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Dan Riehl: Palin’s Appearance at Iowa State Fair Changed My Mind – She Needs to Run

Dan Riehl with a nice post yesterday … He now believes she needs to be in the race, and would be a viable candidate if she runs:

While always open to the idea of one day supporting Sarah Palin for President, since 2008, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I thought it was smart for her to run next year. Re-visiting my thoughts yesterday, what with Palin’s appearance in Iowa, not only am I convinced she should run, she needs to run and, regardless of one’s preferred candidate, all Conservatives should encourage her to run and welcome her into the race, assuming she does.


[W]hat happened in Iowa [Friday] was electric, not just for any Palin faithful, but for many Conservatives and especially the media. For better, or worse, Sarah Palin has star power – whatever that is. But she does have it; that’s for sure.

Palin has two critical qualities, unique in that they combine in her. Beholden to no one, without fear, or restraint, Palin articulates today’s conservatism in a prudent, positive and cogent manner. More than that, the media, while much of it both loves and hates her, conveys her message to an audience far more broadly than they do for any other contemporary politician. …

We are at a pivotal time in our American history. The future of this great nation is at stake as two competing ideologies prepare to go head-to-head in electoral competition come November 2012. It is absolutely critical for a genuine conservative voice to be heard and heard as widely across America as is possible.

Read the whole thing here.

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  • Doc Yeager

    Maybe once in a lifetime will a person experience what we are! When has there ever been such a spontaneous and enthusiastic response by the everyday hard-working people of America to one person. She is not an elitist. She is not arrogant, proud, condescending, typical politician which are a dime a dozen. She is one of us! We are in the midst of a historical event. A political revival! The hard-working everyday people are waking up. Were watching our beloved nation crumble at our feet because of self-centered, self seeking, self loving politicians. Turn your plows into swords,
    (spiritually speaking) grab your helmet and your shield. Let us rise up and go forth. I hear the sound of a mighty army marching as to war. Sarah Palin will not have to do the typical down and dirty political ploys! This is God! We are at a cross road! America must decide! Choose you today the good or the evil? Righteousness or wickedness? Freedom as our forefathers experienced it, or slavery as socialism and communism would have it. Self-governance or government control? What will it be? Let us rise up in the name of freedom and go forth! Sarah Palin is not the answer, she is simply the instrument that God is using to give us a choice. Choose Well, it may be our last choice!

    • Linda Fucci

       I couldn’t have said it better Doc. this is so worth sharing, thank you

    • Vicki

      I don’t think "evil" is quite appropriate for a whole swatch of Democrats. I live and work every day with Democrats and many, no most, of them are good people.
      There are two problems. One, they don’t see/understand the direction/extreme this administration is taking this country and
      two, they Republican party has had a lot of wickedness in it. Many of my Dem friends see the Republicans are purely about the big corporate fat cats and as a party who would hold back women and people of color. They see Republicans as the scheming rich white guy war monger party. And there’s a reason for that.
      So, I think your absolutism of we’re good, they’re evil is off the mark.

      • dave7777

        But you are only dealing with the "perceptions" of good and evil. The perceptions are wrong. The fact that your democrat friends cannot see the wrong direction we’re heading does not mean we are not heading in the wrong direction. Like you said…they just don’t understand.

      • Doc Yeager

        Please read my post again. This is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about the the spiritual and moral direction of our nation. I come from a long line of Democrats! What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong! It is not a matter of opinion, but a condition of the heart.

        • socon

          You’re correct:  right is right and wrong is wrong–that’s why I could never be a Democrat.

          I could never support abortion.

          • Doc Yeager

            I never have, and never will support or vote for anyone who believes in taking the life of a born or unborn child! I am no longer a Democrat. But there are pro-life Democrats! As I said previously this is not about Republicans or Democrats, it’s about the condition of your heart.

            • socon

              I know there are pro-life Democrats, but they choose to belong to a party that is rabidly anti-life.
              I wouldn’t be able to square the two.

        • 01_Explorer_01

          The Progressives are the evil ones.  It’s not a Democrat verses Republican thing.  It’s the Progressives and socialist factions.

          • socon

            I agree.  There are Progressives in both parties, but especially the Democrat party.  I’m just trying to save the Republican party while it’s still possible.

        • M. Simon

          The thought that politics or a politician can fix the moral direction of a country is a great evil itself. A politician can get in front of a parade. First there has to be a parade.

          Using government as a fix only makes tools that will be used against us. The shallow thinking being "we are good and will use the tools for good" forgetting that the not so good will eventually get their chance.

          • socon

            The only ones who can fix our country are the American people.  I believe the only way we can fix it is with God’s grace.

