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A Third Party Run By Sarah Palin May Not Be Far-Fetched

Editor’s Note: The opinions of our guest contributors do not necessarily reflect the consensus of the writers, editors or moderators of Conservatives4Palin. We like to present a wide range of ideas on our site, and this piece, by its nature is purely speculative. None of us has insider information about any third-party run intention by Governor Palin. In fact, she has stated on numerous occasions that she supports the planks in the Republican Party platform and would like to see the party "reformed" rather than going the way of the Whigs. That being said, the threat of a Palin independent run may put the fear of God in the party machinists. So, in that regard, we like that! – Nicole Coulter

Guest Submission by Nancy Labonete

" … This is the way, walk ye in it …" – Isaiah 30:21 KJV

Former Governor Sarah Palin created a speculation frenzy when, in an interview with the host of "On the Record" Greta Van Susteren, she raised some very telling questions, " Is a title worth it?" and "is a title and a campaign too shackling?" She has always said in the past that one does not need a title to make a difference. Indeed, she is a true example of that and the 2010 elections were proof positive of how one person could influence our national discourse.

But when she said that a "title could be shackling", many took it that she would pass up the 2012 presidential contest altogether.

In a blog post "Which Title Doesn’t Gov. Palin Need?" C4P’s Adrienne Ross questioned whether the title Sarah Palin was referring to was that of "President" or simply the "GOP nominee." She then presented an interesting theory that perhaps the governor was considering a third party run? Ms. Ross’  article created as much of commenters’ reactions as the governor’s remarks. Given her prominent role in politics, her public writings on national policies heavy on details, quick missives on pertinent issues on the social media, her high-profile bus tours and speeches, a much prolonged decision-making process on whether she’d run or not may seem like a sign of hesitancy. But the possibility of an independent run does make sense and to delay the anouncement of her candidacy may simply be part of a bigger plan. Sarah Palin promised this to be a very unconventional election cycle.

Creating a third party fits that narrative.

Sarah Palin isn’t exactly the Republican Party’s most favorite daughter. Her political career is rife with her fights in exposing corruption, even of his own colleagues. The party has strayed too far from its original platform so there really is no use, or need, for her to ask for the establishment’s blessing.

Political parties always fear a rogue third party challenge for one big reason – it splits the votes. In the case of 2012, it is almost like handing President Obama a second term by default. This would certainly be the case if Sarah Palin left  the Republican tent and ran as an independent. But if she makes the "right choice," she could split the votes to HER advantage.

With Sarah Palin competing as an Independent, the GOP nominee will most possibly be Mitt Romney, who with Romneycare and his flip-flopping and authenticity problems, infuriates the conservatives to their wits’ ends. The former Massachussetts governor is a favorite of the establishment, the elites  and Wall Street so he’ll clinch the nomination but will lose in the general election (because Sarah Palin will split the votes, remember?), thus giving Mr. Obama another four years in the White House. But the president has a lot of problems of his own. An AP-Gfak analysis of polls show him losing support from key groups of voters that propelled him to office in 2008 (whites, women, younger voters, and some liberals) but come November 6, 2012, the biggest bloc of his base, the African-Americans, will be there and pull the lever for him.

That is, unless, Gov. Palin decides to make a bold move that will split the votes – to pick a VP running mate who can take away votes from both Obama and Romney. Someone who is BOTH pro-business and black. Someone like Herman Cain (or any other black man or woman with private sector background whom Sarah Palin would  choose to pick). A pro-business running mate bring down votes for a corporate guy that is Mr. Romney. The black community will not abandon the first black president on election day unless the alternative is another brother in the ticket who knows – really knows – how to create jobs.

Personally, Mr. Cain is not my preferred VP candidate but his positions on issues like the economy, energy independence, abortion, education, among others, mirror those of Sarah Palin’s. My personal choice would be a Hispanic running mate with strong and solid background on immigration because of its impact on the economy and national security. But the important thing is to help elect Gov. Palin to the Presidency and as I have no doubt, once she’s seated at the Oval Office, she would tackle the issue head-on. Also, not to take anything away from the Hispanic population but by simply going by the numbers, the African-American votes carry more weight when it comes to effecting the result of the election.

