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Mark Halperin: Governor Palin "Acts Like a Potential Presidential Candidate"/Open Thread

Mark Halperin wrote the following in TIME Magazine:

The former Alaska governor still acts like a potential presidential candidate. Her Labor Day weekend speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire showed that Palin remains more interesting to listen to than any other candidate, and she maintains her unrivaled resonance with the Tea Party movement. In Iowa she blasted "corporate-crony capitalism" by contrasting Washington’s thriving suburbs with other, struggling parts of the country, and she touted her Alaska record of taking on Big Oil and other special interests–showcasing the maverick appeal that enticed John McCain to tap her as his running mate three years ago….

Donate to the Todd Palin legal defense fund

Kelsey has Bob and Mark’s thoughts on McGinniss

You can catch The Undefeated on September 20th in New Jersey.

Here’s another statement from Todd Palin and a statement from the businessman that McGinniss smeared.

What else is going on today?

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  • mystery127

    She’s not acting…she’s going for it!!!!!!

    Palin 2012

    • John Norton

      The Gov. has ben running her whole life and shes getting closer to her goal all the time…!

  • John_Frank

    Good evening,

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Penny

    Holy cow, am I first?

    • Penny

      Boy, I don’t know.  Looks like John_Frank, mystery127 and I all arrived at the same time.   That’s cool.

      • John_Frank


      • wisetrog

        ADmit it, you all wait at your screens just to post the first thing on the open thread.

        • cookboy

          I used to wait for Mia on the morning thread so I wouldn’t be first.

          • NW_Smith

            Where is Mia?

            • cookboy

              I dunno, but I’m pretty sure she’s livening up wherever it is.

              • CharterOakie

                That’s for sure!

                Ciao Bella…wherever you are!

            • Penny

              I miss Mia.  :(

        • famouswolf

          LOL One night I sat here for ten minutes waiting, thinking OK somebody post something to read…could have been first that time.

        • mystery127

          I don’t have a life.  Lost my job about 2 1/2 years ago.  Been looking for a job for this long… God has been good though providing our needs.

          • wodiej

            sorry to hear that.  It’s been 19 months for me and counting.  I’m hanging in there as well. 

            • mystery127

              I’m sorry!  Its not easy to be patient.  Be praying for you…

          • NW_Smith

            At 8 months, I don’t feel so bad

            • mystery127

              Sorry!  Be praying for you too, NW_Smith…

          • IsraeliCojones

            Well, just been through that (though I could find free-lance contracts that helped me survive through this).

            Finally employed again since about one month and thanking G-d everyday for it.

            I wish you the best of luck in your job hunting (an exhausting task in itself).

            • mystery127

              Thank you IsraeliCojones, I am glad to hear that G-d provided you with a stable job.

               I have applied to hundreds of jobs.  My degree is too specialized and that’s one thing that makes it hard to find one.  Pretty soon I will start looking for any kind of job.

          • sodakhic

            Hey guys tons of jobs in North Dakota. Cultural shock, home on the range, coyotes put you to sleep at night. Oil jobs good pay.

            • mystery127

              Sodakhic..if I didn’t have a family and was still young, maybe I would make that move.  The only problem is…I grew up in a tropical country, I might freeze in the winter or I might have to take vacations every winter….lol

          • genia

            I understand, over 3 yrs for me, but strangely found myself again……..and know I can make it happen.  Keep the faith.  For now I am focused on doing all I can to elect Sarah.

            • mystery127

              Thanks Genia. I believe it is not the right time yet for me to get a job.  Job had it worst than me losing his children and possessions and also his health.  I am not too bad.

      • mystery127

        wrong place…

      • mystery127


    • John Norton

      Just about…!

  • AmsterdamExpat
    • John Norton

      Funnyist part was the part where they scrolled across the screen we have hope in 2012…!

    • IsraeliCojones

      Beat me to it! I’ve just seen it and was about to post it.

      This was hilarious. "Don"t be afraid, we can vote Republican in 2012″. LOL

      • ToddPA

        Howdy Israel!!

        Did you read my birthday wish last month??
        Hope you had a wonderful day!

