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Recapping the Big Week: A Final Roundup of Iowa

This politically-loaded weekend signals a start of the action in the upcoming weeks and months which will reach a crescendo on election day.

At the debate Thursday night, Bachmann and Pawlenty argued over whose accomplishments are more noteworthy very much like two kindergarteners arguing whose Dad is stronger and whose Mom’s casserole is tastier.

Bachmann also found it necessary to remind everyone what “good friends” she and Palin are, hoping to get I don’t know what from her statement. Wouldn’t bet her as sooo foolish in thinking it’ll earn her either Palin voters or Palin’s support.

Rick Perry’s decision to put out a bid for the presidential office has placed him in the same category as most politicians who completely disregard previous promises when faced with the opportunity to advance their personal career, let alone attempt to reach the highest office of the country.

During Perry’s reelection campaign in 2010, which had been reversed from its downhill descent thanks to Governor Palin’s endorsement, Perry promised to complete his term both as a reassurance to the Texan citizens and as a thanks to Palin for her support.

Ignoring his promise to his constituents, Rick Perry chose to make his grand announcement this past Saturday — of all days — in a hamfisted attempt to overtake the news of the Ames poll in a Palin-like manner, like a coincidental attendance at a movie and a barbeque in New Hampshire has done to Romney’s announcement. Serving him right, his announcement ended being overshadowed by the worthless Ames Straw Poll, capable only of predicting who won’t be the nominee.

This tweet from hale_razor nails it on the spot, although he’s missing Ron Paul and some of the others. (Gotta remember he’s limited to 140 characters …)

"Michele Bachmann joins previous Iowa straw poll winners President Pat Robertson, President Bob Dole, President Romney and Geo HW Bush in 79."

So here’s a congratulations to Michele Bachmann for joining the ranks of the previous Ames poll winners / election losers.

Bachmann, like Perry, owes her reelection to Sarah Palin’s endorsement since a nice chunk of the funds for her congressional campaign came because of Palin’s support. Bachmann, like Perry, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Palin during the campaign.

She continued to express her appreciation with her announcement of a presidential candidacy and the hiring of Ed Rollins, a sufferer of PDS, as her campaign manager. When the buzz around Rollins became too loud to ignore, Bachmann apologized without removing him from her campaign staff. Bachmann’s attempts to play both sides of the game with her camp painting Palin as not serious and not running while stressing Palin’s past endorsement, current “ahem” friendship and probable future endorsement has come across as desperate and dirty. Why is she so desperate for another endorsement (which she’s not getting) from a non-serious non-candidate?

Topping off the weekend, Pawlenty dropped out of the race Sunday morning and suddenly Bachmann, on one of the many Sunday shows she attended, went back to having full respect for him with plans to call him (for his endorsement).

On NBC Bachmann dodged questions about past statements regarding gay marriage, putting a truce on traditional marriage very much the way Mitch Daniels has done with the social issues. On Face the Nation her replies amounted to fifty-one “I”’s not including another handful of me’s and my’s. Her performances on the other shows and actually anywhere appear similar to one another in the endless stressing of herself. On Fox she defended her decision not to vote for the current debt deal, touting her own plan which had no chances of going through, while ignoring her being one of only nine Republicans to have voted against cut, cap, and balance.

I don’t know why, but after rereading the last few paragraphs it sounds so strikingly similar to someone known as the campaigner-in-chief.

In all the hubbub of Perry’s speech, Bachmann’s victory, and Pawlenty’s dropping out , the event winning both hands up as the one with the most reporters present was the Iowa State Fair where not-yet-announced but very-likely-to-announce-soon candidate Sarah Palin attended.

<One Nation bus tour, SarahPAC"

As posted yesterday by Nicole, a short walk of 100 yards took over two hours because of the throngs of people wanting to meet her in person, so what does Palin have to lose with waiting until the end of the summer for her announcement? I mean, just imagine Palin having been at the debate last Thursday. While Bachmann and Pawlenty – two former now-tentatively-back-to-being best friends – were bickering endlessly in an attempt to outdo each other’s accomplishments, Palin’s been doing a heck of a job refudiating Obama’s polices. Palin’s focus has never been on her own advancements but about the people’s needs and is ready to support the most conservative candidate capable of doing the job (which just happens to point towards someone with the name of Sarah Palin.) While everyone’s busy talking the talk, Palin’s the only one with a stellar conservative record and a tremendous base of supporters ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Palin doesn’t need emails sent out a week in advance asking for donations in light of her upcoming announcement as Perry has done.

