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Another Day, Another Romney Flip-Flop Comes to Light

This is hilarious.  But, as is the case with most of the Mittster’s too-many-to-count flip-flops, entirely predictable (emphasis mine):

As several leading Republican presidential candidates embrace a flat tax as a core campaign position, one contender stands out in not doing so: Mitt Romney, who has a long record of criticizing such plans and famously derided Steve Forbes’s 1996 proposal as a “tax cut for fat cats.”

Lately, though, his tone has been more positive. “I love a flat tax,” he said in August.

Er…sure, Mitt.  This from a guy whose recent 59-point "economic plan", call it the Full Employment Act for Bureaucrats and Crony Capitalists, essentially leaves the current byzantine tax structure in place other than a little technocratic tinkering around the edges.  And the aforementioned tinkering does nothing to lower marginal tax rates which is crucial to creating the incentives necessary for economic growth.  Romney instead prefers to legitimize Obama’s class warfare nonsense with the infinitesimal changes he does endorse (or claims to endorse) in the tax code.

Let’s see a show of hands in the comments: How many actually believe a President Romney would lift a finger to create a flat tax system?  The worst-case scenario for those in the Washington Establishment who back Romney is a loss of power, and that’s the inevitable result of a flat tax.  Color me skeptical.

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    Well Doug, you may find it "hilarious", but I don’t.
    This man is going to be our nominee…..and if that ain’t scary, I don’t know what is.

    • Nichama

      I respectfully think you have misunderested the really ticked off voters out here this go ’round.

    • bunny06

      I guess you have to vote for him unless you want obama to get another 4 years. There are some good choices but they are sitting this one out. I don’t care i still love Sarah. She is still drawing those huge crowds. Oh what might have been a cand. i could completely 100% back the only cand. i could back. :(

    • Robb714

      If "Mitt" the flip-flopping, establishment, RINO, Mass. Liberal, previous failed candidate, moronic, Mormon, etc. is the GOP nominee then they might as well just support Obama and save their energy because hell will freeze over and the sky will fall before he gets more than a third of the GOP and much less of the Independent vote, mark my words.

    • bunny06

      Pat Buchanan was on Hannitty its a scary world out there Cain knows nothing about foreign affairs. Does anyone really want a pizza CEO as president of the united states. he just makes up answers as they go along. nominating him would be scary. I would rather see newt or romney even bachmann at least she has a clue.

    • lanahi

      He will be our nominee if the majority of voters vote for him in the primaries.

      Otherwise he won’t.

      The ones who say Romney will be the nominee have been dumbed down by the media and establishment who claim that.  But the people themselves have not yet spoken and DO have a choice. It is still one person, one vote, and the people outnumber "them".

      By saying he is the only one who can win, we are saying that everyone is voting for him, and everyone else is saying the same thing…because it is somehow understood that he’s the only one who can win! 

      Now what would happen if everyone just voted for the one he or she thought was best instead of trying to second-guess everyone else?  Romney would NOT be the nominee if this occured.

  • Nancy6

    A 59 point economic plan, is like a 17 minute answer.

  • blackbird

    nope, no finger lifting there Doug. Typical politician, he will say anything for your vote. I remember after the Scott Brown victory, Mitt was seen driving a pickup truck.

    • imo123

      Yeah, pretty boy will say anything.  Just after Gov. Palin started her bus tour of historic sites Mitt talked about all the cross country road trips his dad took him on as a boy to educate Mitt on what made this country great. He said he just recently asked Ann (his wife) if they were going to take their grandkids on a fun educational road trip like his dad used to do.

      • blackbird

        did not know that, but it’s not surprising. I cannot see how in the world he is going to be the nominee.

        • bunny06

          Because the rest of the field is SO bad. I mean a pizza CEO as president of the USA. newt or bachmann is more qualified. Cain is not qualifed to be president just as obama was not qualified. What did we say in 2008 obama had not experience what would the libs say in 2012. People had better wake up.

