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Three Years After Dayton

Guest Submission by Ron Devito

Three years ago today at 12:26 EDT, Presidential Candidate John McCain introduced former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the world. While some of the conservative cognoscente knew who she was and advocated for her to be McCain’s running mate, Gov. Palin was unknown for most of us until that moment. Instantly, the unknown Gov. Palin became a household name and remains so today. Palin blogs and websites were few and far between that day. Likely not a single site with “4P” in its name existed then. Today, over 100 dedicated Palin sites support Gov. Palin and possibly an equal number of hate sites try to destroy her.

Three years ago today, I caught her speech a few moments after it began as I left my employee lot to get a Gatorade lunch. I did not know her name. I did not know what she looked like. In the two blocks I drove before I had to pull over to the side of the road, Gov. Palin – SARAH – rocked my world, divided my calendar, and got a political observer active. I heard the spirit of President Reagan resurrected in a woman’s body. The first great leader we had seen in a generation was emerging. That day, Gov. Palin stole my heart. She finished the job not even six weeks later, when she signed it in Bethlehem, PA, once again rocking my world and dividing my calendar.

Gov. Palin has accomplished much in these three years. To simply link to all them would fill over 100 pages. In her final seven months as Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin accomplished more than seven of New York State’s governors had in 50 years. When she selflessly stepped down to stanch the flow of frivolous ethics complaints, Gov. Palin’s trajectory soared even higher.

She authored two books, hosted an eight-part documentary series on her home state, was the subject of a full-length feature movie, became a sought-after speaker commanding top honorarium, and is a Fox News contributor. She conducted humanitarian missions in cholera- and earthquake-wracked Haiti and in Alabama following devastating tornadoes. The former Alaska governor has raised over $120,000 for wounded soldiers, walked for autism, and the March of Dimes, among others. During her final seven months as Governor, Sarah Palin coordinated and led an airlift to distressed villages in remote western Alaska, sacrificing the political primping and priming, champagne and caviar of the 2009 CPAC conference. The little children to whom she personally distributed supplies were far more important than the Washington DC elites. Around that time, SarahPAC was born. Soon, SarahPAC – which did not yet exist three years ago today – may become far less important, being supplanted by a Presidential campaign.

Since becoming a private citizen, Gov. Palin has traveled to Hong Kong, Canada, India, and Israel. In Israel, Gov. Palin met and broke bread with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. She is arguably the only private citizen who met, dined and spent a substantial amount of time with a head of state in recent history. Though Gov. Palin has long been an energy expert, she honed her acumen in economics and foreign policy over these past three years. Her writings have been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Gov. Palin could announce her candidacy for the 2012 Presidential election any time now. Some had speculated it would be today. I think it will be a time, place, and method of her choosing. Regardless of when she ultimately announces her decision, now is a good moment to reflect on what brought us here in the first instance:

Where were you when … Gov. Palin shattered a glass ceiling with her sonic boom?

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  • ernst1776

    "Gov. Palin – SARAH – rocked my world, divided my calendar, and got a political observer active. I heard the spirit of President Reagan resurrected in a woman’s body."
    That’s well said.  I never think of Sarah Palin as the next Ronald Reagan.  Honestly I believe Sarah will have an even bigger impact on America.  But it is the spirit of Ronald Reagan, which is the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, which is the spirit of George Washington.  It’s the American  spirit that lives in Sarah Palin… It’s Freedom and all the glory associated why being a free man/woman in America.

    • dave7777

      Here’s the dicodomy … she’s all that, yet she is simply us. To that extent, those characteristics  lie in all of us. In America, there is no aristocracy (even though some think of themselves as such), so we all commoners. Sarah Palin represents all those traits you mention, yet she remains one of us. We are Sarah Palin.

  • John Norton

    What we do know is that it will be soon…and no matter what the Left and Rinos come up with it will be of little consequence…!

    • Betsey_Ross

      She is head and shoulders above any living politician today.  I have faith that she will accomplish more than Reagan did.  Unleashed, this woman is a human dynamo.  There are better days ahead.  Believe it!

      • dave7777

        Watch Betsey….The stock market will roar with her election..and the economy will bounce upward in 90 days as she undoes the hold on drilling, the tax on inheritance, repeals Obamacare through an all GOP congress, and reduces corporate tax. Guaranateed.

