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Peter Wehner: Yes Jonathan Alter, Obama is Indeed a Failure

In a rather surreal piece in Bloomberg on Thursday, far-left pundit Jonathan Alter wondered how anyone could possibly consider President Obama a failure. "Prove it", he demanded. In an article at Commentary, Peter Wehner answers the call:

* Under Obama’s stewardship, we have lost 2.2 million jobs (and 900,000 full-time jobs in the last four months alone). He is now on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era.

* The unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent v. 7.8 percent the month Obama took office.

* July marked the 30th consecutive month in which the unemployment rate was above the 8 percent level, the highest since the Great Depression.

* Since May 2009 — roughly 14 weeks into the Obama administration — the unemployment rate has been above 10 percent during three months, above 9 percent during 22 months, and above 8 percent during two months.

* Chronic unemployment is worse than during the Great Depression.

* The youth employment rate is at the lowest level since records were first kept in 1948.

* The share of the eligible population holding a job has declined to the lowest level since the early 1980s.

* The housing crisis is worse than in the Great Depression. (Home values are worth roughly one-third less than they were five years ago.)

* The rate of economic growth under Obama has been only slightly higher than the 1930s, the decade of the Great Depression. From the first quarter of 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, we experienced five consecutive quarters of slowing growth. America’s GDP for the second quarter of this year was a sickly 1.0 percent; in the first quarter, it was 0.4 percent.

* Fiscal year 2011 will mark the third straight year with deficits in excess of $1 trillion. Prior to the Obama presidency, we had never experienced a deficit in excess of $1 trillion.

* During the Obama presidency, America has increased its debt by $4 trillion.

That is to say, Obama has achieved in two-and-a-half years what it took George W. Bush two full terms in office to achieve — and Obama, when he was running for president, slammed Bush’s record as being “unpatriotic.”

* America saw its credit rating downgraded for the first time in history under the Obama presidency.

* Consumer confidence has plunged to the lowest level since the Carter presidency.

*  The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Obama’s watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty.

* A record number of Americans now rely on the federal government’s food stamps program. More than 44.5 million Americans received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, a 12 percent increase from one year ago.

I can’t think of anything to add, but then I just woke up.  Keep in mind, though, that Obama still has a year and a half to go.  Who knows what havoc he and his ideas will wreak on the economy in the interim?  My guess is that we’ll all be pining for the "good old days" of Jimmy Carter by the time voters force Obama to return the keys to Air Force One. Read Wehner’s entire piece here.

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  • Doc Yeager

    Facts don’t matter! I have tried to show people that are enamored with Obama over and over the facts. And it did not help! They simply refuse to see the truth. People would rather believe a lie, then the obvious truth that Obama is the biggest disaster this nation has ever known. There is an old saying,  A Person Persuaded against Their Will, Is of the Same Opinion Still.  In the days of Christopher Columbus people wanted to believe the earth was flat. To this day There Is a Flat Earth Society. All of the Obamanites should join that club.

    • Jack Franklin

      I agree Doc!  Progressives base their opinions and decisions purely on emotions, which are easier to manipulate through the Lame Stream Media.  Why let the facts get in the way of the truth?  Until thinking for oneself becomes the norm. the earth will remain flat for them.

      • FlAli

        I do not think that progressives base their opinions on emotions.  I think they read their emails each morning and are given a list of things to agree/disagree with, without any facts.  For example, they are so enamored by illegal immigration and yet they have no clue about some of the facts.  The other day I saw a clip on a hispanic show where they showed that the citizens of a Mexican town in the southern border of Mexico were all upset about the immigrants coming through because of the increase in crime and they were worried about their children.  So, in other words, the Mexicans themselves are aggainst illegal immigration when it comes to their country but could not care less if it is in the US.

