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Sarah Palin Connects Because of Her Convictions

Tuesday night on Hannity, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s convictions were on full display, enough to give the existing Republican presidential field no shortage of heartburn.  She was strongly combative in the face of ridiculous slurs, and not merely those leveled at her, but also those aimed at Tea Party patriots and even talk radio hosts.  Her message was clear and concise:  "Enough is enough!"  Indeed, her words reverberated with with passion for this fight.  Sarah Palin seems intent upon taking up the fight against the entrenched establishment with a vigor that no other prospect of national political prominence is willing to do.

This facet of Governor Palin’s attitude is what Americans have been hoping to see from any of the other presidential prospects in the GOP.  Instead, what they’ve seen is an increasingly invisible and tepid lot of weakly-mumbled remarks in lukewarm defense of the Tea Party, and conservatism.  This is the most significant distinction between Sarah Palin’s electability and that of the other Republican candidates:  Governor Palin has the unique capability to energize crowds, move people to rally with her, and focus their combined strength on virtually any cultural and political issue.  Combined with her commitment to firmly held principles, what the fire in her belly provides is the one thing the GOP needs in a candidate, perhaps more desperately than any other trait:  Sarah Palin has the unrepentant will to stand up and join in the fight.

It isn’t about simple sloganeering.  Governor Palin seems willing to leave slogans to others, but what her passion indicates is a sincere commitment to the restoration of the republic.  Why wouldn’t she be passionate?  In most every respect, she has much more in common with the average American than any of the other Republicans in a position to seek the presidency.   She has every bit as much to lose from the continuation of the current establishment paradigm as any of us.  She’s an entrepreneur who sees the effects of the growing government sector at the expense of the private sector.  Like so many of us, as a parent, and nowadays, a grandparent, she has a deep personal investment in the future of the country, and it resounds in the tone of her voice as she tells her audience that we can’t afford any more of Obama’s disastrous economic policies.  She isn’t just spouting talking points.  She means it.

More importantly, perhaps, it seems many Americans recognize her commitment, her passion, and her sincerity in confronting the crises with which the country is faced.  One fairly reliable gauge I’ve found for evaluating candidates is in the person of my wife.  She’s had an uncanny ability to pick who will win or lose, and she is consistently adept at sizing up candidates.  In 1992, she took one look at Bill Clinton and said: "Oh, wonderful, we’re going to have a used-car salesman for President."  In 1996, she took one look at the newly-minted Republican nominee, and said: "Just get yourself ready for four more years of Bubba-talk and used cars."

She’s successfully picked the winner in each subsequent election, mostly on the basis of her relative appraisals of the candidates.  Somehow, she just knows, and while she may not like what her judgments tell her, she’s been remarkably straightforward in stating them.  In 2008, she looked at John McCain, shook her head, and asked: "Why did they nominate him?" Adding more, she nodded her head at the speaker, Sarah Palin, and said: "They could have saved a lot of time and trouble, and four years of pain if they would have just nominated her, instead."   After a moment more of the governor speaking she looked at me and said: "Don’t worry, she’ll be back."  I’ve asked her to explain it to me, but she says it’s a "woman thing." Perplexed as ever when that is offered as the sole explanation, I shrug hopelessly and go on to the things I can measure.

It’s against this back-drop that on Tuesday night, I watched the Hannity interview alone, but I was curious to be able to watch the reaction of a true political skeptic.  Mrs. America walked into the room, and I rewound the DVR to replay it for her, as I settled into a position from which I could watch my wife without making it obvious, and thereby biasing my ‘study.’  Having spent more than two decades as the perpetual cause of most of her more severe facial expressions, I knew that by watching Mrs. America’s face for every raised eyebrow, every tiny widening of eyes, and every re-forming of the shape of her mouth, I would be able to gauge her reaction as a sort of study in the effects Governor Palin might have on an agreeable but not altogether ‘sold‘ viewers.

After forty-six years, I may not know the first thing about "women," but I know how to read the nuances of the mood of exactly one woman.  When she started to speak, Hannity having posed the question about Biden and the others calling Tea Party Americans "terrorists," I watched a growing look of inquiring expectancy.  She was waiting for something.  When Governor Palin came out swinging, taking the leftists to task for this latest vile nonsense, I saw the set of a jaw tightening and the barely perceptible nod, and as Gov. Palin went on, Mrs. America followed.

When Gov. Palin said "I’m going to stand up…" I saw a brightening of the eyes, and a slight smile begin to take shape from the previously indifferent pose of Mrs. America’s lips.  Every time and in every way she addressed the propensity of Obama to recklessly spend more money, I watched a growing resolve in the set of my wife’s jaw.  When Hannity prepared to go to commercials, he had to make the obligatory inquiry about her plans for 2012, but pressed for time, he tried to suggest one, and Sarah Palin beamed and laughed and that’s when I saw it:  My wife, the hardened cynic, with resolute indifference to most frivolous remarks, had leaned back slightly in her seat, and she had begun to smile with Sarah Palin.

