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Coming to a Laptop Near You – Grizzly Fest Online Summit – The Restoration Continues Oct. 29th

On October 5th, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin let everyone know she would not seek the GOP nomination for the presidency at this time. She urged supporters to join her in continuing to fight to restore America’s “greatness, goodness, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.”

On Oct. 29th Palin supporters will gather for Grizzly Fest, an historic online summit to move ahead with a positive agenda of reform. Because we’ve still got our Grrrr on … Way ON!

Join your friends in the Palin grassroots movement including (Steve Bannon, Tammy Bruce, Jedidiah Bila, Peter Singleton, and representatives from C4P, O4P, Texans4Palin, and Team Sarah) to renew, reload and re-organize. The idea for Grizzly Fest sprang from Tammy Bruce’s suggestion for a Palinista "Meet-Up" to plot our next steps. It gathered steam during a recent Roderic Deane radio show. We’ve rounded-up an inspiring group of Grizzlies to discuss the success of the movement so far, the ongoing work of restoration, and what comes next as we rally around shared values and purpose.

We invite Palin supporters everywhere to listen in LIVE to this important discussion on Saturday, Oct. 29th from 2-5 p.m. ET, and to share their own ideas in our dedicated forums. We will be announcing more details about this event in coming days, and launching a Grizzly Fest website.

After the historic elections of 2010, the conservative movement is on the ascendancy.

Now more than ever we have an opportunity to unite alongside Governor Palin to actively and “aggressively” support true public servants who will stop runaway government debt and job-killing regulations. We have the unique opportunity to promote free markets and energy independence. We have the opportunity as a large grassroots movement to continue to hold our elected leaders accountable, and to dismantle the government crony system that stymies our entrepreneurial spirit and siphons away untold billions from our public treasury.

We must fight for leaner government at all levels. We must defeat the permanent political class.

Over the last three years millions of us have drawn inspiration from a once little-known governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin has set the standard of public service — from her days as city council member, then as mayor, chairwoman of the Alaskan gas and oil commission, vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska. She gave us the VISION of what we wanted in a leader.

Now it’s still up to us as constitutional conservatives to make that vision a reality across the country, to advance her vision of reform, ethics, and fiscal responsibility, and to support leaders with the restoration agenda.

The battle awaits. And we remain UNDEFEATED.

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  • palin45potus

    This sounds good.

    Keep the Palin vision alive!

  • wisetrog

    nice. it’s also the first dealine isn’t it? Hmm…

  • Chris

    Looking forward to it. 

    We will need things like this to keep our focus sharp!

  • Izzyf3

    Way to go… very much appreciate the positive attitude going forward.  God is faithful… the best is yet to come.

    PALIN POWER… We The People.

  • Pete Petretich

    Rock on, Nicole, I’m glad the webinar is coming together…

  • Nichama

    This prayer was posted earlier on OPEN COMMENT
    and was compiled from the contributions of Mountain, BrianusBerkleanus and Nichama

    I propose as many of us as possible say the following prayer daily at 2 pm ET  

    Come Heavenly Father 

    Come into our hearts across this land. 

    Give us grace, wisdom and the clarity of vision to know and follow your will. 

    Lord, we believe Sarah to be the one you have sent to lead us out of the terrible grip of godlessness which has overtaken our country’s leadership and citizenry. 

    Heavenly Father grant to us the stirring sight of the full and unhindered and untrammeled swinging of the Sword of Sarah against our foes. 

    Lord, please grant us Sarah 2012 if it is at all possible within the parameters of your Divine Providence. 

    But please also protect her, as only you can Lord. 

    Protect her and her precious family from the ferocious and inhuman and ungodly enemies whose undying enmity she has aroused in the past and continues to arouse to this very hour. 

    Lord God of Hosts show us the path forward. 

    Help us ALL, Dear God and give us all strength, patience and firm resolve for the future. 



    • Bill589

      May it be the Lords will that our constitutional republic is restored, and our children’s children grow up free, in a strong, prosperous nation.

      May the Lord’s will be done.

    • $10089747

      Great prayer.  I have been praying for her and her family for over a year now.  It will take divine intervention to have her run in 2012.  Bur I have faith that this srill can happen, because there is nothibg more powerful than prayer.  Thank you

      • wodiej

        I pray for Sarah usually in the early morning hours or evening when I am laying in bed.  Those are the most peaceful and quiet times for me.  I light a bunch of candles and have no sound on in the house.   Natural light is said to attract angels.

