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Final Gallup Poll Shows Governor Palin With the Highest Favorable Rating Among All GOP/GOP-Leaning Independents Other than Giuliani

Here were the final Gallup #s for the Governor before she announced at least at this moment that she wasn’t running (multiply the "strongly favorable + favorable" percentage by the percentage that recognize the Republican and go to "export full trends" to find the Governor’s final numbers)

Governor Palin: 65%
Mitt "peacetime" Romney: 60%
Newt Gingrich: 56%
Rick Perry: 50%
Michele Bachmann: 50%
Herman Cain: 47%
Ron Paul: 41%
Rick Santorum: 33%
Jon Huntsman: 23%

Keep in mind too that over 80% of all GOP/GOP-leaning indies recognize Palin, Romney, Perry, Bachmann, and Gingrich. So Palin’s advantage isn’t due to the fact that she had higher name recognition. Palin and Cain were the only two Republicans who could say their "strongly favorable" rating among all GOP/GOP-leaning indies was over 20%.


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  • snorp73

    This is amazing.  Palin and Palinistas everywhere are getting prepared for something unconventional.  I can feel it in my bones.  This isn’t over.  It can’t be.

    • Georgene Millard

      Palin did say this will be a very unconventional race.  Wonder what she meant by that?

      • Jasmine Clark

        i really want to know what she meant by that. when i heard that i was like "obvious clue she’s running!" but now, what does it mean? how is this race unconventional exactly?

        i strongly think she WAS leaning toward running, but at the last minute, something stopped her.

        • Chris

          Yes something stopped her march towards the white house in its tracks. 

          Family was yes part of it but only party of it.

          I think the unconventional was going to apply to her grassroots orgainization.  There are still many unconventional routes but they are very improbable or at least require a lot of things to happen that are out of anyone’s control at least on our side.

          • mike

            The American People working for her will be her "unconventional" way of getting elected.

            • mike

              she already has over 3 million followers on facebook. if each of them gave $100 she’d have 300million. Facebook just scratches the surface of her followers. I’d put money down she’d get 10 million donations which could be 1 billion if each gave 100 bucks.

              Haha…obama can’t get that much money. hahahaha SARAH CAN AND WILL

          • Leroy Whitby

            She needs to run.

          • Joann Jakelski Kabat

            The thing is her family has always been part of the equation from day one, has never kept her from pushing forward before, if it did, after the 2008 election she would have dissappeared and never had been heard from again. But she didn’t do that she came back swinging even harder with more force. So for this time what exactly was the game changer for her, why all of a sudden she is choosing a different path? I am thinking that it has to do with the GOP establishment that had something to do with it, just like they have been pulling the strings with Romney, Christie, Florida ect… I think that this might be why Sarah is saying "going rogue", or "not retreating, just reloading" is because she plans to get rid of them one by one by voting them out and replacing them with tea party conservatives like in 2010. That way you weaken your enemy if you take away their pawns…with no pawns to do their bidding eventually they evolve out of the equation and become neutered :0) I think this is her plan for pulling out of the POTUS run, she thinks she can cover more ground, more levels of government if she puts her full attention there instead of the white house run. In doing so she fakes them out, She makes them think that the tea party will be weaker, that she will be less effective and in doing so giving the  GOP establishment a false sense of sercurity,then we the people strike by voting them out of office. They won’t know what hit them because they, the GOP never could understand us or relate to us, and they never will. The only problem is that "we the people" really need and want her in the 2012 POTUS race, we don’t see anyone else that can carry that torch for us. Because if a RINO gets in as POTUS but we have a strong senate and house the GOP establishment could make the RINO veto every piece of legislation that comes across his desk making the next 4 years useless/ wasted and then blaming it on the tea party for it and trying to destroy the movement. They/ GOP Establishment doesn’t care if the country goes down in flames as a result all they care is about their own power and greed.

            • lastarza

              She might be playing "possum" by making her adversaries believe they have beaten her and she will cease to be a threat. But that leaves them defenseless, if she reappears stronger than before and takes them all on when they are least prepared.

        • patriot173

          "unconventional campaign" as in Independent leader of We The People vs demorats and rino establishment…. way outside the box without shackles of a gop nominee…now THAT’S unconventional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • John Norton

            Your sarcasim isnt appreciated…!

            • jerseymark

              I don’t see any sarcasm at all John. It IS  the MOST UNCOMVENTIONAL!

              • patriot173

                jerseymark, thank you for your comment—it is most appreciated. It seems John has an unresolved issue which has spilled over into negativity and a misinterpretation of what I think Sarah’s plan may be.

            • patriot173

              John, your comment is very much unappreciated and your negativity is misdirected and a misinterpretation of what I sincerely believe to be what Sarah’s stategy MAY BE IN THE FUTURE. It is a horrible thought that I would be sarcastic with our beloved Sarah’s life on the line. You’re apology would be most graciously accepted. Thank you.

        • Reloading

          "something stopped her"   I think so too. 