        • IsraeliCojones

          Yes I did, and I thank you Todd :D I haven’t been much online during one month because, on my birthday, I started working! So yes, i had a wonderful day.

          Now tell me: where is it written here that Aug. 16th was my birthday?

          • ToddPA

            Oh I remember…yours a day before mine! lol

    • wodiej

      sorry but  I don’t find it amusing to use Hitler as a joke for anything.  jmo…

  • Caneman

    evening fellow Palin warriors… today is one day closer to our champion announcing and taking back America

  • donberk

    When Sarah runs she should NOT form a superPAC. SuperPACS can accept unlimited funds
    from corporations, unions, and individuals, and most importantly, they do not have to disclose their donors. Forming a superPAC would be ethically inconsistent with Palin’s vow to take on crony capitalism and its beneficiaries in the permanent political class. That vow requires genuine transparency.

  • LibertyLvr

    Hit him again, Todd!

    • John_Frank

      With respect, Todd Palin has said what needs to be said.

      It is now up to us, Sarah Palin’s supporters to continue to organize, (o4p), educate (including using The Undefeated) and recruit, as we do everything we can to help to help her become the Republican nominee in 2012 and to win the general election.

      "Game On"
      Sarah Palin – 2012

  • gilamonster8
    • Guest


      • celestiallady

        Not without me!!

        • Guest

          Hey C, I just got off.!!! catching up on the news….whats up???

          Did you see that post above about Ailes and that POS have
          known each other 44 years……disgusting.!!

          • celestiallady

            Oh just hangin out and reading all the posts and on other sites. Same old day!

            • Guest

              Yep me too reading info.!!

          • celestiallady

            Yeah – why am I not surprised. Was thinking earlier there is so much corruption and deceit – makes one wonder if anything is sacred.

    • celestiallady

      That is funny and very good.

    • Todd Underwood

      You liked that huh?

      Would you believe I put that together in like 2 hours or so?

      I’m going to do another one shortly, just kind of looking for something other than Hitler……

      • gilamonster8

        Great job Todd ,it’s one of the best

      • IsraeliCojones

        LOL, You made that one? Great job!

    • Caneman

      gila is breaking out the guns and whiskey

      • Guest

        Oh crap……lol………

  • AmsterdamExpat

    When is the Palestinian leadership ever not duplicitous?

    • cookboy

      Never not always are.

    • IsraeliCojones


      The 1947 borders, why not?

      They should be careful with this little game: we might just as well return to the 1917 borders, one of these days.

      • AmsterdamExpat

        Precisely. And the way things are going, throw in the Sinai and the Suez Canal as well.

      • $8196935

        IC and AE, this UN session will throw sparks.
        I hope Bibi takes them on.  Am sure he is still ticked
        with the O and his comments and attitude  at Bibi last he was here.

        • IsraeliCojones

          I’m going to tell you what I think.on a spiritual level.

          The Talmud talks about Three (very ancient) Promises (two made by Israel, one made by Esau).

          I will speak only about one: "Israel promised not to return to her Land (hence to end the Exile) without the consent of the majority of the Nations of the world"

          Now, technically, how would it be possible to know what the majority of the Nations think? By establishing the UN. There was no other way.

          So, on a spiritual level, the UN was created (by G-d’s Hand) with the sole purpose of acknowledging the consent of the majority of the Nations for the Jewish People’s return to their Land after a 2,000 years exile.

          How do I know I’m right? Simple: since that vote, the UN had only shown 1) buyer’s remorse 2) rabid antisemitism and hatred toward Israel. It has also become one of the most corrupted institutions ever. A shame for all humanity.

          So this: for decades now, I’ve been waiting for the following event: that the UN would cease to exist when they would reverse the 181 Resolution one way or another.

          This day is approaching fast.

          And I bet from now on: when this Palestinian Statehood Resolution passes, I don’t give one year of survival to the UN, not even months: it will be abolished.

          Which is great news, and one of the reasons why I don’t fear this day, but waiting for it eagerly.

          Go to the deep end, guys!

