The Other McCain: ‘Palin Has More to Gain By Not Explicitly Declaring’ Yet

I’m glad someone else gets it.

Smitty, over at The Other McCain writes that Governor Palin is wisely playing her hand.

[S]he has already borne the brunt of an unbridled propaganda assault without crumbling. The more the minions of the Progressive Cthulhu strike at her, the stronger she becomes, and the more openly craven and stupid they appear. She rises like a phoenix from their ashes.

Why the continued hesitation, then? She has more to gain by not explicitely declaring.


After the next Wisconsin recall election [Tuesday], and after more debt crisis [the next continuing resolution fight in September], Sarah reduces the risk that the Left can reconstitute itself by using hatred of her as a rallying cry. Also, while a few other GOP candidates are not necessarily bad for cover, letting the herd thin itself a bit, and letting the Left expend its energies against them, is not a bad thing.

Too, part of the problem with what Progress has done to America is that people have been reduced to an infantile impatience. Politics ain’t beanbag, and it also ain’t basketball, which is geared toward those lacking an attention span. Ironically, for someone who was once a basketball star, Sarah is showing massive amounts of patience, letting the game unfold at a medium pace. The Left is forced to recycle its talking points, excrete them, and re-consume them, enjoying the taste of its Progress all the while. And then she takes the occasional, well-aimed shot from the inexpensive high ground of her FaceBook page.

While certainly a violation of the Holy Narrative, her poise and control of situation is a stark contrast from the spineless impotence of her purported superior, the incumbent.

I’m with Smitty. There is absolutely no reason for Governor Palin to jump in before she absolutely needs to. She has complete name recognition. She has millions of us waiting to donate to her campaign, including possibly some big donors who are sitting on the sidelines. And as the anti-politician she has no need to play the games that the current field is playing or unwisely expend campaign cash on frivolous pandering. Most voters aren’t even paying attention to politics right now!

Governor Palin is not going to be hiring the usual political hacks, so there is no worry about their signing on with other campaigns. Let the politicos sign away. She has sent plenty of signals to her real supporters that she is running. She has consistently said she would be running a very unorthodox, very VERY grassroots campaign. And to that end, she can allow her grassroots to continue organizing under the radar while drafting off the other GOP candidates, who are now forced to actually LEAD the campaign against Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin is running a campaign in absentia right now … and the more we see of her competition, the better she looks, even in her absence.

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