Regarding the Informal C4P Meetup Scheduled for Tomorrow Evening/Open Thread

Greetings from Iowa. It is extremely hot outside.

Here are some final thoughts on the informal C4P meet-up scheduled for tomorrow evening at 8 PM at the Machine Shed Restaurant:

-If you e-mailed us to RSVP and we e-mailed you back, you are on the list. If you only found about the informal meet-up late and really want to go meet other Palin supporters the night before her September 3rd speech, come down anyway to the restaurant. We couldn’t book the entire restaurant, so even if the room that we are using is too full, you can still have a good dinner and perhaps run into….

-We do not know at this moment Governor Palin will attend or give a speech if she does attend.

In case you missed it, ABC News has a preview of her speech.

You can now watch The Undefeated in your own living room.

She’s been invited to participate in the debate CNN is sponsoring with the Tea Party Express on September 12th.  Rudy Giuliani was also invited but declined to attend.

What else is going on today?

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