          • AmsterdamExpat

            Well, be that as it may … when the UN leaves New York I’ll be waving goodbye — what am I saying, I’ll throw a pair of shoes at it as it departs.

            • IsraeliCojones

              They won’t survive to this. You watch.

              The shameful "Zionism = Racism" resolution in 1975 was already a disaster for them, it crippled them financially for decades until they finally nullify it.

              They just don’t realize the consequences of the one coming.on Sept. 20th. It’s over for them.

              • larrygeary

                I really hope you are right. The UN is the seat of worldwide corruption. The US should have left in 1975 and let it die.

          • NW_Smith

            You make me wonder now, if perhaps Obama was likewise elevated for a single purpose, to be likewise cast aside by History after the purpose is served.

  • technopeasant

    For those who might have forgotten:

    Everything Steve Schmidt says about the 2008 campaign or Sarah Palin has to be viewed through the prism of what Schmidt confessed on April 24, 2009 at the University of Delaware that on Sept 16, 2008 the day of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy that he told Senator McCain that he could or would NOT win the election, that his defeat was "preordained."

    If you don’t remember this occurred a few days before the Gibson interview in Alaska and about 10 days before the Couric interview in NYC. Was Palin intentionally sabotaged by her own campaign?

    And to my knowledge Palin was NOT privy to their conversation or informed of Schmidt’s political calculation at the time.

    Was CYA in play for the remainder of the campaign? Was Palin made a scapegoat to protect the careers of Senator McCain and/or his operatives?

    • IsraeliCojones

      Was Palin intentionally sabotaged by her own campaign?

      Uh, yes (understatement).

      Palin was NOT privy to their conversation or informed of Schmidt’s political calculation at the time.

      Of course she wasn’t. She wanted to win. They wanted to lose. She probably realized it when she had to beg them to go to Michigan, and they refused. She probably felt hugely betrayed. Then, she went rogue.

      Was Palin made a scapegoat to protect the careers of Senator McCain and/or his operatives?

      She answered herself to Barbara Walters in Nov. 2009. It was pretty clear.

      I mean, all this has already been discussed in Going Rogue, no?

      Strange that you come up with those questions that have been answered a while ago.

      • technopeasant


        Remember there are always new people coming to C4P who may NOT be aware of the circumstances or simply have forgotten them.

        • IsraeliCojones

          Thanks for answering, I was dumbfounded to see you ask those old questions. :)

          You’re right to have posted them again for the newbies :D Thanks.

      • PhillyCon

        It still ticks me off to this day … Palin being the sacrificial lamb for these losers.  She actually wanted to win an election, how quaint.  

    • generictrainee

      The media roll out wasn’t done by someone who wanted to win. You try to minize risks by going to friendly media first , why didn’t they?


    Read the "Todd Palin legal defense fund" —- Excellent ! — Also , I stole this from the comments —- too good !! ———–
    1 hour ago

    I was waiting for the
    story reporting the sad news  that McGinniss had died last night after surgeons
    failed to remove a copy of his book from his lower intestinal tract.  "It was
    just too far up there, " said an unnamed surgeon.

    • Caneman

      LOL, that is good materials…

  • technopeasant

    After Palin enters the race expect this premise to be the core of the Romney campaign against her:

    " I hope she has a good VP pick, just in case she bails out again when things get tough."

    • AmsterdamExpat

      "Well yes of course: she wouldn’t want to set the stage for a successor like Deval Patrick, now, would she?"

      • M_Minnesota

        GOOD ONE!!!

    • Abby4


    • bjwilson83

      She ought to pick Todd right away. ;)

      • AmsterdamExpat

        We can dream — though if he’d somehow managed to change his legal residence to the Arizona address, such a ticket would presumably be legally possible!

    • Iowa4Palin

      The quick retort:  Would  MITT consider for one second the virtual certainty of personal bankruptcy for himself and his family ?

