The Hill’s Bizarre Presumption About a Governor Palin ‘Endorsement’ of Rick Perry

I don’t know this Christian Heinze person very well at The Hill … but he just wrote a strange piece today speculating whether Governor Palin’s endorsement of Rick Perry would hurt or help him.

Hmm … where to start?

This whole piece reminds me of a mousy junior high school girl with an out-sized sense of her own potential … “Gee, if Bobby asks me to the dance, should I say ‘yes’ or ‘no'” … ignoring the fact that the very popular Bobby is not even considering taking you to the dance, you moron!

The Sarah Palin Factor

If Sarah Palin doesn’t run for president, it’s widely speculated the former governor of Alaska will endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), with whom she shares an ideological temperament and populist message.

Doing so would likely pare the race down to a Perry-vs.-Mitt Romney battle — with Perry representing the Tea Party wing of the GOP and the former Massachusetts governor becoming the establishment preference.

But if Palin endorses Perry, the Texas governor will be faced with a difficult choice: Should he embrace her support, or should he keep her at arm’s length?

So we are to believe it is widely speculated that Palin would endorse Perry? Is this Beltway-ese for “Everyone in D.C. believes this is true despite there being absolutely no evidence of it in the real world”? So, first off, let’s just get one thing out of the way … Governor Palin is not going to endorse Rick Perry for president. There, I said it. Shall we remind Mr. Heinze about this?

Governor Palin Retweets Article from Whitney Pitcher and PA4Palin That Notes How Rick Perry Almost Tripled Texas’ Total Debt

If she were going to endorse him, why would she call attention to his deplorable record on debt?! Wouldn’t she want to help Perry keep that under wraps? This is before she called him out in her Iowa speech for crony capitalism, without even needing to mention him by name! Everyone knew whom she was talking about! And that was before this week on Greta Van Susteren, when Governor Palin openly questioned Governor Perry’s motives behind forcing 12-year-old girls to take an unproven, potentially harmful drug for a sexually-transmitted disease!

Shall we also recall that Governor Palin didn’t exactly endorse Perry’s bull-in-a-china-cabinet approach to Social Security reform, taking the opportunity to translate his cowboy jingoism into more sophisticated terms?

So, I think it’s pretty clear that Governor Palin may have preferred Perry over Kay Bailey-Hutchinson for Governor of Texas … but there is no indication whatsoever that she is positioning herself to endorse him for president. In fact … all the facts would seem to suggest just the opposite. So the entire point of this article is moot.

Next Mr. Heinze has the audacity to speculate that her endorsement, if proffered in his fantasy world, could possibly hurt Rick Perry. Yes, you read that correctly.

On one hand, Palin remains an extremely popular figure with the conservative wing of the Republican Party. On the other hand, she remains extremely unpopular with the public at large.

It’s a simple choice for Perry, although complex in its consequence — and it has implications for both the primary and general election.


One popular prescription for dealing with the Palin problem is time-tested: Embrace her in the primary where her supporters matter, then stiff-arm her in the general election, when her supporters will probably vote for the Republican anyway.

Yet Palin is such a universally known figure, and so toxic with independents and centrist Democrats, that Obama could use Palin against Perry at any time, and voters would sit up and notice — if only because of the media’s fixation with Palin.

Did Mr. Heinze conveniently forget that Rick Perry has a massive problem with independents himself? (That’s ok, in their Anyone-But-Palin zeal they all forget that Rick Perry is not exactly a magnet for moderates and has been quite toxic in that regard.)

Independents view him (Perry) negatively already by an almost 2:1 margin, 29/55, and Democrats pretty universally give him bad ratings at a 10/71 spread. As a result Obama leads Perry thanks in large part to a 24-point advantage with independents at 56-32.

This was before Rick Perry started running around calling Social Security a “monstrous lie” … something even 59% of Tea Partiers don’t agree with. Speaking of which … I love how Mr. Heinze just assumes Perry is the de facto King of the Tea Party, presumably because he has a Southern accent or something?! I know Perry has been surging in the polls, but I have seen some serious questions among Tea Partiers about Perry’s record on immigration, debt and Gardasil. I think the jury is still out … and I think Tea Partiers recognize that there was a reason by he needed Palin’s support in Texas to get past the Tea Party challenge last year by Debra Medina.

