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The Undefeated Has the Second Highest Gross Per Theater Average for Movies This Weekend/Open Thread

This chart shows that the Undefeated’s average gross of $6570 per theater is ahead of every movie on this list with the exception of Harry Potter.

Steve Bannon talked to the LA Times and the Hollywood Reporter about the numbers.

Even Democrat Party partisans are conceding that the numbers are "decent" and "respectable."

Former Atlanta Braves closer and World Series champion Mark Wohlers supports Goverrnor Palin, The Undefeated, and this blog as well.

New York Times best-selling author Bristol Palin talks to Fox and Friends.

I think the answer to the question posed by Mark Whittington is yes and no.  No because the Governor has already decided to run and the only issue is when and how she announces that decision.  Yes because the movie will help create momentum for when she decides to formally jump into the race.

What else is going on today?

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  • cookboy

    More cities, more screens, more sunlight, more votes. Everything going according to plan.

    • ernst1776

      I agree… the momentum just keeps increasing. 

      • Pete Petretich

        I hope this all continues to go well and that Bannon makes a lot of money, but I also hope that the full film gets out for FREE on the Internet before November, 2012!!!

        • aaron66krohn

          And on DVD!!!!  I’m ready to buy, buy, buy!!!!!   And watch, watch, and watch again!!!!

        • Jasmine Clark

          first theaters… then pay-per-view and dvd… eventually, yeah, it should be on tv or internet. this movie will spread out more and more if we just give it time. i can’t wait!! it’s the early stages now, most of us still can’t see it. but in time, it will be everywhere.

    • Gelston

      MORE = SUPERSIZED in cookboy-speak

      • cookboy

        Hiya Doc!

  • CBDenver

    Instapundit has a link to an AP article about the "Big Opening" for The Undefeated.  The AP article asks "will a respectable box office for "The Undefeated" inspire Governor Palin to climb down from the fence and announce for president?".   

    I am not sure if the movie’s popularity will have any impact on the decision.  More and more I am seeing the wisdom in holding off on an announcement.  The current field of GOP prospects are thrashing around, trying to get traction but the 2012 election is so far away it is clear that not many except die-hard watchers of politics (like us) are really paying attention.   The real issues that will most likely affect 2012 have not yet solidified. 

    The debt and spending issues are out there, but until we actually see the decisions that will be made with respect to the budget and debt ceiling, the true battlelines for 2012 are not yet drawn.  It seems better to do what Gov Palin is doing now, voicing her opinion and letting folks know where she stands.  An announcement after Congress and the President act will be much more effective, kind of like a "ok, here is where we stand, now let’s roll". 

    I know I am not expressing this very well because is it more like a gut feeling rather than a reasoned opinion, but there you go for what it’s worth.

    • wodiej

      I think Palin’s strategy consists of several variables.  First, she knows Obama’s campaign is going to raise lots of money. She will  need money for the primary and the presidential run.  Better to announce late, do everything she can to get her message across spending as little as possible. She’s doing a great job on this.  The documentary, bus tour, Fox appearances etc.

      Second, I think she wants to let the field clear out.  Everyone in it now will not be in the primary.  No sense wasting brain power on anyone insignificant. 

      Third, she wants to gauge her grassroots support. She is not going to get any help from the establishment at least during the primary. 

      Fourth, she is a no nonsense person and thinks the primary lasts far too long and has said as much. 

      Fifth, by announcing late it gives her more time to get her ducks in a now. The media is already beginning to dissect Bachmann because she is the front runner. When she becomes more damaged, they will move on to the next. They are doing the work for Palin.

      Even though the establishment is trying to draw boundaries, there are none for this Mama Grizzly. They keep trying to say she needs to do this and that if she wants to run.  The only thing she absolutely has to do is declare her candidacy by election regulations and that is all. 

      So screw those pundits, establishment ivy league arrogant analysts and lets just wait on the Guv and when she says GAME ON, THEN WE NEED TO BE READY TO GET OUR GAME ON!! Let’s show ‘em how it’s done.