          • Doc Yeager

            2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
              Prov 29:2 (KJV)
            God does move in the midst of political powers that be! Examples-Esther, Daniel, David, Joseph…………………………….. how many more examples should I use? If the head is sick the whole body is sick. A godly person in authority will change the course of a nation. Our hope is not in government, but the one who is over all governments! The King of kings and Lord of lords.

            • socon

              Beautiful post, Doc, but remember:  We the people elect our leaders to represent us.  Our leaders are only as good as we are. 
              Thomas Jefferson said it best, "The people get the government they deserve." 

              The reason I am such a fervent supporter of Sarah Palin is I believe she is the right person to help us turn our country around spiritually and morally.  They say a fish rots from the head, but it’s also true that a bad apple rots from the core.

              You’re a great writer with so much heart; it’s a joy to read your posts.

              • Doc Yeager

                I am 100% behind Sarah Palin. Not because I believe in her, but by their fruits you will know them. In 1975 I was a missionary to the YUPIK Indians.I worked out of a town called Dillingham Alaska. Todd probably does not remember me, but I worked with him and his father. I was 19 years old at the time. My third book is about my time in Alaska.


                • socon

                  I understand.  Sarah is a servant of the Lord; which is why I will put my life on hold for the next year to help her become POTUS (if she chooses to run–which I hope, pray and think she is!).

            • M. Simon

              Once you start doing the "Lords Work" ON people there will be a reaction. Because the Lord works in mysterious ways and you aren’t up for it. Neither am I.  I let the Lord do his work and I do mine.

              I’m a big Palin fan because I have studied closely the politics of the guy she sleeps with when their schedules mesh.

              Let me add that she is just another politician. Better than the rest IMO but just another one.

              Let us not get all starry eyed like the Obamamaniacs. It is unseemly and worse – off putting.

              • socon

                You obviously didn’t read Doc’s posts.  He said he puts his faith in GOD. 

                What’s off-putting and unseemly is pretending to read the posts of others when you really haven’t.  No one invited you here–feel free to leave.  We won’t even know you’re gone.

      • wodiej

        Doc did not call Democrats evil. 

      • CBDenver

        Regarding "big corporate fat cats" — corporations are more than happy to accept government funding for their activities.   In the past we had the military-industrial complex that supported massive federal spending for defense initiatives.  Since the cold war ended, the defense budget shrank and so did the political clout of the defense industry.  Now the political power has shifted to the "social welfare industrial complex".  Government largess now goes to "fat cats" in education, green energy, healthcare, and the government bureaucracy itself.  

        Those who complain about the government redistributing our tax dollars to the corporations usually don’t really care about government subsidies to corporations in general — just to corporations they don’t like.   Some conservatives were more than happy for tax dollars to fund an over-bloated defense industry.  Many liberals are more than happy for government to fund an over-bloated education industry, green energy schemes,  subsidized healthcare, and endless social welfare programs.  Very few, conservatives or liberals, are principled enough to oppose government redistribution of wealth per se.

      • susiepuma

        Most of the ‘Dems’ are living in a bubble – they still think that ‘Dems’ are the party – they are sadly mistaken – the party has been hijacked by the Progressives and those poor "dems’ are being used by the Progs – hopefully, they will wake up and realize that fact – I did – May 31, 2008  – was my wakeup – I will never vote for anyone who calls themselves a Democrat for the rest of my life – the party is corrupted and needs to be destroyed……………………… and, the Republican Party (full of establishment big government etc.) is following in their footsteps…..

        We need Sarah and her common sense, love of America – the country and its people – to help us bring our country back to prosperity – she is truly the epitome of the American spirit

        BTW – these talking head pundits still think she is not running & the MB is gonna be the next big thing along with Perry – Ann Coulter (she just reminds me of a transvestite – an ugly one at that) is still on the fat Christie thing and chimed right it when F&F dissed Sarah right at the end of the program…………………………………………

    • JohnBarry2012

      DocYeager, well said and Amen! 

      The struggle and battle in the unseen are as real as in the physical realm. We need to put on the full armour of God, the Word, and be clothed with the righteousness of Christ, the blood of the covenant. Rise up and go forth with the Word, the sword of the Holy Spirit, earnest and fervent prayer and in action.

  • cookboy

    Like the moments after sunrise, with roosters crowing and donkeys braying, the toddlers and old dogs begin to awaken, rubbing their eyes and realizing it’s a new day.