Tea party activists in Texas have been particularly upset by [Perry’s] steady opposition to the fence. He also signed a law giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition for Texas universities. And Texas tea party groups sent Perry an open letter this year expressing disappointment over his failure to get a bill passed that would have outlawed “sanctuary cities,” municipalities that protect illegal immigrants.

Perry has surged to the lead in national polls since joining the presidential race just three weeks ago. But New Hampshire Republicans are just getting to know him.

“I think there are a lot of questions out there still,” said tea party activist Jerry DeLemus, chairman of the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC. “We don’t know him very well.”

So, if we are to believe Mr. Heinze, here we have a guy in Perry who is toxic to independents, and still unknown among Tea Partiers, yet supposedly in the God-like position to command a Palin endorsement or stiff-arm her if he became too embarrassed by her suppport? You know … it may just be me, but if your camp truly believes Palin is “problem” why would you even seek her endorsement in the first place? Secondly … hmm … Isn’t Rick Perry the guy who needed Governor Palin’s endorsement and appearance just 17 months ago? Are you telling me a guy who needed help in his own state of Texas would be hurt by Palin’s endorsement? Shall we recall what actually happened at that Super Bowl rally that attracted 8,000 in Houston?

Faye Roberson of Friendswood said she wouldn’t stand in line for 90 minutes in the cold weather on Super Bowl Sunday for just anyone. And that includes Perry, whom she hopes wins, but, “Most of us wouldn’t be here just for him.”

Perry did try to warm up the crowd by yelling and gesturing with high-amp energy. His speech was almost a complete berating of Washington-style government.


But it was Palin who brought the crowd to its feet. Her speech was filled with comparisons between her home state and Texas.

Finally, C4P got a brief mention in this piece by Heinze. He has noticed that we’re not exactly on board the Perry train and MAY NEVER BE ON BOARD THE PERRY TRAIN.

But if Palin doesn’t run, her supporters won’t be an easy group to woo, even for such a Tea Party icon as Perry. Already, Perry hatred is popping up among pro-Palin groups. For example, the online mecca for Sarah Palin fans,, has begun running daily attacks on Perry. Some of its front-page pieces include: “Why Rick Perry isn’t suited to be president,” “The glaring differences between Palin and Perry,” “The Cowboy Mannequin Politics of Rick Perry” and, perhaps most pointed of all, “10 Things I Hate about Rick Perry.”

Even if Palin doesn’t run, it’s hard to imagine these Palin activists suddenly becoming Perry supporters. Yet if Palin were to jump on Perry’s ship, and if Perry welcomed her aboard with outstretched arms, the army of volunteers for Palin might become an army for Perry.

As Andrew Cline, editorial page editor for the New Hampshire Union Leader, says: “Palin’s endorsement would help Perry because conservatives are still trying to figure out Perry, and the value of her endorsement is that it would be a stamp of approval from the activist outsider right.”

Heh. “The 10 Things I Hate about Rick Perry” headline, incidentally was tongue-in-cheek. I wrote it and placed it on an article where one of our guest writers listed 10 reasons she would not vote for Governor Perry, including a couple of funny reasons, hence my attempt at humor in the headline. I HATE it when people do not get my jokes. Ha ha. Oh well … I actually changed the headline anyway shortly after the piece went up … due to COMPLAINTS. Ha! It NEVER ran our front page, either. It was on the sidebar, but why would Heinze feel the need to be honest in that regard when his entire piece was filled with inaccurate assumptions!

The only thing he’s right about? Heck yeah, we’re not on board with Perry. We’re Conservatives4Palin! Duh! We will likely support Anyone-But-Obama in the general election, but this whole piece was so completely presumptuous. I could easily write a piece about why Perry should endorse Palin when she jumps in the race. After all, she’s the one with 3.2 million Facebook fans compared to his 158,841. I mean … aren’t these Hill people putting the cart before the horse?

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