  • SteveBayrd

    Mitt MAY be the nominee… The GOP establishment is adept at marshaling all the sheep in the so-called middle. There is only one person that could destroy both Mitt and Obama on stage or in an election. The "anyone but Obama" strategy(?) is a manufacture of the GOP establishment to get folks to accept Romney in the end. Those who fall for "ABO" are filing into the narrowing pens of the sheep-meat factory. I will be writing in Sarah Palin.

    • bunny06

      I think he will be the nominee. Its such a lame field. All the good ones, palin,demint, paul are all sitting this one out. There is not a good one in the entire bunch. Newt has too much baggage, paul is nuts, cain has no experience, mitt says whatever sounds good, perry is for giving illegals free college. WHO ON EARTH DO YOU VOTE FOR. i think mitt has the best shot of beating obama but how much better will he be unless he does a complete turnaround.

  • Mary Beth House

    Ha.  This should be sent over to

  • Guest

    What a doofus!  And this is who the establishment GOP wants us to get behind?  He’s no better than this guy…

    • blackbird

      That was good had not seen it before. Wonder what kind of ads Obama’s team have in store for Mitt.

      • Guest

        0bama is all about the green movement….maybe they will recycle some of the anti-John Kerry ads and just photoshop Mitt’s head on Kerry’s.

    • Rob Hart

      I had never seen this until now. OMG! That is exactly like the goof now being pushed has the best candidate. He is just like Slick Willy. Lick your finger and put in the air.

      • Guest

        Exactly!  Mitt Romney and John Kerry….the only difference is the (R) and the (D) after their names!  Both Massachusetts liberals!  It must be something in the water!

  • wilsonpickett

    So glad to see you haven’t lost your humorous but cogent touch.   It’s a form of new math:  Romney’s 59 = Obama’s 17.
    Best of luck to your favorite team in the World Series this week……….wait, those aren’t the Chicago Cubs, are they?  Those players with the birds on the bat are the St. Louis Cardinals.   Oh, well, Whitney and I are certainly happy about that.

    • Nancy6

      Hey wilson,
      You butter me up, then, you hammer me.
      I get it, typical Cardinal fan.:)
      It’s great to see you, by the way!:)

  • VADMCollingwood

    Mitt, Mitt, he’s our man !  

    Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jeb Bush.  K. Rove, Chief Cook and Bottle-washer.  

  • Rob Hart

    Won’t ever vote for him! There is only one who can turn the tide, title or not. I will vote Sarah, period. I am tired of this holding the nose business. That’s BS, folks. "Wake up America" is so right on message point. If the ‘occupy whitehouse’ guy stays in for another term, then we can only hope that the bottom up will, indeed, rise up and block the Soros agenda of this occupier puppet. SCOTUS is the real focus and how to help protect a conservative court. I believe it is by both houses not the Prez. We need to continue to speak out respectfully and hold all leadership to the fire. Restoration takes longer than just one election cycle. We started in 2010 and need to be vigilant every 2 years until the climate change of Washington has changed and truly turned green as in clean leadership and not polluted. Rambling for sure some will say, but I appreciate the opportunity to express my concerns and views with mostly like minded and respectful Americans. Thank you. 

  • sparrow17

    Doug..thanks for your post.  The country is also flip flopping and about to tilt over from it all  If we the people don’t draft our choice and get in this election, we will not have to worry about it later.  Reminds me of someone drowning.  We are about to drown, and need to be rescued.  It is time we are heard, and stand together in one voice where Sarahs’ message will resognate all over this country.  This is the time to fight and restore our founding fathers’ principles based on the Bible back to America!  I stand with Sarah.

    • free4now

      "The country is also flip flopping and about to tilt over from it all."

      Something like Guam capsizing from overpopulation?

  • Lor Mazz

    The rep. deserve what the get a Romney nominee for their not supporting Sarah!!!

    • lanahi

      But WE THE PEOPLE do NOT deserve it!

  • exodus2011

    colour me skeptical also

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Great cariciture!  Mitt the totum pole. If it was Obama, the tongue would be out and "forked". What a sleaze!