Although I think Ann Coulter is having a love-affair with Christie or something and can’t understand her childish calls for him to run, I had to agree with one sentence and a portion of one other sentence of her interview on Hannity last Friday. After saying that primary voters are desperate for a decent candidate, which is the first sentence I agree with, she then finished with Perry’s bid saying that “He won’t live up to expectations and the American people will throw themselves into the arms of Chris Christie.” If one substitutes Christie with Palin it would make it a complete thought, but the first half of the sentence is worthy and necessary to being repeated.

Perry is selling himself as THE conservative who has caused Texas to be the economic stronghold of the country, leading to high expectations amongst many not aware of his record. He omits the stuff he’d prefer the voters shouldn’t hear, choosing to forget that nothing remains under the wraps during a campaign. Once conservatives are informed of the endless portions of federal programs he fought to receive, the free education he handed to illegals sneaking over the border, the growth of spending and debt in Texas all these year up until this one, and how about a third of the added jobs he boasts of are not in the private sector but are government jobs, they will indeed seek an alternative. The alternative consisting of the only conservative fearless and experienced (future) candidate who is ready to tackle the issues heads-on.

Give it a couple of days or weeks and conservatives will wake up and smell the coffee. With the field thinning out and the list narrowing, as in 2008, all heads will once again turn towards Alaska. Sarah Palin won’t disappoint voters and not only because of her stellar record of serving solely for the people with complete disregard to personal promotion. The media have painted her with thick black strokes of negativity which will cause the regular folks which begin to tune into politics during the next couple of weeks/months, will stare mesmerized as the true image of Sarah Palin unfolds before their eyes.


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  • Daniel

    Does anyone have a link to where most of Texas’ created jobs are government jobs?

    • Palinpower

      Dont believe they are govn’t jobs, but they are low paying jobs. Mostly minimum wage jobs were created. Texas has had population growth over other states and it doesn’t have state income tax like Florida.
      Perry has issues over immigration, cronyism with big pharma and lobbyists and giving govn’t contracts to donors. All this will be vetted and soon.

      • Daniel

        I hope it will, especially the immigration stuff and the mandatory vaccinations. There is no way someone that supported mandatory vaccinations should get the nomination.

      • cardinalmike

        The population growth is the big thing.  I used to live in Texas and visit there often.  There are a lot of snowbirds that move down there, both for economic and weather-related reasons.  A Texas governor has to keep the jobs flowing and that is why Perry has tried to steal businesses from high tax states (California) to come to Texas.  He has done that but, as said above, many of the jobs are minimum wage plus.

        A lot of people in Texas don’t like Perry.  I have some very conservative friends who can’t stand the guy.  He won a third term as governor because, in the primary, their choice was Perry v. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and that is a no-brainer.  The general was the former Houston mayor v. Perry.  It’s a Republican state and Perry won.  If anyone had run to Perry’s right, he prbably wouldn’t be governor today.

        Perry is not anywhere close to conservatives on border issues and on many other issues he is a definite RINO.  If he gets vetted like SP has been vetted, he won’t stand a chance.

    • Abie Rubin

      WSJ: Approximately 300,000 of the million jobs created during Perry’s governorship were in the government with over over half of them at public schools.

      I was mistaken in writing "most" rather than "many" though having a third of the jobs created as government jobs is still a large figure to put it mildly

  • Mike_D_Yeager

    I got this idea from conservativemama so all credit goes to her and Rush Limbaugh.

    I would like to see thousands then millions of these videos online.

    I think this could be one of those John Doe moments a moment where we
    stand up for Sarah Palin because she is America as are we and it’s time
    we stand together or fall divided.

    Please any of you who have a webcam just record a few moments of video using conservativemama
    original post as a guide and you can send the recording as a attachment (25mb or less) to and I’ll post it.

