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Palin Tells NBC News: Bachmann Win Will Not Affect Her Decision To Run – Updated: Redstate Loses Credibility

Alexandra Moe tweets:

Palin tells NBC News: Bachmann win will not affect her decision to run bc "don’t think was much of a surprise"

Congratulations Congresswomen. Enjoy it while it lasts.

UPDATE: On another note:

Earlier today the Perry cheer-leading website ran with a post titled "Palin is not going to run". That post is based on a response Governor Palin gave to David Brody on when she will make her decision whether she will be running for president. This is what the Governor said:

“There is still a lot of contemplation that goes on within a family, deciding whether to engage in such a life-changing venture, putting yourself forward in the name of service, in such a position as President of the United States.  So, we’re still thinking about it, and the impact on family. Family comes first in my life, and I just don’t want to adversely affect the family. So, we’re still talking about it, thinking about it.  And that’s what I want supporters to understand. At the same time, I want to be very fair to supporters and not keep them hanging on in perpetuity. It’s fair to them to give them an answer here, in short order, so that they can jump on board with someone else.  And/or to decide for themselves what they want to do.  So, still haven’t made up my mind, haven’t decided when that announcement would be yet.”

How Redstate came to the conclusion that this means she’s not running beats me. What Governor Palin said is that she’s seriously thinking about it and will make a decision shortly because "IF", and I emphasize "IF", she decides not to run it wouldn’t be fair for her to hold on to her supporters.

What I take away from this response is that as far as the Governor is concerned she would wait longer to make an announcement, but she understands that a decision must come sooner so it doesn’t appear like she’s stringing people along.

Apparently Redstate missed the following Governor quotes by the Governor.

In response to who she would support if it comes down to Romney vs Perry:

I don’t see that happening

The only way it won’t come down to Romney vs Perry is if Palin is not in the race. Because if Palin isn’t in the race it WILL come down to Romney vs Perry. How does Redstate explain that?

And how about this quote?

When We’re Ready to Announce … You Won’t Be Able to Miss the Announcement’

Does that sound like someone not running?

Redstate obviously wishes that Governor Palin won’t run, but just because you hope something won’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t.

In any event the day Governor Palin announces, Redstate loses its credibility, whatever was left of it.

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  • Aitch748

    Sure sounds like she’s running to me. Somehow I don’t see her saying "Well, I’m not going to run, and you might expect that Bachmann’s victory in the straw poll would draw me out and entice me into competing against her for the GOP nomination, but no, I’m resisting that temptation." :p

  • nkthgreek

    Apparently a Redstate of mind isn’t based on facts.

    • goldenprez

      nkthgreek … I have been frequenting RedState for about 3 years. Here are some observations.

      1 – RedState is run by Erick Erickson, who professes to being a conservative. However, he and the site make no bones about the fact that they are "Republicans." They are, by no stretch of the imagination, TEA Partiers. Even the mention of a "third party" was, and is, enough to get someone banned from the site.

      2 – Erick Erickson is best described as a "rube" with pretentions to being a "player" in Republican politics. He has stated on numerous occasions that his "dream" is to substitute host for Rush. It will never happen, because his conservative bona fides do not measure up.

      3 – Erickson’s number one "henchman" goes by the handle "Moe Lane." Another pretentious sole who is convinced that his opinion is much more important than it is in reality. These are basically small town boys with too much time on their hands.

      4 – The entire website is dominated by 20-25 commenters who make up the base insider clique. Anyone who dares to disagree with them gets piled on with alacrity and vehemence. There was a previous opposing insider clique, and a battle raged between the two groups for months, until Erickson purged the opposing clique by banning them all. They went off and started their own site.

      The ad hominem attacks and name-calling rage unabatedly. Everyone on the RedState site thinks everyone else is stupid and a moron. And they say so in almost every disagreeing comment.

      5 – The opinions stated by the clique-in-charge run the gamut of establishment Republican memes, with a conservative viewpoint thrown in periodically for effect. There are absolutely no conservative, or constitutional principles, that they are not willing to "compromise."

      They may rail against a "bad deal," but not because it was "a deal." They are disappointed that it was not "the best deal."

      6 – They really have no influence. They are another group of voters that any candidate would normally attempt to sway, but they are not feared by any candidate. They are hardly monolithic and very few are boots-on-the-ground types. For the most part, they are the "grief lobby."