The Hispanics and Latinos are the larger of the two minority groups but the black community has a bigger percentge of people who are of voting age and are more politically-involved. If Gov. Palin would aim to take as much votes away from Pres. Obama, numbers should be a big factor in her considerations.

Campaigning for the most powerful job in the free world demands tremendous toughness, mentally and physically. Gov. Palin will not be alone in her quest to the White House. Millions of fed up Americans, tired of same old business-as-usual in Washington, ready for common sense approach to our problems, will be there with her and for her. She already has name recognition and organizations on the ground nationwide and legions of passionate supporters.

As soon as she gives the word, those boots on the ground will start marching.

In spite of some of the confusion that her "shackling" remarks created and the delay in announcement, I have never lost, for one moment, confidence that she will make a run for the Presidency, because she knows that she has to be at the top of leadership to bring about meaningful and tangible changes. After two years as a council member in Wasilla, witnessing the good old boys network’s  inner workings, she knew there had to be a major shake-up at the City hall if her small town was to progress.  She earned the ire of   Councilman Nick Carney, the same man who convinced her to run for a council seat, when she voted no to a proposed garbage pick-up ordinance – a potentil boon to the town’s only garbage-removal company which was, incidentally, owned by Mr.Carney.

That’s why she ran – and won- for mayor. She did clean up the Wasilla city hall, then Juneau as governor of Alaska. Now there’s a lot more than just garbage to clean up in Washington. Crony capitalism. Irresponsible debt. Unsustainable spending. Anemic job growth. Obamacare. Class warfare.  Poverty. Immigration.

Sarah Palin has to lead. She has the experience, smarts, substance and fortitude to fight for and effect real change. She wouldn’t like to see America "shackled" to a fundamental transformation to decline, would she?

Cross-posted at Praying4Common Sense.

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  • Im a Linda too

    WARNING….TYPO….not of "his colleagues"  , HER

  • Linda Golden

    Divide and conquer. I am sure there will be Dem support of this.

  • Pbonz

    This woman can turn anything around Always Remember Goliath Was 40 point Favorite Over David

    • Quiet_Righty

      No he wasn’t. Goliath was a huge target for David’s rock.

      And can Sarah "turn anything around"? In her career she has lost at least two elections already, including her last one.

      • Boris_Badenoff

        Oh Please,  She was John McLame’s running mate.  # 2 on the ticket.
        Any loss there was clearly the fault of the #1…  McCain could not generate enough interest to run a lemonade stand..

        She was the only reason it was even relatively a race at all..

  • virginiagentleman1

    An interesting take on the viability of a third party run,  Ms. Labonete, and I for one am inclined to agree with you. After watching Mrs. Palin with Greta and the interview that seemed to me to be a game changer, and rewatching it a number of times, I stated that I was left with more questions then answers. Personally, I don’t care if she runs as a republican, an indie or what have you, she still gets my vote. I do not see her as a ‘party’ candidate but as a candidate who has sprung up from the people.  I see the established parties, demo and repub, as the problem and not the answer.  In my opinion, it is time for ‘ We the People’ to back a strong candidate instead of a party candidate. For me, that candidate is Sarah Heath Palin.  Just sayin’!

  • danielvito

    Anyway Sarah runs for president I’ll vote for her; republican, independant, liberartian, etc.. It doesn’t matter. I’m voting for sarah not a party!!!!!!!!!

  • technopeasant

    Sarah Palin will NOT run 3rd party.

    From Paul Goldman:

    "Palin’s ability to advocate for using the GOP, NOT A THIRD PARTY, to channel this angst has allowed Republican voter anger to boil, yet not boil over." (referring to 2010)

    This article is clearly an effort to weaken her support.