    Begin Quote
    "I’m thinking for when Sarah’s a candidate.  I love the "I am Sarah
    Palin" theme that we have on this website.  Plus, I’m tired of hearing
    about Obama’s billion dollar campaign.  I just don’t think money alone
    will matter this time.

    How about a series of "I am Sarah Palin" videos on You Tube?  Short
    videos.  People can just voice why they support Sarah, maybe give a peek
    into their lives.  Tell why they are Sarah.  Maybe tell how this
    economy is killing their dreams.  Maybe tell what they love and know
    about our country. Give a specific reason for their support for Sarah,
    highlighting her record of achievement.

    I know I’m all over the place, but it’s a thought that came to me
    today.  I think it should be positive, no name calling or anything like
    that.  Put the videos out there, package them.  I don’t know how all
    that works, but I know others here do.

    I just think that Obama’s cold dollars should be met with our money, but
    also with our lives, our voices.  There’s no way his campaign will have
    anywhere near the passion that Sarah’s will.  No way.  And you can’t
    put a price on passion and love of country.  Corny?  Maybe.  But I
    believe it. " End Quote

    Post them on your channel, then if you want send them to me and I’ll put them on this channel.

    A Way to make a difference lets do it.

    P.S. DJY is my brother

  • section9

    Not to worry. Palin’s Fabian Strategy is starting to pay off.

    Pawlenty’s gone. Expect Cain, Gingrich, and Santorum to go by September 1.

    Bachmann will be kept alive in an iron lung by the Romney Campaign as a foil to use against Palin, but nobody will end up voting for her.Perry will be more difficult to deal with, precisely because he is from the South (from Texas more precisely), but she’ll have to go forward to deal with him anyway. 

    Contrary to expectations, Perry may become George Bush without the name recognition, simply because he doesn’t have the Bush name to go with it. The problem with being Bush without the name recognition is that you can’t take off and hold the Party like the real Bush can.

    Palin has both name rec and a loyal following, which is why the Establishment has such a hard time dealing with her.But I’m much more confident of Palin’s chances because she understands that nobody is concentrating on the race right now except the True Believers and the Obsessives. That’s 3% of the country.

    However, what gives me pause is that Romney is doing the same thing Palin is doing, basically, while being able to raise money.I suspect that Palin did not expect Perry to get in this race, but it is something she must deal with. Firelight’s information was somewhat suspect.

    BTW, that Don Lemon broadcast was golden.

    Prediction: the more the press gets to know the real Palin, the one that the McCain Campaign sat on, the more they will start liking her. Over the next six months, this is going to be the biggest surprise of the 2012 Cycle, the mea culpas of reporters who are completely shocked by the Palin they meet.

    • marie dial

      Regarding your comment/prediction: "Over the next six months, this is going to be the biggest surprise of the 2012 Cycle, the mea culpas of reporters who are completely shocked by the Palin they meet."

      I was amazed in particular with the few questions Jake Tapper asked, and how much he appeared to actually LIKE Sarah Palin.  There is one pic on one of the C4P posts that shows him looking on as Sarah Palin signs autographs (and answers Don Lemon’s questions, I believe) and Tapper looks enamored, intrigued, and admiring.  She has "it", and I believe they will like her despite themselves.  Now, if that will stop those hate-spewing Alinsky-ite leftist zealots – no.  But there is much to hope for – for us, for Sarah – as we enter this 2012 arena.  Game on!!

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Perry = Bush lite    Sounds like a beer!

    • John JWilfred

      I would add to your prediction that the more Palin plays hard to get with the Press, the more they want to hear from her. They especially want to hear her opinions about the latest buzz (MB/Perry). And the more she obliges them, the more they will get to know her and eventually respect her. Still, she should never trust them, because they still work for the LSM. So far, she has established some sort of relationship with Scott Conroy of RealclearPolitics, and Jennifer Jacobs. Jake Tapper of ABC and Don Lemmon of CNN could be next.

  • Guest

    Great article, Abie. I liked this in particular: "Bachmann’s attempts to play both sides of the game with her camp painting Palin as not serious and not running while stressing Palin’s past endorsement, current “ahem” friendship and probable future endorsement has come across as desperate and dirty." 

