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Josh Painter: Did Team Palin Uncover an October Surprise in September?

Our friend Josh Painter over at Texans for Sarah Palin has written an excellent piece today speculating on what might have changed Gov. Palin’s mind about a run. He lays out a good case given all the facts we know about her serious deliberations into a presidential run.

[…] Gov. Palin announced on October 5 that she had decided not to run for president … The words "at this time" from her official statement have been cited by some of her supporters as a clue that Sarah Palin, her family and her close advisors saw some new wrinkle in the political landscape that may have caused her to postpone her run, perhaps until 2016 or 2020.

You do not produce quality campaign ads like "One Nation" and "Together" simply to raise money for your leadership PAC or to build your image for public relations purposes. You don’t cancel the southern leg of a bus tour that was to have included the early primary state of South Carolina because of family considerations, either. You don’t have your lawyers make calls to early primary states to verify presidential filing deadlines unless you are still seriously considering a run. Likewise, you don’t convene a round table with your closest advisors to map out strategy for a presidential run, unconventional as it may have been, if your aim is just to string people along.

No, something happened. We think Gov. Palin and her advisors sensed "a great disturbance" in the political force, probably at some point in September, that caused them to put on the brakes. Could it have been that they concluded that the fix is in for Mitt Romney? Consider Stacy McCain’s bombshell Thursday that Cesar Conda, Sen. Marco Rubio’s top staffer and a Romney loyalist, was instrumental in the Florida GOP’s decision to move their state’s primary up to January. The earlier states schedule their primaries, the more it helps Romney and hurts other candidates like Herman Cain. This revelation taken together with the GOP establishment’s strategy to co-opt Sarah Palin’s allies in the TEA Party, make it difficult to believe that such political factors as these were not involved at least to some degree in her decision not to run.


Sarah Palin is not for sale and neither are her core supporters. In his follow-up piece for The American Spectator, Stacy attributes the increase in Cain’s poll numbers largely to Palin supporters jumping on board the Cain train following the governor’s announcement that she would not run. But if you look carefully at the polling data, it’s clear that Cain’s rise is almost directly proportional to Rick Perry’s decline. What Stacy seems to have missed is the fact that Sarah Palin’s strongest supporters are in no hurry to jump to any other candidate’s ship. Indeed, her own ship is not sinking. It has only lowered its sails "at this time." Make no mistake: when a favorable breeze is felt, the canvas will again be hoisted. No one GOP presidential candidate even comes close to offering the complete package Gov. Palin’s supporters still see in her. A few of her fair weather "fans" may go with the flow (or "flavor of the month"), but her serious supporters know that only dead fish do that, as the governor has often said. No, it will take quite a lot for any other candidate to win the allegiance of the Paliniste. So far, we’re not seeing it from any one of them.

Read the whole thing here.

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  • BHappy

    That’s for darn sure!

    • Dagobomb

      Just like I suspected in a post I made here 6 OCT. They just tell us not to worry our little heads about it. They’ll pick a cantidate for us and all we need to do is show up and vote like good little drones. Bastards. 

  • Jules

    Did Reagan bow out the year he lost the primaries and wait for another time? No, he ran, lost and learned from it by becoming a much better candidate the next time around. If it’s the case that Sarah declined to run because she sensed the fix is in for Romney, she does not believe in herself, her supporters or the GOP primary voters. After all, they will be nominating the winning candidate, not the GOP establishment.
    What if someone like Cain or Perry end up winning? Will it show they were BRAVE, AND COURAGEOUS enough to run instead of retreating?

    I am telling you right now that Mitt Romney will not be the nominee no matter how much he gamed the system…He just will not get enough votes…and if this editorial is right, Team Palin will come to regret it.

    Nicole, you are a fierce believer of Sarah and really deserve a sit down with her. You deserve to hear from her what really went on.
    You know, in Alaska Sarah never had to make such calculations. She just ran, lost a Lt governor race then became governor against all odd…odds that must have been ever bigger the the ones she would face in this 2012 primaries. Just what happened to the Sarah Palin of Alaska? The FIERCE and TOUGH warrior that just went for it and see what happens? IS she so worried about the effect of a loss in her new found political power? Very disappointing…

    • RichardNC

      It’s one man’s opinion. Sarah Palin didn’t write it.

