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Why Would I Believe Karl Rove Now?

You know what I think of Karl Rove, and it isn’t pleasant. He doesn’t say anything without some ulterior motive, and he seldom throws air-time away on loose, unfocused talk. He even makes up his own small white-boards for television interviews so he can make his points visually. No, a guy like this never says or does anything without a purpose in mind. Over the last several days, since he made his statements regarding Sarah Palin’s potential official entry into the GOP field, something hasn’t felt right about it. Two things I know about Rove are that he hates to be seen as having been wrong, and what he really hates is to lose. His value to the establishment as a political strategist isn’t based on the accuracy of his political prognostications in public, but instead on his ability to manipulate results by the disinformation he spreads in the media. Often times, the analysis he offers on TV are aimed at some purpose other than that which would seem apparent. Due to this, I’ve begun to wonder what his mention of Sarah Palin is really intended to accomplish. It’s the reason I included a question mark in my coverage of Natalie Nichols’ article from yesterday. I simply don’t trust the guy. There’s always an angle to what he’s doing, and he’s effective. Now, with Dick Morris tweeting that he thinks she’ll announce September 3rd, I can’t help but smell a rat.

I went back to the original article in which I read the account, and I was even able to scare up a portion of the video, and so I took a look at what Rove said, and considered what it might be intended to accomplish, apart from what he seemed to be saying. In my view, here is the critical nugget:

"This is her last chance," Rove said. "She either gets in or gets out [after the Iowa visit]. I think she gets in."

Who says it’s her last chance? Why would any of us assume that Governor Palin would choose this moment to begin complying with the narrative of the media’s pet political analysts? It’s not as though any of us actually believe either that Karl Rove wants Sarah Palin to succeed, or that he’s some sort of detached, objective source of political wisdom. What Rove’s statement proposes is a ridiculous premise: It’s then, or never. Why would Rove wish to deliver such a message? He certainly isn’t saying it to help Sarah Palin. I think he wants to paint the picture of a candidate who must get in over Labor Day weekend, or just as well stay home. Could this be because Rove is trying to push her to a premature declaration, or to push us into a false belief based on his dubious assertions?

Why would Rove do that? Rove’s interests lie with some other agenda, but not in advancing a Palin candidacy. What if he could score a substantial knock on her via an expectation game he’s now helped foment among us, knowing that she’s better served to wait a while longer?

Would I enjoy it if she did announce on the 3rd? Sure, since I plan on being there, but then again, I am not so worried about the particular date of her announcement that the lack of one on that day would throw me into a tail-spin of despair or send me scurrying off to some other campaign. I’m a grown-up, and I’ve waited longer for things of much less importance. Truth is, if that’s not the best day for Sarah Palin to announce, in her own judgment, and by her own criteria, I don’t want her to announce just to suit me. I want her to announce on the day she believes will make for the best effect in pursuit of victory. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am prepared to wait until hell freezes over, or she herself tells us otherwise, and if she ultimately decides not to run, I’ll be fine with that too, because I support Sarah Palin, candidate for President or no.

Right now, there’s a lot of "huff and puff" over Rick Perry, and as I mentioned before, this Savior-of-the-Day mentality isn’t something we Palin supporters have ever accepted, so why go with the talking heads’ claims of their prescribed dates and times now? No, I’m not falling for it. If she announces that day, or any other day, I will be equally thrilled at the prospect. There isn’t a time limit on my support, and in truth, my support of Governor Palin isn’t limited to Presidential politics, so I’m not inclined to get too attached to what Karl Rove asserts, one way or the other. I’m done buying the premises such people try to lay out for us, knowing that all too frequently, it’s intended to push us in a direction we would not otherwise knowingly or willingly go.