The beauty of DVR technology is that we didn’t need to wait through those commercials.  Advancing  it to the resumption of the interview, Mrs. America, at first sitting forward again, now leaned back against the sofa as if settling in.  When Hannity asked about the notion of "compromise," here too, my wife leaned forward a bit, as if waiting to hear the answer that would tell the tale of the tape.  As Governor Palin described the need to stand firm, citing Ronald Reagan’s example, I watched something interesting develop on the face of Mrs. America, and it was an expression with which I’m naturally less familiar:  Approval.  Nodding in agreement, I watched my wife’s hand tighten on the remote, and lightly pound it into the top of her thigh.  It was an exclamation point in time with the Governor’s remarks on Cut, Cap, and Balance.

The drumbeat of those words were matched in time by Mrs. America’s.  When Governor Palin analogized her position to that of Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh, Sean asked if she really thought any of the three could be elected to office.  Sarah Palin’s answer was a laugh, and as she said "Well, I do, but I’m one of those ‘terrorists’…"  My wife had begun to smile again, and now laughed openly, again with Mrs. Palin.  When I saw that, what it told me is that the remainder of the Republican field had better prepare themselves for a serious primary battle.  If Mrs. America’s reactions to Governor Palin are any yardstick by which to measure her presidential prospects, my wife’s little statement to me as she passed back the remote may be the indication: "She’ll do just fine."  After twenty-three years of marriage and five presidential campaign seasons together, that sort of matter-of-fact appraisal is as much as I will get, and what it tells me is only: She knows.

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  • John B. Hefmier

    Another superb article, Mark!! :^)

  • Saberswardogs

    Yes Mark there is a true connect with folks from Sarah. Rhonda felt the same way and she even lifted her own finger in the wind at the same time Sarah did LOL LOL.. Good post and gosh you have it great over on C4P as Atlee Wariboko has not thought to invade this site LOL LOL

  • Guest

    Very good article, Mark America. I like you. As a man, you know your place in the scheme of things and have a very healthy and proper fear and respect of the woman in your life. That is the proper order of things. That is a very smart man.

    BTW, does your wife play the stock market? 

  • Carol Carr

    I really like Mrs. America.
    Sarah will make a great President! I know this, it’s a woman thing.

    Game on!

    Palin 2012!

  • Sinforosa87

    Great piece-Brava! Your wife gave the exact same reaction as I did…..although, I did jump up and down and scream "Yes" when she pounded Mittens. ;-)

  • Sue Lynn

    Great article Mark. Sarah leads in all areas…without her running there would be no choice…Sarah will run and win!!!

  • Benthoven

    As Michelle Malkin put it so aptly, on Hannity last night "she was everything I love about Sarah Palin."  What amazes me is that every time I watch the interview again or read the transcript, the more incisive and impactful her statements have become to me.  Reagan had the same effect – the import of what he was saying still grows to this day.  The legacy of Sarah Palin will be just as great.

  • Gelston

    Years ago I found a genie’s bottle. I rubbed it and a genie appeared to tell me I had 3 wishes.
    I told him that I want to go to Hawaii but I don’t like to fly and I hate boats so would he build me a bridge? He said he had never done anything that big. He said, "let me think about it. What’s #2?" I said "would you explain women to me?" He paused and said,"do you want that bridge with two lanes or four?"

  • Steven

    Mark America is racking up eloquent writings that remind me of another such writer from the grassroots, seemingly out nowhere, who had one hit after another until Human Events hired him away. He went by the name of Doctor Zero before they had no choice but to snatch him up! Keep it up Mark America, you’re doing just fine.

    • Jasmine Clark

      i’ve seen a lot of great writers on conservatives sites in the comments sections!! pretty amazing!! there are always a few people on the comments sections who have a way with words. they really should be columnists! there are some here too.

  • says_pheobe

    Mr. and Mrs. America,
    Thank you!  Sarah will do just fine with the loving support of her Todd ‘America’ and her loving family ‘America’ and We the People ‘America’.  Good Evening.

  • bradkarr

    Ya’all did good buddy, LOL.

  • gcml

    Thank you Mark America, that’s an inspiring article, you did great!   This grandma of three is ready to volunteer and help Sarah Palin’s campaign.  I’m waiting and ready!  

    • aspader

      I have been ready…  Game on.

  • conservativemama

    Sean is great with Sarah.  Tonight Michelle Malkin was on there strongly supporting Sarah’s comments from last night.