      My opinion: Your constant whining is disappointing. You have no idea what went into Palin’s decision, but you continue to make many assumptions as if you were there when she made it.

      Now you question Palin’s courage. Pathetic.

      • hrh40


        Look, Jules, if you don’t like Palin anymore, WHY are you still here?

        I don’t really appreciate giving you free therapy space. If you’ve got issues to work out re: Palin’s decision, why don’t you do that at Red State?

        I’m sure you’d have a great time over there.

        • Jules

          I don’t post anywhere but C4P…I am not a cyber worm.
          Coming on here, getting Sarah’s news and reading from people gave me lot of hope for 2010 and 2012. Sarah’s decision to run was a big punch on the gut and I am still trying to make sense of it. My energy toward Palin has been negative lately but it’s because I love her that much and she disappointed me. She has been like family to me and will remain family to me. Just because a family member I love disappoints me does not mean I will abandon him/her.
          So I am not going anywhere…

          • John Norton

            For the same reason the dems on the house floor bring in little children when they talk about Abortion…

          • ellengba

            Okay but, you are being annoying. 
            You are behaving like the family member at Thanksgiving that no one wants to be around.

          • AJ_K

            Forgive me jules, but you sound like a TWO YEAR old… WWWWWWWWWHHHHHAAAAA

      • Jules

        Telling you the truth you are all trying to avoid is not whining…and it’s actually quite healthy. I have opened the eyes of many and quite few are agreeing with me.
        I actually don’t share this writer’s opinion at all. I think it’s more simpler than that: Sarah just does not have it in her to go through the 2008 hell anymore…Definitely not this year.
        She waited as long as she could to come to grip with that and when she did, her problem was telling the million of supporters that are encouraging to run that she wouldn’t do it…So she took advantage of the Christie news conference to try burying her own (Steve Jobs death actually helped her that day).
        Sarah Palin has not shown leadership by declining to run for the GOP primaries…That’s the truth nobody can deny regardless of the many excuses.
        If it is too painful for you to hear, just ignore my posts….or challenge me and prove me wrong.

        • John Norton

          You are wrong Jules in your assesment thats why all the other candidates copy her when they make policy speeches.She backed off because the conditions on the ground are in flux,changing and she must adjust  to win this fight…

          • Jules

            Time will tell…She did not retreat at anytime. in Alaska and still won the fight after a setback. That’s how it’s done.
            We will see what the future brings and I really hope she gets on the ring with us and fight to restore this country. She is the only leader at this point in time that can lead us to victory.

            • ellengba

              She did not retreat at anytime in Alaska?

              Wow you just make up facts as you go along.

        • TheresaAK

          Or God has other plans….for Sarah…she will make history in the next 5 years according to many who have the ear of God…

          Don’t care if anyone believes it or not..but time will prove this to be true or not…

          I feel liberated that I am not Sarah’s caretaker…I’m sure she feels the same way…

          Suck it up Jules…get over the disappointment so you can see the Big Picture…or choose another candidate to get behind and go for it…

          Just because she listened to a higher power than her supporters, as to her decision, does not mean she is not a Leader…her Leadership may be much more than POTUS…

          • MN_Nancy

            Amen TheresaAK :)

          • AJ_K

            Someone like SARAH and the PALINS do NOT want the limelight. They do NOT care about being famous or being revered by all, or doing something "GREAT". They are REAL

          • bestbud4Palin

            EXACTLY!… TheresaAK
            "I feel liberated that I am not Sarah’s caretaker…I’m sure she feels the same way…" Right On with that!
            Seeing the BIG picture, Gov Palin "see’s around corners"…. Through her faith and her keen senses.
            20+ yrs facing the same old, same old systems and OBC’s, establishments, etc. Learning the ropes, if you will; Keeping things close to her vest. She’s one smart cookie! 

