Chris Christie to Endorse Mitt Romney; Update: Giuliani Out; Update II: Phillip Klein Eviscerates Chris Christie Over Romney Endorsement

In another attempt to bypass the grassroots, the establishment plows forward. 

With many debates still underway, with many arguments to be heard, and with many primaries to be held and heavily contested, the Washington Post reports that Christie will endorse Mitt Romney today in New Hampshire.

Like many of you, I am very excited to hear what Governor Palin will have to say about this.

Update: According to CNN, Rudy Giuliani has officially announced that he is out as of an hour ago.

Aside from any would-be shake-ups, it would appear the field is now officially set.

Update II by Doug: In a great piece at the Washington Examiner, Phillip Klein destroys whatever intellectual consistency and conservative credibility Chris Christie had left with his endorsement of Mitt Romney:

Some conservative pundits promoted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as a Republican presidential candidate, because of his tough talk about the need for leaders embrace real entitlement reform. Yet today, Christie endorsed Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate who not only has avoided offering specifics on entitlement reform, but has campaigned as a protector of welfare programs for senior citizens. Romney also happened to have championed the health care program that served as the model for President Obama’s national health care law.

In a press conference announcing his endorsement, Christie called those who have pointed out the obvious similarities between Romneycare and Obamacare "intellectually dishonest." That’s a list that would include, among other people, House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

"Let me suggest to you, that my children’s future and your children’s future is more important than some political strategy," Christie said during a highly-praised February speech at the American Enterprise Institute. "Let me suggest to you that what game is being played down here is irresponsible and it’s dangerous. We need to say these things and we need to say them out loud. When we say were cutting spending, when we say everything is on the table, when we say we mean entitlement programs, we should be specific…If we’re not honest about these things, on the state level about pensions and benefits and on the federal level about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, we are on the path to ruin."

Yet Romney’s presidential campaign has been characterized more by his attempts to portray himself as the guardian of entitlements than it has been by an effort to embrace real reform. He attacked Texas Gov. Rick Perry, repeatedly, for criticizing Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, and declared at a recent appearance at a Florida senior citizen community that, "when you see your friends with signs that say keep your hands off our Medicare, they are absolutely right." Peter Suderman had a roundup of all the areas of the federal budget Romney has ruled out cutting. Romney wrote an essay outlining how he would control federal spending that does mention Medicaid reform, but doesn’t mention Medicare or Social Security.

Much more here.  Be sure to read it all.  There can’t be any doubt left that the concerns raised by conservatives such as Mark Levin and others over Chris Christie’s alleged conservatism have been confirmed.  Christie endorsement of a candidate whose views of the proper role of government are anathema to conservatives has seen to that.  Except perhaps in Ann Coulter’s case, that is.  Not that today’s move is surprising.  Christie, after all, has steadfastly refused to criticize Romney over Romneycare, refuses to join the state’s rights lawsuit over Obamacare, and famously endorsed Mike Castle in Delaware last year.

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  • MaMcGriz

    Well color us all surprised!! LOL!

    • pipam12

      i’m in shock I tell you shock !!

    • kessi7

      Here is what is suprising
      …you have no heart
      … is intellectually dishonest
      … right wing social engineering
      …Palin is unelectable
      … Cain has no chance in a million
      These are the statements concerning the electorate, by leaders that were elected by the electorate. Something is wrong when  leaders don’t know how to talk to and about the people who elect them.
      Christie should take a poll of how many New Jersians favour Obamney care, and he has just insulted the other half.
      More still, we are getting news of how much Obama copied Romney.

      • MaMcGriz

        It never in my life occurred to me I’d see a day when US elected officials at the highest levels would behave in such despicable ways. They actually appear to take pride in their rudeness and insults.


    A RINO supporting another RINO……no news here.

    • suehimel

      Yes, not even news.

  • Pete Petretich

    Yes, we need specific leadership from Sarah AND from Tea Party leaders.

    • lanahi

       “Let me suggest to you, that my children’s future and your children’s
      future is more important than some political strategy,” Christie said
      That’s about the only thing Christie and I agree on. 
      Romney to decide my kid’s future?  I don’t think so!

