In Honor of Todd Palin

One thing I’ve noticed blogging at C4P these last two years, it’s all about Sarah 24/7 … Sarah this Sarah that … Sarah is giving a speech, Sarah had an incredible interview tonight, Sarah wrote another amazing Facebook post.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah …

Where’s the Todd love?!

(Ok, I’m only partly kidding, you know?)

But truly it takes one heckuva guy to go through what Todd Palin has endured the last three years since his wife roared onto the national political scene. And since we hope he reads our blog, and it’s only a few weeks from his birthday (Sept. 6th) I’m dedicating this post to extolling the virtues of Todd Palin.

How great is Todd Palin?

Todd Palin must be a very patient man.

It takes a patient man not to take the first flight to L.A. and punch Bill Maher’s lights out, right?

Todd Palin must be a very confident man.

It takes a confident man to enjoy seeing his wife shine in the spotlight, and to fill in the inevitable parenting (and housekeeping) gaps.

It sorta reminds me of my husband’s patient support, especially when I say, “Sorry about the laundry I didn’t do today because of my blogging duties … oh and, honey, I’m taking the kids to Iowa for the C4P meet-up next week. Can I have the Visa card?”

But back to Todd …

I will never forget Todd Palin’s beaming smile when Gov. Palin introduced him at the Republican National Convention on Sept. 3, 2008. He stood up to revel in the wild affection of the crowd, and waved for the camera and the audience — for several minutes. We’ve watched him patiently and cheerfully at Gov. Palin’s side through all the VP rallies in 2008 through the book tours, to the One Nation Bus Tour this summer. And he seems to be genuinely enjoying himself.


One of my favorite scenes from Sarah Palin’s Alaska involves Todd pushing Trig on the swing at their home. It’s easy to see his pride in and deep love for his special son.

I also reflect on Todd’s reticence on two occasions to participate in Barbara Walters’ interview with Sarah when she was named one of the 10 Most Fascinating People, an unprecedented three years in a row. Barbara tried to lure Todd over to the couch or chair where Sarah was seated. Each time he shyly positioned himself behind Sarah or out of the direct camera angle.

He doesn’t seek the limelight. He seems happy to be supportive, and to do his own thing. I sometimes wonder if it’s the Yupik Eskimo in him that makes him content to observe or if it’s just a quietly determined personality. My husband is a Native American of Pottawatomie descent. He’s quiet by nature, and what I like most about him is that he balances out my frenetic energy with calm confidence. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get mad. But thankfully, most of the time, we don’t get mad at the same things at the same time.

We do pick our spouses because they complement something in us, and complete the picture of our lives. I think of how Todd Palin complements Gov. Palin and how he must be such a comfort to her when things get especially rough. I imagine that after being wrongfully and shamelessly accused of inspiring a murder rampage, Gov. Palin turned most fervently again, as she would say, to “God and Todd.”

And I imagine at that awful time, when our hearts broke twice — first for the tragic crime, then for the cruel defamation — Sarah and Todd both fully realized the perils of the battle ahead. They knew that there was no turning back, that they must both pledge their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor … and risk everything … just as the patriots of old. They knew that everything would be thrown at them again simply because they refused to sit down and shut up.

But as Sarah has stated, “What more can they say about us?”

Thank you Todd for standing by Governor Palin’s side so she can fight the battles she was born to fight and help get the country back on track.

We eagerly await being able to call you America’s First First Dude!

But more than just sitting back and waiting … we’re gonna make it happen.

See ya on the campaign trail, Mr. Palin!


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