          After listening to Rush today I started putting two and two together and I felt a light bulb go on.

          Rush spent the better part of the show talking about the GOP establishment and their desire to crush the Tea Party.  Sarah is the defacto symbol of the Tea Party and her alignment with it is what stopped her.  I have no way of proving this but I think the GOP establishment got to her thru intimidation or outright threat to her and her family.  The establishment knew that if she ran there would be no stopping the Tea Party and her coat tails would drag a lot more from the Tea Party into House and Senate races.  They knew that during the speech at Indianola she declared open war on the establishment of BOTH parties.  They took this threat seriously.

          The Sarah I saw at Indianola was not the same Sarah I saw some days later on Greta.

          I know Sarah does not favor a third party but with her high favorable numbers among GOP and GOP leaning Indies plus disgruntled Dems…is there a chance that might be the earthquake that takes down the establishment in both parties?

          Maybe I think too much!!!

          • ProudAmerican247

            I thought the same thing…a third party might be the 10.3 earthquake we need to win. People are desperate for CHANGE. Let’s rock ‘n roll ‘em! 

            • Massachusettspalinsupporter

              both parties are corrupt and controlled by the crony capitalists we need a third party The wall protesters have a point

              • AJ_K

                I would LOVE to see a THIRD PARTY started by SARAH…

                My WILDEST DREAM…

          • Massachusettspalinsupporter

            I agree but it is not just the tea Party it is also working class Prolifers who the est has used for years

          • jerseymark

            I know she said no to a third party but she has also referred several times to the Whig Party was replaced by the Republican Party and that it could happen to the Republican Party if they ignore the People and push some RINO on us. Which statement takes precedence under current circumstances and the state of the race? I would suggest that if a groundswell develops under the banner of We the People, it would show that we are ready for a political realignment and ultimate replacement of the Republican Party and Sarah will run.

            • lastarza

              Herman Cain could change the equation overnight. Being a mathematician, Masters in Computer Science and a Rocket System scientist, besides being a former Federal Reserve System Governor in St. Louis, it seems he might be the smartest person ever to be running. Gingrich is pretty close in smarts, though.

          • lastarza

            I watched "The Undefeated" for the second time this evening and in her speach at Wisconsin, she spent a good portion in taking on the GOP and the Establishment. So, i agree. The Beltway Repubs feel threatened by the Tea Party and that threat is shared by the Dems. It’s just one big corrupt Party in DC.

        • lanahi

           Yes, but maybe just for now, Jasmine.

      • Dan C

        She said that when she was pretty sure that she was going to run. Now, that might be out the window. 

    • patjr1124

      No doubt Snorp.  "mark my words" she said on greta a few weeks ago.  I hope there is nothing conventional ever again.  I will not vote for Romney or any other RINO that the GOP puts forth.

  • cuttingboardblues

    I knew they would love her as soon as she announced she wasn’t running.  Just watch.  Suddenly the press is going to turn golden towards her. 

    • PhillyCon

      Think of the boyfriend/girlfriend you break up with and after some time, you realize you made a mistake.

    • Jasmine Clark

      no, this poll was taken BEFORE she announced she wasn’t running. =

      • cuttingboardblues

        but only printed after. 

    • Terry Malpass

      I believe this is based on the week before the announcement.

  • imo123

    Betcha she’d poll better than Romney right now even.

  • TRON2016

    I think that Republican Party Establisment’s Plan for Next Year (Elections 2012) is simple:

    Now Mitt Ronmney and Herm Cain are neck to neck….

    Next Year Mitt Romney will get the presidental nomination and Herm Cain will be Romney’s VP….

    Both Mitt Romney and Herm Cain are working together for Republican Party Establisment….

    Final Result: Barack Hussein Obama will be reelected easily….

    • HuntingMoose

      And add to it my answer:

      2016 wewill have a thirdparty winning the elections and no more pandering to the gop elites

  • Dan C

    I wish she was running. 

    • Jasmine Clark

      this may shock everyone but…

      ME TOO =)

  • Chris

    Lets just say these numbers prove that it is not over by any means if she gets back into the race somehow. 

    She is and always will be many peoples first pick.  I don’t even have a second pick. The rest are just full of crap.

  • Roguer2

    Woah. Just wondering about the implications of these numbers. . .

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Again, the media and establishment would twist it a different way using their own logic.  100% – 65% =35%

    35% unfavorable rating.  They judge Palin by a different set of standards.

    • Chris

      But the numbers would and do not lie.  One way or another she is going to be in this race!

      The media has been spiinning everything since before she stepped on the stage in 2008.  That has stopped mattering.  Her support and supporters are greater than that.

    • c4pfan

      So, that’s better than Romney’s!

      • Jasmine Clark

        they would convieniently forget that fact =)

    • Greg Legakis

      Remember the highest she polled before she got out was low 20’s, so she would’ve had 70%+ to try to win over.  Pretty much what Rom, Perry and Herm would be up against.

