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Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows that Governor Palin Has Turned an 18-Point Deficit Among NC Independents Into a 14-Point Lead in One Month/Open Thread

What’s going on today?

Even the Daily Kos pollster is showing a 32-point swing (from -18 to +14) towards Governor Palin among North Carolina independents in her matchup with Barack Obama in just one month.

Courtesy of Rubegonia, here was Tammy Bruce’s great segment on Governor Palin yesterday: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Amanda Coyne does a pretty good job pushing back against Erick Erickson and Ann Coulter in this piece.  So which one of you guys other than Damien spoke with her at the Iowa events?  Her note about the media tent is unsurprising.

The Anchoress tweets that Obama is "giving the Palin speech."

Here’s another great NY Sun editorial about the Governor: Union Maid.


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