Pursuing a Letter-to-the-Editor Strategy

Imagine if the 20,000 regular C4P visitors decided to write one letter per month to their local newspapers. What effect might that have on millions of people who don’t get their news from any conservative outlets and have to rely on traditional media for information? Just as Governor Palin has shown us the powerful effect of her voice, I believe one person with a strong, unwavering “voice” can influence hundreds of others in their own community who may not have that kind of courage. And congrats to avid C4P reader Kevin String for doing just this.

Here’s his motivational idea …

Gov. Palin herself mentioned the importance of letter writing to local newspapers in Going Rogue as one of many important tools to further the cause of freedom.

I believe for a letter to be effective it must be original, bold, informative and optimistic. In fact, if I hear anyone from Rush Limbaugh to Mark Levin to Tammy Bruce make a point that I already had in mind for a letter topic I will abandon it. There is plenty to write about. It is typically liberals who mindlessly regurgitate talking points as mentioned by BHappy in a comment to my last submission. It must remain that way.

Common sense tells me it is important not to over-submit. Therefore, I tend to send in one per month at most. Below is my September letter which was published recently (9/8/11). I hope you find it fits my own criteria mentioned above.

To the editor,

“The Tea Party can go straight to hell!” declared California congresswoman Maxine Waters in one of her recent rants designed to incite pure emotional hatred toward ordinary citizens united for the purpose of stopping the growth of government and preserving our liberty.

Just a month earlier in pushing for the debt ceiling to be raised, President Obama accused Republicans (i.e Tea Party patriots) “…of putting a gun against the heads of the American people” as if Tea Party patriots aren’t themselves taxpaying Americans.

All summer long the words “terrorists”, “extremists” and racist accusations have been bandied about in public by Democrat notables to describe Tea Party Americans honoring the leftist tradition of turning citizen against citizen merely to enhance their own power.

Certainly we may now conclude the Democrats have no intention of toning down the rhetoric as Mr. Obama had requested after the Arizona shootings last January when Democrats accused Governor Palin of being an accomplice to mass murder. We may now also conclude that the constant drumbeat of this unabashed vitriol is a practice exclusive to Democrats as we are all still waiting to hear something even remotely similar from the likes of any Republican leader.

But that is only part of the story. There has been a trend within this liberal hate language as of late emanating from Mr. Obama’s comrads in the entertainment and mainstream media that reveals a special bigotry toward women. For example, in late March, liberal icon and HBO host, Bill Maher, referred to Mrs. Palin as a c**t. He follow that up with “There is just no other word for her”.

In May, MSNBC host and bombastic liberal, Ed Schultz, called popular conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut”. He followed that up with the elaboration, “Yeah, she’s a talk slut”.

Remember when David Letterman made a joke of Gov. Palin’s teenage daughter getting “knocked up” in Yankee Stadium during a ball game which she attended with her mother?

Finally, although not as profane, liberal Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Michele Bachmann in a recent interview; “Are you a flake?” Do you think he will ask fellow candidate Ron Paul that question anytime soon?

This verbal assault on women isn’t simply uncivil public discourse or crass humor from people who obviously have problems with the opposite sex. This is high grade left-wing depravity on parade that continues to march forward because it has been met with applause and accolades rather than pink slips.

Indeed, our society is in deep trouble for many reasons but the rotting of our culture at the hands of these mean-spirited bigots ranks among the most dire. Our next election must therefore not simply be about who can best create jobs or balance the budget. It first and foremost must be about finding the candidate who cherishes individual liberty and understands the Constitution’s role in preserving it. That will be the candidate who can then lead the reawakening of the greatest bastion of freedom and brotherhood ever known to mankind.

The good news is that such a person already exists and appears poised to run for the presidency and, that is bad news for the Democrats. That person just happens to be a woman.

Kevin L. String

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I'm a mother of three, and devoted Palin blogger.

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