The Game Begins When Sarah Palin Lights The Torch

Guest Submission by Robert Wiles

Yes, as with the Olympic Games, they do not begin until that flame is ignited from the one who carries the torch. The games within America and basically around the world do not begin until that flame is ignited. The flame as of yet has not been lit, but we have seen for these last three years who carries that torch. We have seen over these last three years the following of that torch bearer, wherever she goes she is followed by her supporters, wherever she goes she is followed by the media, wherever she goes the one question is asked to the one who carries the torch. That question being, “when will you ignite that flame for the games to begin”.

Yes Americans, I talk about the one who is surrounded by all walks of life, that one being none other then Sarah Palin. Oh how much have we seen within these last 3 years the mystic of Sarah, the coverage of her. We have seen the contempt from the liberal media, democrats, progressives, liberals and left in hoping that this torch bearer would just drop that torch. We have seen within our own republican party and talking heads the contempt as well for Sarah and their displeasure in knowing that she has climbed the ladder to the top within their own party. We have seen the elites degrade her because of one simple reason and that being she is of the people, the paupers, the citizens of this country who just live to survive and are looked upon as just pawns on a chess board. Sarah has captured the hearts of many Americans, she has done something more then any other I have seen, she has become the icon for a culture of values and principles that many have recognized we need to relive so to make this country great once again.

Awhile back we saw Sarah begin a bus tour, we saw the frenzy from the media, we saw the mobs of people who wanted so much to just be in her presence. We saw the coverage that was like no other. We have seen the frenzy over Sarah’s postings on her Facebook page and Twitter account by not just the liberal media, but from everybody. What Sarah writes is NEWS, what Sarah SPEAKS is a story to behold and what Sarah DOESN’T do is more worthy of news coverage then her even doing. Friday, August 12th at the Iowa State Fair we saw once again the drawing power of Sarah Palin. For months we have been reading stories of flash mob youths raising havoc across this country, we have seen violence rage within these mobs of youths and the emptiness of the human spirit. That friday in Iowa, we saw another kind of flash mod and it wasn’t violent, it wasn’t empty of the human spirit, it was a mob of compassion, a mob of serenity, a mob that wanted to be among the one who captures the hearts of a people. These mobs of people who follow her is for a reason and that is puzzling to the power brokers of this country. They can’t comprehend that she is one who we the people can relate to because she is one of us.

Oh yes, we have seen our idols as in the athletic world, the music world and of Hollywood, but to many Americans there is a difference between Sarah Palin and those idols that are put on a pedestal. For the masses Sarah comes across in a way that the idols can’t, she captures one’s heart and not their worship. We have seen the few debates of the ones running for the republican nomination, and as in Iowa over this time period we saw another without Sarah since she hasn’t made her intentions known. However, her presence was felt because of one thing, she carries that torch. Lets be honest, Sarah could pulled up outside the auditorium where the debate was being held and it would had emptied as if someone yelled fire. They would had all gone outside to see Sarah and leave the Republicans all alone, which even I might feel sorry for seeing them be deserted like that. Sarah appears at the Iowa fair and its a mad house, just because of one person, not even appearing in a debate all minds and television viewers are thinking one thing … will Sarah run. America’s credit rating has been downgraded, we are over 9% when comes to unemployment, we have seen a collapse within the housing market, we see the dollar going south more and more as we live, banks are folding, we are seeing the wars between races and classes within America, we see wars through out the world between philosophies, we have seen the Arab spring, riots in Britain and violent flash mobs of youths here in America.

All news stories, BUT, the story on every one’s mind which is more important to everybody is what will Sarah do within her future. When she announces her intentions, the coverage will be like no other news event ever. Yes she has the drawing power, the leadership qualities and even more then that, she carries the torch. I have never seen this before, one person who has been thrown into the limelight and has been bestowed with the decisions on how and when a political battle will begin. Sarah never asked for all this fame, she was given it because of who she is, she has that connection, that inner spirit of values which so many feel. The story of the century will be when she announces and that says it all. This is as of a supernatural phenomenon, something that is so very rare in seeing. That rarity concerns how one person as Sarah who is neither an athlete or movie star icon can be so surrounded and admired by a mass of people and not be idolized per se.

We have always heard from the lame stream media, both parties and the talking pundits that Sarah is not conventional, she isn’t playing by the rules. We are always seeing the media and talking pundits question Sarah’s unconventional ways in not announcing. We hear the pundits say it is to late, she has to now, she can’t wait, what is she doing. Well, that is why we love her, she is doing it her way and not taking orders from the pundits of the elite class. The people love that in Sarah because the conventional way is not working anyways. The conventional rules that have been put in place by the elites have given us hardships as in seeing our country and the world on the brink of total collapse economically and culturally. Sarah goes about it her own way and the elites, the media and both parties hate seeing that in Sarah. They deplore Sarah for pushing their rules off to the side and play by her rules which is of common sense and principles of a people, not rules of an elite class that proclaim you live and do what we say. Yes, the people flock to Sarah because they have seen the many roadblocks the lame stream media and parties have thrown in her path. The people have seen the much hateful rhetoric thrown at Sarah and her family, the lies, the threats, the ire of anger in trying to trip Sarah as she carries that torch. The people have seen Sarah leap over those roadblocks and still run with a passion to see America and the people be free of a ruling class that rules the masses with a closed fist.

