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Mark Levin Takes Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, and Other Washington Republicans to Task

More great stuff from Mark Levin.  Enjoy.

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  • travelingon

    "hey- look at me!"

    -Erick Erickson, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham

    Sarah 2012

  • Sean Hughes

    The person that starts the first real conservative network is going to be very rich.  Look how well moderate fax news is doing!

    • Spiridon

      Beck is starting his new network on Monday. 

  • Tammie

    Yes, Coulter is making the rounds to talk about "Palin" but the subject always ends up being Ann. Saw her on Inside Edition last night (of all things) continuing her bashing of Sarah and her "fans". Ann, the queen of vitriol, claims her inbox was filled by hate mail from Palin fans who were rabid at the notion of any criticism of their idol. Ann will not watch The Undefeated and has outed herself as turning a blind eye to any information regarding Sarah. How then, does someone derive an accurate assessment of a Palin with their head in the proverbial sand? Seems to me, with Coulter’s head buried so deep the only thing she has exposed is her ass.

    • juju341

       Someone should call Laura’s program and ask her how many calls has she had defending her and her positions of bad mouthing another Rep.

      • SonOfOriginalTed

        As I posted, above, I phoned Laura Ingraham when she asked who came across best from the debate, and told call screener Palin did, but screener just said he’d pass that along, without letting me on.

        Ingraham stuck talking about Perry and Romney, but even she said/acknowledge (almost had to) that if/when Palin gets in, that will "of course, shake things up".

        • Carol Carr

          Laura, WILL NOT take calls from Palin supporters….I tried a while back. You should lie and say something else.

          • SonOfOriginalTed

            Great idea, I just did as "Bob from Boston", telling screener I was for Perry but when I got on the air — and yes I DID now get on the air — I told Laura how I had to say I was for Perry to get on, but that Palin was the clear winner by NOT showing up at the debate.  Then Ingraham was left — after saying she liked Palin — with the unelectability issue (with which I disagreed).

            • Nancy6

              "Bob from Boston", I caught a little bit of Laura this morning, and heard your whole call. You did awesome! I knew you were a C4Per/O4Per, because you kept saying that Sarah is running, just hasn’t announced yet. Only a C4Per/O4Per gets that concept.
              I loved your reasoning of why Sarah looked the best after that debate last night.
              She didn’t like it that you let everyone know that her call screener wouldn’t let you on when you told him your call was in support of Sarah Palin, but you were let on when you said it was in support of Perry.
              Great call! Thanks for putting yourself out there, and representing Governor Palin so well!
              God bless you!

            • john norton

              Rock on…!

            • BigRMV

              Well played.

    • epm54338

      Right on! … It appears that all the Palin trashers are exhibiting a bit of, dare I say, thin skin?:) … They enjoy dishing it out from their perches inside the beltway, but become unhinged when the target of their remarks – or her legion of supporters — returns fire. … Hypocrites!

    • Kjanlady

      Publish those e-mails Ann of the Giant Adam’s Apple…….I want to see the proof of your whine.

      You may call yourself a conservative…..but I’d like to see some proof…….publish all of your e-mails over the entire last year or STFU

    • Elinfidelo

      Her ass, what ass? You mean her coccyx, it’s all there is.

    • RebinTexas

      Tammy – your comments deserve a 2 thumbs UP – 


    • nkthgreek

      I’m wondering if she doesn’t have her buried somewhere else.

  • LibertyLvr

    I always have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Mark R. Levin.

  • wpmwindsong

    I can’t take Ann and Laura anymore.  All Laura does is hock her book "Of Thee I Zing".  And Coulter is, as Levin says, beholden to Christie for some strange reason.  It must be a NJ thing.  I hope they both watch The Undefeated once Palin announces so that they can at least comment with the facts at their disposal.

    • wodiej

      her book before that was nothing to write home about so I didn’t bother w the second one.

    • gahanson

      Neither one of them will ever watch The Undefeated.  You can tell by what both of them say that neither one of them ever bothered to read either of Palin’s books, nor any of her op/eds, nor any of her Facebook posts, and I don’t think either one of them have actually listened to any of her speeches.  In other words, they don’t want the facts get in the way of their obvious biases.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones, from what I’ve heard Morris say he’s never read any of Palin’s stuff or listened to her speeches, the same goes for Rove, Krauthammer, and most of the other talking heads.

    • Lee Davi

      I don’t get it either.  The Christie thing is weird.

  • cardinalmike

    I love Mark Levin; I really do.