        Another aside, a couple of days ago some members of a drug cartel locked the doors of a casino in Monterey, set fire to the casino, over 60 people died and wait for it, President Calderon went on to say that the UNITED STATES HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE VIOLENCE IN MEXICO.  Since when does another country have to do anything about the crime in another country, especially when the President of that country has not really done anything about it.  Maybe that is why Calderon looks upon illegal emigration to the US with such favor.  He wants his criminals to come here and create havoc here instead of his own country.

        Sorry for going completely off topic but when I heard that it just got my blood boiling and I know that the MSM would not touch that with a ten foot pole.  They reported on the fire but not Calderon’s asinine comments.

        • larrygeary

          As I understand it, the Mexican president blamed the "insatiable appetite for illegal drugs" in the US for the casino murders, and in that, he is exactly right. The US is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs. The drug cartels could not exist if that was not the case. It didn’t used to be the case. In the 1950’s, illegal drug use was a 2% problem. Today, it’s hard to find a person who has NOT taken illegal drugs. What does that say about our society and our people? What does that say about people’s respect for the law? Nothing good.

          • conservativemama

            I am no fan of illegal immigration but you make a great point.  Our demand for illegal drugs contributes to the violence.  It’s just a fact.  Of course the drug producers share much of the blame for all of this horror, but we cannot ignore our role in it.

            I’m proud to say that my daughter, when approached to use drugs in her college, always declines.  And has gone so far as to tell her friends who use drugs that their money is financing the violence.

    • PJ_in_NC

      Okay, in general, I agree with you but I’ve gotta say something — Columbus didn’t think the earth was flat, and neither did anybody else.  He wanted to go from Spain to India by sailing *east*.  The only way to do that was by going around the globe!  It’s not a bad plan, either; It’s just that the globe was a lot bigger than he’d expected…

      Sorry, but it’s a pet peeve of mine :)

      • Doc Yeager

        Maybe I didn’t explain myself good enough. Columbus believed that the earth was round. Where he received this revelation was from the Bible.The Bible declares that the earth is round and hangs in space
        (Prov. 8:27; Isa. 40:22; Job 26:7).Of course Columbus wasn’t the only one who believed this in his day.

  • Dave Kawasaki

    If our nation is to survive and prosper, we have to educate another generation of Americans in the things that make America great. Our students are currently being molded into obedient little subjects. It’s past time to take back the school boards & administrations. This must be done at the local level.

  • ellengba

    Wow those are terrible numbers.  It makes his failure so stark, and if it’s not you you can certainly imagine the pain behind the statistics.

  • Canus

    He is either a complete idiot, or he is deliberately destroying the economy of the USA. I’m going with deliberate, nobody is this dumb, except for the idiots who still support him.

    • John Norton

      Its deliberate….and hes ben called for it…!

      • Canus

        I think as time goes by he will be called out for it more & more, along with calls for his impeachment.  It may well reach a crescendo by Nov 2012.

        • William Van Henley

          He should be impeached, tried, found guilty of treason and hanged by the neck till dead along with his wife….  Okay, flag me.  I don’t mind stating the truth…

          • famouswolf

            You are right on the money. They can flag me too if it gets to the point of agreeing with fools and cowards like Medved and trying to enforce ‘political correctness’.

            Oh yes, and while we are at we should catch all his accomplices and ‘process’ them as well.

  • gunsmithkat

    His regulatory minions have added approximately 4000 new regulations a year since he has taken office. No wonder nobody is hiring.

  • Vicki

    I would add he’s ushered in the most partisan division in the US since the war of Northern Aggression.

    • RebinTexas

      Vicki – yes – only I think what bho has ushered in…….is, in fact, worse now than back then.

    • porttopalin

       Well, to quote his mentor …

      ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it’

         … Saul Alinsky

  • ramorywebb

    Obama and the Dems have had the most success of any previous adminstration within the three years of being in office in expanding the governments control of private sector including the the takeover of a major automaker, the expansion of government ( more government jobs have added than in the provate sector) and using the excutive office in an almost dictatorial role. The dollar has been made worthless almost, our credit rating is AA+. Stir into the mix all the contents of this story.

