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The Undefeated Has the Second Highest Gross Per Theater Average for Movies This Weekend/Open Thread

This chart shows that the Undefeated’s average gross of $6570 per theater is ahead of every movie on this list with the exception of Harry Potter.

Steve Bannon talked to the LA Times and the Hollywood Reporter about the numbers.

Even Democrat Party partisans are conceding that the numbers are "decent" and "respectable."

Former Atlanta Braves closer and World Series champion Mark Wohlers supports Goverrnor Palin, The Undefeated, and this blog as well.

New York Times best-selling author Bristol Palin talks to Fox and Friends.

I think the answer to the question posed by Mark Whittington is yes and no.  No because the Governor has already decided to run and the only issue is when and how she announces that decision.  Yes because the movie will help create momentum for when she decides to formally jump into the race.

What else is going on today?

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