  • palinsupporter1

    TRUMP TOWER MINDMELD – THE DONALD LIKES PERRY, BUT HE’S WAITING ON PALIN: Donald Trump feels his meeting with Rick Perry last night at Trump Tower went well. The pair had dinner at Jean George after. The New York businessman went home impressed by Perry, who he thinks is a straight shooter with an impressive story to tell. They have been speaking by phone for six weeks. Trump likes the Texas governor but is reluctant to endorse a candidate until Sarah Palin’s intentions are known, a source familiar with his thinking tells Morning Score. He is a big Palin fan. Trump is coming off his role as a robocaller for Congressman-elect Bob Turner, who won in the NYC district Trump grew up in. Turner thanked Trump in his victory remarks. 

    • PhillyCon

      Well, its a good sign that Trump remembers how Palin did not throw him under the bus.  I wonder where Perry was during the whole episode.  

    • Daniel

      Wow, I find it amazing that out of all the people Sarah has stood up for, it’s Trump that hasn’t thrown her under the bus. I have a lot of respect for that and I still believe he will play a role in a Palin campaign.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Joe McGinniss and Roger Ailes have been good buddies for 44 years.

    • palinsupporter1


    • wisetrog

      uh oh. It figures. The amin takeaway from Mcginnis is that stupid rumor which was quite similar to the rumor for Mccain that made him lose SC. Looks the like the Bush gang and the Fox news chief and others are all mixed in this together.

    • Roguer2


    • $8196935

      One of the problems when you are in the print and media news business.
      Most end up knowing and talking to each other

    • KeeleyH

      That’s it. Sarah has to run for POTUS, if nothing else, so she could cut ties with FOX.

    • Guest

      I can believe this because of all the things that have happened at FOX.  It makes my stomach turn with vile………… for this man, Ailies, McGinniss is beyond redemtion.

      What gives me a MUCH BIGGER pain in the heart, is Rush Limbaugh’s friendship with the vile hateful old man Ailies whose only talent is picking beautiful blondes to read his telepromtors!


  • panchita

    you can’t fool a corleone palin chihuahua……..halperin with his obama d*ck comment and with his ongoing acknowledgment that Sarah is running (remember the weasel in the background in NH?)
    is just trying to finagle a seat on her Presidential plane someday.

    chihuahua without nails (chewed to a ragged edge) waiting for Sarah to announce.

    Arriba Sarah! woof.

    • Kjanlady

      LMAO…….Kitty is sharpening her nails…….heard some rantings earlier about going on a McGinniss Quest…….whatever that means

      • Caneman

        meow…. kitty is in the building!

  • technopeasant

    From A/A "hip-hip" businessman Russell Simmons in fall 2009:

    "God will destroy us if we don’t follow Barack."

    • cookboy

      I reckon ol’ Russell was damned either way…

    • Caneman

      Russell Simmons needs to heed the title of his most famous song:  "You Talk Too Much"

  • Dan and autumn Aleff

    The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, the bloodiest single battle in American history, begins. … September 26

    Just sayin’……   anyone have thoughts on this date..?

    • LibertyLass

      I’ll take any date at this point……I feel the earth move under my feet…She’s coming!

  • wodiej

    McGinnis sounds like he was STALKING the Palins.  What a creep.

    • Aaron Herald

      Calling McGinniss a creep is an insult to creeps everywhere.

  • Reckoner_3

    Fellow C4Pers, here are some useful bookmarks, references…

    This is what real investigative journalism, looks like. This was from three reports in 2008, it’s almost like witnessing the eye of the Palinization storm amongst the sensationalism of that campaign. Beside the loose narrative trying to say Sarah was "ordinary" — because she was just a regular student, attending classes? you know, learning and not standing out by being a classclown, loudmouth? — They are fair pieces.

    For instance, they cite *actual* names, and do pretty fair coverage in the articles. The portrait of Palin from these facts, first person accounts, should help to debunk the gossip (and future ones), and distortions of some deranged, sexuallly disturbed old man…… whose first thoughts meander to sexual fetishes while engaging with peripheral interviewees.

    Not only that. These are just good reads that provide a proper perspective, and they’re uplifting counter to the slander, but these links also help  contextualize Todd’s more detailed statements today in his disgust for McCreepo’s product. I will help to defend this stateswoman and her family.

    Palin and Ketchum picked the University of Hawaii at Hilo from a brochure.