    It could be argued that Obama has been the most successful president ever in fundementally transforming America. A promise he made to the country. So I suppose success and failure is in the eyes of the beholder. 

    What is really disappointing is that men and women we elected to be the checks and balances to the executive branch were in fact partners. As Marco Rubio said, " It is disgusting here in the Congress. There are more here that are only interested in furthering their political careers, than serving their constituents and country." (paraphrased)

    2012 can’t come soon enough, and neither can September 3, 2011!


    Maobama- a disaster for America any way you cut it.

  • ReaganerThanThou

    And Rush Limbaugh got into such trouble for hoping Obama fails as a president? How can anyone look at those stark statistics in Wehner’s article and NOT WISH Obama had failed at messing up the American economy like that?!

    • alien4palin

      RB was absolutely right & caught on to their game way, way ahead of time. November 2008 was a profoundly sad day for many people I know & myself for more ominous implication than winning or losing an election. We know not what we have done.The question is when will most folks wake up & wise up to their game.

      To quote ramorywebb, "success and failure is in the eyes of the beholder" Isn’t that just the truth.

  • Sue Lynn

    Plus he has divided us as a Nation, he has divided us by using class warfare and race. He is a National nightmare. Now look at Sarah’s bus…It is named ONE NATION because she wants to unite American’s not divide us. Sarah wants to get jobs rolling again by getting rid of useless regulations and energy production rolling and getting us out of wars we have no interest in. Sarah Palin knows what she is doing and barry has no clue or does he what to change our country for the worse…sure seems like it!!!

  • korn8131

    Folks; Here is just another example of what this Social Progressive Liberal thinks of a Constitutional Limited Government. This man is out of control! He knows that he will be a one termer, so out of desperation, he is starting to use the power of the "Executive Order", to continue to grow the size of Government. His action are akin to a South Side Chicago looter vandalizing a Seven Eleven convenient store. But in this case the convenient store owners, are the great body of common people, the working class. There are fourteen months before we throw his ass out of office, but I’m afraid unchecked, he will do a lot more damage to our society. Just think of what will happen when Sarah’S new administration and the new "Tea Party" members in Congress, start to undo what this "A" hole has created. He and his cohorts have not only been irresponsible in enlarged the Federal Government, but they are continuing to creating a racial kindle box. The more I think about it, this maybe what they want.??????? Sarah will have her hands full, to say the least.

    In yet another expansion of government through Executive Order, the Obama administration has created an Office of Diversity and Inclusion to boost minority participation in the federal work force.

    “Eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians.”

    “By this order, I am directing executive departments and agencies to develop and implement a more comprehensive, integrated, and strategic focus on diversity and inclusion as a key component of their human resources strategies.”

    This new bureaucratic arm of the White House will apparently work in addition to the already staffed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which investigates and enforces federal discrimination laws.

    “Game ON”
    Youbetcha !

    • larrygeary

      “Eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and
      improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have
      been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African
      Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians.”

      In other words, he has ordered the government to discriminate against straight white males and treat them as second class citizens under the law. (As Holder’s "Justice" Department has already done.) Sounds like a violation of the 14th Amendment.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    I wonder in 2013 if there will be any openings at Habitat for Humanity?  Someone is going to need something to do. But I don’t think he even knows how to pound in a nail unless there was instructions.

    • larrygeary

      If there is any justice, he will be spending some quality time in prison making license plates.

  • mainelysteve

    I don’t think for a minute that this man in incompetent, I think he’s doing exactly what his Marxist ideology has trained him to do! Do you remember when Khruchev beat on the podium at the UN with his shoe and said "We will bury you"  WELL,  WERE BEING BURIED!