    Don’t be suckers and fall for this premise.

    • Jim R

      Palin has indicated many times over that working within the GOP is the way to go.  She has said she supports the party planks.  The Reagan model of moving the GOP to a more conservative type of governing is the way to go. 

    • Guest

      " A year ago, I would have said, “Please don’t even consider a third party. We’ve got to sure up what is good and strong and principled within the Republican Party, and we’ve got to run on a Republican ticket, stand strong on the planks and a strong platform that is the GOP.” Well, I think conditions have changed in this last year…Well, too many in the GOP are still resistant and resisting that movement of this new crop of common sense conservatives. And if they’re not careful in the GOP, there will be a third party rise-up, just like back in the day when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans rose up."

      Those are her exact words in her June 3rd interview with Sean Hannity., and these words were the reason behind my thinking that a 3rd party run may be a possibility for her.

      The electorate is definitely disgusted with both the Democratic and the Republican parties. She doesn’t need to carry the GOP’s baggage nor need to defend their past blunders. Neither can Pres. Obama  attack her based on the GOP’s past actions. I see a 3rd party run, IF she goes that way, as "Whigs-morphing-into Republicans" in reverse.  She will carry the  people with her, and not the Republican party and it is the people who will see her through the finish line, not the GOP.

      I am usually respectful of other people’s opinions but to suggest that my "article is clearly an effort to weaken her support" is personally offensive.

       I live in a state where Dennis Kunicich could choose to relocate and still probably win in any district he picks. It’s not easy to make noise when your voice gets drowned by pro-Obama supporters but I’ll do it anytime, any day. I will NEVER do anything that will weaken her support.

      • NoMoreMeh

        "I am usually respectful of other people’s opinions but to suggest that my ‘article is clearly an effort to weaken her support’ is personally offensive."

        I agree.

        And I don’t understand the anger and recalcitrance to differing opinions.

        I will support Sarah Palin no matter how she chooses to proceed.

    • lanahi
      What she said a few weeks ago on Hannity:

      "You know what, a year ago I would have said please don’t
      even consider third party…. I think conditions have changed in this
      last year…. Well, too many in the GOP are still resistant and
      resisting that movement of this new crop of common sense
      conservatives and if they’re not careful in the GOP there will be a
      third party rise up just like back in the day when the Whigs
      finally went away and Republicans rose up. That is what the GOP
      should be fearing today…. not that I want to see that… but just the
      machine that runs the GOP has to be very careful."

      When Hannity asked if this would not result in a split
      anti-Obama vote, Palin acknowledged this would be the case, then
      added that "if they (the GOP) don’t want to see a third party run
      they better get their stuff together…." She added: "There are quite
      a few issues that the GOP had better get their stuff together

      Hannity realized the import of what she seemed to be
      saying and insisted on coming back to it after other issues had
      been discussed. He began again with Trump: "If Donald Trump was
      running third party would you consider supporting him?"

      Palin allowed she still had "hope" that the GOP would
      stand strong. Then Hannity asked her directly if she herself would
      consider a run as a third party candidate if she didn’t like the
      GOP candidates.

      "I don’t foresee that right now."

      That’s "right now."

  • myfairlady

    A third party candidate would not have the advantages that the 2 main parties have in a general election to run a campaign.  The state and county headquarters in each state normally become the headquarters for the nominee in a general elections.  The nominee normally have point people at all or most of these locations, but they are housed out of those localities–it’s part of the infrustructure for the party’s general election.  It is just impossible for a 3-party person to even try to match.  She won’t run 3rd-party and has said so numerous times.

    • Luis

      I agree.  I also remember from when Ross Perot ran, that you have to qualify to be added to the ballot individually for each of the 50 states.  That is not a problem if you are part of one of the two main parties, but it would require a big effort if you are not.  You will also be running against two opponents instead of one, and you will be competing with the Republican candidate for mostly the same voters.  That splits the Republican vote and makes it easier for the Democrat to win.

