

Update: The Newsweek article is out now.  You can read it here.  The four following things jumped out at me:

1) She really seems to suggest that all of her kids are on board with a presidential campaign.

2) She has never seen a replay of her speech at the Republican National Convention.  This one stunned me.  By comparison, Obama spent a good portion of his book talking about his speech at the Democrat Party National Convention in 2004 even though there was no pressure on him to perform well in contrast to the pressure that Palin felt with her speech.

3) I guess she’s ruling out Energy Secretary as she appeared to indicate that she would get rid of the Department of Energy

4) I think it’s pretty clear which conservative woman she is talking about in the article.

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