        • Banda31

          This is your opinion and I realize that you are trying to influence people to come over to your side. I have read a lot of your posts and the all have the same theme: Sarah Palin is not the leader that you thought she was and she must come out and explain to You why she decided not to run "at this time". My question is, Who are you that she must explain herself to you? Do you think if Sarah has a strategy that she should come out and explain to all and sundry what her strategy is. She said that she plays her cards close to her chest so give har some credit please. What I think you and everyone else who consider Governor Palin to be the right one to turn around this country from the course it has taken is join together, fight for the values she has shown us, become stronger through Prayer and Believe that God will have mercy on us and make everything alright. You need to stop being so negative and be more positive. Your negativity is not appreciated at this time. We need positive words and thinking.

        • RichardNC

          How do you know what you’re saying is the truth? Have you talked to Governor Palin about her decision?

          Of course not. You’re just someone with an opinion that feels your conclusions are the only ones that can be correct and for some reason feel the need to remain on a pro-Palin site and rub our noses in your conclusions as if you were rubbing our noses in a pile of shit.

          Why else would you remain here if you’re so upset with Palin’s decision? Why not move on?

          It’s not my place to judge Palin or her decisions or speculate on her leadership or what might happen as a result of her decisions and actions. I have accepted her decision and while I’m disappointed I refuse to hold it against her and will continue to support her and SarahPAC.

          Also, it’s not painful for me to hear what you say. I could care less actually. I just disagreed with your conclusions. Something happened today that gave me a sharp reminder of what’s important in life and the decision of a politician isn’t very high on the list.

          You want to talk about painful.

          Today it was painful for me to see my younger sister in the hospital recovering from an accident after her Minivan ran off the road and hit a ditch and flipped three or four times before landing upside down. She looked bruised, still scared and in shock, but fortunately doesn’t seem to have any serious damage as a result of the accident. When I left the hospital I checked out the Minivan and I couldn’t believe that she survived the accident. The Minivan was crushed and completely totaled with all of the windows shattered and all four tires flattened. I could only thank God that she somehow survived. 

          It was very painful to think I could have lost my little sister. Your posts aren’t painful. Why should I challenge you when it’s your opinion. We all have opinions and we all get pushback on some of them. I think you take your opinion to serious when it’s obvious that you were not a part of Palin’s inner circle and have no idea the truth of what might have happened concerning her decision not to run.

          I just don’t understand why you continue to post at C4P when you clearly don’t respect Palin anymore. Are you trying to gather followers for an alternative blog or do you just enjoy being a pain in the ass?

          Well that’s it Jules. I will ignore your post and opinions from now on. I hope you find a politician that will satisfy you or that you will realize that life is much bigger than what a certain politician does or doesn’t.

          • Jules

            Good if that will make you feel good.

          • Guest

            Praise the Lord who protected your sister. I pray she get well soon.

        • MarkRNY

          " I have opened the eyes of many and quite few are agreeing with me."

          Lol. Yeah Julian. You’re a real eye opener. If you opened "Many" eyes, how come only "A few" agree with you?? This isn’t the statement of a stable guy you know.

          Actually, you might be the biggest single eye closer on this site. You induce sleep–and you think you’re a "bold" guy, as you whine from the safety of wherever you’re whining from.

          What you are is a squeaky wheel seeking attention. There’s no need (and no way) to "challenge you" because you declare things that are impossible to prove or disprove. That’s your safety net! You’re wrong as hell but how can anyone ever "prove" it?–Here!–I think my mailman’s a Martian and I challenge you to prove me wrong. Knock yourself out there Jules.

          It’s a cowardly and very Lefty way to argue–make a statement that can’t possibly be empirically verified and then challenge people to disagree with you. You’re my fricken hero. Learn to write better and start a Palin conspiracy blog…get a ghost writer! Lefties do that too!

        • ellengba

          Two of your statements are not true.

          "So she took advantage of the Christie news conference to try burying her own…."

          Please she chose to go on a National Radio show and take questions.  She choose not to have press conference, but she said the story was starting to leak and that is why she spoke with Mark Levin.

          "Sarah Palin has not shown leadership by declining to run for the GOP primaries…."

          That is your opinion, but it is not an objective fact or truth statement. 