I’ve said it before, and at some length a month ago today, and I’ll say it this one last time: Leave the strategy to Governor Palin. Why am I supposed to feel hurried anyway? I know who I support, and all the other people already in this race will still be there a month from now even if Governor Palin should decide not to run. While I don’t view that as likely, so what if she did? Two things would remain true even in that case: I would still support her as a tremendous advocate for our values, and I would still be able to decide whether to support (or not support) one of the other numerous candidates. What I won’t do is talk myself into arbitrary, dubious, artificial deadlines for which there is no actual basis in fact, never mind letting Karl Rove talk me into one. That’s just silly. The real deadlines are a good bit later, and for me, my deadline is that day on which Texans go to vote in the primaries, next March. That’s the only deadline I’m worried about, and Karl Rove’s claim of some nonsensical cut-off date is just more typical DC-insider political garbage, and media manipulation. No, I am prepared to wait. Sarah Palin has said it herself: There will be no mistaking her decision on the day she announces it. I expect Iowa on September 3rd to be one thoroughly enriching event, and I am going there to enjoy the fellowship of others like me, and to listen to whatever Governor Palin has to say. I’m not going there expecting to hear an official campaign launch. I’m going there to support her and the Tea Party folks who are hosting the event. She said the time-frame of the end of September should cover the range of dates during which we could expect some sort of announcement. I believe her, and it’s as simple as that. There’s no sense in falling prey to some well-laid Karl Rove narrative.

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  • tomlyn

    When I think of Rove I remember back when he did that stupid moon dancing thing at a political party and it was shown on the news!

    • palinpatriot2012

      I remember that. I wanted to vomit. He looked like a drunk snake. The snake he is that should never ever be trusted.

      • blueniner

        Another guy who made an ass of himself that night was David Gregory he was trying to dance as well and looked like a dooophus.

  • Susan Ally

    "I’m going there to support her and the Tea Party folks who are hosting the event. She said the time-frame of the end of September should cover the range of dates during which we could expect some sort of announcement. I believe her, and it’s as simple as that. "

    I agree with this statement.  In the poll questioning when she would announce I checked late September.  I prefer later than earlier-better position.

    No worries, thirteen months of campaigning day in and day out; no need to wear out the party. There is plenty of time

  • 4rcane

    why would sep 3rd be her last chance when in rove’s eye she had no chance whether she enter months ago or ever

  • Guest

    I think you and some others are looking at this all wrong.  The only reason that Rove is saying Palin is going to run, is because Palin is going to run!  He doesn’t want to be wrong.

    Secondly, Rove saying that she should announce on the 3rd is almost reverse psychology.  If Sarah doesn’t, then he and the other members of the RINO punditry class will all say that she is just teasing and not serious.  

    If I were Sarah, and I am not, I would call their bluff and announce on the 3rd, or at least say that I was intending to run.  Rove will have a cow and Morris will be sucking his own toes for comfort. 

    My own opinion is that Sarah should get in sooner, rather than later. There is no reason not to. 
    In pollitics, timing is everything and so is opportunity.


      Sept. 3rd she’ll announce she has made a decision and will announce in Alaska during the state fair.

      If she doesn’t run I’ll be heartbroken and pissed that she has manipulated us this long.

      BTW We are also guilty of having the messiah politician complex. We crucify any one who is critical of Sarah. Would we be quilty of hammering another candidate for quitting a governorship, I think so if our own momma grizzly hadn’t done so.

      Never speak ill of another Republican:Sarah Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

      p.s. I know Sarah isn’t Jesus. Relax and understand the principle.

  • wisetrog

    If you think what Rove said above is exactly what Allah Dumbit repeats. RinoList is alive.

  • TwoLegsGood

    Rove is working for or with the Bushies ultimately.  If Palin waits until the last minute to announce, then Jeb won’t have time to get into the race.  It’s ROVE who needs her to announce on the 3rd, for Jebbie’s 2016 plans. 

    • amaze830

      If Jeb Bush gets into the race, he will not be nominated.  Noone is going to vote a third Bush into the White House.

    • Todd Underwood

      If he is he is planning on riding the wrong horse this rodeo.

  • LuvGuvSP


    It’s great to read a well-thought explanation as to why we all need to continue to trust Governor Palin’s instincts and sense of timing.

    After reading many of the (hopefully) well-intended comments here recently, I truly hope your perspective will be a calming voice for many and serve as a reminder to all of us that patience is a virtue.