Yes Sarah Palin is you and me, one who believes we as a people stand on values and principles and in that she connects as no other. For the masses, they see Sarah’s political being as secondary when comes to admiration for her values and principles. What the people see as their primary reason in admiring Sarah is so simple, they see themselves standing there. Yes, Sarah is the people’s candidate, one who wants to know us rather then own us. I remember back in the 1970’s there was also a period of time when Americans were captured by the presence of a being. That being was a horse called Secretariat. Now I am not putting Secretariat in the same category as a human being, but when it comes to sparking the human spirit, even an animal as a horse can give a people the mindset of serenity and happiness.

When Secretariat came upon us then, we were living the horrors of the Vietnam war, we were experiencing the class warfare as well, the clash between not just races but also among the youth and the elderly, the clash between the people and the government. We also had Watergate upon us as well as the turmoil of the 60’s cultural revolution. Back then the people needed hope, they needed to grasp onto an entity of comfort and strength to cure their lives. The people needed that spark once again within that human spirit, we were searching for purity and we saw it in Secretariat. Secretariat gave America that peace, that comfort, that identity within one’s soul. Many today will ever know that feeling back then, many will say that is quite stupid knowing a horse could do that, but if one lived back then, they would know what I am talking about. America was lost back then and living in an abyss of darkness. Secretariat changed all that, he won the triple crown in 1972, and people actually cried seeing his victory in the Preakness that year to win it all.

Secretariat was known as the people’s horse, pictured on Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. Secretariat was the only non human that was elected by ESPN in their top 100 athletes of the century. So I guess we can say Secretariat was human after all, not physically but emotionally. Yes, back then we were searching, back then we were lost as a nation. Secretariat was not just for the gamblers, Secretariat brought forward the masses of all types of people, young, old, and non gamblers. Yes, America was a nation of turmoil back then and no matter how foolish some might think it is, a horse did give us something we needed. I guess you can say it is not who brings that human spirit back into our lives, its how it is accomplished. Even back then Secretariat was scandalous free and we needed something that was of value and honor. Yes, this horse had a connection as so does Sarah with the psyche of others, its a connection, a time when we want a winner, a leader, an entity of strengh, one who will do as they wish but still have that vision of desire to be the best within the hearts of a people. Many have said, Secretariat ran his own race much of the time, as with Sarah Palin, she runs her own race even when the beltways boys say she is not following their ways when comes to being conventional. Sarah brings us a vision that we have within our own beings. We see and feel the comfort of knowing there is one who admires the people upon the land, not one who admires their own superiority over a people. Sarah has those visions of hope, visions of prosperity when comes to values and principles. Sarah believes in a vision of morality as well one of character.

So yes, it is not anyone that brings comfort, it is the timing and the lifting of one’s spirit by another being who in living conveys onto you there courage and strength. As I watch the mobs who surround Sarah wherever she goes, I see those smiles, those faces of joy who feel that being among her they feel her strength, her love for a people. Yes, Sarah has the knowledge when comes to the political debate, but one thing she has more of then any political figure is she worships the soul’s of a people, not their vote. Secretariat was only 19 when he died, due to an incurable disease he was put to sleep on 10/04/1980 and upon the autopsy it was discovered he had an enormous heart, an occurrence that is basically once in a lifetime. Since I lived that period of time, I remember the evils and the turmoils that were brought onto America. Many will say this is unbelievable that a horse could do this to a country, well it happened because the state of affairs we were living in were destroying this nation. Sarah Palin is just that one who is doing it today, not because of her political prow less, but because of who she is.

As with Secretariat, Sarah also has a big heart and many see and feel that from her. Yes, the time is now for one who can bring that comfort and that serenity, not just in the entity of political policies, but within the entity of the human spirit. Many see themselves in Sarah, many value her principles, her visions, her morality and her strength. Sarah is the people’s candidate and that is why the games will not begin until Sarah lights that flame. As with the title from the movie “The day the Earth stood still”, the Earth stands still politically today until Sarah lights that torch. Yes, many will say this is egotistical of Sarah by not making an announcement at this time, but it was not Sarah who wished to have this kind of control, we gave it to her. We gave it to her because we feel in her she is not just of political stature, but one of essence when comes to living. As in why Sarah is so much admired, we can also point to the fact that many in this country do live by much of the values and principles she herself preaches. With all the turmoil here in America and the world, there are news worthy events everywhere, BUT, the news that will be infamous concerns Sarah Palin’s future.