    Bachmann is a user. She hasn’t been listening to a thing Palin has been saying, or has only been listening to hear what she could copy.  I used to think well of Bachmann; she sure had me fooled. Not any more.

    • LuvGuvSP

      Amen!  I’m with you.  I used to think well of Bachmann too.  But several things have turned me off.

      First – the amount of crazy, desperate, there’s a boogy-man after me so donate some money to me e-mails.  I mean, really!  Enough is enough with that.

      Second – how Bachman claims to be a tea party leader and how she’s "led" this fight and "led" that fight.  When you have to TELL people you are a leader, you AREN’T.

      Third – and final straw – was Bachmann’s overly repeated line about how she has a ‘titanium spine’, playing off the Governor’s use of ‘steel spine’.  Again, really?!  Bachmann trying to play off Governor Palin’s long history of saying "steel spine" and thinking she comes off sounding authentic is just pathetic.  Pathetic!

      I’m soooo done with that woman.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        Yeah,  Bachman has turned alot of people off.  I use to think well of her too but the Ed Rollins issue stuck a fork in her for me. She is playing the professional politician game. The tea party will begin to figure that out and her poll numbers will fall off a ledge.

      • Bobbi Duvall

        She has copied many of Sarah Palin’s "sayings" and ideas, i.e. the movie "about Michele Bachmann" (that isn’t), etc. etc.  I have told people all along that, in my opinion, she is a "user" and a "back-stabber", and it is becoming pretty obvious that she does not have many fresh ideas of her own either.  Buying 6,000 tickets at $35 a pop for people to vote for her in the Iowa Straw Poll to me is ridiculous.  Spending all that campaign money, that came from nice people who were donating that money to her, for what?  Just so she could get the publicity of winning a poll that doesn’t even matter???  I guess it stoked her ego a lot though, so now she can "play nice" with Tim Pawlenty.  What a piece of work!

      • ZH100

        Bachmann privately lobbied
        for stimulus funds for Minnesota and pork producers,  sought spending earmarks that she now opposes
        and benefited personally from tens of thousands of dollars in federal
        funds for a family farm and counseling clinic owned by her husband,
        federal records show.

        There is a distance between Bachmann’s campaign oratory and her
        actual conduct as a lawmaker.

      • Argus_C4P

        I lost all respect for MB when she refused or failed to defend SP during the Arizona shooting debacle.
        Her silence was as good as throwing SP under the bus in my view.
        I agree that MB is a user.

  • Guest
    • John Norton

      Perrys sunk before he even starts that photo and the quote …!

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Real tea partiers can’t support this guy.

    • Guest

      That’s not good.

  • cuttingboardblues

    All I took away from this week was that Sarah was on the tip of everybody’s tongue.  There is no doubt in my mind that at least 75% of the fair would say that Sarah is my choice. 

    • Sarah4Prez

      Sarah knows how to do retail politics!  

    • suehimel

      I handed out flyers at the Ames Straw Poll for the Sept 3 TP event in Waukee.  Not everyone was interested in a TP event until I mentioned the keynote speaker :-)  Some people asked for 20-30 more flyers to take home for their friends.  And when they heard Sarah’s name people standing nearby came up and asked for flyers.  And remember that is an event to which candidates bussed 9-10 thousand Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann supporters.  She has support even among those voting for others at the poll.  I got lots of questions about whether she was going to run.  So many are just waiting for her to jump in.

      • LuvGuvSP

        Wow!  That’s awesome news!  So nice to hear from boots on the ground.  God Bless & thanks so much for what you’re doing! 

      • dave7777

        Thanks a bunch, Sue.

  • ConservPalin

    Hot Dog!!! Great article!!!! 

    Game On!!! Palin=2012 POTUS

  • Italia1984

    Thank you, Abie, for a great write up. 

    I just prayed and asked God to give Sarah the "green light" – GO!

  • CVA9

    Just another little reminder that Sarah is running. She has said several times, If someone was to enter the race she had confidence in to do the job needed she would probably back them. As the candidates entered she’s been ask if that one would influence her decision, her reply has  been "NO", the more the better for the country. She has to go for it, the door is wide open.