    I’m thinking for when Sarah’s a candidate.  I love the "I am Sarah Palin" theme that we have on this website.  Plus, I’m tired of hearing about Obama’s billion dollar campaign.  I just don’t think money alone will matter this time.

    How about a series of "I am Sarah Palin" videos on You Tube?  Short videos.  People can just voice why they support Sarah, maybe give a peek into their lives.  Tell why they are Sarah.  Maybe tell how this economy is killing their dreams.  Maybe tell what they love and know about our country. Give a specific reason for their support for Sarah, highlighting her record of achievement.

    I know I’m all over the place, but it’s a thought that came to me today.  I think it should be positive, no name calling or anything like that.  Put the videos out there, package them.  I don’t know how all that works, but I know others here do.

    I just think that Obama’s cold dollars should be met with our money, but also with our lives, our voices.  There’s no way his campaign will have anywhere near the passion that Sarah’s will.  No way.  And you can’t put a price on passion and love of country.  Corny?  Maybe.  But I believe it. 

    It’s a thought.

    • Mike_D_Yeager

      Do this please!!

      • Mike_D_Yeager

        In the millions overwhelm youtube

    • suehimel

      If you recall, this was Sarah’s staff’s proposal to Steve Bannon, a series of short videos to post online.  We got The Undefeated instead.

    • sarahhasmyvote

      I am not sure how I found this site…..probably mentioned here. But it is along the lines of what you suggest conservativemama. I like your suggestion as well.

      Sarah 2012

  • Palinpower

     Excellent article.
    A lot of the battle Sarah has is to win the women in the middle. The independent women, the suburban women who just read the headlines sometimes and don’t have the time to get the whole story.  Also the older women, to whom Sarah seems too young and modern vs their view of what a woman executive or President should be. They accepted Hillary–Sarah will also need to win them over. If Mrs. America is an indicator, Sarah is on her way there.

    • LibertyLass

      Maybe Bannon would do it. Sarah is Mrs. America!

    • suehimel

      She doesn’t have to win over this older woman.  I am working on a few female friends that do need to be convinced.

  • Mike_D_Yeager

    By the way I have been a lurker for a long but I like this idea and think it has massive potential

    • Gelston

      welcome, mike

    • Jasmine Clark


    • FrankinOhio

      Come on in MIke, excuse our mess, WE ARE PREPARING FOR BATTLE!!!!!

    • Ceejay

      welcome Mike!

  • rbuckland

    When Sarah hits the campaign trail, she will lay down the kind of challenge to Obama that he sees only in his worst nightmares.  Dem’s and RINO’s alike will quiver,shake and cry their eye’s out.  The LSM will have their story and Americans will have their champion.

    • PhxBlue

      Yup. She wont be handcuffed by it being McCain’s campaign. We all know how well he conducted that, uh, gem.

      • Ceejay


  • Christine Riordan Brown

    because she is honest and we the people trust her…………..we need a real leader one who will president of all the people ,not just the ones who elected him……………..

  • independents4palin

    Sarah Palin on Hannitys show last night not only went after the President, but Mitt Romney also. Michelle Bachmann will not say anything on Romney which is fishy to say the least. Sarah Palin will call out anyone even in her own party. She is a fighter, a proven one. Palin 2012 !!

  • Sarahistheone

    Does anyone know about this new documentary at a Toronto film festival? I am sure it is anti-Palin.

    • Jasmine Clark

      i don’t know it…

    • jb

      Anti-Palin Movie Premiering September
      August 3, 2011 6:45 P.M.
      By Katrina Trinko

      Tags: Sarah Palin
      An anti-Palin documentary will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month. The official description:Sarah Palin – You Betcha! Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill, United Kingdom World Premiere Nick Broomfield’s quest for the real Sarah Palin involves battling the icy snows of Alaska in mid-winter to speak to the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, soul and belief to the charismatic, charming, intoxicating ex-hockey mom. But it’s not all plain sailing. People are frightened to talk; Wasilla makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park. It’s a devout evangelical community – 76 churches with a population of only 6 thousand, and the Crystal meth capital of Alaska. Broomfield brings his celebrated wit and determination to cracking her story.
      So, what are the hits against Sarah Palin? One, people don’t like talking to the media; two, Wasilla residents attend church; and three, Wasilla may have a high number of meth addicts. It’s hard to see how any of that should change how Palin is viewed. It’s even harder to see why an abundance of churches should be seen as equivalent to meth addiction.