  • Akabosan

    And this was the Glenn Beck show response (thanks to The Right Scoop) when Sarah helped advance all those folks (who will probably remember) in the mid terms.


  • ZH100

    Good read.

    Don’t forget that Gov.Palin also has worked tirelessly to fight Obama’s policies for the past three years and elect conservatives. (speeches,supporting candidates , fundraising, etc); she basically spearheaded the 2010 victory with her endorsements and rallies all over the country .

  • patnatasha

    Sarah doesn’t need the machine she is the machine, the machine that is working for the good of the country and the american people.

  • wodiej

    Gov. Sarah Palin, one of the best held secrets of the United States.  Just remember….where there is good, there will always be evil fighting it.  We must fight harder and never let down our guard.  

    • Mountain

      Amen to that, wodiej!  Thank you for the reminder to keep praying constantly for the Palin family, and Gov. Palin’s successful WIN!

    • JohnBarry2012

      Keep pressing on towards the goal to reach the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ. 

      ? May God bless Sarah Palin, and surround her with a hedge of protection of His Word and the righteousness of Christ; 
      ? Endow her with the heart of the lion of Judah, strong and courageous for the difficult tasks and challenges ahead for the nation, power and wisdom to serve;
      ? Give her the heart and humility of a servant akins to the Son of man, who came not to be served but to serve.

  • Jade

    There are deadlines for candidates to get their name on the ballet. The earliest is Oct. 31. Gov.Palin will need a minimum of 8 weeks if she is planning to run in 2012 to get her name on the Oct. 31st state deadline. I forgot which state is first. But this is something she would have worked out if she is in for 2012. 

    • Mountain

      Why do you think she must have 8 weeks before the Oct 31 deadline?

      • Jade

        There are a lot of state regulations that will have to be met, signatures to sign and all the other legal requirements that are different in some states.  Even with a good legal team, some candidates still had to resubmit in the past.  I just think it will be a bit risky to try and get your name on the ballot at the last minute.

        Someone like Pawlenty even though he left the race, name will still appear on the ballot.  That’s how slow the process is.

  • heypiasano

    August 29, 1988 a marriage made in heaven-  Happy Anniversary Todd and Sarah Palin.

    I was one of those that thought that this would be the day that she would announce. Sarah has something else in mind and keeping this day once again  private for the family.

  • Lori Hodel Buford

    I was probably at work listening to the radio.  I remember immediately doing a google search on her name.  As did my sister some 300 miles away.  Then, like we were on the same brainwave or something, we called each other and said "OMG!  I love this lady!"  I’ve read everything I can about her since that day.  I have watched every interview, read both books, followed every post and tweet.  My only thing left to do is actually meet her in person!  She hasn’t come to Dallas much, and when she did, I was in Houston visiting my sister~ugh!  My family is full of conservatives, yet I’m the only one convinced she IS running.  My sisters even have the nerve to say they think she needs "more experience" first.  You can bet I have already pre-ordered The Undefeated on Amazon and they WILL be subjected to a watching party with me.  If I know Sarah like I think I do, once she announces and enters the debates, she will prove my sisters wrong.  Boy do I love "Told-Ya-So’s!"

  • Mountain

    Where were we, when John McCain announced that he’d selected Sarah Palin as his VP?
    Right here in our home, HAPPY DANCIN’ after a pretty sleepless night!
    We had been tracking much of the night the jet with Todd and the kids inside, that traveled from Alaska to Ohio for the announcement.

    WE KNEW (or, more accurately, we were gradually made aware) that Palin was McCain’s pick, because a mysterious gentleman named "Drew" made it known to the blogger group at "Palin for VP," Adam Brickley’s Draft Palin blogspot.  Drew would drop in every hour or so, letting us know more and more information, specifying that the McCain campaign SELECTED that blogspot as THE place to leak FIRST the news that McCain had selected Gov. Palin as his VP. 

    It was an exciting night, and we made history by being so honored by his campaign:  the Library of Congress put our blogs into permanent record!  You can return to that blogspot and read our posts.  It was NEAT to know, long before the world knew. 
    (Adam had trouble blogging that night because his computer was off or something, so his Mom and I were monitoring the blog comments.  I can’t remember if the others helped monitor, like Kris.  It was cool:  "I’ll take it for the next half hour:  go eat something!") 

