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Final Gallup Poll Shows Governor Palin With the Highest Favorable Rating Among All GOP/GOP-Leaning Independents Other than Giuliani

Here were the final Gallup #s for the Governor before she announced at least at this moment that she wasn’t running (multiply the "strongly favorable + favorable" percentage by the percentage that recognize the Republican and go to "export full trends" to find the Governor’s final numbers)

Governor Palin: 65%
Mitt "peacetime" Romney: 60%
Newt Gingrich: 56%
Rick Perry: 50%
Michele Bachmann: 50%
Herman Cain: 47%
Ron Paul: 41%
Rick Santorum: 33%
Jon Huntsman: 23%

Keep in mind too that over 80% of all GOP/GOP-leaning indies recognize Palin, Romney, Perry, Bachmann, and Gingrich. So Palin’s advantage isn’t due to the fact that she had higher name recognition. Palin and Cain were the only two Republicans who could say their "strongly favorable" rating among all GOP/GOP-leaning indies was over 20%.


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