Sure, Sarah, We Won’t Tell ‘Em To Go To Hell (Wink Wink)

Guest Submission by Robert Wiles

In her speech in Indianola Saturday, Gov. Palin sarcastically informed the permanent political class that we would not tell them to “Go to hell … Oh no we won’t.” It was just one more reminder of her rebellious nature, and it struck me as reminiscent of an infamous and rare verbal exchange that occurred during World War II between the American forces and the Germans.

On December 16th, 1944, the Germans launched their largest offensive of the war on the Western Front. The primary goals in this offensive was to drive a wedge between the American and British armies and to capture the Belgian port of Antwerp. For many, we have heard the phrase “Battle of the Bulge,” well this was it. One of the main reasons that this offensive failed was the strong resistance of American forces on the southern shoulder of the Bulge, a town called Bastogne. The Allies realized its importance and General Eisenhower dispatched the 101st Airborne Division to hold the town at all costs. During this battle, the Germans held siege upon Bastogne and requested that the American forces surrender, and in that request they did receive a reply from Division Commander General Tony McAuliffe. That one word reply became infamous in the chronicles of American history. General McAuliffe wrote that word to be taken to the German delegation that was being detained at the command post. That one word was “NUTS” and as translated by one of the Americans to the Germans in case they didn’t know what NUTS meant in English, the translation given was “Go to hell”. Well, after weeks of fierce fighting, reinforcements finally came and Bastogne was held by the American forces. The bravery of the 101st Airborne Division in holding Bastogne under extreme circumstances resulted in the first full Army Division Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation. To read about the whole battle of Bastogne and what transpired, you can read it here .

Yes, a division who was overwhelmed by the odds held on under extreme circumstances not because they out numbered the Germans, because they didn’t, they held on for one reason, they knew what freedom meant. They were as of the Allies, they knew that the spirit and soul of humankind can only survive under the principles of a person living within the realm of liberty and freedom. Why do I mention this episode concerning the history of our Country, WELL, how many of us have ever said “NUTS”. I know of one and she has been saying “NUTS” for three years now. Yes, going back to when Sarah Palin was introduced as Senator John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin has been dragged thru hell and high water. From that day, Sarah has been attacked, her family, her values and principles. Many times so many out there have basically asked Sarah to give it up, surrender you can say. We have heard from those talking pundits, the elites, members of both parties, the news media and the left that Sarah should bow out, she shouldn’t run, she is treading in waters that she can not handle and so on. We have had many who have told Sarah she needs to make a decision, she needs to do it this date, that date, she needs to enter the debates because if not now, she is toast. We have heard from all these professional politicians that she needs to listen to them, she can’t do it, she doesn’t have the polished rhetoric of a Harvard grad, she doesn’t have the thick skin that one needs to be in the world of politics. They want an answer from her and they want it now, the funny thing being she has answered them for 3 years now and they all have yet understood her reply. Yes, the one they want to see surrender and just wave that white flag has answered and she still holds her place within the realm of the political/cultural world. As in Sarah, the left, news media, both parties and the elites of this country see Bastogne in Sarah because she is in their way. She stands between them and their political and cultural prowess of victory which they so desire. They have been attacking Sarah for years and they as well have seen the reinforcements coming to aide Sarah and that is the people. Sarah’s conviction, honor and strength has held the line for we the people of this country, NOW it is time we say NUTS and support the one who once again gave us life within the Conservative/Republican movement.

For me, whatever Sarah does is fine with me. For me, I have watched and listened to Sarah for these past few years and I have seen because of her, our side has new life. As I have watched, there is something else I have seen with Sarah, that being there is more to all of this then just politics. This is a cultural battle most of all. For 3 years I have seen her reply to their wanting her to surrender, give it up and just walk away. For three years I have seen Sarah holding our base together. For three years I have seen her hold that command I call Bastogne. Yes, in reality 1944 in the holding of the town Bastogne, Belgium, this was a very pivotal battle in stopping the Germans from their last big thrust to hold onto their empire that they saw was slowly diminishing by the efforts of the Allies. That was war and in retrospect if we don’t think we have our own Bastogne here in the United States, you are wrong. Our Bastogne is not a town, but a vision, a culture, a way of life as in liberties and freedoms. The left and others see that and they know their is one standing in their way who is fighting to see the American culture stay solid within the realm of liberty and freedom for a people. She holds the values and principles of America high, she has shown that she will not surrender within those beliefs and she will not wave that white flag for the people she fights for. Yes, some will say I am overreaching, but I say to them, I never thought in my wildest dreams that the childhood game of tag would be looked upon as evil and I never thought the day would come where we would have a mayor who decides that clergy will not participate in the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

I for one am glad Sarah has said NUTS to all the nay sayers out there these last three years who wanted her to surrender and give it up. I am glad Sarah has made her voice heard for me, we the people. Maybe she will announce, maybe not, but whatever she does, she will not be silent in the following years and neither will I. As for me in wanting to know if I will abandon Sarah in any decision she makes and throw in the white flag … I say “NUTS.” And if you need a translation I’ll be glad to express it!!!!!!!!

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