      I believe the time to start a third party, if Gov Palin was so inclined, would be after she’s elected President.  She could switch her affiliation to the new party and bring along like minded Senators and Congressmen and thus the party will have an established base of candidates and some legitimacy.  The new party could then recruit candidates to run in the midterm election and try to grow the party from there. 

      • lanahi

        Romney could win the GOP nomination if the party succeeds in keeping Sarah from becoming a party nominee…which they might be able to do.  She would not be "competing with the Republican candidate for mostly the same voters" in that case.  If she feels that the party machine is too locked up to win the nomination, I believe she will run as an independent. (NOT a third party).

        • NoMoreMeh

          "If she feels that the party machine is too locked up to win the
          nomination, I believe she will run as an independent. (NOT a third

          I agree.  Plus, to assume that she has not already decided the path that she wishes to take (and it is her decision), and that people here who are simply expressing their opinions on this idea would change her decision at this point in the process, is a bit astonishing to me.  I am ready for anything.  What she believes in, fights for and aspires to is why I would vote for her.

          "Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today."
          -Mark Twain

    • jlmealer

      I could use the 50 state connections!! takers?


    • lastarza

      The situation is fluid and there remains to be more movement up to  the choice of the nominee. It probably will be Romney, But if polls show him losing support and BHO beating him badly in the polls, that it might look  like BHO would win, then it might be right to consider running as an Independent. But only as a last chance alternative.

  • The Conservative Lady

    If she runs as a third party candidate, Obama wins.  I give Gov. Palin the benefit of the doubt that she would not do anything that would put Obama in for another term.

  • jlmealer

    I’d like to see her take on my solid plans… Maybe a MEALER-PALIN ticket? Me first, because "they" would kill me and she could take over… (Seriously). Read the plans and you’ll understand.

    JL Mealer

  • SEDeuce

    Sarah is the only one of the GOP candidates who has run as a party nominee in a national presidential campaign. Reading her book, The Rogue, there were so many things that were done wrong in that campaign, it is amazing that McCain did as well as he did. I believe that most of the credit for their performance goes to having Palin on the ticket. In any case, again from reading the book, Sarah was an absolute sponge about how to run – and not run – a national campaign – again from a vantage point that none of the other candidates has.

    She will clearly choose the path for her that has the greatest potential of winning. Hence her response to Greta’s question about whether she could beat Barry the Marxist Man-Child. From her history of confronting and winning over the party establishment, I believe that would be her first choice. She will, in effect, be realigning the entire party structure in the United States. From one where the Democrats are a party led by and increasingly of radical Progressives and the Republicans are led by a squishy leadership of soft Progressives, to one where the Democrats are crippled by their ideology and the other party is Constitutional Conservative, whether or not it is also called the Republican Party.

    I trust her judgement and I can see November, 2012 from my house….

    • socon

      Sarah has said repeatedly she would not run third party, and I take her at her word.

      • lanahi

        Links please.  In her recent interview with Hannity she said she would not do that "right now".  She left the possibility of it open if she felt she had to do it that way.
        I don’t think she will run on a third party platform.  I think she could very well run as an independent.

        • socon

          What’s the difference between running as an independent and a third party?

          In Sarah Palin’s earlier interviews with Sean Hannity and Greta  (2009-10) she said she would prefer to work within the Republican party to effect change.  It’s nearly impossible to reform the corrupt status quo, and at this time I don’t think you can do it from outside of the Republican party.  A political paradigm shift would have to take place first.

          If Sarah does run as an independent in 2012, I believe she’ll receive millions of votes but not enough to win the election.  I also believe Obama would be re-elected and I don’t think Sarah wants to be blamed for it.  No wonder she hasn’t announced yet.

          • lanahi

            She would "prefer" to run as a Republican to reform the GOP.  "Prefer" is the key.  If they throw this otherwise probable victory away next year, she very well could run as an independent.

