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Why Did Ken Crow Make Such a Mess Out of the Iowa Rally?

Robert Stacy McCain has been all over what he calls the "Indianola ‘Clusterf**k’" today and has added another post to the mix, along with this picture:


He writes:

This photo — showing Texas Gov. Rick Perry talking to Ken Crow — was taken Saturday by Lisa Krantz of the San Antonio News-Express at a Polk County (Iowa) GOP fundraising event in Des Moines.

The title of McCain’s post is called "Iowa Conspiracy Theory," and indeed there are some theories floating around after Crow’s handling of the event in Iowa, especially after this picture surfaced. McCain seemed to downplay the possibility that Crow being a well-known supporter of Rick Perry’s had anything to do with what happened today. He wrote:

Way too far-fetched for my tastes. Is Team Perry really so crafty that, months in advance, they would dispatch a clandestine operative to insinuate himself among Iowa Tea Party activists, persuade them to invite Palin to a big rally, and then wreck the whole thing on purpose just to make Palin look bad?

I don’t believe that Perry’s people plotted this out "months in advance" either. I don’t even know if Perry’s people "plotted" this out at all. I do know that Ken Crow is a Rick Perry supporter who has managed to make a mess out of a highly publicized event that Governor Palin will be headlining on Saturday. I also know that he has been trashing Governor Palin to the press.


Make of it what you will.

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  • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

    The Good Ole Boys stick together. What else would we expect?

    • nederlandbill

      Plain and simple !!!

      • Joe

        Slain and pimple.

    • Dan C

      And thats why we are in this horrible mess as a nation.

      • ADRoberts

        Well you know who Ken Crow is now. Just get rid of him. 

    • Joe

      Good Ole’ Boy????

      His middle name is Stacy fer cryin’ out loud!  Johnny Cash is rollin’ over in his grave tryin’ to add a verse to A Boy Named Sue!

      • larrygeary

        Reading comprehension lacking. Nicole was referring to Crow and Perry as good ole boys.

    • John Norton

      Its that Photo…Right about now how I wish I could call the A Team in…!
      If I were Sarah id pull out completely and go back to the original site…

      • ADRoberts

        She has gone back to the C4P site.  Let Ken Crow see how many people will show up for Perry and Crow.  LOL.  The cameras from MSM won’t even be there. 

  • AmsterdamExpat

    Really, wasn’t all of this already talked to death on the other thread? Why roll out a welcome mat for it to be rehearsed again?

    • John Norton

      But things are developing as we even speek AE…

  • We heir2freedom

    Governor Palin will successfully rise above this minor fiasco and deliver a knock-your-socks-off speech on Saturday. 

    All Crow did was draw attention to this event via the hapless LSM who would have otherwise tried their best to ignore it if they hadn’t have smelled a little blood in the water.

    Alas, no blood. The LSM chases the bus once again.

    Run, Sarah, run!

    • Cathy
      • John Norton

        Yes, it was a very misleading artical…I spent some time in the comments section at the bottom of the page,a lot of trolls there… It was good hunting…!

    • willegge

      ODonnell  was brought on to be a negative on Governor Palins speech and take away from the moment . The media would bring a lot of focus on  O’Donnell this had to be intentional. 

    • lastarza

      What time is her speech scheduled for? I want to set my DVR for it.

    • Been_There_BT

      I like that "LSM chases the bus once again"

      Future Bumper sticker? "Chase MY Bus!"

      Palin 2012!

  • mkp03

    time to move on folks..this is getting old.


      Either way, we will choose a candidate. We will back & vote for that candidate. No matter who our candidate is , he(she) will be a major improvment over our currently downgraded president. We will win the election & turn our country in the right direction. It will be 20 years before the dems have any federal power( we do have lousy memories).

      • John Norton

        Some not all ive ben livin this crap for four decades plus…! Since 08 ive ben at this and yes ill say evenif you wont ED FROM CA. Sarah Palin will be our 45th President…!

    • lastarza

      I agree. A few seeds of dissension can muddy the waters and bring division in the ranks. It can only hurt our cause.

  • Freelancer007

    How? Seems to me they were trying to screw with her.

    • juju341

       And, they didn’t even kiss her first!!!

  • Jen4Palin

    You know, I was thinking earlier that this whole thing seemed highly suspicious. It seemed like it was set up to confuse Sarah’s supporters, discourage them from attending the rally, and make Sarah look bad. Shame on them!

