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The Media Should Be Really Upset that Mitt "Peacetime" Romney Misled Them About His Fundraising

Mitt "peacetime" Romney’s fundraising for the second quarter dramatically fell short of expectations as his campaign had knowingly misled the media into reporting that his campaign would likely raise over $40 million dollars for the quarter. Romney’s campaign didn’t even come close as it appears that he couldn’t even raise $20 million. For weeks, the media had been quoting anonymous sources close to Mitt "peacetime" Romney who would claim that Romney would put up a jaw-dropping fundraising number this quarter.

Now that the numbers are out, it’s pretty clear to everyone that Romney’s anonymous sources were just playing the media in order to create the perception that he’s in the same position as George W. Bush was in 1999. The media should especially be upset about how they swallowed Romney’s claim that he raised $10 million in one day. The reality is that the $10 million number includes amounts that people only pledged rather than donated. A pledge means absolutely nothing.

If I were a political reporter who claimed for weeks that Romney was likely going to raise $40 million this quater based on what his anonymous sources told me, I’d be pretty upset that Mitt "peacetime" Romney purposefully misled me.

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