Yes there are moments in time when an event is needed to capture the psyche of a people. There are times when a people in distress need that comfort, that hope, that joy, even if short lived. As in the early 70’s, we had nobody, no person was fit to lead us out of our psyche of despair. The leadership was silent, we of that time period were feeling the horrors of a divided nation. We were living the nightmares of a war that brought much division into our country. We who lived in the 60’s and the early 70’s sensed the hatred that was running amok, and yet there was not a single soul to bring us comfort. Yes, we had our share of turmoil within this country as we have today, we were lost, we had no vision, only fear of what might come. A horse comes along and with this horse comes a moment in time where no matter if of man or beast, there was an emotional feeling of triumph within one’s spirit. We needed somebody, some thing to make us feel good once again. During that time in our lives we were searching for something good to come along, we wanted to feel better about ourselves.

As with Secretariat, we for a period of time did not frown upon our fears, we did not live the darkness of the abyss, we just lived for a moment, a moment that brought us comfort and serenity. We finally felt good about ourselves. What we saw in Secretariat was purity, a moment free of scandalous intervention. In our lost visions of hope, we saw that strength, that solitude in a beast that many might see hard to believe, but this beast gave us comfort and for once in our lives, we once again lived not in fear but lived for that one precious moment of hope. Yes, watching Secretariat run for the triple crown made us forget the troubles that were living. For that moment in time we were rooting for hope, the hope to see a champion, a moment in time within history which only a few have ever achieved. Yes, we lived for a horse back then, but more then that we were living for a vision once again, a vision of hope and courage. Many will ask themselves why talk about this horse Secretariat when writing an article about Sarah Palin. Well, to have lived back then, you would know the answer.

However many can not conceive the parallels between what happened back then and what is happening today. Its not the who’s who make moments like this and have us hold those moments to cherish, its how these events unfold. Back then we needed that strength, we needed that winner and with Secretariat, we had both. As I see in today’s climate with Sarah Palin, we also see that strength and a winner. We have seen for 3 years the strength of Sarah as she has been maligned by every entity you can think of. For 3 years we have seen Sarah fight back, never stepping back when attacked. For 3 years we have seen someone stand firm upon her faith, values and principles, never batting a eye when criticized for her beliefs. We have seen one in Sarah battle the odds as she takes on the foes as the elites, liberal media and both parties. We have seen the courage of Sarah, the leadership, the strength of believing in herself. We have seen someone as Sarah be proud of who she is, showing us that to believe in one’s self is believing that their is no goal that can’t be accomplished. Yes, for many in America we see Sarah as one to support because she is fighting to see we as Americans behold the framework that this country was built upon. We stand by Sarah for who she is, we stand by Sarah for her beliefs, and we stand by Sarah because we want to see her beat the odds in winning within the world of the elites. Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973 and we cried because we witnessed greatness and felt good once again.

When Secretariat was laid to rest, and in showing the greatness of this horse, Secretariat was given the honor of being buried whole in the Claiborne cemetery. It is traditional for horses to be buried “head, heart, and hooves”, but certain special horses deserve special treatment.When Secretariat won the Triple crown in 1973, many Americans wept because they felt something, something that they needed during that time. Seeing Secretariat win, their tears were of joy, happiness for even ones who did not experience that life back then, America was as confused back then as it is today. Yes, tears were shed because the people felt a pride in seeing some goodness in the world, they witnessed something of purity and scandalous free. Again in 1980 those tears were shed once again because of the passing of Secretariat, this time tears of sadness because the people looked back and knew in a certain time period of living, this horse gave them hope when they needed it more then anything. Yes there are events within our life’s that make a mark that we will never forget, I experienced it back in the year 1973, and experiencing it now today with Sarah Palin. Two totally different events in life, but two of the same outcomes and that being both of these events have taken place in most desperate times. One we grasped onto a horse to make us feel good, the other we grasp onto a human being who says we are good.

Sarah has yet to light that flame, but for many we have seen that hope she has given us and right now we are hoping she wins that triple crown as well…….mayor, governor and president. Secretariat gave us what we needed at a time of despair, he made us feel good once again. Sarah is giving us that strength in knowing we the people are the only vision for a great country, and in that we feel good about who we are. There are times through out history where someone or an event will come along that touches millions. I have witnessed two of those events. One took place back in 1972 when a country and people were lost as we are today. Back in that time period America was on the brink of disaster and a horse made us cry in lifting our spirits. Today I see another in Sarah Palin. We flock to one who has taught us we the people are somebody. I guess i can say I have seen a horse and a mama grizzly come forward during times of turmoil and make us feel good about who we are as a people. This country and the world awaits for one person, then the strategies and political furor begins. With Sarah, the people have the control, not the elites of the country. Now that is CONVENTIONAL, the politcians, media and elites are now playing by the rules of WE THE PEOPLE….!!!!

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