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Governor Palin: Media Making Things Up: “Tears” and “Rages” During “The Undefeated”? Really?

A new Facebook Note from Governor Palin:

Obviously we’ve seen our share of media lies, but the latest fabrications circulated take a big slice of the cake. The UK Daily Mail reports that I was “in tears” as Todd “rages over Hollywood stars ripping” me in the new film “The Undefeated.” Huh? Really? The beautiful town of Pella, Iowa, was flooded with an army of media covering the premiere of this film. You’d think someone would have caught those tears and rages on tape, right? Well, here’s a video of the remarks I made at the Pella Opera House right after viewing the film. The emotion clearly displayed was gratitude to the filmmakers who invested their own time and money into highlighting my team’s record in Alaska. Todd and I were overwhelmed with gratitude, and we hope everyone sees this film.

In fact, you can click here to buy tickets to see the film, which opens in theaters on July 15th. You can also vote here to bring it to a theater near you.

MSM, you should check it out too. (You’ll learn the facts many of you have failed to report for the last three years as you’ve continued to do what makes you less and less relevant in our country’s discourse: you’ve chosen to just make things up.) There’s a story there, but you’ll never find it if you continue lying and carrying water for the powers that be.

Again, we thank the sweet town of Pella, and will forever remember the amazing evening we shared together in Iowa!

– Sarah Palin


(h/t Whitney Pitcher)

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  • MaMcGriz

    Thank you, Sarah!

    We read you loud and clear!

  • OldGuyAZ

    I posted this on the open thread earlier, but it’s more appropriate here.

    This is what we Palinstas expect Sarah to do.  When necessary, hit back and hit hard. She will no longer let any media fabricate mis-information about her.GAME ON

    • unseen1

      yeap.  We have a leader and a fighter  in  Gov Palin.   thank you god. 

    • rightConcept

      It is certainly not what I expect. It’s National inquirer. Who the hell cares… Why would she waste her time refuting a nat’l inquirer fantasy piece when there are far more important issues to talk about.

      She has barely said a word in months.

      I expect Palin to do what she has been doing for the last 3 years. Go after Obama. Not the stupid inquirer.

      People today are sick of politics. I don’t know what she is waiting for but she better put the foot to the floor soon and cut out this cat and mouse game. People are tired of it and want to know they have a fighter willing to give it all for them.


      • says_pheobe

        cutting off the supply lines of misinformation, recon, rallying the troops…no cat and mouse and waiting here…

      • friskyness

        She is not on anyone’s schedule except her own.

        • Dana_Smith

          honestly, is that a good thing? 

      • Dana_Smith

        FYI, it’s ‘Enquirer’ and you should consider they are the ones who outed cad, John Edwards, but you’ve made an excellent point about the cat and mouse game she is playing.

      • Kathy Ozanne

        Don’t underestimate the liberal media complex.  Read Andrew’s book "Righteous Indignation" and you will see just how huge a role the liberal media complex has had in bringing this nation down.    And they’ve been doing it for a long, long time.  They buy ink by the barrel.  And our academic institutions are right alongside them.  Think infiltration.

        Right now, the media complex is working very very very hard to promote the "I like Sarah Palin but…", "She’s not running…", "She’s a kingmaker…", memes.  I see and hear it around me every damn day. 

        That is why I am bringing someone to the Undefeated that needs to see something else besides the media complex doing its assigned propagandizing.  I’ll also be at a social gathering this weekend where I will offer to get tickets for anyone interested in going with me and my guest.  The media complex has met its match with citizen journalists who blog, photograph and use social media to make sure the truth gets out.

        Sarah Palin will move when it is time for her to move, not when the media complex or talking heads on FNC tell her to.  That ain’t politics, it’s PRINCIPLE, and there’s a big damn difference.

    • Kathy Ozanne

      And be prepared to do it yourself at a moment’s notice.  We fight for her, she fights for us, we fight together. 

      Some of the greatest historical movements of all human history started with just a couple of people willing to stand together.

  • myfairlady

    Go Get ‘em Sarah!!  We’re here.  We’re clear.  So get used to it!