      So, the hierarchy’s support of Rick Perry is completely understandable. They have been pushing for him to enter the race for months. He is, after all, a "Republican" who they think can beat Obamao. And that is their primary interest, not restoring America to constitutional principles. Beating Obamao is their "raison d’etre."

      All in all, they have delusions of grandeur about their place in American politics.

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • Gr-Eyed Conservative

        Excellent analysis of Redstate. I stopped going there several months ago because of all of the above.

      • Burke2

        Goldenprez, that was informative and interesting.  Thank you for that detailed analysis.

      • still_grizzled

        I also frequent Redstate and agree with most of your complaints. There are a few conservatives there, but the "Lord of the Flies" dynamic can be frustrating.
        They do have some influence with some GOP congressmen when it comes time to vote on legislation.
        Erickson runs a decent site, but his inability to see that Gov. Palin has been running since July 2009 makes me question his political acumen.

        • goldenprez

          still_grizzled … Just a note to set things straight.

          I have no "complaints" about RedState. These are observations. I have no investment in RedState, emotional or otherwise, so no reason to "complain" about them. Their machinations do not effect me.

          As concerns the political "acumen" of Erick Erickson, I have found it to be very short-sighted and manifestly devoid of political "analysis." His writings are "of the moment," and based very much on how he feels personally, rather than the reading of trends. I wouldn’t put a percentage on it, because I have not bothered to keep track, but my overall impression is that a healthy majority of his predictions have missed the mark entirely.

          It appears that he is only able to see results coming when they are imminent.

          Overall, as with most of the hierarchy at RedState, he is completely taken with himself, and completely delusional as to his, and RedState’s collective, political influence.

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

        • lastarza

          Those who persist in claiming some psychic knowledge that Sarah is not running, have an "any body but Palin" agenda and are automatically suspect as to the veracity of any views they might espouse. Ignore them.

      • VADMCollingwood

        All rounds on target.  Repeat.  Fire for effect.   Those losers are nothing but shills for the Beltway Boys Club (aka the national chapter of the CBC).  

  • Guest

    Mr L said it plain as the sun on a blue sky day….Sarah Palin is running…but if by chance she does not…then I will sit this one out!  I will cast my vote but that is the only effort I will exert!  It’s Sarah or none for me. 

    • stevethird

      I’ll write her name in. I’m not kidding….

      • Eagles8

        So will I.  This country is in a deep, deep rut, so electing the lesser of two evils will accomplish nothing.  We need someone (Palin) who will actually turn this thing around, not just settle for an establishment Republican who will screw things up at a slower pace than Obama.

        • Norcalo

          Establishment Republicans are just as much of the problem as establishment Democrats. The two damn parties have held the governance of the country between them for a hundred years. Had they been able to cooperate for the common good, the country would not look like it does now. But they cannot cooperate for the common good, not anymore, not the parties as they exist now, and as they have existed for many decades. All they do is fight like 2 year olds. It will obviously take a MOTHER to stop them.  Anyway, I’ve had it with both of them, and I joined the Modern Whig party, but I will support Palin, because she said "yeah, I’ll take on the GOP establishment."  Music to my ears, that one.

          • VADMCollingwood

            Amen brother.  Preach on.  

          • jerseymark

            I respectfully disagree. The non-cooperation aspect is a fairly recent thing since the conservative movement has picked up steam and power. Before, the parties looked at things pretty much the same way with the differences being on the fringe details. Since the early 1900’s, Progressivism has been the dominant ideology as they have progressively gained control of much of our society, its bureaucracy, the schools, the universities, the labor unions, the media outlets and slowly has changed this nation into a quasi-socialist state. They were smart in that they did this in an incremental way so as not to awaken the People’s natural animosity toward socialism/ liberal fascism. It has been only since the birth of the conservative movement in the 50’s and its subsequent growth that a different world view has been presented to the People and has progressively gained strength as more and more people have awaken to what the Progressives have done and are all about. WE CAN THANK OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS FOR BRINGING THIS BATTLE OF IDEOLOGIES TO A HEAD AS THEY DECIDED TO FOREGO INCREMENTALISM AND PUSH "FULL STREAM AHEAD" TO THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL.


        • DefCon66

          As will I, I’m sick and tired of holding my nose to vote anymore. This time around I vote with no regrets for the others are all the same to me, establishment liars that can be trusted as far as you can throw them.

