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Governor Palin Calls out President Obama’s Absurd Comparison to President Lincoln

On Monday, during a stop on his supposedly non-campaign bus tour of the Midwest, President Obama made an absurd claim regarding the treatment he received from his political opponents (emphasis added):

"When you listen to what the Federalists said about the Anti-Federalists, and the names that Jefferson called Hamilton and back and forth — I mean those guys were tough," Obama said.  "Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.  So democracy has never been for the faint of heart."

Interestingly, Governor Palin had visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as part of her "One Nation" bus tour  just the day before President Obama made this absurd claim, and she has tweeted the following response:

Obama:"Lincoln-they talked about him almost as bad as they talk about me" Mr. Pres- tour Lincoln Museum anti-Abe display;try repeating claim

Governor Palin was likely referencing an exhibit in the museum called "The Whispering Gallery". The museum’s website describes this exhibit:

The Whispering Gallery is a twisted, nightmarish hallway where you will hear brutally unkind things said about Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln during their early months in Washington. On the walls are cruel caricatures and barbed political cartoons that attack the Lincolns.

The charges made by opponents and grotesque caricatures of President Lincoln drawn by political cartoonists during this politically heated time in our nation’s history, as displayed at this museum, would make the political rhetoric of today  pale in comparison. The museum curators and planners have made this section of the museum very dim, and the lighting eerily illuminates the reproduced newspaper headlines and cartoons coupled with chilling audio give  museum visitors a multi-sensory perspective of what President Lincoln faced.

The museum is just a few short blocks away from the Old State Capitol building in Springfield where then candidate Obama made his announcement for President and also announced Joe Biden as his running mate and has been open since early in then Senator Obama’s term. It would serve President Obama and all Americans well to have a better understanding of who Abraham Lincoln is and what he faced.

Governor Palin described President Lincoln in her Restoring Honor Rally speech nearly a year ago as  " the Great Emancipator who secured our union at the moment of its most perilous time and freed those whose captivity was our greatest shame."  Even in times as politically charged as now and even when Americans stand at all points across the political spectrum, it is important to have this kind of proper perspective and understanding of  historical context.

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  • palinpatriot2012

    If anyone can be accurately be compared to Lincoln it is Sarah Palin. 150 years from now future presidents will be wanting and trying to compare themselves to President Palin, not Barack Obama.

    • bradkarr

      And that’s the truth

    • Reckoner_3

      When I was a kid I always would search out Lincoln stuff…when Sarah Palin came on the scene. Sarah Palin’s scorn and misrepresentation reminded me more of the stuff they said about him in his time (and other leaders in our nation’s history’s upbringing) the way certain historians try to cover Lincoln’s accomplishment *cough * cough*  that Lincoln really didn’t care to free the slaves even though his presidency seemed to really coincide with the event and results of slaves being emancipated . They even take his quotes out of context and try to obscure his record.

      I’ve seen this quoted, 
      Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley on Aug. 22, 1862: "My paramount
      object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to
      save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any
      slave, I would do it" 

      as proof of something against him. They never finish the rest of the writing though.
      "…and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and
      if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also
      do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I
      believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear
      because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do
      less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I
      shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause."
      And you also forget Lincoln’s closing statement, "I have here stated my
      purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no
      modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere
      could be free." 

      Unlike Obama. Lincoln at least had a moral foundation to be motivated by a true cause. We even get some conservatives who are bitter about him.

      The creepy aspect to Obama’s own revisionist REALITY, whenever he compares himself to others is he , he used a phrase about himself on the Superbowl interview that Rebecca Mansour used to Tammy Bruce.

      That the people who hate him, are really looking at a fun house mirror version of him …

      Didn’t RAM say that about the media’s version of Palin?

      If there was any fun house mirror version of Obama it is the one that the Media had in 2007. You know the one who was just a guy in the neighborhood with a bunch of radicals and Chicago Crooks, and hate peddling preachers.

