Christopher C. Horner: Will the Real Crony Capitalist Please Stand Up?

In a piece at Big Government, Christopher C Horner discusses Governor Palin’s Indianola speech in which she castigated the entrenched political class — of both parties — for their rampant crony capitalism.  The media, Horner points out, immediately took this as a swipe against Rick Perry.  In so doing, they conveniently ignored the biggest practitioner of crony capitalism: Barack Obama:

That Perry, like it seems most politicians, has some things to answer for on this front seems hardly enough to neuter Obama’s awful exposure to the charge (see, e.g., his many waivers from ObamaCare going 50% to union members who only represent about 7% of the workforce, as well as “Obama’s Enron“, the $535 million green jobs boondoggle Solyndra).

It is axiomatic that crony capitalism and similar corruption is rampant, in many forms, among businesses that would not exist but-for largesse transferred to them, by politicians, from taxpayers. Such industries, and the practice of propping them up in the name of one or another fads or theories, invite this.

The increasingly popular “green jobs” schemes — the White House claims more than $80 billion of the $800-plus billion ’stimulus’ went to these, whatever their  definition encompasses — are therefore rife with moral hazard. After all, they exist for reasons other than their economic s or their merit; their pitch is “unless you give me this preference, mandate or bag of money why, I’ll disappear”.


Now on to Obama. Instead of building a stadium to relocate a team, Obama’s approach, as best embodied by his “green jobs stimulus” — or “targeted infrastructure investments in clean energy” as the new euphemism has it — is more like city leaders deciding that while fans would probably go to football games and sustain a new industry in town, well, football’s too violent. What sporting citizens really ought to want is a Women’s Professional  Jai Alai franchise, which some of the city council’s financial backers heard from their European friends is the wave of the future.

An even more accurate analogy to the bizarre philosophy propping up “new technologies” like wind- and solar-powered electricity — both commercialized in the 1890s — would be professional Jai Alai for near-sighted arthritic ladies of a certain age. But, the point shines through regardless.

So yes, Rick Perry has used taxpayer dollars in ways I disapprove of. Maybe more than I know. I sadly expect he would do it again on some level in Washington, given that’s what politicians do when given access to power and trillions of dollars. As P.J. O’Rourke once wrote, it’s like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. It is a principal reason why I cannot get excited about politicians. And I will continue to work against this.

But, for Obama supporters in the media and elsewhere to utter a word about this — seeking to protect their guy — is breathtaking. Are they unaware of what is going on, claiming equivalence with the near-systemic corruption we see with Obama’s union sops and ”green jobs” scams?

Maybe Rick Perry isn’t the one to raise this. Someone had better. It will bankrupt us. Sarah Palin can do us all a world of good by forcing an open debate.

Read Horner’s entire piece here. Governor Palin’s decision to highlight the corrupt and increasingly prevalent practice of crony capitalism in our nation’s capital is astute.  Even the Wall Street Journal is acknowledging that her highlighting of this issue has exposed a "big gap in the 2012 GOP field".  A gap which she adroitly created herself…and one she is uniquely positioned to fill.

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