        • Marcus Tyre

          What has Palin ever "turned around".  Voters will want to know specifics.  Read Charles Krauthammer’s analysis of why she is unfit for a Presidential campaign.  The gist is that she has had since August 2008 to educate herself on microeconomics, foreign policy, other domestic policy matters, and to discipline herself to stay on message and always sound confident and presidential.  She has done none of that.  She sounds as awkward and ill informed as ever. "You Betcha" wont get you past the first five minutes of a presidential debate.

          I would like to see her pinned down on some policy questions on camera.  Not because I really dislike her but because I want folks to see for themselves that she is not that sharp and therefore would be a losing candidate for conservatives. At some point you have to stop feeling sorry for the woman and make an honest appraisal of her capabilities.

          • Dittohead1

            So we have another clown suffering from PDS, huh Marcus. The Kraut is still crying in his beer since Sarah alluded that he was of the "hoity-toity" set of elitists. The charge of racism was shouted from the rooftops regarding Obama being called out. Where are the cries of sexism regarding Palin? She does not need any help, but I know many people hate to see that a woman will become our President.

          • jerseymark

            Just watch and learn but don’t beat yourself up too badly when you realize what kind of a fool you have been in failing to understand and appreciate true genius.

          • lastarza

            You apparently missed her debate with biden, who she thoroughly trounced.
            Did you miss that or did you have your biased blinkers on?

        • lastarza

          Exactly! This has to be a do or die moment. It will be this Republic’s last chance for survival and Western Civilization, too. If we fail , the burden will be on all. The stakes are that high. I hope America wakes up.

    • pupzillamom

      Exactly. I’ve never been so moved and committed to pour my all into a campaign. No desire to do this for anyone else. I would vote, as Levin said "for an orange juice can" instead of the current disgrace, but my 1,000000% effort is only for the campaign of Sarah Palin.

      • John Norton

        same here ive ben non-stop since 08…it will be a national discrase that this country will never recover from…

        • pupzillamom

          I hear you John..with Sarah’s leadership as President our great nation will be restored…
          powder dry, boots ready!

      • lastarza

        The closer it gets,  I am being overwhelmed by a fervor which I have never had before. I know there are millions of others like me, who are experiencing a new born enthusiasm and interest and concern in being a contributing factor in this next , maybe, last election.

    • John Norton

      And for me to…Its go deep in the mountains somewhere…

    • Dittohead1

      I agree, but I will vote for Bachman or Cain if they do get the nomination.

  • stlouisix

    I think that I can speak for everybody on this site when I say that,

    "Anchors Aweigh, battle stations are manned and ready, and we’re waiting for the order to fire." 

    And this is one Navy vet that eagerly awaits that order as, in regard to my commentary to date, I have not yet begun to fight!

    • John Norton

      We will continue to "Fire for Effect"…

      • Don B

        Nine guns, three salvos.

        • lastarza

          ooorahhh, Semper Fi!

    • joydbrower

      Part of General Palin’s campaign plan is to have small fighting units – with hundreds/thousands of amazing volunteers – in every state in the Union!  Right now, Organize4Palin (O4P) has solid organizations in 36 states – and counting…  Believe me, there’s a fervor out there, and this time Conservatives will NOT be denied!!

      Go to to sign up and be part of our Victory 2012!!

  • Carol Carr

    Redstate is a rino site…. Perry is a crony capitalist….that’s all I need to know.

    Palin 2012!

  • AndreaB,0,2712383.story?track=rss

    The Palins, who have purchased a home in Scottsdale, were asked whether they had moved to Arizona. “No,” said Todd Palin. “Piper starts school in a couple days.” Todd Palin said that he and his wife have reached out to political leaders for advice, but would not name any.  “This is a big step,” said Todd. “You take everybody’s advice and input….Everybody’s information and wisdom is important….The biggest thing is making sure she has all the tools in the tool box if she decides to pull the trigger.”

    • Gordon Steinmeyer


      • Carol Carr


        • Gordon Steinmeyer

          the post above my comment

    • Guest

      What a man that Todd Palin is! I’d take him over Marcus Bachmann any day of the week.

      • John Norton

        You got that right x 100…

      • cuttingboardblues

        I’m sure he gives Marcus the vapors too.

    • Quiet_Righty

      Why would they move to AZ in 2011? It would not make much sense.

      • OldGuyAZ

        Maybe it’s a lower 48 states coordination location.  Just a guess.

    • robben52

      OMG…just one more reference to violence.  A-mazing.  Truly amazing.