      • Fortuosity

         Thank you for posting the additional Lincoln writing.  I’ve seen the first bit quoted against him as well, but don’t recall seeing the rest. Thanks.

      • Anno76

        It sounds like Obama has a "Sybill" complex. Every time he speaks he invokes another personality … lol

        • ReneePA

          You may be joking but I sincerely believe that he has a serious personality disorder.

      • lanahi

        "Obama said.  “Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.  So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.”

        What a hopeless wimp.

        He is a "constitutional scholar" and thinks this is a democracy. Where did he study political science again?

    • ReneePA

      Exactly.  This idiot is not even making this remotely challenging for her.  I’m tellin’ ya… I just can’t see him debating her.  He is going to come up with some sort of mystery illness or something.

  • Nancy6

    I never heard the press speak adoringly of Lincoln’s glistening pectorals.

    • Vicki

      thanks a lot Nancy. I just threw up in my mouth.

      • Nancy6

        rip was much worse than me!:)

    • ripcurl2121

      glistening pectorals? you mean his sagging man t!ts

      • Nancy6


      • Argus_C4P

        Those are moobs, rip…Man boobs, lol. Gotta agree with Nancy, they visual makes me nauseous.

        • CBDenver

          Must be the afternoon, everyone is getting fiesty

    • TwoLegsGood

      Great job Whitney 

      and actually after Lincoln’s death, the doctors were amazed at his physique (perhaps forgetting Lincoln-the-rail-splitter lore) and compared his body to Michelangelo’s MOSES  

    • Quiet_Righty

      Don’t forget the amazing crease in Lincoln’s pants.

    • Fortuosity

      Perhaps not, but don’t you remember when traveling in his carriage how the press oohed and aahed over Abe’s, uh…"carriage"? (video reference – )

  • ramorywebb

    So much for a Harvard education. 

    • gilamonster8

      My arse, show me proof he went to high school much less ivy school

      • ramorywebb

        Write the White House and make the request. Might be interesting what they tell you!

        • gilamonster8

          Are you nutz RW? I don’t have half the guts of Sarah.

    • lanahi

      Lincoln never had a formal education.

      In Wikipedia, I find this interesting:
      " Lincoln insisted the moral foundation of the Republicans required
      opposition to slavery, and rejected any "groping for some middle ground
      between the right and the wrong".

      So, here we are again…with RINOs still groping for some middle ground between right and wrong!  Lincoln would probably be a tea partier today.

      • ramorywebb

        That’s very interesting! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Nancy6

    Were Greek columns invented when LIncoln was around?

    • Norcalo

      Way before, actually.

      • Argus_C4P

        but…but… made out of styrofoam and stored in some warehouse to be used by the fumbler-in-chief? Even the greeks didn’t see that one coming.

        • lanahi

          His styrofoam columns are symbolic of him…weak, artificial, and a temporary support for his whole "house" (of cards).  Sarah is like granite.  The granite columns of many ruins of ancient Greece are all that still stands today.

      • Fortuosity


  • formerdemocrat

    Once again, another politician cribbing Sarah Palin’s lines. Remember when Palin talked about how politicians used to settle differences with duels back in her much-maligned video response to Tuscon?

    So now let me get this straight … Obama tells us that things have gotten "less civil" but now suddenly remembers how back in Abe Lincoln’s days things were not so civil (as Palin had already pointed out).

    The Narcissist-In-Chief needs to get some fresh material that doesn’t make him sound like a complete jack ass. Oh, it’s probably too late for that!

    • bradkarr

      Ummm, Errr,  Explain to me how a Jackass can not sound like a Jackass:)

  • Nancy6

    Remember Lincoln’s famous, we are the ones we have been waiting for, line……..classic then and when Obama said it!

    • Guest

      Your awesome nancy6.!!!!  ..  you crack me up….

  • wodiej

    Palin trumps the whiner in chief again.  If anyone dares say a cross word about Obama, you can bet the FBI would be at their door.  