  • stevethird

    I don’t want to consider the possibility of her not running and here’s
    why. I confront just the kind of crap you describe every day online and
    in my life. The press puts it out and the skulls full o’mush suck-it-up
    and it becomes their own opinion. If she chooses not to run, it will
    validate all the un, mis, and disinformed among us and keep them living
    in their dream world. Imagine millions of these hideous little
    grotesques collectively thumbing their noses, and sneering nyahh, nyahh
    at all of us who seek only to keep it real. If Sarah Palin doesn’t run
    we have no retort. It makes their case. OJ Simpson skates again, Casey
    Anthony walks, and another huge lie lives among us. Can you name one
    among the current stagnant puddle of declared candidates who you could
    consider to be a keeper of the flame of Truth? Ron Paul? Maybe, but
    don’t you just know he’ll grab the torch, run a few yards and then step
    out of bounds. In this field Governor Palin IS the keeper of the flame.
    Even if she doesn’t win we desperately need her voice heard loud and
    clear like it was on Hannity the other night. For her to opt out would
    be tantamount to accepting the exponentially less powerful role of
    kingmaker/cheerleader. Her smaller voice would be inaudible in the din
    of the newly empowered naysayers. Win lose or draw she must be standing
    on the powerful platform of a serious presidential candidate, to
    influence the debate at this critical watershed moment in our evolution
    as a nation.

    Please, Dear Lord…Palin 2012. That the Truth may live.

    • stevethird

      I wrote this in reply to Mark America’s latest great post. He’s just plain GOOD. It think it’s appropriate here. This is getting intense….

    • wodiej

      I doubt Ron Paul could run at all let alone a few yards. (snark)

  • patriot173

    Great post well done! The race to the WH is heating up with flip-flop perry and MB but one is missing from the race. The world is waiting and wondering and a British journalist offers, " 

    "There is still an outside chance that the battle for the Bible belt could become a three-way race. Sarah Palin, who was also at the state fair on Friday, attracting the biggest crowds of all the politicians, was mobbed as she moved from stall to stall, telling reporters she still had not made up her mind whether to stand"……THE BIGGEST CROWDS OF ALL THE POLITICIANS, WAS MOBBED AS SHE MOVED FROM STALL TO STALL……SARAHCUDA, IT’S YOURS TO WIN!

  • Dan

    She MUST run.  She knows that.  She is our hope and the shinning light that can lead the way out of this darkness.  Sounds pretty dramatic, but these times call for it.  She has the pulse, the humility, the common sense intelligence, and the courage to face Goliath.  Does that make us lesser men..?  NO. But when a leader such as Sarah comes along, man or woman, we must let God do his work in that person.  She knows in her heart that she has the responsibilty to lead us.  It must feel very heavy to her at times.  I wish she would announce.  I am getting tired of this cloud that hangs over America.  Two words will change the dynamic of the country immediately. " I’m in ".
    How many politicians do you trust, for that matter how many people..?  What makes Sarah different..??????  We the People – trust her, and trust in her.  That is WHY – when she waks into a room, all the air is sucked out, and everything goes silent…….  if only for a moment.
    My family prays for you everyday Sarah.  We have your back.
    Dan – Savannah, Ga.

    • Joneshuynh


      It’s very moving….. Thank for saying what I could never be able to. For those poor English like me, she is down to earth, she speaks the language that I can understand and relate.

      May God give her strength and wisdom to save this country.

    • JohnBarry2012

      Sarah Palin’s appearance in Iowa was not as a kingmaker but as a candidate at center stage, she endorses none of the candidates (not even Perry, as some thought she would). Perry just announced yesterday, yet some still insist that she’ll never run or it’s too late for her to run.

      The date of her presidential announcement is sovereignly hers alone and her family. She’s under no oblligation to let the media know in advance of her decision and her event schedule. Her media strategy keeps the LSM going wee wee up, as yesterday’s reading NewYork Times commentary, Mediaite and the lefty blogs, they can’t figure out Sarah Palin and she keep’em guessing. For her supporters though, the waiting is nonetheless difficult.

      That date is drawing near.

    • Sarahistheone

      Last night watching Hannity he turned toward the crowd and asked if they would like to see Palin in the race……the crowd said no! I don’t get it please help me out here I am totally flabbergasted…….needless to say I DON’T GET IT! Friday night they were cheering Saturday it’s a no. What is going on????HELP!!!!

      • derised1

        The Ron Paul bots were out in force on Saturday for the Straw Poll. They will boo her until Ron Paul drops out and endorses her (Rand Paul will make sure dad does the right thing).

    • wodiej

      Well said.  I pray for her and her family as well.  I am certain it does weigh heavy on her shoulders at times.  Sometimes she feels charged up and ready to take on the world.  And other times she just wishes she could go back to Alaska and hunt moose and spend time with family.  But she knows as well as we do that God gave her special talents and gifts that can be a blessing to others.  As the bible said "to whom much is given, much is required." 

  • Pete Petretich

    Amen, brother.

  • ayamo

    In other news: T-Yawn drops out.

    • wodiej

      T Yawn…lol

  • xthred

    "She needs to run."


