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Victory Sessions: Chuck Heath Jr. Interview With Stephen Bannon

Here is an hour-long exclusive interview with Governor Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath Jr., conducted by Stephen Bannon.

h/t Stacy Drake

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  • Guest

    First… could it be?

    • Guest

      Now, I’ll go back and listen to the interview and post some meaningful comments about it… more meaningful than "first". lol

  • John B. Hefmier

    I listened to it, earlier in the day.  Awesome interview!!  I remember being in line for the "Going Rogue" book signing, in Richland, WA.  The night before, around 10:45 PM, Chuck Jr. and his cousin Greg stopped by and met with people in line.  I got my picture taken with them. Chuck Jr. is a real stand-up guy in my book.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Lovely guy. I felt so sad when he talked about how pained his mother is to read such horrible things about her daughter. It infuriates me, I can’t even imagine how her family feels. But I was very happy to hear that Sarah’s parents receive many more postive letters than negative ones. (100 to 1) Gives me faith in humanity.

  • AyePatriot

    Breaking! Second interview with Andrew Breitbart and Pollak re:

    Random House Doubles Down – Andrew Breitbart Follows up on The Breaking News on “Sloppy” Joe McGinnis

  • Sarah4Prez

    Listened to it earlier also.  Couldn’t stop listening.  It was a terrific interview and obvious that Chuck is very proud of little sister.

  • John_Frank

    Nicole, thanks for bringing this interview to our attention.

  • Sue Lynn

    Sweet people the entire family…

  • 01_Explorer_01

    This is why we connect with her and her family.  Great interview

  • Jack Franklin

    This interview is a MUST listen too.  To hear Stephen Bannon bring out the personal lives of both Sarah and Todd Palin along with her family really touched me.  Chuck’s tone and comments overflowed with truth and just made sense.  I can better understand many things that were previously more abstract for me. 

    I particularly appreciated Chuck’s recount of advise from their mother when the negative garbage out there seemed overwhelming, "the amount of positive feedback coming from all over is a 100 to 1." 

    Thank you for posting this, Nicole.

  • Cathy

    Awesome! Just awesome!  This interview gives a real in-depth look into Sarah, her
    up-bringing, her values, her family values – this is why she connects with the American people – she is what she appears to be. She says what she means and means what she says.  WOW!

  • JeannieBinVA

    Thank you for posting this! It’s a great interview, and really interesting. What a wonderful older brother Chuck is!

  • Guest

    Sounds so much like my own family growing up . I did not hear it all ,I  will finish listening later tonight. the Palins are what is great about America ! God Bless the Palin family.
    Thanks for sharing Nicole.

    Sarah 2012 !

    • Cathy

      Southerndixie — I agree.  I found it bringing back memories of my childhood, I grew up on a farm, we had a large garden every year, raised our own beef for food  and milk, hogs, chickens for eating and eggs.  We had a cave for storing our canning, a big freezer. We fished, hunted, for fowl, rabbits, squirrel, deer. In the winter we trapped for the fur (that was back when you could sell the pelts) & hunted coon for the pelts.  It was a treat for us to have ‘store’ bought bread, or ice cream.  I remember the first time I tasted store bought milk – how funny it tasted.
      We made our own butter, cottage cheese, picked berries, apples,pears, & cherries from our farm. Mom baked bread at least twice a week, when she wanted to have chicken for dinner, she would take the 4-ten and shoot their heads off instead of chasing them around the barnyard. Back then your hand-shake was your bond — you certainly won’t find that in most places today. All of us wore hand-me-downs, got one new pair of shoes a year and one new coat & boots.
      Times were tough but we didn’t realize how poor we were because we were loved, warm, our stomachs were always full and we had each other.

      In the interview when Chuck talked about the fighting and squabbling with the his sisters yet they were very protective of each other, it reminded me of the same thing in my family.  We could fight among ourselves but no one else had better lay a hand on any of us or they had all of us to contend with and I had 7 brothers and 1 sister! Some are gone now but I will always have these wonderful memories.
      Again awesome interview Stephen, thank you.

      • $3069072


        What a beautiful way to grow up–love this! Americana at its best. What part of the country did you have the farm?

        We were in Indianola and visited some of our family the next day on their farm just north of Des Moines. Our children loved it–riding the tractors, running through the corn fields. Our cousin’s wife had made and canned her own grape juice. I smiled when he told my husband and me to "Come see my machine shed." That’s when I told him about Gov. Palin and Todd making an appearance at another "Machine Shed." :)

  • Dewayne

    The whole family is good people. Chuck is a sweet man.

