Governor Palin Says Her Corporate Tax Plan Would “Manifest the Belief that if Given a Level Playing Field, Everyone Will Have the Opportunity to Thrive”/Open Thread

The Governor talked about her corporate tax plan in her speech in St. Louis on October 7th. She said it would “manifest the belief that if given a level playing field, everyone will have the opportunity to thrive.”  She said that eliminating the federal corporate income tax, corporate welfare, loopholes, and bailouts would “create an explosion of real job growth” and “break the back of crony capitalism.”  The Governor believes her plan would send the message to job-creating corporations that “we’ll unshackle you from the world’s highest federal corporate income tax rate but you’ll stand on your own. You will fall or succeed on your own, just like the rest of us on Main Street.”

She also responded in her speech at Liberty University to some supporters who had sent her “mean e-mails and messages” with the following rhetorical question “you’re going to trust me to be the leader of the free world but you don’t trust me to make the decision that God led me to make at this time.”  I think it’s quite clear from the context that she isn’t referring to the draft effort or supporters who understand and appreciate her decision but are disappointed by the timing or the fact that there isn’t another strong candidate left in the field.   One supporter who was in attendance tweeted that the Governor also said it wasn’t her time to run for President.

As for those of you asking about video of her speech at Liberty University, all we have is video of her introduction courtesy of Redbrightandtru.  That’s one huge crowd.

Can someone explain this Herman Cain surge is being taken seriously when his first surge wasn’t taken seriously?  How is it any different from Bachmann’s surge?  We all know what happened with Cain’s first surge and with Bachmann’s surge and in fact, at least Cain’s first surge was the result of a strong debate performance.

She’s probably on a plane right now to Seoul, South Korea.  So if you find anything about her speech, let us know and we’ll probably post.  What else is going on today?

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