  • Freempg

    Let me explain why Romney has to lie out of both sides of his mouth. The force of a lie that goes out one side tourques his head in the opposite direction, thereby requiring the stablizing force of an equal and opposite lie to come out the other. If he lied only in one direction, his head would spin like Linda Blair’s in the Excorcist.

    • JennyNoles

      Free, seems to me the only difference in Mittens- kittens and Obama-mama, is with Ob you have a democrat sock puppet and with Mittens you get a GOP sock puppet.  Pull their little strings and watch ‘em dance for the crowd.

  • stlouisix

    I got a call from the RNC yesterday saying, "We need to make Obama a one term president." 

    I cut the caller off there, and summarily told him, that THE ONLY way to do that would be to nominate a bona fide conservative in more than name only to show the stark contrast between a communist masquerading as president destroying the country from within, and an American who loves the country enough to save it. 

    I also said that we don’t need the likes of a sorry GOP leadership like Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy to work WITH Obama, but rather that they were given the  power that they have now, as a result of the 2010 election by an angry electorate, to STOP OBAMA IN HIS TRACKS!

    I finished by summarily stating that RINOs like Romney aren’t going to cut it, i.e., the GOP rank and file should be outraged that a fraud like Romney is even being given the slightest credence as a candidate for president. 

    Before I hung up, I told the caller to remove my name from their calling list because they’re not going to get my GOP money until I see evidence from the RNC that they have the same concerns that I do in regard to the dire straits that America is now in due, in no small part, to establishment RINOS being indistinguishable from their Dem counterparts.

  • IwjwI

    I don’t believe Romney no matter what he says. Everything out of his mouth is just pandering to garner votes, nothing else. The GOP elite will fail in their attemp to elect Romney. Most Conservative voters already know what the GOP elite & LSM are doing and have the McCain history playbook still a fresh and bitter memory.

  • pete4palin

    If Romney is elected President, his shift to the "center" will be hurtful to the Republlican party as it was durning the Bush years only more so. People will not be able to tell the difference the two Washington D.C. parties.  

  • wodiej

    For Rush Limbaugh fans, he said he supported Romney in 08 and he supports him now.  He all but endorsed him.  He even said he thinks he’s more conservative than any of them.  I don’t care for talk radio often, I just happened to tune in while looking for something to listen to while on the road today.  This is another reason why I think most of these famous people are all establishment.    

    • Guest

      Rush and the rest of the radio heads didn’t support Romney in 2008 UNTIL it looked like McCain was going to be the guy and then they were scrambling to kiss the behind of Romney and convince the south that being a Mormon was okay…but by that time it was already too late.  Rush and Hannity and Coulter and Savage and the like were part of the reason why we got McCain.  And it’s pretty disgusting to see them doing the same kind of thing this year.  In 2008 Romney WAS the conservative one compared to McCain.  Rush is just reading the writing on the wall and jumping on the bandwagon now so he’s not having to apologize later.

      But did you hear Pat Caddell today talking about Crony Capitalism and the Permanent Political Class today!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see something VERY unconventional in 2012! 

    • DougBrady

      You heard Rush say Romney is a conservative?  Just last week I heard him say at least twice that Romney’s not a conservative.

      • $8384738

        Fear not RUSH fans. He said nothing of the sort.
        The clip ‘wodiej’ is referring to was one RUSH was re-playing from back in 2008 to prove he didn’t hate Mitt. In the clip RUSH said Mitt was conservative…compared to McCain. Here’s the transcript.
        Now tell me,
        Will Sarah endorse Cain or Gingrinch? 

        • Guest

          Neither.  I don’t think she will endorse anyone until after it is clear who the nominee will be.  She will hold more power if she doesn’t endorse.

    • lanahi

      Please give us a quote of Rush saying that, because I don’t believe it.

  • jeffo1

    Romney is on Hannity….Telling us what a true blue CONSERVATIVE he is?