    Only after arriving in Hawaii did they realize that Hilo had rainfall approaching 100 inches a year. "The rain," Ketchum said, "was disturbing."

    The Wasilla girls soon moved to sunny Honolulu and enrolled in Hawaii Pacific University, a small private liberal arts school. They lived in an apartment in the Waikiki Banyan and took a bus to school.

    Palin, a school spokeswoman said, attended full time as a business student.

    The girls studied on the beach, tried surfing and pulled straight A’s, Ketchum said. "We took the basic classes — chemistry and biology, this and that."

    But there was a problem. "When you’re used to having some cooler weather, you get tired of the heat,"

    "It was all very quaint," Ketchum said. "You kind of felt safe."

    Ketchum could remember only one out-of-character incident.

    "Someone pulled the fire alarm next to my door," she said. "We all were told there is an invisible dye that squirts onto your hand when you pull the alarm and you’re not going to be able to hide. And Sarah looked at her hands, and said, ‘Oh my God, look!’ And she went and confessed."


    Stacia Crocker Hagerty, 42, lived on the same dorm floor as Palin and considered her a good friend. Still, the Coeur d’Alene lawyer and real estate agent said she had only a few random memories of Palin and a couple of snapshots — including one at a 1986 "kegger" in which they sport big hair and wide belts over untucked blouses.

    Palin was a calming presence who offered to pray for her when Hagerty had boyfriend troubles. "She was so ‘steady Eddie,’ so rock solid," Hagerty said. "She didn’t make a big deal out of things like other people did. She talked about politics and history and what was going on in the world. I was like, whatever, I don’t care about that stuff."

    Until 1987, the Idaho drinking age was 19, and the university had a reputation as a top party school. Hagerty said Palin "was upbeat and fun but not a heavy partyer."

    When she ran for Alaska governor in 2006, Palin admitted that she had smoked marijuana, but Hagerty said she never saw her friend do drugs.

    Hagerty said Palin was good friends with Jill Loranger, their resident advisor for two years.

    When reached at her home in Hailey, Idaho, Jill Loranger Clark was mystified.

    "I can honestly tell you I have no idea who she was," said Clark, a middle school teacher. "If she had been a big party animal, I would have remembered her."

    Palin moved in 1984 to the University of Idaho, where her brother Chuck Jr. played for the football team, Johnson said. She went to dormitory dance parties, rarely drank and never had boys in her room, according to Hagerty. She spoke often about her high- school sweetheart, now her husband, Todd Palin, and fishing in Alaska during the summer. Aww…

    `So Not Sarah’

    `I was sort of shocked to find that her daughter was
    pregnant out of wedlock, because that was so not Sarah," Hagerty
    said, referring to the news that Palin’s unwed 17-year-old
    daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant and plans to marry the

    Palin knew she wanted "to be a newscaster on TV," Hagerty said. "And to have a family."

    After earning her journalism degree in 1987, she got a job as a sportscaster at KTUU-TV in Anchorage. Politics came as a surprise, even to her family, said biographer Johnson.

    "What was talked about around the kitchen table was sports, it wasn’t politics," Johnson said. "When she went into politics, everyone went, `Oh, really?"

    WASILLA, Alaska — For five years, Diane Osborne, a hairdresser, helped young women in this city as they vied for crowns in pageants, but the one she was sponsoring this time, in 1984, struck her as unlikely. Sarah Heath, at 20, was so soft-spoken, so unobtrusive, so agreeable as to seem void of the urgent quest for attention that Ms. Osborne had recognized in others.

    “I kind of worried about how she would do up there on stage,” Ms. Osborne said. “You have to have a certain go-get-’em to get up there and stand up for yourself, and she came across as such a shy, sweet girl.”’

    There, Ms. Palin was described as diligent but reserved, someone who left few impressions about her intellectual life or worldview with classmates reached by The New York Times.

    “She was quiet, she took notes, didn’t speak unless she was called on,” said Darren Love, who said he sat next to Ms. Palin in Religious Studies 133, a class described as “religious viewpoints as they relate to dating, courtship and family life.”