  • corky2143

    It will be 9/3/2011…It will not be during her speech but right after her speech…..she will not be a candidate when she comes to Iowa…but she will be when she leaves….The media coverage will be so massive that you won’t be able to miss the announcement…..I think it all fits…IMO

    • Carol Carr

       Let’s pray it will be so!!!!

    • goldenprez

      corky … Almost 100% correct.

      "she will not be a candidate when she comes to Iowa …" on September 3, "but she will be when she leaves …"

      The announcement will not be during the speech, it will be the end of the speech. The entire speech will build to a crescendo which will end with something akin to "Game on!"

      There may well be close to 10,000 people there, and, as you so rightfully point out, "the media coverage will be so massive that you won’t be able to miss the announcement," just as Mrs. Palin said.

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Fundamental Restoration Of America!

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • jerseymark

        I agree but add this tidbit – At the end of her speech, she should say " Now, the big question I am faced with is whether I should get in the race for President, so I will ask all of you – Should I run for President?" At that pointthe place will go absolutely nuts to which she will respond "OK, then its settled, as of now, I am a candidate for the office of President of the United States".

        That would be unbelievable – running by acclamation. The place would be off the charts in excitement and energy. Have the whole thing on video and put it on facebook and watch out.

    • John Norton

      I second that…

    • Dittohead1

      Are you Sgt. Joe Friday of "Dragnet"? Pretty good detective work, corky. You may be onto something.

  • anna4sarah

    I am very disappointed in Iowa today however I am not surprised because Iowa got Obama nominated..

  • wodiej

    I could be wrong but I just don’t think it would take her this long to decide she isn’t running.  I think she is using the extra time to get all of her ducks in a row.  She wants to be prepared.

    • c4pfan

      This site doesn’t help with even getting the word out on where Sarah’s at!  She posted it on Facebook and they still don’t have anything up.  Lame!

      • RedDaveR

        She has it up on SarahPac as well with a good picture.

    • John Norton

      You are absolutely positively right…

    • PressingOn

      If the perfect candidate would appear on the horizon, Sarah MIGHT say she’s sitting it out.  But there is no other that can perfectly portray the common-sense, conservative principles and win.  I’m sure that it’s becoming clearer and clearer to her as the days go by.  She has to know that she’s going to have to step in because nobody else is up to the challenge.

      No other can debate Obama and win.  No other has the steel spine to say "no" to the spending and move this Nation in the right direction before it falls off a cliff.  No other has a dedicated grassroots movement just sitting by waiting for those two words.  No other has the passion and excitement that is needed to beat Obama.  No other has more of a servant’s heart and love for this Country.  This Nation needs Sarah Palin.

      Note to Sarah:  You can train, guide, provide wisdom and support.  But sometimes you just have to do it yourself.
      Ephesians 6:11-13

      • RandLamberth

        Or, as the Marines say, "Get out of the way.  I’ll do it."

    • John Norton


    • John Norton

      Glad I caught you…Got a e-mail fomTB just now very hostile courtesy of gina probably…I told her she was very wrong to take the side of a malcontent…Im starting to think you were right about TB…Have to use the talking drums to spread the message…

    • RandLamberth

      wodiej, I really think Governor Palin has already decided what she’s going to do.  She’s just waiting for the right moment to make the actual announcement.

      I tend to agree with those who believe that she’ll make that announcement in Iowa on September 3rd.

      The stuff she’s saying to the media is just to keep them guessing.  She’s being kittenish.

  • independents4palin

    I should have known that Redstate would do something like that, as long as Erick is in charge of it. Since Bachmann won the strawpoll by a narrow margin, that means the others are going to hit back hard against her. From what I have been reading on the web, Ron Paul supporters among the others are going after Bachmann. Its good to sit back and watch and listen, Sarah is smart to wait.

    • Guest

      The Guv said this: "“That is so passé,” Palin said. “Just because there may happen to be two women in the race. As Michele put it once, get in the mud and engage in cat fighting, that’s ridiculous. It’s kind of even a sexist notion to consider that the two women would kinda be duking it out. No, if I want to duke it out, I will duke it out with guys.”"

      She’s letting Bachmann duke it out with the guys, too, if she can. Sarah will take on the winner.

  • uksarahfan

    Sheya, it is also worth noting that the Brodie interview was conducted BEFORE she went on with Hannity. The contrast between the two was enormous. Let’s face it – if she is going to bail on 2012 why fiddle about till mid September? She could end it today.

    • RandLamberth

      Precisely, uksarahfan.  If the Good Governor had already decided not to run, she would certainly have made a definite statement to that effect by now.