    This campaign will be really fun in many ways—-but again, it will be THE most vicious in history, as well—-HOPEFULLY not because of OUR misbehavior, but instead because of the Marxists.  They have no moral base; they only care about power. 

    THANK YOU, GOD, for Gov. Sarah Palin and her fantastic family!  Bless and protect them, Lord God, and help us be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in this campaign—-because we know that someday we must answer to YOU for our every thought, word, and deed. 
    Help us bring HONOR to You and to Sarah Palin as we work to elect her PRESIDENT PALIN!

  • patnatasha

    Happy Anniversary Todd and Sarah!!!

  • blackbird

    Thanks Ron. I think the "A Lifetime of Accomplishments – Master Lists by Year" page would make a great contribution on the right side bar here at C4P or at a minimum a button link. God Bless you Ron.

  • mkp03

    I remember watching her speech at work.  I had tears in my eyes…I kept thinking..this woman is my age…what have I done for my country lately???   I was so impressed by her fortitude and strength. 

    God bless Sarah, Todd and her lovely family.  Thank you for running for VP!  It must have been exhausting with Trigg being so young.  I could have never done it.

  • Been_There_BT

    I’ve witnessed a lot of GOP Conventions – last time I was excited by one was Reagan – when I heard Palin’s speech and saw the crowd come alive – I said "Thank you God for giving us Sarah Palin."

  • icenogle

    When I heard that Gov Palin had been selected I believed that McCain had won the presidency, little did I know how incompetent the McCain campaign could get.

    • wodiej

      If she had been the Presidential nominee instead of VP, it would have been a slam dunk.

    • Anno76

      icenogle – "little did I know how incompetent the McCain campaign could get." I knew it was over  when McCain suspended his campaign. I have no respect for this man at all. It’s unspoken in the military world that no one is left behind – but McCain not only left Sarah behind, he and his staff drug Sarah and her family deep in the mud. Not one word from McCain defending Sarah, not a freakin peep!!! But he didn’t forget Sarah when he was campaigning for his re-election. It showed me what kind of character McCain has – not much!

  • Kristy Patullo

    I remember I was at home watching Morning Joe. (this was before I switched over to Fox News) I remember that they were all anxiety ridden over who John McCain’s pick would be. The excitement was palpable. The confusion at an all-time high. It was quite comical, and made for great television. And then the sonic boom happened. What a great moment in history. The thrilla from Wasilla had arrived. And made history. I’m confident that she will have another moment to make history in the very near future. By not only becoming the first female nominee of the Republican Party, but as the first female President of the United States. May God bless Sarah Palin, and give her strength.

  • imo123

    3 years ago I said "Wow, I like her!"  But for me it was her RNC Speech that made me say "OMG I’m a republican!"

  • porttopalin

    Gov. Palin embodies an entirely different notion of politics, and yet despite her governing prowess, gravitas and impact on the mid terms, the media just can’t reconcile themselves to her instincts. Interesting how no one in the chattering class gives Giuliani, or some other unnamed Republican, a drop dead date to announce, but it’s an entirely different story with Sarah Palin.
    If you read the tea leaves it almost seems her enemies are turning into allies overnight because of the palpable effect Perry has had on the race. From Karl Rove to Chris Matthews, no one can overstate what a game changer Palin’s entry would mean to this unsettled field. They believe, and rightfully so, SHE, not Romney or Bachman can expose his inadequacies.
    The door is wide open for Palin’s potent combination of optimism and conservatism. No one can fill an arena and command the podium as she can, and when she speaks about her vision for America’s future, our families, prosperity and freedom it’s a vision of conservatism not heard since Reagan.

    • Ceejay

      If not for Sarah Palin, Bachmann and Perry would be two former candidates, as they both needed Sarah to shore up their campaigns, not this time around, they are on their own.

      Sarah 2012!
      Some are IA bound, I am staying in town!
      Game on!

  • Freempg

    “We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling.That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.” — Camille Paglia, commenting after the Dayton speech.

  • Doc Yeager

    Hurricanes Sarah is coming.

    She is A whirlwind politically, and spiritually. Hurricane Irene was exaggerated! Hurricane Sarah is extremely underestimated.

     There are hurricane force winds that will be released against all of her opponents. They’re not ready! They will not know what hit them! Those of us who have read her books. Watched her debates. Read her tweets. Experienced her wisdom and determination know what is coming.

    Almost Takes Your Breath Away!

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