    • John Norton

      I ben playing that song all day…Theres a dead Skunk in the middle of the road…!

      • goldenprez

        "And it’s stinkin’ to high heaven …"

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

      • lastarza

        You were right on.

    • MarkRNY

      And it’s getting suspiciouser and suspiciouser as per as usual (a little semi scattina there).

  • c4pfan

    Oh, brother.  This site never fails on bringing up over and done with stories!

  • Jean_A

    What a freckin dirtbag.  I bet you this dirtbag was hoping that Gov. Palin would walk.  He probably had already tried to get Perry but that was a no go.  Perry ain’t that stupid.

    • footballchik1

      Jean read this little quote that Crow gave the Daily Caller An organizer of the much-publicized tea party rally in Iowa this weekend says Sarah Palin would not be doing herself any favors if she drops out of the event.“I hope that isn’t so…It would hurt her more than hurt us,” event organizer Ken Crow, the co-founder and president of the Tea Party of America, told TheDC.

      • lastarza

        When the Liberals refer to Tea Partiers as wing nuts and crazy, Ken Crow gives them all the verification of an example. He should be ostracised from any Tea Party connections.

  • adolph.stephens

    Tea Party is a new phenomenon.  It’s beauty is the organic nature of it.  As such, there’s going to be some crazy uncle moments.  As I don’t have all the facts I’m not saying that’s the case here, but we, as Palin supporters shouldn’t overreact here.  I suggest we take our cues from the governor.  At the end of the day, I predict she remains above the fray, as a serious potential presidential would, and that she uses this conundrum as an opportunity to strengthen her game.  Certainly she will more closely vet those wanting to access her supporters, more thoroughly going forward.

    • bestbud4Palin

      Exactly adolph.stephens… stuff happens!

    • John Norton

      Shes fixin on doing this pretty regular now and it would be a good idea from now on she have an away team out front with a PS…That would be the smart move…

      • lastarza

        A very important part of stafff, is having an expert advance team. They would nip things like this in the bud.

    • PressingOn

      One of the downfalls of relying on a grass-roots organization. 

      She’s counting on us.  We have to get it together.

  • DougBrady

    How so?  Crow is a Perry man and he did his best to make her look bad.  How’s that her fault, champ?

    • Dan C

      Doug, didnt you know that everything is always Sarah’s fault? It was Sarah’s fault that perry supported the dream act too I’m sure!

    • John Norton


    • ADRoberts

      I guess, chimp, that Sarah Palin has been Tea Party for a long time.  Now Perry claims he is.  He really is not.  Just like the only prayer meeting I have ever heard him call was just before he announced.  And that will be the last time he speaks of Christianity.  That was our bone. 

  • Right_Wingnut

    He’s also from Texas, BTW.

    • sc4GOP

      Not just from Texas, but an attorney from Waco, I read somewhere today….

      This just serves as a wake-up call for us all.  Palin called his bluff after he ran to the press and said it would hurt her more than it would hurt him if she cancelled.  It was very easy to figure this one out this morning…just had to let it all play out.

  • LibertyLvr

    Maybe this latest article will clear up some questions:
    "Palin 2012: Crafty or Chaotic?"

    • bedr1

      first of all its ABC news, you might as get your info from the DNC

  • footballchik1

    One thing I have noticed though is that the conservative blogs have taken Sarah’s side and are blasting this dude. So thanks to R.S. Mccain for being one of them.

    • footballchik1

      P.S Crow looks like he’s in love in that picture gross!

  • WilliamShipley

    Sarah was wrong?  In what way?  She has not only a right, but an obligation to control who she is on stage with and who she is considered to be palin’ around with.  And the security issue is paramount.  if they were concerned about security that’s not something you mess around with, particularly not with the level of hatred directed towards her.

    We really don’t know what happend, and frankly, we shouldn’t.  This should all have been behind the scenes.

  • HopeLessChange

    If this Crow fella gets too-big-for-his-britches about his TPA rally, all Sarah needs to do is TWEET that’s she’s gonna be at the nearest Walmart parking lot with a bull horn, and you watch what happens to his TPA rally.

    • Jim Wagner


    • lastarza

      I think Walmart would appreciate that. It would bring a lot of new customers.

  • michaelgingerly

    I know the Perry people are scandalous. Two weeks ago on Tweeter, there was a fellow from the Perry camp who was exchanging Tweets with noted conservative journalists spreading a lie that Gov. Palin had secretly decided to not announce and instead throw her support behind Gov. Perry. That she was only waiting for the best time to break it to her followers.