    The guy is a straight shooter and doesn’t mince words.   It was so funny to me how he referred to Laura Ingraham as the "8:00 PM subsitutute announcer".  That had me LOL.

    Mark doesn’t need to indentify who he will support; I already know.  Thanks, Mark.

    • Quiet_Righty

      Mark calls Ann Coulter out by name, but wouldn’t use Laura Ingraham’s name. What’s going on there? 

      • Dan C

        Shes a back bencher. 

      • myfairlady

        Probably trying to not attack a fellow talk show host.  Also, he knows that by calling out Coulter, Ingraham will get the message that what she did was not cool or okay.

        • john norton

          You only need to take out one and im sure the other will get the message and that weaker one is ann…! id really hate to be on Marks badside…!

      • Comportamiento

        Mark has long trashed Ingraham without directly calling her name; unless of course her real name is "back bencher".   I believe her refers to Laura in indirect terms because he really dislikes her so much, he won’t even dignify the conversation with her name.   Coulter on the other hand is a friend, so he is comfortable speaking her name.

        • socon

          That’s interesting.  I wonder what happened between them.

      • John Norton

        Laura has more to do with live media ann not so much…

      • fesofee

        I don’t know why he didn’t mention her name but I love the fact that he didn’t. 

  • Sarah4Prez

    Coulter is buds with Bill Maher…nuff said.

    • wodiej

      yep, she was on Hannity one night about a month ago.  Said "I know you want me to say something bad about Maher but I’m not going to-we’re friends.  And he even bought me dinner!'" Turn Coulter OFF.

      • Spiridon

        Maher’s misogynism goes well with Coulter, who once said she opposed women’s right to vote. I wonder what she thinks about his "stewardess" comment about Sarah Palin. 

    • Tomas de Torquemada

      Good point about Bill Maher.  He has a diseased and stinking mind.  I’ve long suspected that one salient factor feeding his pathology is his physical ugliness, in combination with his lunatic leftism — what an unbearable threat a right-wing beauty like Sarah must be to him.

      He has my sympathies.  Wait a minute.  No.  He doesn’t.

      • socon

        Part of Maher’s ugliness is the constant nasty smirk on his face.  Ann’s become ugly to me, too.  Eat a sandwich, girl!

    • socon

      Says a lot about Coulter that she hangs around with that slimeball.

    • c4pfan

      That’s all I need to know.  How anyone associate with him, tells you something.

  • Dan C

    This was that good call from last nights mark levin show

    • Carol Carr

      Great call! This guy gets it!

    • John Norton

      Heard it live yesterday and put my post up what Mark said about Sarah makin a good Pres…!

    • socon

      Awesome!  Excellent caller.

  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Phoned Laura Ingraham when she asked who came across best from the debate, and told call screener Palin did, but screener just said he’d pass that along, without letting me on.

    Ingraham stuck talking about Perry and Romney, but even she said/acknowledge (almost had to) that if/when Palin gets in, that will "of course, shake things up".

  • Nichama

    NOBODY DOES IT BETTER.  Thank you, Mark!!!

  • wodiej

    Never liked Bush. Never liked Rove.  

    • socon

      I never trusted either one of them and their  "Compassionate Conservative" crap.


    It is obvious to me now that Ann Coulter is more anti-liberal then she is pro-conservative because it is easier to tear something down than to build something up. Mark Levin is just the opposite. Bless his heart!

    • Spiridon

      I guess that’s why she likes Christie, whose only quality is that he likes to verbally put others down. 

  • heypiasano

    The yesterday it was Rush in mentioning Sarah first as those that can beat Obama, Today you have Levin going after the talking heads for trying to continue trashing Palin. The fire wall is being built whereby these critics are going to be forced to justify there criticism of Palin. 

    They won’t , they can’t and they continue to look even more foolish!

    Sarah’s strategy is working to perfection!

    2012 can’t come soon enough!

  • section9

    Superb rant from the Great One!

    I’m not surprised that Laura is hiding out behind her call screener. Once Palin enters, Ingraham is going to have some explaining to do.

    • Carol Carr

       She really does hide behind her call screener….you should try calling and say you want to talk about Mitt.

      • curth

         It would be great if someone would call in and record the screener telling them that they won’t allow them on because they support Palin, then post it all over the internet. Call these phonies out and expose them.

  • porttopalin

    What fell under the radar was Coulter implying her dislike of Palin because of her fans. Maybe she really meant to say those SOB’s.