  • independents4palin

    I am thrilled about the success of this movie, and I hope and sure it will expand into other theatre’s.  I was on C4P last night and some Palin haters came on to vent, that shows that this movie is doing its job and getting the truth out and the Palin haters can’t stand it. Just thrilled about the weekend success of the film.

  • blueniner

    Still no mention of Sarahs movie "Undefeated" on Drudge Report. Instead he mentions Harry Potters huge box office take, what gives? Come on Drudge step it up!

  • azdesertdan

    I just viewed the interview with Bristal. What a great example of a good person.
    I cannot  understand how any mature adult could attact this young lady or anyone else in the Palin family.

    • wodiej

      read her new book-it’s really good.

  • Pete Petretich

    News to expect for Monday:

    Top of the Ticket Ticket: Based on the opening-weekend figures, what is your future roll-out plan?

    Bannon: ARC/Cinedigm will announce tomorrow, but the film will now get rolled out over the next few weeks.

  • Dan C

    The theatre stuff is nice, but getting it passed around when it is on DVD and into the bloodstream of society if you will will be more important. Gotta get the most people to see it.

    • Jasmine Clark

      that will be the key. many people can’t see it in theaters. if we have dvd’s, we can easily gather small groups together and watch it…

    • Pete Petretich

      Also getting it out for free before Election Day, 2012!!!

  • Kjanlady

    It would seem that everything that our favorite Rogue touches turns to gold……..her story even inspired Steve Bannon to go Rogue in releasing "The Undefeated"…… Sarah must be getting support from the right entities…… prayers will continue.

  • wodiej

    I got Bristol’s book a few days ago from the library and I am already done with it.  It was really good-down to earth, easy to read, interesting.  

  • WEL2

    When the film goes into a wider release, it certainly should be shown in cities where Governor Palin did book signings.

    • excopconservative

      I would like to see the movie also shown in college towns.  We have to start making headway against the progressive agenda that is being forced on the most intelligent of our youth.  Gov. Palin has some level of popularity among young women and the teachers’ colleges might be a great place to start.   

      Our strategy over the years has been to forget about the liberal bastions and to focus on the swing areas to tilt the balance.  When you think about it, getting 30% in a liberal area where you used to get 20% might make more difference than getting 52% in a swing district where you used to get 48%.  I’m not talking about states here, but areas within states.  We still have to be aware of the electoral college.

      • Jasmine Clark

        my school year is exactly a month away from beginning, but i go to a big college, lots of people, so after the year starts, hopefully i can help get the movie shown somewhere on campus!! i’m not saying this will definitely happen, but it’s an idea. we do have a small movie theater on campus!! and if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of classrooms around that are big, like auditoriums. we could just roll the white screen down and put the movie into the projector… well these are just ideas. we’ll see what happens.

        • Pete Petretich

          Good luck, Jasmine! You may be able to get this all paid for. I was a college DJ for two years. All of our basic budget was covered by the university, but we regularly did fund-raisers to supplement the basic budget.

          Most of these college radio stations have "public affairs" programs like "Democracy Now" in their schedule. Most stations also broadcast over the Internet as well which (potentially) reaches the whole world. I wish somebody out there would put together a C4P talk show! Then we could all tune in live and maybe call on the phone.

          It’s not that hard to start doing. You just take a test and learn a few rules and guidelines.

          My own show was jazz+poetry for two hours per week. This was my station. I’m listening to the Sunday night funkadelic right now:

      • Pete Petretich

        Are the Young Republicans, Yaffers, and other college clubs planning public showings? There are a lot of such college conservative associations nowadays.

        In some cases the costs of doing this may be covered by "student activity fees" which are budgeted into tuition.

    • tomlyn

      I would like it shown at or near military bases.  When Sarah was at Fort Brag she had numerous military people and their familes show up to get a copy of her book.

