They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #7 Kevin DuJan

Kevin DuJan is a longtime Democrat, former Hillary Clinton campaign volunteer, and one of the most original, witty, and thoroughly enjoyable political bloggers on the Internet.

His popular blog, Hillbuzz, offers his perspective as a gay resident of Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood and his surprising exodus from the Democratic party in 2008 and new found respect for conservatives and the Tea Party.

DuJan‘s party switch came during the 2008 campaign, after he witnessed corruption in the primary process as well misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and later saw the same blatant sexism against Governor Palin. His open letter apologizing to and praising George and Laura Bush made him somewhat of a conservative folk hero and was featured on Rush Limbaugh in 2009. (As you can imagine … this did not make him popular with his fellow residents in liberal Boystown.)

Long-time readers of C4P certainly will be familiar with the Kevin’s unabashed support of Governor Palin both during the 2008 presidential election and afterward. Along the way, Kevin has urged readers to adopt Alaska symbols such as moose and caribou to promote Governor Palin‘s 2012 candidacy. He has coined many memorable phrases to describe the members of the GOP Establishment … He calls them the “Cocktail Party” and the “Cucumber and Mayonnaise Sandwich” crowd. He also urges Republicans not to be “Eeyors” in their battles with Democrats.

Kevin took a medical leave of absence earlier this year, but has returned to action in the past week, thankfully. We wish him blessings as he continues to battle health issues. Please keep him in your prayers. Here he is in his return post:

I have several very serious medical issues that have incapacitated me for some time. It’s been a challenge getting treatment, and dealing with the personal reality that some of these things are chronic and will be with me for the rest of my life. I am not going to get better, but can hope for things to be manageable for the near future.

It’s exciting to see the 2012 campaigns starting … and yet exasperating to watch the Cocktail Party GOP establishment doing all that it can to secure a second term for the man who really and truly wants to destroy our country. I am so happy to be alive today anticipating Governor Palin’s entry into the presidential race and will be so grateful when she answers the call to serve her country with her historic run for the White House.

Governor Palin is the best hope our nation has … and I hope you will join us here at HB in doing everything we can think of to support her.

Together, we can all think of ways to throw the Left off its game and give the Governor the cover she needs to do what she has to do for our country. You — wherever you are — have a mission to do all you can do, with your friends and family, to defeat the Left and the Cocktail Party GOP establishment alike so conservatives with backbone can do the heavy lifting in 2013 that’s needed to put this country back on track.

It’s a true honor that HB continues to be a part of all this, in its own way, and that it’s taken on a life of its own far bigger than any of us here at Buzzquarters originally intended three years ago when we first powered it up. It’s grown beyond me, but I am still so happy to be part of it. It’s the single most important thing I did with my life, regardless of what it’s cost me. I am overjoyed to have been able to contribute something to my country.

Thank you for all your love and support and whatever you are doing in your own ways to drive the Left bonkers on a daily basis.

DuJan also recently said this about Gov. Palin.

Reason #5,876 why I love this woman.

As President, Governor Palin would never be afraid to do what needs to be done, and she would never back away from a fight.

I think she’d even go into the presidency knowing she would be a one-term president if it meant being someone who had to make tough and unpopular decisions to get America back on course and set the world right.

She’d give no quarter to our enemies and would bring a major smackdown to the Left, the Cocktail Party entrenched establishment, and Islam worldwide.

And she would never apologize for a damn thing.

Love her.

Here is his review of The Undefeated.

I encourage you to check out Hillbuzz. Kevin and the other Hillbuzz writers are noted for humor and they have some hilarious photo-shopped images that get right to the heart of political commentary. Plus, as a campaign veteran and former Democrat, Kevin knows how to fight the Democrats. He is always full of ideas to help the Republicans win the battle.

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