  • Sue Lynn

    Sarah I just ordered my flight to Houston TX. I live in Michigan and my daughter and son in law are all going as a family. My daughter was an early supporter in 08 but since has fallen for that She can’t get elected crap, sure we will win her back after she see’s the movie…Plus my daughter is inviting her friends …..It is what I wanted for my 57 th birthday…Just bought the tickets on line 7:10 showing….I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!   Lets Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I’m making stuff on the grill for everyone that she gets to go to the movie…Ya that’s it DINNER AND A MOVIE …Thats the Ticket…Yum Yum

    • wodiej

      great job!!

    • Michael Reyes

      we should decorate our vehicles palin style see you at the show i live in houston

    • Min Max

      You ROCK!

  • section9

    It’s the Daily Mail. I’m surprised that they haven’t accused Palin of witchcraft. You get a lot of Palin trashing in that paper.

    Criticism of Palin is actually just as bad in the Grauniad, but it’s more highbrow and pretentious.

  • c4pfan

    That paper is the worst of the worst!

  • Guest

    This is hilarious… major news organization makes stuff up (lying) about Sarah… stuff that can be verified as false by school children using the Internet.  Fear just drives these people bonkers.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    To the point

    Try it sometime LSM!!!

    • Dana_Smith

      Like Fox you mean?

  • Nancy6

    This, "tears", mumbo jumbo, sounds suspiciously like something Mitt would do.

    • Ting

      Isn’t Mitt in London now?

  • Nancy6

    Thank you Daily Mail, for providing an excuse for Governor Palin to push ticket sales for The Undefeated.

    Bonus feature: Making the lamestream media look lame.

    • Guest

      Isn’t that just a hoot… the liberals flocking to see The Undefeated at the theaters because they think they will be seeing something that made Sarah cry and Todd mad…  Thank you Daily Mail. LOL

      • wodiej

        dumba**es.  lol

      • Dana_Smith

        Why would a liberal want to watch this movie?

        • Guest

          Because they’re stupid… they read the Daily Mail piece and immediately rush to find the closest theater to take delight in watching a movie that they are told made Sarah cry and Todd mad.  Alas, they get to the theater and find out that they can’t get in until the 15th.  They come back on the 15th and find out that their benefactor the federal government did not leave the free tickets for them at the window… now, they’re really POed because they gotta drive all the way back home to get an advance on their allowance from Momma, drive back and finally can get in to see the movie.

          After 2 hours, the new converts to c4p (previously libtards) exit smiling looking for the nearest o4p volunteer so that they might sign up for Sarah’s campaign… they are rejected for service because although they are no longer liberals, they are still retarded.

          DISCLAIMER: The above scenario was entirely fictional and not intended to disparage libtards or offend trolls.  The high speed drive home and back was performed by professional drivers on a closed course.

        • Sue Lynn

          This movie transends politics…Its everyday Americans that are attached and our Liberty!!!! Its everyones rights at risk EVERYONE!!!!! Get the PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Guest

          I see you changed your mind on your original reply to me… the original was "I’m  what you types call a ‘liberal’ and I wouldn’t go near that movie if I was offered a thousand dollars.  I bet you have seen it ten times by now, huh?"

          Like that Edit button much, don’t you?

          Anyway, this is why we call you ‘libtards’ not ‘liberals’… you see, if offered by you, us Conservatives would have taken your thousand dollars, go see the Obambie movie, leave the theater and donate the thousand bucks to Sarah’s campaign… stupid is as stupid does.

  • matteo2

    I was kind of surprised she responded to a rag like this, but then I realized it gave her a natural chance to plug the movie to a few million people without just plugging the movie. 

    • blerch

      Not only did it give her another opportunity to plug the movie to her 3.2 million Facebook followers, she also linked to the video of her post-film remarks, which was an extremely inspiring political stump speech.  How many people will view that speech who have yet to see it?  A lot.  The refudiation of the lies in that rag was an added bonus, and was really a secondary reason for the post.  Once again, she uses the irrational PDS of these losers as a weapon against them.

