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Governor Palin Talks to Greta Tonight About the Debt Ceiling and the Tea Party/Open Thread

She’ll talk to Greta tonight about the debt ceiling and the Tea Party at 10 PM EST.

If you are going to be in Iowa for the Governor’s September 3rd speech in Waukee and would like to meet up with other C4P readers, shoot us an e-mail at  Here is more information on what we have in mind for the informal gathering and ideas for lodging and travel.

What else is going on today?


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  • Sue Lynn

    Ya baby….Woo Hoo that’s gonna leave a mark!!!!!!

  • Jasmine Clark

    wow, short notice!! she’s probably pretty angry. can’t wait to hear what she has to say and i hope she implies that she will run, in order to fix this country’s mess!

    • Nancy6

      What are the tells tonight?:)

      Veins popping out of side of neck?
      Rolling of the eyes?
      Chopping motions with hands?

      Or do we think to pay close attention to hair, or clothing?:)

      • IsraeliCojones

        The glasses /s

      • Jasmine Clark

        we have to take notes on EVERYTHING 

      • John B. Hefmier

        All I know is that it will not be "all the mavericks in the house: put your hands up!".

      • famouswolf

        Sprout fur, fangs, and claws, assume ursine form, roar?


    • Guest

      I hope she doesn’t announce tonight…but with Sarah you never know.  I’d still like to see her announce in GRAND style in front of 150,000 screaming fans!!!  But she could surprise us! 

      • Ceejay

        Greta does have a huge audience, and Sarah can take the earpiece out,. and look straight in the camera and tell Ailes, it is finished.

        Obama, it is still "Game On!"

        Sarah 2012!

  • NHConservative0221

    Love for Sarah to call out Boehner and everyone of the backstabbers in the GOP who voted for this garbage. 

    • HuntingMoose

      probably more along the lines that they have been misled and fooled and tricked, including Boehner.

      there is little to gain in attacking if all you need to do is exposing the mistakes

      • John Norton

        Mistakes, its gone way beyond that..Coleusion to defraud the people of the United States of America…

    • Betsey_Ross

      Me, too.  If she does she will be nice, but firm.  I, on the other hand wasn’t.  I just unloaded on him.  Up until now I had been encouraging, but we ended up with garbage just as I had hoped we wouldn’t.  It was predictable and now I am over him.  He lied and gave away his only negotiation strategy a couple of weeks ago.  Unforgivable.
      I would suggest you all write him, too.  I feel much better.  I didn’t call him too many names, but I wasn’t respectful.  I told him that the Tea Party would become his worst nightmare because he lied to us. 
      I feel even better that Sarah will go after him tonight and that Fox poll is up to 45% "Hell, no". 

      • John Norton

        Instead of pushing the ryan plan or the cut cap and balance sen. jims bill they pass this garbage just they Wait…!

  • Nancy6

    Does anyone else think The ‘Cuda’s Nightstick has names/phrases/trash talk painted on it, like our airmen do to the bombs they drop?

    Woman Up!
    Game On!
    Fight Like A Girl!

    • larrygeary

      Oh yeah!

    • conservativemama

      Love that image.

    • OldGuyAZ

      You can put lipstick on a nightstick, but it’s still a nightstick.  And it will leave a mark.

      • Gr-Eyed Conservative

        stealing that ;~)

  • royroyo
  • TexasRayGunner

    Perfect – I can’t wait!

  • Carol Carr

    Sarah,, Skip the facebook post and announce,,,, enough is enough!!

    Palin 2012!

  • $7566967

    I cannot wait to hear what Sarah has to say. I know she won’t declare tonight, but I’d love to hear her thoughts about the Boehner bill.

  • HuntingMoose

    Let’s see how she sees how this will affect her presidency

    bottom line, she is the one that needs to clean up the mess the created today.

    They basically added 2T$ more to the debt, let the baseline budgets go up even further, let the tax rates go up when she takes office, make the militairy even weaker.

    probably she will say something along the lines, well, that will be the mess to clean up, just much bigger and harder for us in 2012 but that is unfortunately what it will be.

    and I just hope she will tear to shreds the CBO with their nonsensical projections.

    • John Norton

      It gives the Bomba a blank check for 2.4 trillion 2012 quite a few of these jerks will be out a job…

  • Hyman Roth

    THANK YOU GOP for dumping all over your conservative base! 

    Just like old times!