      It’s not easy no matter how even handed the scrutiny is.

      • Bill589

        Even handed scrutiny.  Sarah never had that.
        She’d win easy if she did.

  • TEX11

    Governor Palin will be in the running,one way or another.

    The seven dwarfes are pathetic,especially liberal Romney.
    He’s no better than Obama,he’s ObamaLite.

    • Dan C

      What do you mean? You still think she will run somehow?

      • mike

        i do!!

        • Dan C

          In 2012? How?

      • TEX11

        Sarah Palin will not sit on the side,it’s not in her nature.
        She will find the way,"the unconventional way,mark my word…."

        She didn’t say that for nothing!!!

        • jerseymark

          Read the submittal from the Englishman – Sarah Palin the We the People President.

      • bsbutterfly

        she can run as independent republican on voting ticket ,dont need primary

  • shiftwalker

    Tell me something I didn’t know

  • AJ_K

    SARAH will EXPOSE all of the crony capitalists in our government and outside of it…she will continue to show us who the EVIL marxist are, and how their ultimate goal to have ultimate power will destroy us.

    REMEMBER, we can NOT have a Country run by WE THE PEOPLE if we do NOT have a FREE PRESS.


    • Joanne B Perez

      I think she and GB have both been our free press!

  • Ken Kates

    Are her peeps still looking into filing dates?!?!  Or is she  to  be a write in.  As was that other less famous Alaskan Sen Murkowski. 

  • Greg Legakis

    No offense, but that statistic is almost meaningless.  If she had been in debates and been getting the same amount of exposure as the top candidates, then it would be impressive.

    If posting this is meant to make us feel good, it doesn’t.  We already think highly of her.  These results, if anything will just make us feel worse, because it will remind us of what could have been, especially with such a "beatable" field.

    Flag away.

    • Jasmine Clark

      no, i get your point. if she HAD run, this poll would have been really important. because she chose not to, now the statistic is meaningless.

      although it’s nice to know that a lot of people out there like her.

    • wodiej

      well I kind of agree too.  It’s nice but doesn’t count for much.  Alot of people said they liked her but didn’t think she was qualified.  If they had seen her in some debates like she was w Biden, then that would be different.  

      • Greg Legakis

        True, but successfully debating Biden the boob one time isn’t nearly as challenging as multiple debates with multiple candidates all trying to out do you.  Not to mention multiple hostile MSM debate moderators teeing up gotcha questions.

        The downside of Sarah having gotten in "could" have been what Perry’s fate has recently turned into.  If she wasn’t prepared, her candidacy could have just as easily been a disaster.  A lot of people around here forget that this could have happened.  So that’s one of the positives of her not running.

    • Joann Jakelski Kabat

      What it is suppose to mean is… there is light, and when there is light there is still hope. This is far from over…the establishment from both sides want you to do exactly what you and others are doing. They want you to think and believe that Sarah left us, deserted us when we need her most. This is so far from the truth she hasn’t gone anywhere she is still fighting side by side with all of us. Whether she gets back in the POTUS run in 2012 or not (and believe me I really do want her back in that fight) she will always be with us, fighting with us, and for us. But she can not do it alone she can not carry this burden alone any longer..we all need to start uniting not walking away from the fight but running towards it..if you are not currently part of your local tea party group then it’s time to put up or shut up!  or as Sarah says "it’s time to fight like a girl!" It’s time for all of the "WE THE PEOPLE" to stand tall for what so many have given their own lives for over 100’s of years to keep this country great…if they could do it then why can’t all of us.

      • Greg Legakis

        I am a member of my local tea party and have attended a few events.  I’m also in NY where, unfortunately, my vote doesn’t count for as much.

        Also I suggest to you to use paragraphs.  It will make your posts easier to read.  : )

  • Jelayne Sessler

    The White House is her’s for the taking – if she wants it. If not, we still love you Sarah!

  • Arlen Williams

    “For all sad words of tongue and pen,
    The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

    • Jasmine Clark

      "what could have been" has been te recurring thought in my head for the past week!

    • blackbird

      was looking for the Could-still-be Quotes or the Its-never-too-late Quotes? you are a little early there Arlen.

      I have no other view than to promote the public good, and am unambitious of honors not founded in the approbation of my Country. George Washington

      • Arlen Williams

        She can change her mind as far as I’m concerned. The sentiment is the sentiment.

    • wodiej

      star is ever lost we once have seen,We always may be what we might have

  • Jasmine Clark

    this is proof that if she had jumped in, she would have been frontrunner status. i really hope she sees this. let’s tweet it to her and put it on her fb.

  • 36763

    Well.  What could have been.

  • Rogue2012andbeyond

    Hello Pres. Palin: Er, Gov. Palin:
    “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” quote by George Elliot

  • HuntingMoose

    That to me is just sad.

    The reasons for not running weighted more than these datapoints.

    Still hoping for her to reconsider

  • John Norton

    The peoples choice Ian…!   its nice to see it in print though thanks for that…!

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