What President Palin Would Not Do

They warned me if I voted for McCain – Palin in 2008 all hell would break loose.

They were right!

I voted for those two, and here we are in 2011 sitting in a big pile of stinking hell.

I can’t help but think that things would have been much different had 52% of my fellow Americans not suffered a sudden and collective brain cramp as they pulled the lever for a Marxist-trained community agitator and part-time state legislator who had just two years full-time experience in the U.S. Senate under his belt.

As a libertarian-leaning person, I quite enjoyed this comment made recently by “Puchino” on the U.K. Telegraph blog:

These things are certain. As president [or vice president], Palin would NOT:

…..circumvent and debase the US Constitution.

…..fill her cabinet with members that include a known tax cheat, a global warming indoctrinator, an advocate pushing a homosexual agenda within the classroom, a proponent of govt-run healthcare, and a champion of illegal immigrants and their “reconquista” movement, which promotes the annexation of US southern states by Mexico.

…..create $4 trillion in deficits and an additional (nearly) $2 trillion in Fed Reserve “asset purchases” in just two years, with the added bonus of over 2 million lost jobs.

…..use the premise of a financial collapse to steal $1 trillion in taxpayer funds under the guise of a “stimulus,”  in order to establish a money-laundering operation where millions of that same money (in the form of union membership dues) will be funneled back into Democrat campaign coffers.

…..nationalize a sector of the car industry and then deliberately abrogate bankruptcy and contract law in order to grant Democrat-allied unions a greater share in those companies than the original shareholder investors.

….impose drilling moratoriums on US coastal areas while loaning billions to promote Brazil’s oil industry.

…..order the EPA to impose punitive taxes and regulation on US energy producers and consumers, including carbon emission tariffs, while deliberately circumventing the Congressional authority required for any cap-and-trade legislation.

…..impose a $1 trillion health care debacle against the will of the American people and then have the gall to shamelessly lie and say “it would not add a dime” to the nation’s debt.

….allow her Attorney General to oversee the illegal trade of firearms from US gun shops to Mexican drug cartels, in order to use the inevitable deaths resulting from those gun sales to systematically erode the US citizen’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

….embark on endless campaign and fundraising trips, (interrupted only by golf outings) while surrounded by rising unemployment, the decline of goods and manufacturing production, the collapse of housing sales and prices, and the erosion of disposable income within American households through taxes, inflation and job loss.

Oh, and another thing they were right about:

Palin wasn’t qualified to be VP …

With all her executive experience, she’s much better suited to being president.

My Facebook friend and author Barbara D. Smith summarized what Palin brings to the table. (You might want to copy and paste this next time one of the brain-cramp crew tries to tell you Palin is “unqualified” to run for president.)

SARAH PALIN’S history of executive and leadership positions:

1996 – Elected Mayor of Wasilla

1999 – Reelected Mayor of Wasilla

2002 – Elected as President of AK Conference of Mayors by fellow mayors in the state

2003 – Appointed by Governor (and fmr Senator) as Chairman and Ethics Supervisor of the AK Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (a major leadership post in the state’s most vital economic field and industry)

2006 – Elected Governor

2007 – Elected Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact, a multistate/intl group focused on energy development, by fellow governors across the country

2008 – Nominated by GOP as Vice Presidential nominee after being selected by party’s Presidential nominee

BARACK OBAMA’S history of executive and leadership positions pre-presidency:

ZERO (other than giving out millions of dollars to ACORN and other radical groups as the head of several Bill Ayers’ non-profit organziations)

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