          She has certainly shown leadership by placing her own personal ambitions as subservient to the needs of her family.  Some may not agree, and some may wish she did otherwise, but it is not a lack of leadership to stand-up and say the Lord is leading me in a different direction and I shall follow that direction.  She said that in the face of millions of people advocating that she do otherwise.  You are fool if you do not see her decision as decisive and firm.  Decisive and firm decisions are the hallmark of a true leader.

        • Clifford J Cromer

          Excuse me. But will you please direct me to the quotation where Sarah Palin said, " I will not be seeking the POTUS." I was under the impression that she reported that she will not be seeking the "2012 GOP NOMINATION." Isn’t there a difference? Why would she need or want to run in the GOP primaries to show leadership? If I were a betting man, I’d bet she will be our next President. How? I don’t know as I have not seen her hand

          • palmerguy

            You got it pardner, watch what happens during the next 6 month; more movies, and the rest of the ICEBERG –  Sarah is not done by a longshot.  Also some of the folks should stop their tantrums, they sound like little 5 year olds..

        • sno_warrior

          wwaaaaaaaaaaaa , waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    • Guest


      She was used to more straight forward attacks, and less vicious attacks. I think Occams razor applies here. She A) didn’t want her family especially to go throw truly deranged attacks for the next (minimum) 15 months after the last 3, with a low likelihood of success. I’m sure she appreciates the good things she has in her life (Great Hubby, Kids, including a special needs, and grand kids) and thought that an election with her in it, could become another exhausting obsession with JUST HER, not her ideas or the other candidates, and again with a low chance of ultimate success, because the GOP really seemed intent to kneecap her, and I truly believe at least some of the "establishment" would rather Barack win than their own candidate if she even won the nomination. When you combine that with the impressive success she saw in the JUST the last couple years, she decided that she should devote her ample passion and energy to ramping that up her activism, rather than an (almost) fruitless run.

      I would have loved to have seen her run to "prove the haters wrong", but I’m confident if she does devote the passion i think she will to it, that this approach will have more success for the country (and eventually herself as well)

      Nation Wide anti Crony Capitalist pro energy independence "Restore America" rallies/campaign/speeches/candidate search here we come.!!!

    • mymati

      Really?? You think her odds in a state of 600,000 people were bigger than in a Presidential Primary where we have clear evidence of people gaming the system??
      That is some delusion ya got there, Jules. Presidential Politics is the highest stakes game in the world and along with those stakes comes manipulation of the system. Sarah may very well see a clearer path to 2016 or 2020 which gives her time to pull more supporters into the Tea Party and her own Principles.

    • AJ_K

      Maybe she just doesn’t want to see one of her children, her husband, or a family member get killed. Trivial stuff, I know… Oh that wimpy Sarah Palin (sarcasm…)

    • JeannieBinVA

      A lot of people are jumping on you, Jules, but you bring up valid points IMO.

      One of the saddest thing about this whole debacle is that it shows Sarah does not have anything like the belief in her supporters that we have in her.

      It is incomprehensible to me how she could conclude — contrary to all evidence — that we’re such total wimps that we wouldn’t stand with her and win against the establishment.  

    • sno_warrior

      Take a break Jules. Chill out brother!!!  We’re moving on buddy so quit with the ‘boo hoo’ crap. I’m sick and tired of it.  It’s people like you that never get the incentive to get off your ass and do  something other than to ‘bitch and moan’ about Sarahs’ decision!

      I am convinced that she is much smarter than you (or me) and that we would no chance of being INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to run her campaign!  So why don’t you ‘back off’ and find a dose of reality!

      We are moving on and doing what we can to get her to run!  You need to go to the corner bar and buy a beer to cry in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RichardNC

    Nicole, it should be September and not November.

    Thanks for posting this article from Josh. I hadn’t seen it yet.

  • Guest

    So, what does “at this time” mean? Is she keenly parsing her language to mean "this date in October 2001”? Does it mean she will in 2012?

    • hrh40


      Josh doesn’t think so.

      But I think it’s possible.

    • blackbird

      I do not know maybe we should call in Tom Hanks or the guy from National Treasure.

      • John Norton

        Nick Cage…

    • Right_Wingnut

      No. When she says she isn’t running, she means she isn’t running. Take her at her word.

