C4P Senate Watch-2012: Sarah Steelman vs. Todd Akin (Missouri) UPDATE, Great Reader Feedback!, UPDATE II, Steelman Responds to C4P!

Aside from the race for the White House, the contributors of C4P are dedicated to focusing on the all-too-important Senate races of 2012.  This remains a vital aspect of the “not-retreating-but-reloading” process.

Unlike the very blue states that were up for re-election in 2010 making it extremely difficult to take the Senate, 2012 gives us great opportunities.  Among them are Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

We realize the wide range of readers we have.   Therefore, we’re here to do our best, to rely on these candidates and their accompanying records as well as their experience.  Being that many of these seats are up and all bear equal importance to our Democracy, please feel free to research and let us know extra tidbits of information in the comments section so we can all remain engaged together.

Being an occasional contributor for American Thinker, one of my previous non-Sarah Palin articles focused on Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

For those who don’t remember McCaskill, she’s the Democrat who came sweeping in narrowly in 2006 following the controversial Michael J. Fox commercials where he urged Missourians to vote for McCaskill using embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) as his platform.

McCaskill held true to that promise and continued advocating for ESCR and using federal money to pay for it.  She fought hard against the Stupak Amendment.  She was also one of the the first major Democrat Senators to give Obama an official endorsement when she did it in January of 2008.

Needless to say, she has to go.  She’s Missouri’s very own version of Obama.

At Gov. Palin’s brilliant Indianola speech, she said not only was it important to replace Obama, but it was just as important to choose carefully who we replace him with.  The same is true for these Senate seats.

McCaskill has plenty to worry about in the challenge she will get from either Sarah Steelman or Todd Akin.  Both candidates are energizing, educated, and unafraid.  A quick overview of both:


Our first candidate running in the Republican primary is Sarah Steelman.  Steelman is 53, was born in Missouri and has remained there.  She has a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Missouri and a BA in History.  She served as an economist for the Missouri Department of Revenue as well as a Professor of Economics at Lincoln University of Missouri.

Steelman further comes prepared with legislative experience as well.  She served as a State Senator from 1999-2005 and went on to serve as State Treasurer from 2005-2009.

As a grassroots option to frustrated voters in 2008, Steelman took on the establishment insider who had the power of the heavy-hitters on his side for Governor of Missouri.  Steelman lost that bid and her opponent went on to lose the general election to the Democrat (much like what happened in the Presidential election in 2008).

Steelman is a true-to-the-core constitutional conservative.    She promises to vote for a full repeal of Obama Care, she’s unapologetically prolife, she has been vocally against bailouts and the failed stimulus as well as further “job-creation” spending coming out of Washington.  On immigration, she supports stronger border patrol as well as allowing states like Arizona to put forth their own efforts to combat the problem.

You can check out her campaign website as well as an in-depth explanation of her on the issues here.

I did find that she endorsed McCain in 2000 for president.  However; this was long before McCain’s amnesty work with Democrats as well as McCain-Feingold and other conservatively-questioning bullet points on his resume.


Todd Akin was born in New York City and moved to St. Louis.  With a degree in management engineering, Akin worked for IBM and later worked as a manager for a steel company.

He is 64 years old and has a lot of legislative experience under his belt, too.  He served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1989-2001.  He then went on to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2001 and is still in that seat today.

Like Steelman, Akin is a strong constitutional conservative.  He is an outspoken critic of embryonic stem cell research.  He is also very conservative on life, second amendment, immigration, and tax increases.  He has received a 97% rating from the American Conservative Union.

His voting record isn’t bad either.  Further, he sponsored bills including one to control federal spending, one to prioritize spending as we approached reaching our previous debt limit, and co-sponsored a bill to restore second amendment rights to Washington D.C.  You can read all of them here.

Further, you can visit his candidate page here.

In Summary

Both candidates seem to be well-prepared to take on McCaskill.  In a perfect world, Akin would merely stay in the House of Representatives and Steelman can go to the Senate.

Further, Steelman offers a little extra to sweeten the deal.  Along with her conservatism, Steelman certainly has a few Palin-like characteristics of thinking outside of the box.  During her time as State Treasurer, then-Governor Matt Blunt’s administration agreed to a $70,000 settlement to a woman who accused the head of the Department of Agriculture of sexual harassment.  Steelman criticized this as a quick and feckless use of taxpayer money and stopped payment on the check.  Further, she tried to stop Missouri politicians from having access to grants from state ethanol programs.  You can hear her discuss these and much more in an older interview with Glenn Beck during her 2008 run for Governor here:

Steelman on Glenn Beck

So, as it stands for me, Steelman holds the conservative values and has the record of shaking things up giving her an edge.

What do you think?

Great Reader Feedback!

I want to thank all of the readers for discussing the two candidates for Senate in Missouri.  It seems the majority of the commenters are preferring Steelman.  However; we have some amazing digging courtesy of Escaped_Teleprompter and some good questions from exodus2011.  Thanks to the Missourians who have chimed in as well.  Perhaps Candidate Steelman will see these concerns and address them and in the meantime we can continue looking to see the history behind the subsequent reports to better understand the circumstances. 

Thanks again, folks!

Update II, Sarah Steelman Responds to C4P

Thanks to your great comments and involvement, the Steelman campaign has responded to us.  Sarah Steelman called me Tuesday afternoon and thanked us for our involvement in the vetting as well as our passion  for grassroots conservatism.  In addition to her call, a campaign spokesman responded to via e-mail saying the following (note a Q&A regarding Governor Palin!).

Thank you for taking Sarah’s call the other day.  Here is some exciting news if you would like to forward to your friends, family, and fellow patriots: 




Also, Sarah did an interview in Southeast Missouri a few months ago and was asked about her being compared to Governor Palin.  I thought you may enjoy reading this.  Here is the interview text (and the actual question and answer text) http://sarahsteelman.com/semo-times-interview-with-sarah-steelman 

Several readers have commented that your charisma and ability to elate to regular working Missourians is similar to that of Sarah Palin’s. Do you have any comment on that?

“I am flattered by that comparison and I have read that a couple places. I think it’s a great compliment. She is a reformer and very well grounded. We both strive to put people first.”

Thank you for all of your hard work in furthering the conservative movement!  Keep in touch with us.  

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