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Mark Halperin: Governor Palin "Acts Like a Potential Presidential Candidate"/Open Thread

Mark Halperin wrote the following in TIME Magazine:

The former Alaska governor still acts like a potential presidential candidate. Her Labor Day weekend speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire showed that Palin remains more interesting to listen to than any other candidate, and she maintains her unrivaled resonance with the Tea Party movement. In Iowa she blasted "corporate-crony capitalism" by contrasting Washington’s thriving suburbs with other, struggling parts of the country, and she touted her Alaska record of taking on Big Oil and other special interests–showcasing the maverick appeal that enticed John McCain to tap her as his running mate three years ago….

Donate to the Todd Palin legal defense fund

Kelsey has Bob and Mark’s thoughts on McGinniss

You can catch The Undefeated on September 20th in New Jersey.

Here’s another statement from Todd Palin and a statement from the businessman that McGinniss smeared.

What else is going on today?

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