  • patriot173

    zerO has kept to his marxist/islamic agenda when he promised to fundamentally change America from our great nation down to the level of a third world banana republic. In effect obamarxist has ignored his sworn oath as president and is a traitor who is deliberately destroying our country and the demon-rats, rinos and his utterly stupid and blind followers can’t or won’t admit his failure as the worst president in history. 2012 is too far away to stop him from destroying us altogether and making us subserviant to Islam….he cancelled the National Day of Prayer and instead held an Islamic gathering of 50,000 at the WH! Need any more facts???? 

    • William Van Henley

      "destroying our country and the demon-rats, rinos and his utterly stupid
      and blind followers can’t or won’t admit his failure as the worst
      president in history"

      How could they possibly admit to anything when they are behind obama 100%?  They were surprised that obama went forward so fast but are just as happy about it as G. Soros and the Shiite Muslims.

  • Been_There_BT

    So, where has this Jonathan been living over the past three years … in a cave? He ought to get out more.

  • fb274

    Just watched a video with obama addressing the Marines contrasting Geo. W. Bush, CIC addressing the Marines—-the difference shows and perhaps J. Alter should take a look at this video  for proof of obama’s failure as CIC.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    As I recall, Alter was one of the original journolisters who agreed to attack and destroy Sarah Palin in a corrupt, coordinated, deliberate media smear campaign. They were, literally, emailing each other before her maiden speech to the 2008 convention was even completed. They saw the danger to their outmoded brand of corrupt progressivism and decided to take the pre-emptive step of killing Sarah off before it was too late. But by the time Sarah was receiving a roaring ovation at the end of her maiden speech to a national audience, it was already too late.

    Now, it turns out that Bumble Mouth is the real disaster, not the Arctic Fox, but Alter has so much invested in the Bumbler that he cannot bring himself to admit what is so obvious to almost everyone else. And Alter, like the rest of the fawning media which refused to vett their Bumble Mouth, should be the among last voices consulted for useful information. Being so wrong for so long should disqualify anyone so obtuse from being published in any outlet which takes itself as a serious news organ.

    Geez, who are these people and why does anyone pay the least attention to any of them?

  • Harrison Woodard

    And people think this will be a competitve 2012 election. Any decent Conservative can win in a landslide. A milquetoast, why can’t we all get along RINO, actually might lose. We need to demonstrate the stark contrast between the failed ideology of the left, and their enablers in the GOP, and Conservatism.

    Apart from Palin, no candidate has really taken the Pres  ent to task on his failures. The John McCain path of playing nice so as not to offend the so-called moderates and independents will not work. The voters need to see a tangible difference between the candidates. That is why Romney and most of the establishment guys don’t interest me.

    • Greg Legakis

      No pastels.  Bold bright colors.  The unmistakable color of Conservativism

  • ripcurl2121

    there’s plenty more reasons why jugears is an epic fail (which is success for him because this is what he wants), but this should be highlighted – when bush left office, gas was around $1.60 – $1.70 / gallon.  due to maobama’s anti-drilling and other leftist energy policies, its been $3.50-$4.00.

    i know it gets factored in to the pathetic economy mentioned in the article but it should be highlighted on its own

    • larrygeary

      That’s really not fair. Earlier in 2008 oil was at $140/bbl and gas was over $4.00/gal during the summer. When the economy crashed in September oil and gas prices had already started sliding but ultimately fell to $35/bbl for oil. That was too low to be profitable for many drillers. It gradually recovered to around $70/bbl, and then later headed toward $100/bbl due to the Gulf of Mexico accident and Obama’s drilling freeze. It has since gone down again toward $80/bbl, I have no idea why since the freeze is still on. So you’re comparing oil at it’s lowest point under Bush to now, but ignoring that just a few months earlier under Bush prices were much higher. It’s not a winning argument because a lot of factors affect the oil market and the price of gasoline.

      • ripcurl2121

        that was the result of katrina taking out the oil platforms dumbass. you really are a an annoying dumbass AND A TROLL. you always have been and you always will be. you think your smart but i see right through you moron. notice how i’ve been on you for months. there is a reason

  • patnatasha

    obaman is carter on lsd.

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