            The difference between an independent run and a third party is that she would not have to set up a party apparatus and would not have to be owned by anyone else either.  She is running alone except for her supporters and those who see her as the best of the lot, and doesn’t need to give allegience to any other platform except her own.

            Third parties are usually pretty anemic compared to the major parties…they do not have the aura of power.  Not even a Tea Party would sound too impressive and would just weaken the grassroots look of the tea party.  Sarah herself is not anemic and does have power by virtue of her own character right now.  Her influence would slowly or suddenly decline if she did not run.

            • socon

              You agree with me, so why all the fuss?

  • LibertyLvr

    Sarah is about restoring the Republican Party, not branching off into a third party. This is what she has said in the past.

    • sno_warrior

      absolutely correct!  :-)

  • bjwilson83

    I don’t think Herman Cain would work on a 3rd party ticket – it would only take votes away from Republicans, not Democrats, splitting the vote. If she picked off, say, Hillary, I could see a path to victory. The PUMA’s and the remnants of the Dem Party that are not Marxist/socialist/communists like the #occupywallstreet people would get on board. We’ve already seen Amy Siskind, Anand Giradhas (sp?), and the Kennedy lady open to Palin’s ideas. It could be a real "unity" ticket – people are so tired of the fighting.

  • famouswolf

    This article is nonsense. First, she has said she won’t run as an independent. Seems plain enough to me.

    Second, I don’t see her pandering to ANY racial or cultural group for votes, period.

    Please take this garbage down.

    • lanahi

      Who said anything about pandering to any racial or cultural group of voters?  She would run to represent ALL the people.

      • famouswolf

        Reference to choosing a vp of a certain ‘flavor’ to attract like voters. I don’t think she needs to do that. It makes no difference, Sarah herself trumps all such considerations in my mind. Ryan, Rubio, West, Jindal….it’s her choice and I don’t think racial or cultural background will be a factor in her choice.

        The article seems to infer that it will be a determining factor. I don’t read her that way. It’s more like who will help get the job done and carry on with it after me, with her. Race/culture isn’t even on her radar, IMHO.

  • rbuckland

    Gov. Palin, again and again has stressed the need to make BHO a one term pres.  This is a worthy goal.  The idea of her running on a third party is one that will lead to diaster for all of us.  Just what third party do you think she should run with?  That stupid Ross Perot Party that led to a Bill Clinton victory?  The losertarian party that gets 3% of the vote?.
    If the Republican party is too liberal than lets work together and make it more conservative.  We have a golden opportunity in the next election, lets not shoot ourselves in the foot.

    • lanahi

      She would not run on a third party, but possibly as an independent.  She has tried to put more conservatives in the GOP, but it’s almost as if 2010 never happened.

  • Celeste Christi

    Palin promised she wouldn’t run third party.
    She promised.
    We fervently hope she runs – we hope everyday to hear she’s running – but not as third party.

    • lanahi

      This was only a month ago, on Hannity, that she said:
      " A year ago, I would have said, “Please don’t even consider a third
      party. We’ve got to sure up what is good and strong and principled
      within the Republican Party, and we’ve got to run on a Republican
      ticket, stand strong on the planks and a strong platform that is the
      GOP.” Well, I think conditions have changed in this last year…Well, too
      many in the GOP are still resistant and resisting that movement of this
      new crop of common sense conservatives. And if they’re not careful in
      the GOP, there will be a third party rise-up, just like back in the day
      when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans rose up."

      She added that she would not do that "right now".

      • socon

        Yes, but that was one of her most recent interviews–what about the others inwhich she said she’d prefer to work within the confines of the Republican party to effect change?  You can’t pretend she didn’t say that.

        Sarah sees the handwriting on the wall:  The hoped for change within the Republican party has not materialized.

        • lanahi

          The key word is "prefer".  Yes, she would prefer to run as a Republican, but she will also consider what is possible within the party structure.  And I think, whatever she decides, it will be after much prayer, and it will be the right decision.