  • mike

    I can tell you what she’s thinking but will publicly soften it up…."wow, so now the proof is slapping the American people in the face that Christie was playing a political game by pretending he was running. All the while trying to force me out." Game on rino!!

  • Terry Malpass

    Flip and da Fatman 2012!

    "If we can’t say something you like, we’ll just yell at ya on Youtube!"

  • Dagobomb

    In other news, "Rocks are hard and water is wet."

  • votermom

    Christie knows he can’t get re-elected. Now Mitt owes him for the game-playing … he’ll probably expect a Cabinet position.

  • mike

    Oh by the way, Rino’s NO ONE thinks Christie is a conservative. So pulling him in to endorse romney is like michele obama endorsing barack hussain obama. One in the same! You’ll gain NO support for this move


      mike, this endorsement says more about Christie than it does Romney. 

      • mike

        exactly – the country is now aware that christie is a liberal

      • Betsey_Ross

        He’s played the game and got some crumbs.  Get them Sarah. 

    • Bill Carpenter Sr.

      So true

      • NoMoreMeh

        I don’t care.  I am just enjoying them make MISTAKE after MISTAKE.

        What dorks.  Stupidity in action.

  • Jean_A

    Endosements will start flying now that Gov. Palin is not in the race.

    • NoMoreMeh

      I’m hoping this is her plan. :)

  • PhilipJames

    I am assuming that if and when Sarah Palin ever endorses a particular candidate in the primary, and I think she would not do that unless something was going on she did not agree with, she would do it for maximum effect. Her political skills are pretty darn good and she would do that when it would either stop a bad candidate or propel one of the rest over the top.
    Face it, her endorsement is not to be used lightly. So, she would be very careful with it.
    The debate tonite should prove to be very interesting now that they have been forced to put Cain in between Perry and Mittens. Lets have some fireworks!

    • sno_warrior

      No endorsements!  Take it all the way to the National Convention and have a ‘brokered convention’ and nominate Sarah on the 2nd draft!

  • TangledThorns

    I like Christie but this will not sway me to Romney. I’m hoping Palin endorses Cain soon.


      She won’t endorse any of them. None of them meet her criteria. 

      • Bill Carpenter Sr.

        Right on TENCOLE

    • Bill Carpenter Sr.

      I hope Palin endorses PALIN soon.

      • mike

        I endorse Palin. See Christie is not the only one making an endorsement today. One problem Christie..I’m a REAL conservative

        • NoMoreMeh

          Yes, somebody start an I Endorse Palin page…  I could sign that!

    • mainelysteve

      Sarah will let the people decide who they want and then work like hell to get them elected!

      • Betsey_Ross

        That’s more than the RNC is willing to do.  This is the problem.  We have elections and they won’t abide by them.  Call them out.  Stop sending money. 

        • Timothy Jacques

          Everytime they send me letters asking for money, I just send it back now….empty.

      • lanahi

        Even if it’s her?


    This certainly says more about Christie then it does Romney.

    Thank goodness we’ll never hear "Run Christie Run", again. 

  • Jack Franklin

    I have no doubt that the whole Christie thing, in conjunction with the primaries being moved up, was a setup to derail Gov Palin and the conservative movement.  The Repub establishment is not a whole lot different than the Dems.  It is a cancer that has metastasized at an alarming rate.  Deep inside, I still hope for an earthquake, and Gov Palin can still find an opening, as miraculous as that may seem.

    There are various schools of thought about how to move forward.  Assuming the next president comes out of the current GOP pool, we should carefully examine their backgrounds in much greater detail than we ever have before.  Personally I don’t care who is endorsing who.  I ultimately choose to think for myself with the best information that I can piece together and that makes common sense based upon my personal life experience.

    Some food for thought that I stumbled across was an illuminating series entitled, "The Phony Right-Wing" by a conservative researcher, Kelleigh Nelson, who was a former classmate of Hilary Clinton and a Goldwater girl back then.   In her articles, she does an extensive analysis of all the GOP presidential candidates with backup sources (the last in the series that is yet to come out is Ron Paul).  

    There are a number of so-called conservative issues that have become staples to the cause, but when the sheets are pulled away, some missing pieces of the puzzle begin to fit (such as the flip-side consequences of the Balanced Budget Amendment).  I have known for some time that we have been duped.  We need to be careful who we trust, regardless of their rhetoric.