    I don’t think he is the only one. In fact, I had heard the same false rumors were spreading at the Iowa State Fair, so you would think it is a concerted effort.

    • David Zimmerman

      Perry better reign them in…..Palin still has her night-stick.

  • bestbud4Palin

    You know What??? Stuff happens!!!
    Whatever happened today with the Indianola tea party event…….. Gov Palin will be her usual blazin’ beautiful spirit full of smiles to kill for and I predict…She will turn the whole supposed fiasco on it’s ear, with humor, as only she is able to pull off, and absolutely have everyone happy as-a-lark and wanting more! more! more! 
    And the pundits will suffer another notch written in their journals called LOSERS.

  • Daniel Bruski

    It’s interesting that Ken Crow asked Sarah Palin to keynote and not Rick Perry, if he’s such a huge Perry fan anyway…

    • footballchik1

      Maybe he did and anyways this was way before Perry said he was running most people around the country believed him when he said he wasn’t.

    • michaelgingerly

      Maybe he was interested in a big Tea Party crowd. Something Perry hasn’t compared with.

    • Linda Golden

      You are right Daniel,
      Looks like it was Peter Singleton, not Ken Crow that threw everything off, not to mention it was Christine "I’m not a witch" O’Donnell that invited herself using Sarah’s name to get in…what a gal.,0,3765536.story

      • happymullah

        After reading the article I believe it’s more of clumsiness of amateurs than willful scheming of evil plotters that produce this contretemps.

        Crow will not risk hurting Perry by pulling a stunt like this to embarrass Sarah.  It’s just inconceivable. 

        Besides,  Perry is riding high in the polls and Crow believes that Sarah is not gonna run anyway, therefore she’s no threat to his fellow Texan.

        Singleton was perhaps just over protective of Sarah when he demanded bomb sniffing dogs, helicopters and swat teams aside from having a larger stage with bucolic scene.  But that over-the-top proposal was quickly cleared up and settled when Crow got in touch with aides at SarahPac. 

        So the event was not at all in jeopardy up to that point.

        The blame I believe rests with COD because she let Crow to believe that she was quite close to Sarah and that Sarah wanted her to speak.  When he found out that he was lied to he dis-invited her and that started all this bizarre development.

        But all is well that ends well.  As is always the case with Sarah.

        VIVA SARAH !


      • excopconservative

        Singleton is not off base about security requirements.  When an event is scheduled so far in advance, different precautions need to be taken than for unscheduled or seat of the pants events. A bomb sniffing dog is not an unreasonable request for an event that has been announced for the last six weeks, not only for Gov. Palin’s safety  but for the safety of the thousands of attendees at the event.  Blaming Singleton for messing up the event is not reasonable.  He didn’t invite COD and un-invite her. 

        • socon

          Security has got to be the priority when it comes to Sarah Palin.  Everything else is second.

      • puma_for_life

        Why would you believe what Ken Crow says about anything, let alone Peter Singleton?  I don’t believe half of what Crow says and this portrayal of himself of just some down home farmer who doesn’t know anything is suspect in my mind.  He’s the one who took this story to the press right from the start. 

    • Guest

      would Perry draw such a crowd as Sarah?  Methinks not.     I’m laughing at some articles on Free Republic calling Sarah a Ron Paul:   big crowds, fanatical supporters, no voters come election time….LOL

    • lastarza

      Perry was unknown a few months ago, to almost everyone. The only notoriety he received outside of Texas was when Sarah backed him against Hutchinson. It was a no brainer for Crow to go for the biggest attraction-Palin.

  • bjwilson83

    And the little bugger thought he was going to get away with it!

  • HopeLessChange

    Let’s keep in mind here, that once SP gets into official campaign mode, she will have full and complete control of her "rallies", who introduces, who speaks, when and for how long. Until then, she will have to rely on these ‘cowboys’!

    • Val

      Or they will have to honor their promises and demonstrate a little integrity which hasn’t been on display so far.
      "Rely on these cowboys" not really. Sarah Palin is, and always will be in control and in the driver seat with these clowns like Crow, as he hangs on for dear life.

      • lastarza

        She has the clout and will use it this time, A fter what she suffered from the McCain Staff the last time around, the experience has hardened her to see through these miscreants. And she has the spiritual armor protecting her from  the slings and arrows of all the haters. 

    • Guest


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