    Chuck sounds like one of my brothers. :)

  • Dewayne

    Chuck almost made me cry.

    …and I haven’t cried in a loooong time.

  • AyePatriot

    I want this family as OUR FIRST FAMILY!!!

  • Guest

    Stephen Bannon is the best.

    This is also an excellent interview. Chuck really gave me more visual into the Heath family, and the Alaskan way of life, additionally more incite into the kind of fellow Todd is.

    My faith in Sarah, since I became aware of her in 2008, has never been shakened. I know good, and honest people when I see them, and when they come around, you grab on with both hand, and don’t let go.

  • chuckjr

    Thanks for the nice comments guys.  I don’t do very many interviews and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I’m glad a few of you enjoyed getting a glimpse of how we grew up.  Cathy, you sound like you’re describing our lives!  I remember being so excited about getting our annual package from the Sears catalog with our new shoes too.  Keep the faith guys!  I think better days are coming our way. 

    Chuck, Jr. 

    • caliberty72

      God bless you and your family. I, and I’m sure a great many others, draw strength from your strength.

    • $3069072


      Thank you for sharing such beautiful and unique memories of growing up in Alaska. What a treasure to have lived that, forging the land! Sort of reminds me of another Alaskan frontier person’s can-do spirit, Crystal Brilliant Snow Jenne.

      Even though I grew up in Fairfax, VA, when it was mostly farms, we never experienced living off the land as you did. In fact, I went back after college and photographed the disappearing farms, swallowed up by subdivisions. (I went back again for your sister’s "Going Rogue" book signing in Dec 2009 during a blizzard, and discovered the event was occurring in a new shopping/business complex recently built adjacent to where I grew up!)

      Yup, keeping the faith. In fact, I came across the following verse that I found rather remarkable: "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." –Ecclesiastes 10:2

      All the best to you and yours!

    • Sue Lynn

      I’m all in for you and your family!! I met Sarah in Indianola Iowa. Lovely Lady. We are a Gold star family and we stand with Sarah. I have pictures posted on my profile of when Sarah asked me about our fallen Marine. Her expression tells the heart of Sarah!!! I hope you sue the livin crap out of McCreepy and Random House!!!!! Looking forward to Sarah’s First Family in the White House. I pray everyday for your family!!!

      • MaMcGriz

        Love and tears for you and yours, Sue Lynn.

        Praying for you and a President who is worthy to lead as CIC.

    • MaMcGriz

      Chuck, I had family in Fairbanks growing up, and actually got to spend a little time there. I was only twelve, but it made an indelible imprint on me, and I’ve felt drawn northward ever since. I’m now in what I lovingly refer to as ‘tropical Alaska,’ overlooking the Strait if Juan de Fuca…lol…but even here I still feel that pull to go north. 

      Since it’s so late I’ll wait and view the video in the morning, but I wanted to thank you for sitting down with Mr. Bannon and to tell you I consider it something very special. I very much look forward to viewing the video and getting to know our future First Brother!

      God bless your family. You are muchly loved. 

    • Jelayne Sessler

      You and your family are in our prayers – daily. We will WIN this fight, my friend. I proudly serve under the command of our General, Governor Palin and serve to defend my country, it’s people and you and your family.

  • $3069072

    Stephen and Chuck,

    What a wonderful way to end my day.

    Thanks for painting a picture in my mind’s eye and heart of an America and a people that are unique and treasured. It’s been inspiring to learn about Alaska and the quality of character you all developed growing up in America’s "Last Frontier."  My husband would be most impressed by your Dad and envious of all the camping, while I am impressed by your Mom, Sally. Wow! After birthing four babies so close together, and raising them in rugged conditions, it’s beautiful to hear your memories of her gentleness.

    I’ve often thought Gov. Palin must have internalized through osmosis with Todd, all the discipline and focus needed when training for the Iron Dog. That discipline, courage and determination serves one well in any kind of race.

    God bless you all!

  • John Jones

    Thank You Chuck and Stephen…. Now I know why she’s the woman she is. Thank you for your insight for us, Your supporters. Steve you were so right about the people who support this family in prayer.  The arrows will always be coming.  Only God can really protect your sister, Chuck and all of you. He has prepared us all for something special. Even if I can change one  persons heart’s toward our goal of being an exceptional up right country again, then God may turn this whole mess around.  Loved the interview and I loved the movie "The Undefeated" a great tool. WE as a nation are not defeated.  God bless the USA

  • shorty5704

    Chuck Jr. does sound like a reasonable guy. Sarah, not so much.

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