      • Clifford J Cromer

        This DoeRunCountryBoy  has spent the day looking for Sarah’s statement that she will not be seeking the office of POTUS. I really applaud her for changing from GOP to Conservative
        after what the "Powers" of the GOP and MSM  [LSM] have dumped on her.
        I’m anxiously waiting for her to show us her hand.

        • alien4palin

          No, we don’t want her to show her hand yet. She wants to carry on what she is doing and her supporters needs to continue doing what they doing . Spread the message and wake up calls to the rest of We, the People who are still asleep.

          • Clifford J Cromer

            Agree, alien4palin, i don’t want her to show her hand until the pot is full. What I meant, I’d like to see that she is holding a Royal Flush. I’d give a nickle to know how big the club is that she will use to "bash" some heads of those who hate her. 

      • Budvarakbar

        Get it straight please "FOR GOP"

  • bestbud4Palin

    Thanks Nicole, great as usual :)
    The only jumping this old bird is going to do is JUMP UP & DOWN every time  Gov Palin endorses!
    2010 all over again come 2012! Wow, what a time to be alive and able to Jump!

    • Clifford J Cromer

      Hopefully she will not endorse  any of the GOP POTUS  seekers. Especially if she throws her hat in the "We The People" ring. So hold your fire.

  • WilliamShipley

    Moving the primaries up helps two people: Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin has the largest name recognition of any of them, including Romney.

    I don’t see it as a game changer for her.

  • Ceejay

    Naughty boys, can not fight fair, well Sarah fights like a girl!

    Sarah- we miss you

    • LibertyLass

      Where’s KJANLADY?

      • MarkRNY

        Been wondering that too.

  • eabjr

    Herman Cain is certainly a worthy consideration…to pretend otherwise is unwise…Are we to hold to our support….in hopes of…???   We never even knew if Sarah was going to run; but Herman was basically the first in….that’s called honesty, integrity, and a passion for this country…(and I am not implying anything towards Sarah) I am speaking of worthy considerations…eyes must begin to look beyond the fog at some point…

    • 01_Explorer_01

      So you chose to ignore the last sentence of the article….

      A few of her fair weather “fans” may go with the flow (or “flavor of the month”), but her serious supporters know that only dead fish do that, as the governor has often said. No, it will take quite a lot for any other candidate to win the allegiance of the Paliniste. So far, we’re not seeing it from any one of them.

      • eabjr

        you make no point; my observation is precisely about the context of the last sentence…to think there are others "worthy" is not about fair weather fans or "flavor’s"… it is about living in reality. In Cain’s instance he has over 40 yrs. executive experience, and his illustrative of the quintessential American story….that is nothing to mock or throw cliche’s at…

    • Reloading

      I have listened to Herman on KSB for the last few years.  He is an absolute rock rib conservative.  I am not sure he has my vote but he has my attention. 

      • Clifford J Cromer

        Please wait

    • Clifford J Cromer

      Hold your support for any other than Sarah  until she shows her cards.

  • Jen4Palin

    This may very well be the reason that she backed out…in fact, I think it is. But what? Do we just quit and go home? This is what frustrates me. Are we supposed to let Romney and company continuously change the rules so that he wins? We can’t AFFORD to wait until 2016 or 2020. I truly hope that Sarah is going to find a different path to the presidency THIS time.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      So if Palin’s staff knows anything about this then why don’t they go public with it? Dead fish go with the flow…..

    • Clifford J Cromer

      Keep the faith. The only thing she backed out of was seeking the GOP nomination. And, can you blame her after the way she had been attacked and lied about by the GOP Powers? Remember, she has changed [according to FaceBook] from GOP to Conservative. I haven’t seen her cards [she hold them close to her chest]  and she may chose to run on "We The People" party.

      • alien4palin

        Agree!!! I have been saying in the past little while that Sarah’s supporters must continue their preparation and ground work as if she is running. Sarah + We, the People = Hope for America. The hard work you put in will never be wasted no matter which direction Sarah decided to renew and restore America back to exceptionalism. The ground work, We. the People put in will fit right in line with her plan. Sarah never said down tools because she is going in different direction.