          • socon

            What’s the difference between running third party and running as an independent?

            Do you know?

  • Bob Kelemen

    3rd party would almost guarantee that Obama gets re-elected

    • lanahi

      Why do you think so?

      We are NOT talking third party but rather an independent run. There IS a big difference.

      I’m not sure that isn’t brainwashing we’ve allowed to happen anyway as far as third parties go. Third party runs have not been successful because the right candidate wasn’t on their ballots, and those candidates do not have any name recognition. Also most third parties have been one issue parties, like the Green Party or unacceptable ones like the Socialist Party or Communist Party or whatever. They don’t even run with the idea of winning but rather to put an issue up they want to bring attention to or to test how much growing support their party has.

      Whatever Sarah does, it will be to win, not as a test.

      • socon

        Because it’s the truth and it’s got nothing to do with being brainwashed.

  • OldVet

    I’m wondering why C4P posted this submission?

    • Quiet_Righty

      Because they want to be "inclusive" of offbeat pro-Palin views. This piece fails to convince that a third-party run is wise.

      • tinker_thinker

        I was thinking the same as the author. Now would be a perfect time for a third party….one that is not corrupt.

        • socon

          Palin knows running third party will cost her a lot of support.   She won’t do it.

          • lanahi

            When she runs, it will be to win.  Whatever she does, she will win it.  Not because of the party she belongs to but because of who and what she is. She will be no different as a Republican or as an independent…she will just be the same Sarah.

            She will not run on a third party platform. She is an independent by nature and MAY run as an independent, giving no allegience to a party. Todd’s interview stressed the fact that she is independent.

            • socon

              You are agreeing with me that Sarah Palin will not run third party.  That’s all I ever said, and I don’t know why you objected in the first place.  Argumentative much?

        • rbuckland

          If you can come up with a party with no people in it and no point of view than maybe you will have a party with no corruption.

    • Joe

      I think this is a type of hail mary plot outline.  With each passing day that she does not declare her intention to run, a more uncoventional "path" is necessary for some to see her in the White House.

      I want her to run as much as anybody, but after her last appearances on Fox, and as the primary calendar becomes EVEN SHORTER with all of the jockeying by the early states, I am lowering expectations.

      It also appears that Herman Cain is starting to emerge with some genuine, deeper support, and if he continues to gain traction, she risks being seen as a spoiler. 

      • lanahi

        Well, THAT’S an unusual reason for not wanting Sarah to run!

    • juju341

      Me too.  I totally support this blog.  But, why with all the hits Sarah is going to be getting when she announces do we have to have a thread that will draw dobuts to her at this very important time.
      Guess I could be wrong, but just have a difficult time understanding why this subject!!!  Especially now!!

      • lanahi

        Why now?  Because she may announce at any minute…either as a
        Republican or as an independent.  Good to be prepared if the latter,
        don’t you agree? 

  • Menzel Cassini

    3rd party run would ensure another term for the forger-in-chief, and Palin’s political career would be kaput.

  • keeper111

    Shot across the bow….

  • Little Miss Rightie

    Thank you for flushing the country down the drain if you support this.

    Some of us are ABO on the GOP ticket.

    Can YOU say the same or is one person bigger than the country? 

    • rightConcept

      Palin is also ABO. This piece is just one person’s opinion.

      • Little Miss Rightie

        Is she? I keep hearing this.

        And yet she criticizes everyone in the field.

        Put up or shut up.

        /signing off, one time Palin fan

        • rightConcept

          It’s called vetting. You know, where candidates records are looked at carefully to help the public decide which is the best choice? The kind of vetting that right now, your boy Perry, is having a real hard time with.

          She has always been "anyone but Obama". But you already knew that…

          • Little Miss Rightie

             Ah, ‘vetting’. And then how does she walk that back when she goes to endorse said ‘not-good-enough-they’re-all-RINOs’? After all, you say she’ll be ABO.