    Again, your voice of reason was truly music to my ears.  Thank you!

  • NY59Giants

    You hit it squarely. Rove wants to play the expectation game as i believe he feels she is going to run, but the 3rd will not be the date. Thus, he wants to create a narrative for those who favor Palin, but have strong doubts. next, she stated we could not miss it, when she does announce. I think the place and how has been set for weeks from her. The exact time was still in limbo, but I think it has been firmed up and everything is going according to SARAH’S plan, not the LSM or the GOP.

    Calm down and relax everybody.

  • HiramHawk

    Great observations on Karl Rove.  He pretends to be a political authority, while he is really spinning the discourse in favor the GOP establishment candidates.  He is crafty and deceptive.

  • ramorywebb

    No matter what Rove and Morris say, Palin and Palin related events are going to dominate the news cycle for days if not weeks. Just the Restoring America in Iowa will have media buzz for at least a week. Then there is the release of The Undefeated to cable outlets and a couple hundred thousand The Undefeated dvd; going on sale at Walmart Stores across the country. 

    The media will fully consumed with number of views and sales alone. Does  anyone doubt that Sarah Palin knows how to control news cycles? I certainly don’t so patience will pay dividends. What will drive Rove, Morris and their pals crazy is all of us holding the space for Palin after the 3rd.

  • John Norton

    I have to beleive that the Gov. by now has her route planned out. with her husband,mother & father to back her playand family and us all she has left is timeing…Im sure on the 3rd she wont dissapoint…

  • amaze830

    I hope people do not pay any attention to what Rove and Morris say because they never say anything that is in the best interest of Gov. Palin.

  • SteveBayrd

    I have long thought a corollary exists between Machiavelli and people like Rove and Gingrich. These are people only interested in power; how to get it and how to use it. Rove is THE modern Machiavelli and he has his "Prince" in mind. But he will never show you the real cards.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Sarah: in your own time.

    Sarah 2012

  • Jack Franklin

    Mark, right on!.  I had similar thoughts, even thinking that Rove’s diabolical prophecy, if she indeed did announce on the 3rd, might be a way for him to take credit for being able to pressure Gov Palin. Personally, I believe that she will decide when it is right for her.  In the meantime, be at peace and hold on for the ride.

  • Terry Malpass

    Perhaps also, by elevating Palin, the idea is to diminish the Tea Party??

    Just popped in my head.

  • KentonAK


    Setting The Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading
    "Three years ago DC pundits predicted with glee the demise of Sarah Palin’s political career. This past weekend their tune changed, citing false information that she has made a decision and set a date regarding a future campaign. Any professional pundit claiming to have "inside information" regarding Governor Palin’s personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public. These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24 hour news cycle and that all American’s will hopefully reject in 2012, and this is more of the "politics-as-usual" that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career."

    • puma_for_life

      Thank you Sarahpac for setting the record straight.

    • kennjac

      Don`t forget she thanked cnn for being honest. Maybe fox should try it instead of letting Rove and Morris spread there lies

      • Dan C

        And Carl "I wept when Hillary Clinton spoke" Cameron. I am not kidding about that.

    • RedDaveR

      Her people are fighting back.  That’s good to see. They realize the need to refudiate this false narrative.

      • Pete Petretich

        They’re trying to tie her up, just like the bogus ethics complaints in Alaska. The Establishment doesn’t want Sarah to be free.

  • LibertyLvr

    Exactly right, Mark. As someone once said, ‘If we trust her to run the country, why wouldn’t we trust her to run her campaign’.

    p.s. There is always so much talk about who can win [I will vote for Joe Blow because he can win.]
    Very little talk about how they would govern.

    • Terry Malpass

      I tell folks that all the time. Makes’em think.

      Gotta trust!

  • bradkarr

    Well Said, that’s the whole story " WE BELIEVE IN HER "

  • GrmaTX

    Silly pundits (Rove, Krauthammer, etc.) think they know so much…hahaha…silly, silly men.

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