        • CaliPatCon

          It is all good and well to pray daily for Sarah Palin, and her family, of which I do too. However, of late my heart has been very heavy for our nation’s younger parents; Therefore, I have been praying more than ever for them. We need to lift them up in prayer continually because they and there children will need wisdom and courage to continue the restoration of America, after a lot of us have gone to heaven. It is not too late to teach young children about our God given rights and the responsibility that comes with them; and, the importance of adopting higher moral and ethical values/principles to live by; of which they are sure to learn through continual, conservative, positive role modeling.

          With this said, I want to salute all the young parents in this site because they have the hardest but the best job of all. God bless you.

    • wodiej

      that’s a beautiful prayer. I propose we all pray at all times of the day and night and with whatever words that come to our hearts.

      • Nichama

        Absolutely. I pray all day but I thought if at a certain time of day, if we all lifted our voices together……
        Could it hurt?

  • ernst1776

    great idea.  count me in, or is it on?

  • Pete Petretich

    One of the things that I love about being a Palinista is that I see see, like, fifty years of political excitement spread out before me. Right now Sarah is 47 years old.

    Gosh, I hope she runs in the Boston Marathon next Patriot’s Day (April, 2012)…

  • blueniner

    This will tide us over until we see what direction Sarah is going.

  • section9

    Very apropos for us to all meet up on the 29th. I also noticed that the Governor is following the Grizzlyfest.

    • Mary Beth House

      Where do you see that?  I didn’t see it in her follow list.

      • section9

        If you look on Grizzlyfest’s twitter page, you see Palin’s little icon there.

        • Guest

          Just use

      • section9

        I stand corrected. They are following Palin, not other way round. 

        Still, it’s something she should do.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Sarah Palin, ironically, is the ultimate "community organizer". She was right again when she told us where to direct our efforts. The Progressives with their Union and Media backing, routinely clean our clocks at the local level. They are moving now in Ohio and Wisconsin, for starters. They know where the real fight takes place and they also recognized immediately, the power, Gov. Palin’s leadership would provide to Conservatives. There is the reason they have been relentless in the effort to destroy her from day one. Grizzly Fest is a great idea. Hopefully it will help find a way to wake up the GOP or put them to sleep if need be!

  • pipam12
    • Nichama

      Thanks for the post.  It’s pure joy.

      • pipam12

        welcome :)

    • wodiej

      Oh thank you for THAT!! Love Celine Dion and her tune to Palin is wonderful.  

  • Jack Franklin

    Thanks Nicole!  With some strategic grass roots promotion, this could be a big deal!  Any chance that the other big sites or talk radio would promote this as an invitation to all conservatives in support of We the People restoration of America?  After all, we are all in this together.

    Besides, it feels good just to be taking a positive direction of action!

  • CliffNZ

    I was just thinking to myself how everything has seemed just a little less bright the last few days –  I find myself just sighing out loud every now and then.  I  go into the ‘political blogs’ folder without the same enthusiasm…can’t be helped, no matter how much I love and admire Sarah Palin and respect her decision – even understand it – I still cannot help feeling an occasional melancholic twinge…SO …just what I needed to read!! Many thanks – something to look forward to indeed!

  • Bill589

    Restore the USA. For our cubs, and for our cubs’ cubs.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Whatever we can do, we must do it. Tammy spoke for many of us last week when she pointed out that none of the pretenders deserves Sarah’s endorsement.

  • cj67

    Thanks Nicole,  I sure appreciate all the hard work which you and the other contributors put into this site.  I am a daily reader and have been a Palin supporter from the beginning.   I’m just not a commentor.
    I’ll be looking forward to the Grizzly Feast.  Thanks again. 

  • independents4palin

    This sounds great !! We need to let the elite GOP know that we are a force out there and that we will push candidates that serve the people and follow the founding principles of our Founding Fathers and Mothers.

  • Bhconservative

    If every voter who was not satisfied with the currrent occupant of the White House AND not satisfied with any of the current GOP choices, wrote in Sarah Palin’s name…she would win. Just Saying.

    • Erwin Echavez

      Yeah like if if its so massive they cant ignore but count them even though Sarah haven’t filed for her candidacy.

  • MarkRNY

    Hey! Open bar or BYOB??

    This was Nicole’s idea on the Roderic Deane show you know.

    Edit–Can we discuss men’s Fall fashion too??…why not?!

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