        Sarah will never give up or hang her hat up when it comes to her beloved country, I think people can take that to the bank ( maybe not the banks, can’t trust them these days LoL).

        Folks needs to have faith, trust and patience. One can speculate what she is going to do but one thing we can be sure, she is going to come through for America.

  • Pat

    Is it time for Palin supporters to organize against Romney?

    The GOP establishment has anointed Mitt Romney as the heir apparent. His organization has been up and running since the last election cycle and is well established in Iowa and the early primary states. While he has not generated much excitement, his debate performances have been solid. Let’s look at where the other candidates stand.

    Michelle Bachmann has had her moment in the sun and is now struggling to stay in the race. Rick Santorum will have trouble ever getting to double digits in the polls, despite his solid conservative credentials. Huntsman, who resigned his Governorship to work for President Obama, should be running as a Democrat. Ron Paul has a core base but will never be able to expand his standing beyond that core. His view that Iran is entitled to build nuclear weapons and his isolationist foreign policy will leave him out of contention.

    Rick Perry has performed poorly, and has lost ground. Part of it is his performance in the debates, but other factors are his support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, Gardasil, and the taint of crony capitalism. He will not be able to recover the ground he has lost. About the only thing has has going for him is money, but Romney has more.

    That leaves just two candidates who could mount a serious challenge to Mitt Romney. Herman Cain has shocked political observers with his sudden rise to top of the polls. He has done it on the strength of his debate performances, his charisma, and his willingness to stake out a bold position on tax reform. Newt Gingrich has steadily improved his standing, once again based on strong debate performances and his willingness to take a stand. Unfortunately, neither has the money or organization to compete with Romney. And Newt carries a lot of baggage.

    So, what is wrong with Romney? Why shouldn’t Palin supporters get behind him? I see major problems with Romney. His reputation as a flip-flopper is well deserved. He takes whatever position is politically expedient and defends it strongly until it becomes politically expedient to switch sides. His position on abortion was pro-choice while he was running for governor of Massachusets and morphed into a pro-life position when he ran for the GOP Presidential nomination. He created Romneycare, the prototype for Obamacare, and his staff consulted with the Obama team on Obamacare. Worse, he won’t admit it was a mistake, and won’t confront the fact he said Romneycare should be a model for the nation. He has also been in favor of cap-and-trade and similar job-destroying green initiatives. With that track record, we should regard him as little better than Obama, except for his successful career on Wall Street, where he made hundreds of millions of dollars. Crony capitalism, anyone?

    When Governor Palin decided not to run in 202, she left a huge hole in the GOP field. On the one side, we had Romney, the GOP establishment candidate who could attract moderates, and on the other, a group of candidates trying to represent the values of the Tea Party and Governor Palin. Some of those potential Tea Party candidates have risen fast in the polls and then fallen by the way-side. Cain may be the latest example. If he flames out, we Palin supporters will be left with almost nobody in the field with a chance of winning.

    Unfortunately for the country, Romney is the worst possible candidate to put up against Obama. Romneycare was the model for Obamacare and Romney staff consulted on Obamacare. Obama and his cohorts in the media will make the most of that connection. While it is testament to his business acumen, Romney made $250 million during his career on Wall Street. The current Occupy Wall Street protests are the left’s battlefield preparation for the campaign against Romney. If your platform is class warfare, who better to have as your opponent than a super-rich capitalist. From the Boston Globe (

    The White House also revealed it is gearing up to attack Romney not just over his politics, but also the business acumen he claims as a result of his leadership of Bain. 

    “The second aspect of the campaign to define Romney is his record as CEO of Bain Capital, a venture capital firm that was responsible for both creating and eliminating jobs,’’ Politico wrote recently. “Obama officials intend to frame Romney as the very picture of greed in the great recession – a sort of political Gordon Gekko.’’

    As I see it, we can abandon the field to Romney, and let Obama win, or we can use the grass-roots power that Palin and the Tea Party exploited in 2010 to back the anti-Romney. At this stage of the game, with the primary season closing in on us, we have very little time left to get behind a candidate and help them. In my view, the only candidates with any chance to beat Romney are Cain and Gingrich. If Governor Palin does not endorse someone soon, or announce that she won’t endorse anyone, then we are likely to be stuck with Romney. And, unlike 2008, we won’t have a VP candidate we like. The GOP establishment won’t make that mistake again.