  • Vicki

    Well, she’ll probably hold off for a while now, and let Perry be punching bag number one. If she were to jump in now the only story line would be Perry has experience and she doesn’t. So, she’ll have to give it some time for his skeletons to come out of the closet.

    • ayamo

      And I expect to see many of them … Not a single candidate has been "vetted" – if you want to call it that way – like Sarah Palin has been. The media have fired every single arrow they had at her. They missed.

    • nohype1

      You are spot on. There is some kind of "new-guy" phenomenon in which each new entrant attracts a lot of hope and attention, and then after a while the enthusiasm fades. (Donald Trump’s flirting with candidacy was a great example.)  And having the Democratic operatives attacking multiple candidates makes their methods more visible and will diminish their effectiveness down the road. (Has the opposing party ever been so involved in the primary process of the other party as the Obama campaign is this time around?)

  • dave7777

    There was once an angel named Palin
    "Get in" her troops were all wailin’
    She stands there serene
    Overlooking the scene
    Of all her opponents just flailing

    But when she comes in
    To the Mainstream’s chagrin
    All her opponents will be trailing.

  • citizenG100

    Riehl also thinks that she WILL run. Last night Melissa Clouthier tweeted that she thought Palin would run and Riehl retweeted it and added "Me 2″.

    • FlAli

      Of course the Anti-Palin bloggers are all saying that she won’t run.  I wonder why they keep attacking her if they think that she will not run and is not a viable candidate?  They are the funniest bunch of ignorant, low IQ loons that I have ever read.  Naturally, if you ask them they are the smartest, most savvy ones ever born. 
      In any case, I do wish she would just declare and be done with it.  I know that there are a lot of people that are not backing nor donating to any candidate just waiting to see what she will do.

  • sodakhic

    Ok let’s start going through the e-mails of every candidate, starting with Obama.Then will see who is still standing. Oh by the way, I have never seen any person relate to the common man like Sarah Louise Palin. What a gift.

  • $7566967

    Who’s Dan Riehl?

  • IndieDogg

    Rick Perry may be a terrific fellow. I don’t know much about him and neither does anybody else (in the normal walk of life — not counting our pundit "friends") outside of his state but, vis-a-vis Sarah Palin? No comparison. None.

    While Governor Palin has been riding into battle time and time again to stem the tide of radical fiscal madness and administrative incompetence that threatens to drown this nation and it’s descendents, where has Governor Perry been?

    While she’s been in the saddle, he’s been sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch.

    Something about the words "man" and "Texas" suggests someone larger than life. Next to Sarah Palin, with all due respect, he’s just a guy with a drawl and a smile. Been there. Done that.

    I’m not looking for someone to play the part of President.

    I’m looking for someone to do the job.

    • JDCampbell

      Rick Perry is not a terrific fellow and would end up hurting America if ever elected.

    • My OP

      You said Rick Perry is just a guy with a drawl and a smile. I’d like to add that he has lying lips. Yes, Rick "if the Lord let me live for four years, I’m gonna serve out my governorship" Perry, has lying lips. He knew he was lying when he said it. He’s an establishment backed same ‘ol same ‘ol corrupt politician.

      Yes, we need Gov. Palin. She has what it takes and has the will to do the job of cleaning up Washington D.C. to get our country moving forward again.

  • pupzillamom

    He’s responding to Ben Shapiro on twitter this morning regarding Shapiro’s Perry love. Let ‘em all come on out and declare themselves. 

    • John Norton

      Its the rats identifying themselves…

  • jeaneeinabottle

    It’s a great day in America, isn’t it :)  I’m noticing a change in the reporting at Fox news, wonder why?  I have my reasons, I’m just glad we see something positive aren’t you?  Yes, a great day and I hope your’s is the same!  Keep praying and keep your powder dry……

  • angeleno

    Riehl sees the simple truth that the RINO Establishment is too blind to see. Their candidates are boring. Sarah is electric. She can create enthisiasm and interest in the GOP message like no one else. I also believe she can lead and govern this country. Riehl isn’t quite there yet, but he’s right on about the fact that Palin makes the public and the media pay attention.
    Despite what’s obvious to him and us, the GOP establishment to this day is interested only in blocking her.   

  • bjwilson83

    And this, of course, was why Palin went to the Iowa state fair in the first place. To demonstrate just how much support she has among average Americans.


    Wife and I are holding our $ until she announces.

  • independents4palin

    She is out best hope and this countrys best hope. Its either her or sit this one out. I couldn’t even hold my nose and vote for Perry or Romney and especially Bachmann. So its either Sarah Palin or staying our of it. I pray that she runs, I know its alot to ask, I worry for this country if President Obama wins another term or have someone like Obama Romney win or someone that lies and is fake like Perry and don’t even get me started on Bachmann. Sarah Palin has got to run !! Palin 2012!!

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