  • heypiasano

    Her unconventional style of campaigning will be such a breath of fresh air that everyone will notice. 

    1.) She answers the questions that she is asked, with principles and conviction.

    2.) No handlers handing talking points that simply leave more ? marks than answers.

    This is just the beginning of the transformation of the media mene of Sarah Palin.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Bachman looked very shaky on the Lamestream morning shows on Sunday.  A couple of the lib interviewers got her cornered on a couple of issues and she basically had no answer.  Sarah  would throw it right back at the reporter if she got the same.  I guess what I saw is Bachman folding like a house of cards.  Not her best Sunday morning show interviews.  She has some weaknesses that can be exploited by the press.

  • Jim R

    So in the wake of Tim Pawlenty quitting the race, who’s hardest hit?

    My money is on the "brilliant" George Will.  He’s currently batting 0-2 in his presidential prognostications.

    • Ryan

      I know! He predicted that the next President of the United States will be either Daniels or Pawlenty. The guy is a Chicago Cubs fan, enough said.

    • conservativemama

      Yes, I thought of George Will this morning as well.  And then he has the nerve to be on TV dispensing his special wisdom and he’s not the least bit embarrassed.  Amazing.

  • nederlandbill

    Heres a review of "The Undefeated " I’ll bet few have seen. Enjoy !

    • excopconservative

      ????  No link.

      • nederlandbill

        Sorry–its up now


    • John JWilfred

      Thanks. Great review from an everyday folk. I really enjoyed it.

  • Jim R

    Who is your choice in the Republican primary?

  • Bill589

    Sarah has the truth on her side. Was it thirteen ‘fact checkers’ on Going Rogue? How many on the 24,000 emails? The other candidates exaggerations (lies) and omissions (more lies) won’t hold up.
    Truth is eternal.

    She IS the real deal. I suppose having the truth on her side doesn’t necessary mean she will win, but it is an advantage. And it means she is the one who should win.

    • dave7777

      Don’t forget the cadre if lawyers sent to Alaska to dig up dirt when she was selected VP. They found zilch.

  • $7566967

    I didn’t know that most of the jobs created in Texas during Perry’s tenure were government jobs. I knew he was soft on illegals, supported the NAFTA superhighway, and mandated HPV immunizations for schoolgirls.

    And with respect to Ann Coulter’s love affair with Chris Christie, we all should know that Coulter is a fraud. She says caustic things to sell books, but when she is serious, you realize she is what she’s always been: an East coast RINO.

    • John JWilfred

      This was posted earlier on another thread. Dan Riehl brought up another potential case of crony capitalism from Perry.

      "Whether they are pushing it to help Romney, or someone else, is immaterial. If true, it represents precisely the kind of soft corruption many, including me, detest about politics.
      It also raises serious ethics issues for Perry he shouldn’t simply be allowed to dance away from, Texas two-stepping, or otherwise. Of course, many stories have two sides and the WSJ may have only told one of them. If there is another side, I damned sure want to hear it. As it stands, this stinks, big time. Perry needs to address it directly and not simply
      chalk it up to smear politics as usual – even though it may be precisely that. Romney smiles a lot but his team plays hardball behind the scenes."

      Here is more about the HPV immunizations for girls in Texas:
      The troubling thing about the HPV immunizations is this connection to Perry:
      "But in Texas, Gov. Perry chose to bypass the legislature and on Feb. 2, 2007, he issued an executive order making Texas the first state in the country requiring all sixth-grade girls to receive the three-shot vaccination series (which cost about $120 per shot). The move generated a fierce public debate. Conservatives slammed Perry for promoting what they saw as an intrusion by the state into private health decisions of parents and their children. Some also complained that the mandate would encourage promiscuity among teenagers."

      "The controversy over Perry’s decision deepened as it came to light that his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and that his chief of staff’s mother-in-law, Rep. Dianne White Delisi, was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck to push legislatures across the country to put forward bills mandating the Gardasil vaccine for preteen girls."