            It doesn’t really matter much really where she’s concerned. This cutesie coy cat and mouse game she’s been playing isn’t playing well. The polls overwhelmingly show that Republicans don’t want her to run. What does that leave her? Her role as King Maker I’d say. Although at the present time I’d say she’s doing a pretty solid job pissing that role away.

            • rightConcept

              Yeah vetting. Do you even know what that means? If Palin had entered, the candidates would not have been vetted properly… not until the general at any rate. Perry can improve his chances greatly by not screwing up the next debate. That’s his big chance.

              She has said that she would support anyone but Obama. What is there to walk back?

              Polls are important now? Have you seen Perry’s numbers lately? The polls will change when she gets in the race and we are still 14 months out. Plenty of time.

              Why don’t you want her to get in? Why does the establishment want her to remain on the sidelines? Might want to ask yourself that.

              • Little Miss Rightie

                She should get in — I welcome this. Therefore she can see that she squandered her opportunity after the left office. She.Would.Bomb. And then some of the more die-hards, like folks here, would have to find a new messiah.  In case you haven’t noticed, most of us don’t think reality tv and becoming a talking head on tv look good on a resume to run for the highest office in the land.

                We keep hearing, ‘oh she’ll turn it around once she gets in’. Based on what evidence??

                Y’all can continue to say ‘she’ll turn it around’ and ‘Palin – FTW!’ but that’s just a bunch of empty rhetoric that really doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot.

                I support a candidate up until the moment he’s no longer a nominee. And then I see the handwriting on the wall and do what’s best for the country.

                Some of the folks at this site have NO ability to do that. It’s not about country, it’s about this one person. It’s, well, disturbing. Disturbing is about the most polite and least offensive word I can come up with to describe what I see on this website.

                I get it, you identified with her and took it personally the way she was treated. I know this is hard to understand, but some of us identified every bit as much as you did. We supported her post-resignation thinking she’s hunker down and get serious for a run. That didn’t happen. And she’s done nothing but regressed in our eyes. 

                We do exist, y’know?. You can pretend we don’t and that we were haters from the beginning. It would be unwise to make that assumption though.

                • rightConcept

                  Based on what evidence? A huge grassroots network that dwarfs anything all of the other candidates, can put together.

                  Based on 100% name recognition.

                  Based on her detailed and well received policy positions.

                  Based on her retail political skills.

                  Based on her innate connection with every day Americans.

                  Based on her exemplary record for the last 20 years of fighting (and beating) exactly the problems that are plaguing us today.

                  Based on her energy expertise.

                  Based on a recent poll showing her stock up over Obama among indies.

                  No, I don’t think you want Palin in the race for the sole reason that she would take what is remaining of Perry’s support, much of Bachman’s support and much of Cain’s support. Not to mention the anyone but Mitt crowd. Just your statements that reality tv and talking head is all that you think she has on her resume tells me that you have not really looked into her one bit and are just running with the crowd.

                  I support Palin regardless of what the ABP fanatics like you say because unlike you, I have actually researched her positions and have found them to be exactly what I am looking for in a leader.

                  Don’t worry though, I also get you. You like Perry. She has regressed? All she has done sinse her resignation is help conservatives take over the house in 2010. That was a huge victory for conservatives whether you want to admit that or not. And that includes helping your boy Perry as well.

                  Tell me, what did you think of the recent WAPO hit piece on Perry?

                  • socon

                    Perry is the one who has regressed.  lol

                    Now that Perry’s tanking in the polls they’re only for strippers, right?

                    How convenient.

                  • Little Miss Rightie

                    We can play this game all day. I’ve already stated I will vote for anyone in the general — the fact is, very few of you here are able to say the same. Furthermore, you refuse to recognize that there are a lot of us out there  that ONCE supported her that will not support her in a POTUS run as a primary candidate. And I’m sure you know who I’m referring to — after all you said this "Based on a recent poll showing her stock up over Obama among indies." — that was the same poll that had over 70% of people saying they didn’t want her to run. Which was of course very similar to the….  Fox poll (ouch!) that said the same thing — over 70% do not want her running.  I’m sure Fox is just liberal though. No wait, this is the same Fox that employs her. Hmm, not sure how y’all spin that.