    In Laura’s case, Palin is just not smart enough … she doesn’t want to dig deep on the issues.
    This could be a moment of outreach for us. Perhaps we should pitch in and send Coulter and Ingraham a DVD of The Undefeated. It seems they’re to lazy to read her 3,000 word policy positions on the fed, economy, Obamacare, unions,  Libya and everything else in between :)

  • KeeleyH

    Ann Coulter decided from the get-go back in 2009 (long before Chris Christie was even on the radar) that Palin should wait until 2016 or 2020. She has never changed her mind about it since, because has not allowed herself to observe in real time. 

    Given that Ann supported Duncan Hunter in 2008, she certainly is not someone we should take seriously when it comes to choosing presidential candidates.

    Quite frankly, it’s a waste of time to get worked up about Ann Coulter.

    • Spiridon

      Funny how she didn’t think Duncan Hunter was "unelectable".

  • Mike Fahy

    Ivy Leaguers Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham obsessively trash Sarah because Sarah has not yet declared her candidacy. Ann’s big favorite is Chris PKreme Christie who is also an undeclared candidate. Say what?

    Well, these Ivy League sisters have other differences with Sarah as well.

    (1) Unlike deep-throaty Ann & Laura, Sarah has a pleasant feminine voice. Most unsuitable for coma-inducing Teleprompter sleepathons.

    (2) And Sarah is just not as smart as Ann & Laura because Sarah does not have an Ivy League pedigree. We have had 24 years of Ivy League presidents, and they have spent us dry; yet, the Ivy ladies see no need for a Reaganesque President Palin.

    (3) These two Beltway spinsters view Sarah’s family life as so archaic: a husband and five children — unheard of!

    (4) Most frightening are the immense throngs of gauche Tea Party types at all of Sarah’s events. Ivies prefer the discreet dozen or so who show up for Michele, Ricky, and Mitt.

    (5) Sarah is the only Commonsense Constitutional Conservative; ergo, she cannot win because, as Ann & Laura know, we need a moderate in the winning tradition of Dewey, Ford, Anderson, Dole, and McCain. Sure hope Chris PKreme Christie gets his considerable self into the race.

    • hrh40

      Sad to say both of these ladies are from Connecticut … :(

      We’re not all like that, I promise! :)

      • john norton

        I second that The Gov. that was thrown out of office there for his hand in the cookie jar started the liberal nonsense but the real reason was infiltrators from albany ny the worst rats nest of corrupt politicians in the country and yes even more so than CA…!

  • SonOfOriginalTed

    As I report below, in order to get on the Laura Ingraham show I had to say I was for Perry, and when I got on the air, I told Laura how I had to say I was for Perry to get on, but that Palin was the clear winner by NOT participating in the 8-person debate.  Then Ingraham was left — after saying she liked Palin — with the unelectability issue (with which I disagreed).

    Then after the call, Laura doubled down by reiterating and emphasizing that the Dems WANT the GOP nominee to be Palin (and that is what troubles Ingraham about Palin).

    (of course, the exact opposite of what Laura Ingraham says is the case — but is interesting that at the end of the line, Ingraham is left solely with the "unelectability" issue)

    • Comportamiento

      I would love to hear that clip of you telling her the truth of the bias she has against Palin.   I haven’t been a member of Laura’s online club since 2009.  I was disgusted with Laura’s bias again Palin during the election.   Back in 2008 she would have Byron York on and he didn’t like Palin at all.  Laura would let him say unkind things about Palin unchallenged.  She would often repeat things her friends would say — her friends being people like Kathleen Parker.  

      Laura’s attempts to cover her true feelings with these fake concerns of "electability"  do not work. I saw through her awhile ago, and have made a conscious effort to not give money to anyone who would stop the progress of change that is happening.  Sarah Palin is the future, and anyone who tries to say otherwise can just get off the train.

      • john norton

        Thats right…Its called by the Navy seals as "Wet Work" sometimes…! I can only imagine the things she says off mike…!  Time to yell for Crunch…!

    • NHConservative0221

      That’s awesome.  Major props to you for doing that!  I hope others do this as well, do whatever it takes to get on and hammer these clowns!

      I believe Sarah can and wil win! 

      Even if that wasn’t the case I’d rather go down with the ship fighting for a real conservative rather settle for an "electable"  RINO

  • Elinfidelo

    Does Ann Coulter have a fetish for obese men?

    • Sarah4Prez

      Not just a fetish for large men, a fetish for exceedingly fugly men as well ( explains her friendship with the Troll called Maher.)

    • socon

      Ann’s a chubby chaser.

  • stlouisix

    Reposted on open thread!

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