    Decide for yourself…

    • Bill Carpenter Sr.

      The establishment Republicans are NOT conservatives, they are ALL  RINOS looking out for their own best interest PERIOD.  Sarah Palin is the TRUE conservative.

    • lanahi

      The Marxists took over the Democrat Party and then made inroads in the GOP to take them over too.  They have done well so far.
      We have to do better than them.

  • HuntingMoose

    can anyone please explain to me what the news is here?

    • Guest

      Christie endorsing Romney is not ‘news’, but it is confirmation of what many have been saying all along about Christie.

    • NoMoreMeh

      lol, HuntingMoose, you caught Habana…  (Habana, place a mental  /sarc  at the end of that question!)

  • Bill Carpenter Sr.

    Just for you ANN COULTER………… do you like your RINO friend Christie NOW?

    • OnePurpleKrayon

      Ann Coulter supports Romney.  She’s not in it for who’s the most conservative. She was on a radio program the day of Sarah’s announcement saying she is going to support Romney because he is the most electable in terms of beating Obama.  She says right now we have to look at who can beat Obama and she thinks it’s Romney.

  • JeannieBinVA

    Another VP wannabe. The list grows.


      chrisite won’t win re-election….it’s a cabinet position he’s looking for.  *sigh*

  • section9

    I suspect that Mittens is under the illusion that Chris Christie will help him in the fall, and that Christie can help him beat Obama.

    Trust me; in six months Mitt won’t draw flies to his rallies. It will be deep into the Spring and Palin will be speaking at conferences and at fundraisers for congresscritters and conservative Senate Candidates. She’ll be drawing crowds with her message. 

    People will notice in the GOP, and in the dead-in-the-water Romney Campaign. You heard it here first.

    • Right_Wingnut

      When she gives her convention speech, people will realize that they nominated the wrong guy. For that reason, I can see some in the establishment trying to keep her away.

      • conservativemama

        I can’t see them giving her time at the convention.  They fear this woman big time.

      • TENCOLE

        I think you’re RW….they won’t let her get 10 feet near that convention stage, and for exactly the reason you stated. It would be like a repeat of 4 years ago.

    • John_Frank

      I agree with this analysis.

      Christie was eviscerated by Mark Levin. He will do nothing for Romney with the conservative movement, despite all the shilling by BOR, Coulter, Krystol and company.

      • AmsterdamExpat

        CC wasn’t much use to that awful protegé of the Mittwit in California — what was her name again, Witless, wasn’t it?

  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    Besides us here at C4P and even on Tammy Bruce livestream is Palin going to be really taken seriously?  I wanted Palin to run for pres.  And still hoping that she jumps in sometime this week or next.  But besides us who is really listening to her….anymore???  This is a question from the heart.

    PALIN 2012….People change their minds all the time….PALIN 2012!!!!!

  • puba1800

    Considering all the negative reaction this endorsement is causing, perhaps this endorsement is the earthquake we are looking for. The conservatives better start rallying behind Gov Palin to stop Romney or Romney will be the nominee.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Just a tremor my friend. We are still waiting for the earthquake.

      • puba1800

        A tremor could be an indication that an earthquake is coming.

        • virginiagentleman1

          I certainly hope so, friend Puba! I certainly hope so.

      • puba1800

        The conservative base and the tea party have only 2 choices now  to stop Romney – to rally around Cain or to beg Gov Palin to reconsider.

  • Guest

    The ‘fix’ is in. Barring any unforeseen developments on the Palin front, Cain will become the default option to the Romney-Establishment crusade that will start to gain momentum after tonite’s debate. But, keep your eyes close to all the anti-Palin throngs amongst all the so-called "conservatives" (i.e. Ingraham, BOR, Coulter, Bill Bennett, and the rest of the RINO pols in office) who will now start to galvanize around Romney to create momentum for this RINO going into 2012.


      It’ll be interesting how Cain will handle things tonight. You can bet your bottom dollar that the claws will come out and they’ll all be after him.

      Cain has moments when he sounds like Bachmann and those little toads just hop right out of his mouth. 

    • conservativemama

      Oh they’re galvanizing already.  I’m telling you, Coulter is in full hyena mode at this point,

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