    • votermom

      In my view, the only candidates with any chance to beat Romney are Cain and Gingrich.

      I am not much of a Perry fan, because I think the cronyism record is very bad, but from an objective perspective he could still recover. He has money & organization and his own RINO connections.

      • Pat

        I’d like Perry to do better, and maybe will be able to recover. But it doesn’t look good. On the other hand, Gingrich has been able to get off the floor.

        • Clifford J Cromer

          The only reason I would like to see Perry, Gingrich,  possibly Cain and even some, with no chance, to do better, is that Romney can’t go  to the convention with nomination in his hat. I want the Republican oligarchy to know that "We The People" think they stink.  { and I have been a registered Republican since FDR days–much to my chagrin]

    • lindaroof

      Very thoughtful post! I’ve been giving the matter a lot of thought as well and have come to some of the  same conclusions. My "heart" belongs to Sarah, but I’ve come to the conclusion that 2012 may be when I vote with just with my head, and not my heart. I intend to get past the sadness of not being able to vote for Governor Palin at this time, and am leaning toward going with the smartest guy in the room. Obamacare HAS to be repealed or this nation will never be the same. The personl baggage that ol’ Newt has seems rather minor when the alternative is four more years of Obama havoc and at least two leftist Supreme Court Justices.  I’ve read on here that Newt has tried to reach out to Sarah–I hope it’s true!     

    • wisetrog

      yes! defeat romney should be the goal.

    • ellengba

      It’s not time to panic.  That’s what Romney’s camp wants.  He wants everyone to hurry up.  Everyone, but Romney needs time.

      Sarah Palin should do whatever she thinks best.  But, I think it is to early for her to endorse anyone. 

      Her exit has left the field unsettled.  I imagine many of her supporters have not even really looking at the field.  Now is the time to give the candidates a fresh look.  Let’s wait for their plans and policy positions to be put out.  Let’s wait to see who can still raise money.

      In the last election cycle Huckabee ran against McCain until McCain earned enough pledged delegates to lock-up the nomination.  Romney cannot lock-up the nomination until April or May depending on the calendar shifts.  We got time to give these candidates a fresh look, and time for Sarah Palin to give these candidates a fresh look.

      New Hampshire and Iowa may go early, but they still have few delegates, and Florida has lost half her delegates.

      Let’s not let the establisment or the media rush us, or tell us it is over before any of us have voted.

      • Clifford J Cromer

        Agree, ellengba, that we need not rush — not even think about supporting any of the  ones chosen by the GOP oligarchy. Remember, Sarah holds her cards close to her chest and she may be holding a royal flush. I believe that she can hardly wait to flash her cards and pull in the pot.
        When time comes [and we are not there yet] to vote and Sarah is not a choice [a thought I reject] I will vote for the person with no chance to win the GOP nomination. Objective? So that the GOP convention will have to be brokered; and the oligarchy of the GOP take the responsibility for destruction they did.
        So keep the faith that Sarah is in the wing ready to step out onto the stage hailing "We The People" that the game is on; Let’s Roll.

  • Pete Daniels Band

    So Painter suggests that Palin was completely oblivious to Romney/GOP electoral activities over the past 12 months, and in September she finally became aware that Romney was serious about winning of the nomination.

    Doesn’t make sense.  If she was seriously considering this whole time, she’d know exactly what Romney and the GOP were up to, right?  Could she have really been that unprepared?

    • WEL2

      Governor Palin does not read minds.  The action in Florida, what was public, happened quickly, out of the blue.

      • Pete Daniels Band

        What action in Florida?  If you are referring to the early primary, the push by Rubio has been on since at least February.

        • WEL2

          That push did not go anywhere until when?  When it appeared Governor Palin was about to enter the race.

      • ellengba

        WEL@  PDB is correct.  Florida’s decision was not out of the blue.  Florida had until X date to decide when it’s primary would be held.  The Palin team had to be aware that their was no firm date, and they had to have contigency plans in mind.  She could not have been shock or unprepared for Florida’s ultimate decision.

