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Governor Palin Retweets Article from Whitney Pitcher and PA4Palin That Notes How Rick Perry Almost Tripled Texas’ Total Debt

This re-tweet from Governor Palin should pretty much put an end to the outrageous rumors that she’ll endorse Rick Perry.  The great article from Whitney and PA4Palin re-tweeted by the Governor directly contrasts Governor Palin’s stellar record on debt and liabilities with the futile records of Mitt "peacetime" Romney and Rick Perry.  If Palin is endorsing Perry, why is she re-tweeting an article that slams his inability to control what Governor Palin has described as the "foundation of destruction?"

It’s also noteworthy that the article that Palin re-tweeted pretty much calls for her to run for the presidency.

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  • Carol Carr


    I hope Sarah saw Whitney’s post about O4P being at the fair in IL.

    Palin 2012!

  • Bill__Hughes

    Wow.  Talk about a big sign to us O4P folks!  Thanks Governor!

  • Pete Petretich

    I get the impression that Perry lives a comfortable and insulated life, and Texas still has a lot of easy money to fool around with.

    He is in no way ready for national leadership.

    • lanahi

      Wonder how long that will last when Obama shuts down refineries and more drilling in Texas?

    • JDCampbell

      Perry gets his sweet tooth from courting foreign investors on Texas road projects.

  • mistah charley

    and also – compulsory vd shots for schoolgirls, and sweetheart toll roads

  • Guest

    Well looky there…

  • Gelston

    Whitney, you are awesome. (does that violate the new C4P rules?)

    • JDCampbell

      Just bake her cookies to smooth things out.

  • pupzillamom

    Be still my heart…I.can.hardly.wait to hear the announcement. Talk about 4th of July!!!
    Madame President, our boots are ready, night and day, every heartbeat.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Awkward. My impression was that Sarah and Perry are friends. Regardless, I am glad to see her standing up for her superior record.

    • Jasmine Clark

      we don’t really know the extent of their "friendship." btw, bachmann used to be considered her "friend" too, lol

    • lanahi

      Gov. Palin has many friends across ideological lines.  It doesn’t mean she supports their politics or feels they can lead the country.  She endorsed him for governor over more inferior candidates, she did not endorse him for president.
      Whether they still remain friends will depend more on Perry than her, like it did with MB. I don’t think she bears grudges. She will save the heaviest ammunition for Mitt and Obama anyway.

      • Dan C

        Exactly. An endorsement during an election does not mean you agree with said person on everything or think that they are the best at everything. It simply means they are the better candidate in the given race according to the person that gives the endorsement. 

      • Exgunman

        Sarah has been in politics for 20 yrs, she knows how the game is played and sometimes it can get bloody." If you want a friend in Washington (politics) get a dog"……….Harry Truman…………………………………………………

    • Guest

      Not so much awkward as subtle. "Rick, you’re my friend, but facts are facts. Nothing personal, Rick, simply business."

    • RichardNC

      Awkward? Palin endorsed Perry over Kay Bailey Hutchison and the eventual Democrat nominee. That hardly requires a friendship or some mandatory support down the road. That is just solid conservative support and nothing more.

      Palin will dominate Perry if both are in the race and I doubt that Perry even enters the race.

  • inde4sarah

    O).K Call me whatever, but what is a Retweet???…

    sarah 2012

    • Quiet_Righty

      It’s like forwarding an email (I think).

    • Pete Petretich

      That’s when you send a link to an article out to all your followers on Twitter.

      In other words, Sarah didn’t write the essay but she approves of it enough to send it out to her 623,275  followers on the Twitter network.

      • Quiet_Righty

        But the link has to exist as someone’s Tweet first, right?

        • lanahi

          Right.  Tammy Bruce tweeted the original article.  Sarah retweeted it.

    • Dan C

      I retweet does not necessarily mean agreement, but basically is just you tweeting something, that you did not originally write. 

      • lanahi

        But you wouldn’t retweet it if you didn’t think it was a valuable article, which more often also means you agree with it.

      • Quiet_Righty

        But when Sarah retweets something, we analyze it to death.


  • Dan C

    Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure!!!!!!

  • excopconservative

    Gov. Palin coming up on Greta.

    • Pete Petretich



      Repeat from earlier in the week or she’s live regarding downgrade?

      • excopconservative


    • Quiet_Righty

      Rerun segment.

      • Guest

        Damn…Yep, re-run.

        • quidam65

          Still, she got her own segment!  The other candidates–clips in a montage.  Greta may not be able to endorse Sarah (working for Fox after all) but this tells us who she’s supporting!

  • JDCampbell

    Perry having the nerve to sign HB 1201 into law was enough.
    Rick Perry having fun at Texas expense:

    Texas for Sale: New laws sell Texas to highest bidder

  • happymullah

    This re-tweet that follows her interview with Hannity where she slams Mitt is the clearest indication that Sarah expects the primary contests to be fought among these three: Perry, Mitt and she. 

    Thus it forecloses Bachmann as a viable candidate.  "Game on."


  • $8196935

    Sarah and Perry may have a few issues in common
    one being both have been tweeked by Bush supporters.

    But, the idea he was helping pave the way for Sarah, where did we hear that one
    before , wasn’t the name Bachmann.

    I knew Perry was in for himself. 

    • Guest

      I guess thats out the window………..see ya later Perry.

  • unseen1

    Gov  Palin  mentioned Perry  during her bus tour  because she  understood  she needed a stalking horse  against Mitt.  two  establishment   candidates.   Perry  takes the ABP  conservative vote form mitt,  Mitt  gets the  establihsment  friendly  voters.   

    If  Bachmann wasn’t  in  atm  Palin would  now  be leading in the polls.   Against Mitt and Perry.    Hopefully  Bachmann continues  to fade.   

    • Jules

      Yep, Michele is the honly candidate keeping Sarah’s numbers down because she is getting the TP voters that don’t think Palin will run… It’s all inflated and Michele will get back to the single digits as soon as Sarah is in…If the Ames starw poll does not force her to end her campaign prematurely (if she finishes behind Paul and Tpaw, she is done in IA).

  • Mike_D_Yeager

    Obama He took America’s "Hope" and left us with nothing but "Change$"

  • Guest

    Yep! Sarah is on for "On The Record".

  • CBDenver

    Actually, the retweeted post put the knock on Huntsman, Pawlenty, Romney, and Perry.   Game on, Gov Palin!

    • Guest

      Four at one blow.

  • aaron66krohn

    A couple of nights ago, she slams Mitt Romney!!

    Today she hits Rick Perry!!

    (No need to slug Michelle Bachmann, but she’s gotten in a dig or two on her too!!)

    Don’t know, but this sounds like she is IN!!!!

    The actual announcement will be a mere formality!!

    • Guest

      Until she announces, she’s letting them play on the court. A few hits. A few blocks. A few checks.

      After she announces, it will be a full court press.  They won’t even be allowed on the paint.

  • Guest

    This retweet of the article says to Perry this, "knife, meet throat."

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