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Why Did Ken Crow Make Such a Mess Out of the Iowa Rally?

Robert Stacy McCain has been all over what he calls the "Indianola ‘Clusterf**k’" today and has added another post to the mix, along with this picture:


He writes:

This photo — showing Texas Gov. Rick Perry talking to Ken Crow — was taken Saturday by Lisa Krantz of the San Antonio News-Express at a Polk County (Iowa) GOP fundraising event in Des Moines.

The title of McCain’s post is called "Iowa Conspiracy Theory," and indeed there are some theories floating around after Crow’s handling of the event in Iowa, especially after this picture surfaced. McCain seemed to downplay the possibility that Crow being a well-known supporter of Rick Perry’s had anything to do with what happened today. He wrote:

Way too far-fetched for my tastes. Is Team Perry really so crafty that, months in advance, they would dispatch a clandestine operative to insinuate himself among Iowa Tea Party activists, persuade them to invite Palin to a big rally, and then wreck the whole thing on purpose just to make Palin look bad?

I don’t believe that Perry’s people plotted this out "months in advance" either. I don’t even know if Perry’s people "plotted" this out at all. I do know that Ken Crow is a Rick Perry supporter who has managed to make a mess out of a highly publicized event that Governor Palin will be headlining on Saturday. I also know that he has been trashing Governor Palin to the press.


Make of it what you will.

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