  • gilamonster8

    Why isn’t Sarah Palins listed as the very best media person in america today. She is the only one in the media calling this guy out on his lies. It makes me sick. And what the heck was Obummer thinking, saying something like that knowing she was just there. This man is an idiot. I sure hope we make it another 1 1/2 years.

    • bradkarr

      You know, I’ve wondered about that a thousand times. Even people on our side don’t get it. Making stupid comments like " I really like Sarah Palin but I don’t know if she’s ready to be president "

      These people claim to be informed, they need to reflect on the statement " you don’t know what you don’t know " because they DON’T KNOW. If they would spend one hour reading about Sarah Palin, then they WOULD KNOW!!!!

  • mistah charley

    harsh criticism is often found in politics

    • bradkarr

      Ya Think?

  • aaron66krohn

    Abe Lincoln??  Wasn’t he one of our Founding Fathers??

    Sure I heard that somewhere!!!


    • JeannieBinVA

      MB thinks so.

  • Eagles8

    Abe Lincoln?  No, Barry.

    More like Jimmy Carter, except probably worse.

    • PJ_in_NC

      Jimmy Carter is the best-case scenario…

    • lanahi

      If Obama gets reelected, he’ll probably be known as the Founding Father of the New Hope, or something like that.

  • Nancy6

    Ya mean, they talked about Lincoln almost as bad as pundits being enamored with your perfectly creased pants, like that, ya mean?

  • epm54338

    Well, Big Ears is like Abe Lincoln in one regard: neither one of them has come up with an idea that has worked in the past 150 years. We know what Abe’s excuse is, what’s Obummer’s? :)


  • cuttingboardblues

    OMG I have just been waiting for someone to call him out on it.  I hope she lets lose next time he compares himself to Reagan.

    • William Van Henley

      I can compare obumbler with R.R. for you:  Mr. Reagan poops and obumbler is poop!!!

  • Kjanlady

    Gosh… addition to teaching her kids about our American Heritage and getting the public to pay attention to our exceptionalism as a nation…..Sarah now has to try to teach the community organizer the truth about history…….the old saying is true….a woman’s work is never done.

  • MurphycatII

    Lincoln/Obama comparisons: 
    Remember when Lincoln’s teleprompter broke so he had to read the Gettysburg address off the back of the envelope he had handwritten it on, on the train ride up.  I wonder if Barry O. has written any Gettysburg Adresses on his bus ride!

  • Spiridon

    If his comparison to Lincoln was only based on how much Lincoln was hated, then by the same logic Casey Anthony is like Lincoln too. 

  • gilamonster8

    In a round about way sarah’s tweet quoted YOU LIE Joe Wilson. Sarah Palin is the vetter-in-chief

  • ReaganerThanThou

    I can’t stand it when liberals do this – they’re always invoking Republican heroes like Lincoln, MLK, and Susan B. Anthony to make it sound like these great men and women were Democrats.

    But you can be sure the Dems will mention ghosts of the Democrat party’s past like Jim Crow, the KKK, Bull Connor, and George Wallace in connection with the Republicans. It’s YOUR jank history, Dems – own it! 

    • Norcalo

      At one point the Democrats voted on party lines against the 13th amendment.  You can read that in "Team of Rivals."

    • Betsey_Ross

      Your prognostication has come true.  Rick Perry was compared to Bull Conner this afternoon.  I think we are getting the hang of this thing.  Ripping Democrats is getting to be so easy.  Rush is right.  It’s easy and fun!

    • toongoon

      That’s because every democrat hero is a progressive, socialist, KKK, or a womanizer. They are still heroes to them but they can’t say it out loud.

  • tomlyn

    What a joke.  Obama has not went through anything close to what Sarah Palin has been through with the media, Dems, & Rino’s.  As a matter of fact his political operatives were the ones who started the attacks on Sarah after sending an army of rats to Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah. 

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