    Of the 43 fellow journalism, communication and telecommunication majors reached by The Times from the group of 60 in her 1987 graduating class, only five said they recalled much of anything about Ms. Palin. (Two, including Mr. Love, said they had a crush on her.) Most others said they had no memory of her at all, which some found puzzling given the communication school’s size.

    Ms. Palin spoke often of her spirituality, jotting notes to fellow
    pageant contestants (“Please keep God No. 1. He’s got great things for
    you, baby”), offering to pray for a college friend who was torn between
    two men, and choosing as her yearbook message: “He is the Light, and in
    the Light there is life.”


    yeah, i’m going to believe Sarah Heath all of sudden changed her personality AFTER college, when she already got a serious job out of college. Usually it’s *after* high school, those repressed dorks, think they have to compensate for their nerdiness by doing coke and being promiscuous when they’re away from home….I know, I’ve been friends with some "What’s alcohol???" they would say…babes in the wood. (no offense to any remorseful nerdy lurkers who may have acted out btw, people make mistakes! )

    And by these classmates testimonies, since guys crushed on her, it doesn’t make sense for her to just decide to do one-night stands, promiscuously, when she could have done so more than once at any point when she was away from Todd. The accounts from her friends uphold her consistency in character from how she conducts herself now. Sarah seemed like someone comfortable in her skin, and someone who knew who she was, very early on during her formative years….

    I can recognize it from these accounts because , when you have a strong, non-naive  faith going into college, and know your plans, your principles and moral compass, God’s grace…you’re less likely to go off the rails, and it’s easier to avoid bad habits…good work ethic, keeping busy, productivity, also eliminates vices…

    ~ Sarah Palin asked to describe herself in three words in 2010. Sarah said, “determined, patriotic, and faithful.”

    • IsraeliCojones

      And there is more proof of her consistency (and Todd’s).

      These two were very young when they met, and nevertheless, they managed to stay together through a dating relationship that lasted 8 years, and in which they were separated for months on a regular  basis.

      Do you know many teenagers, or young adults, who can accomplish this tour de force? I don’t.

      These guys were seriously mature, solid, and in love.

      Thanks for the links, Reck. Bookmarked for later read :)

      • Reckoner_3

        Do you know many teenagers, or young adults, who can accomplish this tour de force? I don’t.

        I know, great points IC…it’s rare

        These two were very young when they met, and nevertheless, they managed
        to stay together through a dating relationship that lasted 8 years, and
        in which they were separated for months on a regular  basis

        These exist. Reminds me of my love bird grandparents…

        And this is just in respect to Sarah , everyone has different life experiences…but the gossip is incongruous to the testimonies of her friends then and the friends she has now…

        the most annoying thing, is people actually talking about the "one night stand " as if true or part of Sarah’s character, as if she was a predator, or regarding how spiritual and professional she was. Even on the threads on C4P.( I understand Other people had different life attitudes in their younger years. ) But the information on Sarah it’s false. knowing she wanted Todd as her soul-mate, and to start a family, she wouldn’t just be randomly for one random day, (not even date but a one night stand) and disregard how she’s been in respect to her faithfulness/love for Todd. Also this same attitude is seen today in how annoying the press is to Bristol when they ask her about her abstinence..incredulous , as she’s the weird one. I guess people assume the worst instead of people actually striving…

        they’d rather everyone be brought down …i suppose

        All this, because of McCreepo’s product / refuse besmirching a Mother and wife’s name in many people’s views of things they shouldn’t even justify or not or engage in calumny.

        • IsraeliCojones

          the most annoying thing, is people actually talking about the "one night stand " as if true or part of Sarah’s character, as if she was a predator

          This is exactly what angered me with some posts here.

          Anyway, as I said before, whenever I see a "if true so what", I’ll flag.

    • Guest

      Thank you. I read the link to NYT article, MY-O-MY back then this article was fairly nice and even, fair!  Who knew the NYTs could print the basic facts without all the sac.!

  • Roguer2

    Bringing this over–> Steve Bannon on with Rob Port radio discussing McCreepy and tactics of the left and right to take out Sarah.

    • M_Minnesota

      I don’t have Facebook.  Is there a direct link?  Thanks.

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