      • Pete Petretich

        Again, there may be money in the MWR fund which would cover the cost of an on-base showing. "MWR" = Morale, Welfare, and Recreation.

        This may be especially possible during this "interregnum" while Sarah is not a candidate for POTUS. Once she announces then there are a lot of extra rules and restrictions.

        • aaron66krohn

          Maybe that’s one reason she hasn’t announced yet!!!  To give the movie some breathing room……do its job changing people’s (voters!!!) minds about her. 

          But WOULD the movie be seen as a "campaign ad" if it were shown and promoted AFTER she announces??  Maybe on TV…??  But what about DVD??  Weren’t Reagan’s old movies taken off the air during his 1980 campaign??  I don’t think that was done because "Bedtime for Bonzo" and "The Killers" was seen as propaganda.  

          At that time (1980), there wasn’t any video yet. The VCR came in 1984. So there weren’t any rules for videos….just for his movies being shown on TV.

    • M_Minnesota

      Ahh Yeah , like MN!!!

  • MikeinMI2

    Sarahpac has a lot of work ahead of it and will need lots of support.  It and Tea Party patriots have to flip the senate in 2012.  She, like Reagan, would be ham-strunged if it does not.  If anyone knows challengers to their Dem. Senators what are you doing. Senate Majority Leader Rand Paul would work well with President Palin.  If we want Obamacare repealed, this has to happen!

  • IsraeliCojones

    A reminder (will post it regularly though I hate repetition).

    Please go there :


    – post your review
    – vote up good reviews
    – above all, RATE the film.

    If you think it’s not important, just look at the Opposition’s reaction:

    – since yesterday, the number of people (who probably haven’t seen the film) rating it at "1″ has gone up from 50 to 75  (+25).
    – the number of people rating it at "10″ has gone up from 10 to 15. (+5)

    Result: the global rate of the film has gone down from 1.9 to 1.5. Which is close from the worst a film can get there.

    Don’t tell me we can’t find 50 peeps here who can’t rate this film at "10″.

    You can do it, Palinistas!

    • wpmwindsong

      The ratings are irrelevant.  You can’t compare a $150,000,000 budget film with all of the bells and hi-tech whistles produced for commercial entertainment with a $1,000,000 documentary made with super 8 home films and typed graphics produced for political education.   I just know that people watching Harry Potter will not stand and applaud for 5 minutes after seeing it, but that’s not what people consider when rating a film.   It’s a totally different genre.   We need to be honest about its production quality compared to the impact of its message.

      • wpmwindsong

        PS – If people go to the movie thinking that it is a Harry Potter type movie in production and entertainment value, or The Transformers (like thinking that The Undefeated is an action film), they will not last past Act 1.  

        Those who attend need to understand that it is a film that celebrates America at the grass roots level and is a documentary that inspires as well as educates.  Then the film and message will be successful for what it is, a remarkable story of a remarkable women who took on the establishment just as Harry Potter took on whoever; but it is a real life story. 

        • IsraeliCojones

          The ratings are irrelevant.

          No they’re not. Believe me, the millions who go to IMDB to get basic data on a film don’t have in mind what you have posted. They just see the rating and think: "Oh, that film is crap, won’t see it", or the contrary, if the rating is high. Plus the IMDB’s users have got the (deserved) reputation of being real movie fans.

          That’s why almost a 100 people have voted "1″ on this film without seeing it. Because they know it may discourage people from seeing it.

          And that’s why a regular user has posted this yesterday on their message board:

          There are currently 65 votes for this film. I believe 95% of those voters have ‘not’ seen the film, yet because of their dislike of the films subject, they vote giving it a 1.

          I’m disappointed in film fans such as IMDB’rs because this is supposed to be a site to rate and talk about film. Yet selfish ideology seemingly gets in the way of fairness and love of film. How in good conscience can anyone vote/rate a film without seeing it.

          Message boards… that’s where if you want, you talk about a film, even if you haven’t seen it. Yet voting down a film you haven’t seen discredits not only you, yet IMDB.