  • Robert Lambert

    You all should cool it. We have been forced to vote for someone we don’t want. We have to beat Obama. Romney is our best chance and a hell of a lot better then "O" so get over it.

    • Guest

      Excuse me?  Cool it?  Get over it? 

      No thank you!

    • JennyNoles

      I was forced in 2008 to vote for hobbitt rino McCain in order to get Palin.  I am not being forced by anyone to do anything this time around.  I intend to check into my states rules and policies and see if I am allowed to write in.  I say the establishment can take Romney Obamney and shove him where the sun don’t shine.  My sweet mama used to say I have always heard good things don’t hurt you, so with that little tidbit, Rove, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other bunch can have their liberal candidate.  I’m still waiting on Sarah.  Come on girl.  Say you will.  Mr. Lambert, with all due respect sir, opinions are like buttholes.  Who are you to tell me who to vote for.  I am a free thinking well over 21 woman and if you want to vote for Romney thinking you are keeping Obama out, you are entitled to your opinion.  Personally, if you have made up your mind, why are you still here.  You are not making mine up for me, no sir re, bob.

      • Robert Lambert

        Well Jenny we have been left at the alter. If your waiting for Sarah you won’t be voting. That really makes a lot of sense! Right?  Pray tell me who can beat "O."  If there is another choice out there please tell me.

        • JennyNoles

          Well Bob, methinks I will be voting.  I am voting for Sarah one way or the other.  I think she is running.  I can see no reason why she is storming the places rallying the base for Romney-Obomney or Perry-Okerry, or the other pitiful choices she knows as well as we do how bad they suck.  With her reality show, she climbed a mountain, crossed frozen places full of pitfalls and crevices.  She has continually gone places where most fear to tread against Obama and this regime.  This woman is no quitter.  I have faith in her as I do my God and as sure as I am that he took care of me and my husband during the Apr 27th tornado, I think he will find the way for Sarah to help us save our country.  What affects us also affects her and her family.  What this administration is doing to us, it has done 10 times to Sarah and her family.  She does not strike me as someone who sits on the sidelines while someone else does the work.  That would be like having a moose in her gun sites and lettting someone else take it down.  If you’re waiting on Mittens or Perry or any of the other lightweights to beat Obama, good luck with that.  Obama and his bunch have been frothing over the idea of running against Romney since 2008.  The one they fear the most is Sarah.  She knows it and I know it.  My mama didn’t raise no fool.  Look at the paid hacks that come here to disrupt our threads.  She has told them (wink, wink) she’s not running.  So why are they still afraid of her.  She is no threat to them anymore or is she?  Somebody thinks so.

          • Robert Lambert

            You don’t have to tell me they all suck, I know that. What are we suppose to do wait for an Earthquake? There was no one more taken down then I was when she wouldn’t run. She said anybody but Obama, well that is all were left with. We have to make do, this was not my idea.

            • Guest

              Robert…the election is not until November 6, 2012.  It is October 24, 2011 right now.  We have 379 days until the election.  If we HAVE to jump on the Romney or Cain or Newt or other [insert nose holding candidate and hold breath now] train…there is plenty of time.  I’ve waited 35 years for Sarah Palin and I can wait a little bit longer.  You don’t need to criticize the rest of us and tell us to get over it or cool it!    

        • lanahi

          Whoever gets the most votes will win the nomination and beat O.

    • lanahi

      Romney will be our nominee if everyone votes for him because he’s "our best chance" even if we don’t like him.
      On the other hand, if everyone votes for Newt or Santorum or someone else because we think that one is "our best chance", that one will win the nomination.
      What you are talking about is what Techno calls "proxy votes":  Don’t vote for the one you think is best but only the one you think "can win", i.e., the one you think everyone ELSE will vote for. And, of course, everyone ELSE will be doing the same, voting everyone else’s idea of who can win…instead of voting for the one they’d rather have.
      How much sense does that make? It’s a kind of insanity, IMO.
      THEN, blame it on the establishment because they "picked" our nominee.

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