      • Jasmine Clark

        i am really glad she linked to that speech, i want it to go viral.

    • unseen1

      plus  it further’s  her   campaign message of not to trust the media.   Gov Palin knows unlike all they other  candidates   that Obama’s biggest weapon is the media.   If  she can sideline that media  and  make  the  voters distrust  anything and everthing it says  she  sidelines Obama’s   biggest weapon. 

      Sadly the other candidates don’t get this.    Mitt will be destroyed by the media  because  he has  accepted them as the  recorders of the record.

      • polarfan

        Right on unseen1 -Sarah is going to hammer the corrupt media as a bunch of hypocrites that have no problem with lying to the American people until the election.

      • Exodus E Exodus


        and everytime she calls them out on a blatant lie, WITH the videotape or documentation to PROVE the lie, a little more of the fast disappearing credibility of media publications erodes away

        I like that she calls the offending Publication out by name …… I hope for the day that Media entities DREAD being named by Gov Palin (eventually Presidential candidate Palin, and POTUS Palin God-willing) for their dereliction of duty, due to the severe consequences to them

        and on the other hand, I also hope for the day that Gov Palin naming a Reporter or a Publication for a job well-done is SOUGHT after, because of the REWARDS received for ‘just doing their job’

        I am gonna direct my prayers for exactly that end.

    • Min Max

      Now you’re thinking! She’s very good at gaining the advantage and turning tables. Best of all, she does it with a smile and a wink.

      It’s hard to get under her skin and I know she’d infuriate me were she an opponent. You know, I’m actually beginning to feel pity for the opposition. LOL

  • Quiet_Righty

    The UK Daily Mail wants to take Sarah down. Really, what’s in it for them?

    • Exodus E Exodus

      general lefty socialist entity …. Soros would have tentacles out there I reckon

      Soros would be backing anyone who is anti-America (trad.)

  • unseen1

    unflippingbelievable.     the media is nothing but lying  dogs  that  can’t  get  any story  correct.   they need to bring  back  those fact checkers  they  fired…

  • DefCon66

    My that nightstick of her’s has a long reach. Treat’em like a halibut Governer.

    • Alan F. Bauer

      BOOM.. Can ya’ taste it?

  • Nancy6

    Sarah appears to have pretty good aim even with tears in her eyes.

  • polarfan

    This is the start of an all-out attack against the corrupt Media and GOP Elite. 

    • Exodus E Exodus


      and we are up for the task

      the liars, and the manipulators, the marxists and the crony capitalists are.going.down.

  • nat4sarah

    for the time being let the lamestream media make things up and exaggerate about Sarah’s reaction to the film because these are FREE publicities!  People who love her know the truth anyway, it will attract liberals and those undecideds and neutrals to go and see the movie!

  • osajulian

    How can we convince Sarah to run? Madam, the country needs you, you have no choice but to run. What can the lamestream media throw at you that they haven’t already? Trust the people, go to them and sell your message, you can beat this man because your message is American. What he’s selling is foreign. Stand strong, you are not alone, we are with you. God bless you and your family and our great Country. Run, please Sarah Run!

    • OldGuyAZ

      What part of her facebook message would give you any indication that she is not running?  What part would then reassure you that she is running, but she is not taking any crapola while she is getting ready?


      I dunno, maybe it’s just me, —- but with respect to the other GOP candidates , who would ALL be better than what we’ve got , why, with the Raw Horsepower that she seems to possess , would she even debate anyone but Romney? —– As I used to say when I was a young man, — " Me race you? , that would be like hitting a tack with a sledge hammer ! " — Palin/Rubio 2012

      • wpmwindsong

        I’m sorry, but until the Natural Born Citizen thing is resolved regarding needing to have both parents citizens at the time of birth, Rubio, as much as I like him, should not be in the mix for VP. 

  • Jean_A

    Gov. Palin plugging the movie and her speech.  hehehe

    Game on!

  • aaron66krohn

    It’s almost impossible to comment on a Note from Sarah!!!! 

    Just gotta let HER words speak for themselves!!!!

    Let ‘er rip, ‘Cuda!!!!!!

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