          Believe me, they know what they are doing. If not, they wouldn’t do it with such fervor.

          Now, you can rate the film or not, review it or not, it’s your choice.

          But for me, I will keep encouraging the Palinistas here to go there and rate the film up, because that’s the way to fight the Propaganda Machine.

          And it’s only the beginning.

          Get used to it: you’ve got a campaign coming ’round the corner. And there will be blood.

          • Roberta Williams

            I want to see if I have done the right thing.  I started last night, then went back today, in case there were more reviews (which there were). The object is to click "yes" on the good reviews and "no" on the bad reviews.  Is that correct?  How do we rate it?  I haven’t seen it yet, so can’t write a review, but, will be glad to do anything I can to get the numbers up at that site.

            • IsraeliCojones

              For the reviews, the question asked is if it has been helpful. So it’s "yes" for a favorable review.

              Now for the rating, you just click on the series of stars under the title (before clicking, scroll your mouse on the stars, you will see the rating change).

              Or you can click, just under, on the link "94 users" (ie. 94 users who have rated this film) and you will go to the page detailing the ratings (and there, you’ll see that the trolls have done a fine job).

              On the top of this page is a scroll-down box where you can enter your vote too.

              • Roberta Williams

                OK, so, I have been doing it correctly for the reviews.  So, now I will just go rate it, and, enter my vote.  Thanks a lot.

                • IsraeliCojones

                  Thank YOU for doing the right thing (plus it takes one second) :D

                  • Roberta Williams

                    I just finished.  I forgot to check for more reviews, so, I’ll go do that now.  Yep. Didn’t take any time at all.

          • lanahi

            Where do you go to rate it?

            • IsraeliCojones

              Explained 2 posts above to Roberta. The series of stars. Very easy. I will repost tomorrow anyway.

              • lanahi

                I saw that later, sorry. I went in there and rated it…it is 16% at 10’s now.

    • PhilipJames

      Look….  75 left wingers went on and voted for a 1. The worst. If 75 people can skew this poll like this…. out of more than 300 million… then how good a poll is it?
      And, how many people rely on this rating anyway? Left wing wackos will not go see it no matter what and I don’t think anyone will log on there and decide to go or not based on this crappy poll.

      • IsraeliCojones

        The only reason why the rating is so low is that less than 100 people already voted (and you need to be logged on to vote), and on these, 75 voted 1. So nobody has skewed anything (and it’s not a poll): it’s just a matter of proportion.

        Which means that if 60 Palinistas vote 10 (there are already 15 "10″ votes), the film will get a reasonable rating. If there are 100, the film will jump to 7,5, which is excellent at IMDB.

        I don’t think anyone will log on there and decide to go or not based on this crappy poll.

        Let me tell you what IMDB is: this site is rated #38 globally, and #25 in the US.

        These astonishing figures simply mean this: this is the first movie site in the world. It’s the go-to site for any movie fanatic, and I should know because I am one and I’ve been using it for years. It’s just the most fantastic database available on films evah.

        Now, the millions who use it around the world don’t have to be logged to see anything, including ratings; they just go to the film page and that’s it.

        So believe me when I say that people who want to get basic and accurate data on a film first go there. That’s why the trolls are working so hard to bring the film down: they are perfectly aware of the potential influence of such a big site, because, like it or not, it’s a reference.

        So, since I don’t think it’s that hard to find 100 viewers who really saw the film and could vote it up, I think it would have en excellent impact for the film to get a good rating on such an influential site.

        • John JWilfred

          Well, you got me convinced. It only takes a few minutes to rate all the good reviews. And I’ll do anything to advance the cause of Sarah Palin.
          I went in there and rate all the good reviews by clicking yes on the question: was it helpful to you?