  • Carol Carr

    I’m ok with Sarah waiting,,, it’s all good.
    I cannot wait to laugh at all the big mouths that say she’s not running… they realize how stupid they are going to look?
    It’s going to be a fun day watch them booo hooo! That’s what I’m waiting for.

    Palin 2012!

    • Guest

      Make a list of all of the big mouth nasayers….once Sarah annouces, please remind them of their error.

  • Carol Carr

    Go to and share her posts about her bus tour on facebook and twitter.

  • Carol Carr has listed she’s in Eureka now…. follow her there.

    • puma_for_life

      What’s she doing at Eureka College?

      • RandLamberth

        That’s Ronald Reagan’s alma mater.

  • NYJeremy

    I think we should avoid unnecessary antagonism towards other conservative publications. If RedState, based on that singular quote, is logically comfortable to draw that conclusion, then fine; so be it. The announcement is most likely to happen in the next few weeks; when it happens, I believe RedState will report it.

    Allow Sarah to prove them wrong.

  • pupzillamom

    I don’t see not running. I believe it’s exactly as she says it is regarding the process. Everything I’ve seen says RUNNING. This is too important, she has assessed the field, she can see the monumental support she has earned across America…there’s one person to get this done and she knows it is her, as we know it. Godspeed confirmation of His will to her faithful heart. 
    Madame President 45

    • PressingOn

      Absolutely.  Now is the time.

  • postaldog

    When I read that at Redstate all I could think was that was some desperate reading between the lines.  But it is no surprise — Redstate is a big Perry supporter like HotAir is a big Romney supporter.  These guys are just as biased as the liberals they attack for being biased.

  • angeleno

    Even here we should just come out and say that not only is the marxstream media full of crap but so is a lot of the alleged conservative media when it comes to Palin. This straw poll is largely a fund-raiser for the Iowa GOP. That’s why you PAY$$$  to vote. What do sane Americans think of any election or poll where the voter pays to vote? It’s crap. A fundraiser or a PR gimmick. Especially when, as I’ve heard, the candidates pay for many of those votes, not the voter. That’s like the Democrats who slip a $10 bill to an illegal wino to vote Democrat in real elections. Sorry, Iowa, this isn’t about YOU. It’s about a silly pay-to-vote poll which means NOTHING. Can we get real here? A few thousand votes, and that by people who have to pay to vote? That’s not an  indicator of anything but nonsense. They might as well determine the poll winner by spinning a roulette wheel or the wheel of fortune.

    • Michael_from_Michigan

      This straw poll is given more importance than it shoud be given!  In the end, it does not determine who the GOP nominee will be or who will win the presidential election of 2012!  When it counts, Sarah will be front-and-center and ready to rock!

      • RandLamberth

        MIchael, you and angeleno are both right on the money.

        I can sum up the Iowa Straw Poll in two words: Meaningless and overrated.  People paying good money (actually, candidates paying good money for people) to vote in a contest that doesn’t count.

        Michele Bachmann can now add "I won the Iowa Straw Poll" to "I was born in Waterloo, Iowa" in her stump speeches.  Big flipping deal.  That and a quarter will buy her a gumball.

        Meanwhile, the rotten Pauliewogs are all crowing about Wrong Paul’s showing in the Iowa Straw Poll.  (Some of them actually say he really won, and that Bachmann’s being declared the winner is actually part of a "conspiracy".)  They’re already making preparations for his coronation–er, I mean, inauguration.  They need to get real; not that they ever will.  In the highly unlikely event that the senile fossil they’re backing ever wins a contest that actually COUNTS (read, a state primary or caucus), then they can sound off.

  • heypiasano

    At the same time, I want to be very fair to supporters and not keep them hanging on in perpetuity. It’s fair to them to give them an answer here, in short order, so that they can jump on board with someone else.  And/or to decide for themselves what they want to do.  So, still haven’t made up my mind, haven’t decided when that announcement would be yet.”

    One thing is certain if Sarah has decided not to run she wlll say immediately. 

    She means what she says and says what she mean and isn’t that what everyone that is entralled with Sarah just wants?

    I for one after last night’s performance on Hannity am convinced that the fire in the belly is like a dragon waiting to blow its flames. There are going to be many people scorched when that flame hits them.

    • Carol Carr


  • Carol Carr

     HA, my son is smart! He’s 28 and I see his avatar on facebook "like"…. I’m so proud!!!

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