Governor Palin Tells Reporters at the Iowa State Fair that Barack Obama Is Responsible for the Downgrade

We’ll have more from the Iowa State fair when it becomes available.

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  • William Morgan

    I could watch this woman all day and never get bored. She is HILARIOUS.
    "I respect you Todd". with a handshake. To FUNNY.

    • socon

      I agree.  Sarah has a  great sense of humor–especially when the joke is at liberals’ expense.  lol

  • gilamonster8

    Anyone have a link

  • justice_four_all

    Go Sarah! I’m so happy to see her on the road and in Iowa. Announcement may come during the bus tour!

  • Hyman Roth

    I see Recher is with Sarah at the fair.

    That talk about him hitting the lecture circuit and "spilling the beans" about Sarah was total BS. 

    • PEC111

      Yes.  I think that was more what the media wanted than reality.  He is an top-line Campaign Advance man that any other campaign would hire but you can tell he really likes working for Sarah, 

    • John B. Hefmier

      Recher has a great eye.  When I approached Sarah’s table at the "Going Rogue" booksigning in Richland,WA, he kept an eye on me for a few moments, and I have the pic. to prove it.  He is great for the Governor.

      • Hyman Roth

        He’s Sarah’s Al Neri.

  • Nancy6

    See, now Obama would say it is her fault.:)

    • bestbud4Palin

      Wishing you and Firelight an awesome time in Iowa. If I read correctly you’re going with Firelight and the Colorado O4P group… I would be there in a flash if not for tending to health issues. FYI, doing well though and spirits are souring, Gov Palin and all that is going on with grass root mobilization, is wonderful to see and hear.Happy Trails(to Iowa) and Sarah Palin Smiles, to ya’all! :)

  • virginiagentleman1

    What a class act this woman is!  Whats not to like about so refreshing a person! Yeah, I see her in the White House as the next president, easily!

    • John JWilfred

      oh, easily, easily!

  • teledude

    OMG that was great!
    She is just a natural super star.

    That is political talent you can’t buy, you either have it or you don’t.


    • suehimel

      What should our signs say in Waukee?  Run, Sarah, run?  Or something else?

  • heypiasano

    She is back to having fun at the media’s expense.

  • Roguer2

    Such a natural, honest and funny!

  • Jim R

    (Reuters) – Republican Sarah Palin rolled into Iowa’s state fair Friday, stealing the spotlight from the party’s presidential contenders and sparking a new round of speculation about her plans for 2012.

    • justice_four_all

      good to hear she doesn’t want to "string people along." I’m assuming if she was not running or even just 60% sure she wasn’t running she would have stopped the speculation by now.

      • Jim R


    • Guest

      Hannity was saying today that Palin said she could support any of the candidates, and I damned near popped off my stool. Then he added that she said ABO, so even Romney’s ok. She’s looking big picture. The smaller picture is she’s POTUS.

  • JamesColumbiaMo

    Palin always seems to lift my spirits. Just when I think the country is headed towards the trash heap of history, I feel encouraged by her undefeated attitude and her uplifting spirit.  

    • grizzlyrising

      That’s why she can win.

  • ayamo

    Well done, Governor. Can’t wait for you to announce. :)

    • Michael_from_Michigan

      I am looking forward to seeing what questions Hannity will be asking her in the interview.  No doubt, he will ask about running and a timeline for her decision!  I will be paying close attention to how she answers these questions.  Will Sarah give us the answers we have already heard, or will she give us more of a clear indication of running?  I bet she dances the line some more.  I pray we do not have to wait another month, just as long as she announces some time soon!

  • Carol Carr

    Love her! I respect you for that Todd… hehe

  • freeperjim

    That was funny at end when Sarah said, "Todd, I respect you" …and then shook his hand.

  • justice_four_all

    One quick comment after watching the interview again, she seemed less polished and more guarded than she was her last bus tour. Maybe she’s making sure another "Paul Revere" moment doesn’t happen

    • JD777

      I disagree I thought she was great, just right. The press is going to end up loving her, she is a natural. They set little traps and she just rolled over them. Imagine the press conferences with President Palin. The press will begin to imagine them.

    • RefudiateGOPe

      Nitpick much?

      • robben52

        No one is allowed to question Palin?

    • Bill589

      Do you forget that she was right, that Paul Revere warned the British too?

    • ConservPalin

       Gov. Palin was absolutely great! 

  • Freelancer007

    OMG She’s FREAKING HILARIOUS. I love her. She better RUN. If she doesn’t run I’m going to be so disappointed.

  • Jim R

    Scott Conroy tweets:

    "Team Palin working IA press more diligently. Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson appeared to be intving her at private event"

    • John Norton

      I hope she opens up to the media more and more …

      • suehimel

        Sarah doesn’t dis the media.  She answers their questions.


    Once again Sarah is sucking all the air out of this weekends events in IOWA at no cost to her or us
    The press just can not get enough of her can they ! but notice how friendly they are being at the Fair.
    I suspect more good video is comming our way soon.
    and yes she can be very funney , so human dont you think?
    that’s why every one who learns about her likes her!!!
    soon to be turned into VOTES I suspect.
    Hannity should be fun to-night because she appears so relaxed and enjoying herself not like last nights sand box players.. whoe’s only contribution to the world was more of the same talking points but no real plan for the Future of America or an abiding believe in any future beyond to days progressive agenda. SARAH does!
    its spending stupid.

    • Guest

      I noticed a lot of guys. The female press are more inclined to be jealous cuz the Guv’s so danged good looking.

    • suehimel

      And O4P will be there….with T-shirts, handing out flyers for the TP event in Waukee.  We’ll be promoting the event, not trying to convince voters to vote for her in the Straw Poll.  How refreshing will that be? 

  • bestbud4Palin

    Pure Awesomeness!…. "The Natural". Natural Whole-Some Goodness, no artificial flavors or sweeteners pure Alaskan grown.

    Reporter… "you don’t look like a grandma"
    Todd… "your right, she doesn’t look like a grandma"…GRINNING EAR TO EAR AND LOVING IT! Funny and sooooooooooooo appealing, like good neighbors.

    Happy Trails and Sarah Palin Smiles… you Iowan fair goers are the luckiest people, enjoy.

    • Guest

      LOL. Love your line "Natural Hole-Some Goodness," but gotta issue a small correction cuz it’s making me laugh like a loon cuz my mind is wacky. "Natural Whole-Some Goodness."

  • TexasRayGunner

    Damn, she’s good!  Love it!

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