          I also voted under the "94 voters" link

    • Escaped_Teleprompter

      I wrote a review and rated the movie "10 stars" on IMDb last night.  Then I went through the other reviews and rated those that were favorable as ‘helpful’.
      There was a similar effort on Amazon when "America By Heart" was released.  Many Palin Patriots fought the haters for days then.  The haters seemed more organized and coordinated as if they were on some JournOlist network, which would not surprise me.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Thank you for your efforts, ET.

        What is dumbfounding here is that people don’t realize that  IMDB is a HUGE Internet window: this site has 57 millions unique users each month!

        Another important thing: if you click on Stephen Bannon’s name, you’ll get to his filmography page.

        Now why isn’t "Fire in the Heartland" appearing on the list while it can be found on the Data Base?

        Because the film is rated "1″, so it doesn’t even appear on his list!

        That’s how important it is: #38 global site, 57 millions users.

        We need 100 Palinistas to get great ratings. Period.

        Post the link everywhere (Facebook, Team Sarah, etc.) and tell peeps to rate it.

        And don’t forget to vote down the negative comments: these guys haven’t seen it anyway.

        Read more here on this extraordinary site:

    • ConservPalin

      I went to the website. The voting was easy.  Encourage others to do the same. 

      Sarah 2012.

  • kbbookgirl

    I read Bristol’s book. Its very good. I highly recommend it. I can’t say im crazy about her doing this show though. Why give folks more reason to say the Palin’s are celebrity’s? Come on. It’s not that I want her to stay out of the spotlight. I now think a lot of good can come from her telling her story and the difficult times shes had the past few years. But I wish she would also go to school or something of that nature. Don’t go off and make a TV show while living with two  guys! The reason she lost her virginity in the first place was because she didn’t use sound judgement and put herself in a situation where she was easily tempted. Im sure shes just friends with these guys but what kind of message does that send to other young people?

    • John Norton

        When a teenager steps outside the sheltered protection of their family bubble they either conform or they go rouge.Most of the time they go to the former one its easier the other is a question of acceptance.
         How I know this I have five that have followed conformity and are and will pay for it for the rest of their lives…Its partly a moral question which the Left is severly wantings…

      • c4pfan

        WTH are you saying?  Makes no sense.  If you don’t think Sarah didn’t support this, you really are out of it.

    • wodiej

      i agree on all counts.  Book was good. Show is bad idea.  

      • c4pfan

        I think it’s a GREAT thing for Bristol to show that’s it’s good to give back and not let the media warp who she is.  Too bad you want her to be a stepford child.

        • kbbookgirl

          Come on. Do you really think its a good idea for her to live with two guys? I think they are both nice guys but considering all she has been through and the message of responsiblity she is now trying to represent( I do think she is sincere when she says I what people to learn from my experiance) does this not look like a mixed message?

          • Jean_A


      • aafan

        Forget it. Bristol told clearly she will do what is right for her son and his future. If the show is not extreme and she makes money, it is her livelihood.

        It is better than people promoting lies on news sites to earn money, go on a liberal channel and change their views for money. ,

        • aafan

          Living with two guys with TV crews and camera around what is the problem. There are many films / shows where actors stay as husband and wife, or in a family what is so unusual about it. She is doing a show that is all.  So if a male and a female actor act llike husband wife in a movie it is bad.

    • Jasmine Clark

      i don’t like the fact that she’s living with two guys either!!! but, still, i think it’s cool that she is doing a show, i want to watch. yes, people will think SARAH palin is a celeb just because BRISTOL is, but hopefully they will realize that sarah and bristol are two different people.

      • c4pfan

        Oh, brother.  You have got to be kidding.  A show about charity is bad?  Did you watch her interview with Fox & Friends?

        • kbbookgirl

          There are many ways to promote charity. This is NOT the best way. Sorry. I do like Bristol. She seems like a very sweet young woman however she has not shown very good judgement these past few years and while this is not nearly as bad as going back to Levi I cant just close my eyes and say" oh everythings good here" just because I am a strong supporter of her mothers. Im not saying thats what your doing. If your ok with this your ok with it. But im not.

