CNN Notices that Michele Bachmann Repeats Talking Points While Governor Palin Answers Questions

Twice in one day. No doubt, some of you will see this as CNN stoking a catfight between Gov. Palin and Rep. Bachmann. We’ve already documented that the media will attempt to do this, and the Governor wants nothing to do with it.

But frankly, this strikes me as a pretty straightforward analysis (once again) by CNN of the two oft-compared politician’s approaches to interacting with the media. I could be wrong, but it seems like Don Lemon is seeing the real Palin for the first time. Kudos for him that he appears to recognize the authenticity that we so admire about the Governor. It’s also not a good sign for Bachmann that she is being labeled as robotic in her interviews. All we can say is “Welcome to our world, Michele. And we’ll see you along the trail.”

 h/t gilamonster8

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