  • toongoon

    Don’t know if everyone has heard;
    The US House voted on the final debt limit deal. The bill passed 269 to 161.

    A dark day for America.

    • Jasmine Clark

      yes we heard… unfortunately. lol

      • John Norton

        Cable news are  saying the tea party is the beneficiary of the bill that just passed…What a Lie…

  • Jasmine Clark

    where is there a list of people who voted for and against the bill?

    • Sue Lynn

      Mark Levin just ran off a list on air …My bet he will update his FB or website whit the info…

  • Guest

    ANY appearance on TV with Sarah until September 3rd should be DVR’d.  Remember Sarah is unconventional!  She could just slip it right into any interview.  "Yeah, Greta…I am going to be putting my hat in the ring…….".  I hope she doesn’t announce like that…but with Sarah…you never know.  She won’t o it the way they are expecting her to! 

  • HuntingMoose

    "US borrowing to surge after debt cap raised"

    they forget to mention that the borrowing is from the other pocket of the government.

    can you imagine any sane new investor in US Treasuries except those whose t-bills mature and let them automatically roll over in new t-bills?

    May be I should buy some shares in HP since the Fed needs lots of that ink to print all that money

  • LLDub

    Now, I really REALLY hope The Guv runs now… so she can fallout the curs who voted yes on the bill, today, as only she can. And, I’m really REALLY glad she’s running as a republican, if she does, so she can become the worst nightmare of the so called republican leadership.

    • Jasmine Clark

      i hope she helps to improve the republican party. that’s why i’m glad she’s a republican, and that’s why i’m a republican too. i hope the party improves, and so i wanted to join to make the party just a little bit more conservative!

      although to anyone who isn’t a republican, that’s ok too, it’s your own choice!

  • AmsterdamExpat

    Make this execrable Establishment in both parties squirm, Sarah!

    • IsraeliCojones

      I seriously hope she’s going to let them have it. She’s been too polite with them. Now they have betrayed their base and stolen the 2010 election.

      Rip their face off, Guv’!

  • Jasmine Clark

    you all know the drill!!

    watch her hand movements!! eye blinking patterns!! the color shirt she wears!! hairstyle!! EVERYTHING COULD BE A CLUE!!!11 *gets out notepad and pencil*


    • aaron66krohn

      Nah!!  I’d go with her shoes!!!!  It’s gotta be the shoes!!!  (sarc)

      • suehimel

        The one thing we don’t get to see!

      • Ceejay

        Boots, if we could see her feet, BIG BOOTS!

        Boot all of the RINOS out of the GOP and current occupant in the WH!

        Sarah 2012!

    • unseen1

      I’m  tired of  clues.  tell me  striaght  up  what  she is  goign to  do.   Waiting  now  has  become a negative.  The longer she  waits the more  support  she  loses.   

      I’m  sure she knows  this.  she  knew it  around memorial day  and she  knew it  around  July  4th.    she  needs  a clear signal  here.   No more games. 

      • famouswolf

        Remember the games are not with us. I don’t think she has a choice in that..we have to do our part right now by holding firm.

      • John Norton

        The more support support she Looses…Where are you coming from you…Shes not playing games maybe you are…

  • Carol Carr

    I think this debt deal just increased the likely hood of thousands more going to Iowa on Sept 3rd! Game on!

    Palin 2012!

    • BostonBruin

      So this bill is a stimulus bill for Iowa!

      • John Norton

        It is BB…

    • John Norton

        It did, I had said before 50,000 now 80,000 and going up…

      • Michael_from_Michigan

        If she speaks, we will come to hear her!

  • HuntingMoose

    fox poll: would you vote for this bill? –72% No (26% no and 45% Hell No!, 21% yes)

    Not sure. I’m glad there’s a plan but I need to know more. 6.66% (8,294 votes)
    Hell yes! Our country’s credit worthiness is on the line. 5.93% (7,383 votes)
    Yes, but with reservations. They could have done better. 15.1% (18,815 votes)
    No. I would like to vote yes, but this plan still doesn’t do it for me. 26.46% (32,968 votes)
    Hell no! Congress caved on this one. 45.04% (56,115 votes)
    Other (post a comment) 0.82% (1,017 votes)

    2012 cannot come soon enough.

  • Nancy6

    Don’t pinch me:
    Sarah Palin tonight: All of this is such a crock! I’m in!
    NOOOOOO, it’s a good dream!:)

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