          • Jean_A

            Bristol is her own person and is taking care of her son. The money she made from DWTS she put in a college fund for her son.  She owns her own house.

            It is not up to you to be OK with anything unless your name is Bristol.

            • kbbookgirl

              Who said anything about dancing with the stars? And yes im sure her priority is to make money and support her son. As for the " its not up to me to be ok with anything unless your name is Bristol" theme… look im well aware of the fact that Bristol is not consulting with me about her decisions lol but I certainly can and will look at her decisions and if I have a bad vibe about it or feel she is sending a mixed message im gonna say so. As Tammy Bruce is fond of saying "They are one of us and they are not perfect"

              • Bill589

                I understand your concerns, and you certainly should express them. For me, it’s just that the last 1,000 times I worried about Sarah and her family, everything turned out okay and I worried for nothing.

                I’m a little concerned about Bristol’s tv show too, and who knows what the Left will try to spin out of it, but in the end, I don’t believe it will hurt Sarah at all.

                Voicing our opinions is good, and I think Sarah and Bristol may occasionally even read C4P, but my worrying about it isn’t going to change anything.

  • John Norton

    As far as Harry Potter film goes "I guess one cant expect everyone to want to get educated VS. watching fiction" but having said that the feedback as far as popularity of the undefeated given its limited showings is Great…

  • nkthgreek

    It will show in Ohio. It will show in Ohio. It will show in Ohio. There, I said it three times. That ought to do it.

    • Kjanlady

      Wearing red high heels? click…click…click

  • wodiej

    GOP senators call for budget before passing any spending bills.. bout damn time

  • nkthgreek

    Bristol gets more polished with each interview. (She didn’t completely dismiss a career in politics in the future. Hmm)

  • Jaynie59

    How much do you wanna bet that some idiot somewhere will say the only reason The Undefeated did so well is because Harry Potter got people to the theaters?

    My guess is it will be some half-assed conservative Palin detractor.

    • Jean_A

      Who cares as long as they liked the movie and became a Palin supporter.

    • Pete Petretich

      Sounds like a Hot Airhead poster.

  • Nancy6

    Congratulations to the Japanese women’s soccer team!
    Great game, and I can’t help but be happy for them, to give their country something truly spectacular to cheer about, after all that they have gone through.
    USA women’s soccer team, thank you for showing the incredible, competitive, American spirit! That was a great run.
    And I think, Abby Wambach’s head is a magnet for the soccer ball! She is awesome!
    That was fun!

  • Nancy6

    Okay, I’ll keep talking.:)

    I can’t believe MB wore her hair up. That was blatant. And it was embarassing.

    I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when we got word that President Obama was watching the women’s soccer game, and he was pulling for the USA. I’ll just leave it at that.

    The Undefeated is gonna be huge when/after she announces.


      Nancy…when I heard Obama "and the girls" were watching…I knew it was over. 

      Gotta give Japan kudos though.

    • colint

      On another thread it was reported that on her filing MB claimed $4,000 for "hair and makeup". As an expert, do you think she got her money’s worth.

      • Nancy6

        colint, I am no expert, but, I thought to myself, when this whole "MB doing/following what Sarah Palin does/say", if MB starts wearing her hair up, oh brother. And then…….. SHE DOES! What in the world?
        It is right out of a joke we would make on C4P, about MB!
        I do not care how she wears her hair, except for the fact that, I don’t think she has ever worn her hair up, (someone can correct me if I am wrong), but NOW she does? It is just such a sad display.
        Now Bristol can say that MB wears her hair like her Mom.

        • narciso

          She keeps making all these mistakes, that one thought she had hired Ed Rollins to avoid, and it’s just getting ‘Single White Female’ creepy.

      • Pete Petretich

        I, too, am not an expert. She did NOT get her money’s worth.

    • MaMcGriz

      Unless obarkbark decides to endorse it!!!

      If that happens it’s all over but the tanking!

      snrk snrk snrk snrk

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