  • grizzlyrising

    Couple of things I found interesting over the weekend.  Perry speech in Iowa that I just watched.  He’s attempting to co-opt the tea party which I actually see as a positive development in the grand scheme of things.  Odd to see a Bush-backed guy embrace the tea party.  I mean, he literally said "we" when talking about the TP.  Second thing is the Michele weirdness.  a) massive gorfing of a bratwurst.  b) the elbowing incident.  c) the light bulb replacement caper d) the leaving the stage at the debate e) the showing up late to a speech and keeping people waiting. 

    • suehimel

      Perry can’t hijack the TP vote.  We are not that stupid.  Michelle and Sarah and maybe Cain have those votes.

      • irishcoins

        Perry for sure can’t hijack it in Texas.  They are on to him like snakes.  Sarah Palin bumper stickers are very popular.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      No tea party aligned individual could support Perry.  Even the lamestream media is labeling him as a tea party choice to take tea party votes and apply them to their establishment backed canidate.  Tea partiers are not that dumb to support Bush lite.

    • Eagles8

      The Tea Party and Perry aren’t a perfect mix.  One of their big things is flushing out the career politicians and establishment types, both of which he is.

  • IndieDogg

    If this has been posted already, apologies, but I’ve been off line. This from J.E. Dyer, at the close of a post all about Romney and Perry [subtitle: look who shows up, even in stories about everybody but her]:

    "The coming primary season is likely to be the most significant, informative one the GOP has had in decades. We will know some things at the end of it that we don’t know today. The biggest thing, I think, will be whether voters are still hoping to identify a standard-bearer for the “Reagan consensus,” or whether they see a need to rewrite the consensus. If it’s the latter, my money is on an updated “Coolidge consensus”:  something starker, simpler, and purer than the Reagan consensus.

    Are we ready for that consensus to emerge yet? That is the question. We’re closer than we were four years ago  Because words matter, I don’t even want to hazard a guess about 2012. But I do think there will be a sign one way or the other: whether Sarah Palin gets into the race, and what happens if she does."

    You betcha.

    Do-Over / 2012

  • independents4palin

    Theres a article on Real Clear Politics as well as Yahoo about Michelle Bachmanns people goign around Iowa saying lies about Governor Palin. I don’t have the link but its on yahoo and Real Clear Politics. Sarah Palins supporters are ticked in Iowa, one supporter called it shameless, they said that Bachmann would have to know or give the go ahead to attack Gov.Palin and lie about her. Bachmann is going to fall on her face and to think I used to stick up for her, until Ed Rollins said what he said about Gov.Palin and now this.

    • suehimel

      I do know from personal experience that they (MB campaign) are telling voters that SP is not running and that she has asked O4P in IA to not spend anymore of their own money organizing for her.  In fact she encouraged us when she was in Pella.  And I know Peter Singleton had lunch with her on Friday at the IA State Fair.  There is no way he would let us keep driving all over IA at our own expense if she had asked us to stand down. 

      I used to think she was my second choice in case Sarah didn’t run.  No way does she get my vote.  I don’t know who it will be, but now it is ABMB for me

      • John_Frank
        • suehimel

          I know..I read that blog.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        Bachmann was tore up on a couple of Sunday morning talk shows interviews.  She can’t hold her own when a liberal progressive asks her tough questions.  Bachman numbers will eventually drop.

      • Daniel

        Same here. Herman Cain is now my second choice. He comes across as a very honest person and a good American. I would actually like to see him as part of a Palin administration. I think his business experience would be a great asset.

        • Eagles8

          I agree.  Sadly I think he’s out of his league running for president, but he’s a good man.  Sarah has spoken well of him in the past and I would not be surprised to see him endorse her.

    • ZH100
    • dave7777

      This is only one sample, but appointing Ed Rollins hints at the kind of people she would surround herself if she ever got to the oval office.

  • brown_fox

    180 grand is all it took for Bachmann to claim popularity at the Ames straw poll. 

    I think it is going to be quite expensive to buy off the entire primary voter list, leave alone the general elections! :-D

    • suehimel

      Uhhhh…that was just for the tickets at $30 a pop.  She had to bid for real estate at the event, put up tents, pay to air condition the tents, feed 10,000+ people, transport 5000 people to the event in buses, and that is not counting all the money she spent campaigning and on staff, etc.  She spent a LOT more money than $180 K.  She probably spent 20 times that amount and I am not exagerating.

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