      • mistah charley

        FROM Palin receives what is by all indications a very kind treatment in a new documentary that will premiere in theaters July 15. But a second, far more scathing Palin documentary is being prepared by a more experienced filmmaker. And it looks a lot more likely to stir the pot.
        Nick Broomfield, the much-decorated British documentarian and muckraker, has quietly been interviewing Palin confidantes and is close to finishing his film about the former Alaska governor, said a person who was briefed on the film but asked not to be identified because of the secretive nature of the project.
        According to the source, among the people who appear in the untitled movie are Palin’s parents as well as numerous ex-aides. Many of those people, the source added, describe her not as the likable repository of aw-shucks wisdom Palin likes to present but a more ruthless politician who has trampled over opponents and is now a potential presidential candidate.
        Working with a minimal crew and in a gonzo style, Broomfield is known for his unusual access to  subjects, securing candid interviews in his films about Heidi Fleiss, Kurt Cobain and rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. At times controversial for his unorthodox and energetic style, Broomfield has nonetheless received a bevy of documentary prizes and received a lifetime achievement award at the BAFTA Awards, Britain’s equivalent of the Oscars.
        [SNIP]Broomfield has a habit of making news with his window into the lives of the controversial and famous. In "Kurt & Courtney," he ambushed the late grunge rocker’s widow, Courtney Love, and landed a damning interview with her. Love successfully sought to have the movie banned from the Sundance Film Festival. But it remains to be seen whether Broomfield’s Palin film will play to a larger audience or to a crowd predisposed against the politician.

        • Cathy

          "Nick Broomfield, the much-decorated British documentarian and muckraker,
          has quietly been interviewing Palin confidantes and is close to
          finishing his film about the former Alaska governor, said a person who
          was briefed on the film but asked
          not to be identified because of the
          secretive nature of the project.
          According to the source, among the
          people who appear in the untitled movie are Palin’s parents as well as
          numerous ex-aides. Many of those people, the source added, describe her
          not as the likable repository of aw-shucks wisdom Palin likes to present
          but a more ruthless politician who has trampled over opponents and is
          now a potential presidential candidate. "

          Just this little bit of your post tells me that it is a "HIT" piece, because Broomfield would not have access to "confidantes" let alone her parents. And more than likely the "ex-aides" are outer fringe who has an axe to grind and were not a part of Sarah’s enter circle.  Beside I’ve read stuff about Broomfield that reports him to be a sleazeball.

          • mistah charley

            there is no doubt in my mind that it is anti-palin, even though there have been no reviews yet

        • Guest

          "Working with a minimal crew and in a gonzo style, Broomfield is known for his unusual access to  subjects, securing candid interviews in his films about Heidi Fleiss, Kurt Cobain and rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur."

          Wow! He’s done really major work on some of the great movers and shakers of our time. Man, I’m quivering in fear and anticipation cuz this great BAFTA winner allegedly interviewed "Palin’s parents as well as numerous ex-aides."

          Uh huh. Watch his movie bomb.

        • jerseymark

          interestingly enough, I believe a view of Sarah as "a more ruthless politician who has trampled over opponents" is actually a positive side for Sarah. Politics is a rough business at its best and every successful politician has to be very tough, especially with regard to opponents. One of the  so-called "weaknesses" of Sarah is the idea of her sitting across the table from Putin or some other national leader. It is good to know that she is very tough and will go for the jugular when necessary. Some people think she is too nice to be effective and this picture of her should eliminate that concern. It is just another description of what it means to be a "momma grizzly". 

          • mistah charley

            good point

      • Guest

        "People are frightened to talk" basically means they didn’t want to talk to Nick Broomfield. In sum, he’s got nothing but he tries to make something ex nihilo.

    • Georgene Millard

      Politico made sure to inform of this movie on their site yesterday.

  • PhxBlue

    Everybody loved what she had to say except for, waaait fooorr iitttt, BILL O’REILLY.. He’s harping on this split in the Republican party thing over her going after Mitt. Someone needs to remind Bill that she’s not the establishment, she’s anti-establishment.. 

    • John Norton

      Tammy Bruce today on lauras show laced the whole program with cips and comments of SP of last nights interview she will be on there the rest of the week…

      • freeperjim

        Did Tammy comment on Laura’s attacks on Sarah and Tea Party conservatives?

        • stevethird

          I’m wondering if and when she might do that. I hope she can get Laura to see the light. Maybe we can drop her a line and suggest that.

    • stevethird

      O’reilly shrinks every time he talks about Sarah. He gets meaner and smaller and less relevant.

    • wodiej

      He’s a turd.  Never liked him.  He’s too busy chasing Obama around like a little school girl with her first crush.  Irrelevant, rude and arrogant.  No qualities that would make me value anything he has to say.

    • Guest

      Yeah, that split in the party thing is so bogus. I guess in Ted Baxter’s world, nobody is allowed to disagree or call out anybody without there being an ideological crisis.

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