                    Oh well, polls are for strippers anyway!! *wink*

                  • socon

                    Perry’s tanking in all of the polls; stick a fork in King Perry, he’s done!

                • socon

                  I don’t care if you’re a hater or not–Perry’s just not fit to be POTUS.  Sorry.

                • rightConcept

                  Support whomever you want in the primary. But look at your chloices…. They don’t look very good to me.

                  Most here will  support ABO. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it so.

                  That’s right, you can’t have it both ways. Either the poll is good or it isn"t The polls show Perry tanking. Do you buy them also? We are 14 months out. A lot can happen.

                  • Little Miss Rightie

                    What part of — I will support a ham freakin’ sandwich if that’s our nominee do you not understand? Yes, I support Perry in the primary and if he’s not our nominee than so be it.

                    As for Perry –. at  least he’s in. He’s not snarking at others from the sidelines. What a desirable quality in a leader. Quitting and then griping about others from the sideline. Presidential, indeed. Perry can tank. He currently is. And? I never disputed that.

                    What is in dispute that you folks just keep saying "she can win" and "she’ll improve her unfavorables once she’s in" — yet you’ve give NOT ONE shred of proof that’s possible. In fact, none of you can address that fact that three out of four self-identified Republicans do not want her to run.

                    What, no takers on that point?

                • juju341

                  Gezzz…I could be wrong, but you sound like someone that could be very upset because you
                  got on the wrong horse.  Didn’t know that horse had a broken leg from years ago did you??

                  Guess you  also didn’t know, the horse we are waiting for is not worried about the other
                  horses in front, because our horse will come from behind because she always had it planned that way…….Ohhh…guess I an thinking of another horse like Secretarist….maybe I have that name spelled  wrong, but there was a movie about it last year.  You might want to take a look at it if you haven’t seen it…then you will get the idea what a real winner looks like.  That is our Sarah….Sorry you are so up tight.

                  • Little Miss Rightie

                    Do you understand how this reads??

                    This is why C4P is a joke. You folks have done her more harm than good. And she doesn’t need it — she’s already harmed her own brand.

                    If you bothered to read a poll, you’d know that.

                    I know, I know. Polls are conventional and that’s just.not.her.way!!!!1!1!!ELEVENTY!!!

                  • socon

                    Another unhinged Perrykrishna.    lol

                  • socon

                    Rick Perry is a joke.

                • lanahi

                  Why are you on this site if it is so distastful to you?  Go where you belong.

        • rbuckland

          Gov. Palin has taken great pains to avoid criticism of the other candidates.  She has criticized BHO and certian debate topics.  But never other Republican candidates, even goofy Ron Paul is left unremarked on.  She is on her owm time table, not yours.  She will enter when she judges the time is right.

    • socon

      I have a hard time voting for a candidate who calls me a heartless racist.  Stay in Texas, Rick.

      • Little Miss Rightie

        Fine. Sit at home. That’s helpful.

        • socon

          Perry won’t be the nominee so it won’t be an issue.

          • Little Miss Rightie


            What happens when it’s Romney??

            Oh I know! You’ll say it won’t matter as only SHE can save you! And she will when she runs.

            Well, good luck with that. 

            • socon

              It’s not my fault your candidate has shot himself in the foot so many times he’s crippled.
              Perry’s responsible for his own numerous self-inflicted wounds and his own political demise not me.

              Stop whining please.

              • Little Miss Rightie

                I refudiate everything in this post! 

                • socon

                  Grow up or I’ll force you to take a Gardasil shot!

            • socon

              You’re a joke.  Perry’s destroyed his own candidacy and you’re attacking Palin.  Admit it–Perry’s done.

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