        To argue that Palin and her camp were surprised is to argue that they were not paying attention to the process.

      • JeannieBinVA

        It wasn’t out of the blue at all. It has been much discussed in countless on-line articles and blogs for months. 

        Sarah certainly knew this was possible and even likely. She knows how these things work, and she’s had years to prepare for this. 

        You must have an incredibly low opinion of Sarah’s planning abilities to think she didn’t think about this and plan for it well in advance. 

    • RichardNC

      So she was supposed to know that a Romney lackey in Florida would help push up the Florida primary 12 months ago? Give me a break.

      I’m sure it was obvious to her that the GOP was not going to support her, but maybe things came to light recently that reinforced her suspicions and helped influence her decisions.

      Once again this is an opinion piece from a blogger and not the words of Palin.

      I love to see so many gurus on this site question Palin as if they know her thought process or were present when she made her decision.

      So now Palin was unprepared. Where did you see that talking point or did you make it up all by yourself?

      • Mountain

        Gov. Palin always seems prepared.

        So, she knew (as did our family, because we watch the news pretty closely) MONTHS ago that there was a real move among some Republicans to move the primary up………

        Moving the primary up (along with several other things which by themselves aren’t very persuasive, but added together make a difference) probably CONTRIBUTED to her decision, but wasn’t (sorry) primary in it.

        • RichardNC

          I never said there wasn’t talk I was saying that it became official only a few short weeks ago.

          I’m tired of arguing about stupid politics anyway.

      • Pete Daniels Band

        Here’s your break – Rubio has been supporting the early FL primary date since February.

        If Palin just found out about this in September, and if it was indeed a "surprise" to her, then yeah – she’d have been unprepared.  Too many ifs, however, and it’s unlikely she wasn’t aware of what was going on. 

        There was no bash intended on Palin.  Just poking some holes in the blog piece.

        • RichardNC

          Okay so Palin is unprepared. Are you happy?

          I don’t give a shit about you or the Florida primary.

          This has been a tough day and I better sign off before I get banned.

          • Massachusettspalinsupporter

            Richard we all been there I hope everything works out

          • Pete Daniels Band

            Thanks for the kind words.  Sorry you disagree with my opinion of the blog post.  Take care.

        • WEL2

          Oh, yes, you’re not bashing Governor Palin.  You’re just trying to make her look bad with your argument that has been shot down.  The talk about making the Florida primary earlier did not come to fruition until suddenly when it appeared Governor Palin was going to enter the race. Then the primary was not moved earlier a little bit — it was moved much earlier.

          • Pete Daniels Band

            I’m obviously not communicating this correctly.  There is no interest here to make Sarah Palin look bad.  I was saying the blog post (as I understood it) makes her look bad.

    • alien4palin

      "Doesn’t make sense.  If she was seriously considering this whole time,
      she’d know exactly what Romney and the GOP were up to, right?  Could she
      have really been that unprepared?" 

      This Lady thinks on her feet and always many steps ahead of the curve. She plays 3 dimensional chess verses 2 dimensional chess/checker. One can be certain, she has her eyes fully focus on the panoramic view of the political landscape at all time. She is not your run of the mill politician.This is Sarah Palin, the leader with a "Servants Heart"!!!

  • Cathy

    Interesting article Nicole– Painter may be onto something. I thought she was running until the interview with Greta and she was just weird that night, really off her game, but I thought maybe I was just seeing things until she dropped her bombshell.

    I just wonder is there anyway that she could jump in at the last minute? Do all states allow a ‘write in’ candidate?

    She was very well received at the Lynchburg, VA gathering, 10,000 women is something to behold, she seems to connect with them. I loved the way she worked in her Alaskan record, as well as the personal items that many I’m sure have not heard before… powerful speech.

    If Painter is correct, we need to find out what happened and see if we can counter it.

    • Betsey_Ross

      My state does not allow write-in votes for the primary.  They do allow anyone to vote in the Republican primary, but you have to choose from what’s on the list.  That’s when I decided I had to have a plan B and that was to see who would best match Sarah’s thinking and experience.  Whatever happens, Sarah is # 1. 

  • WEL2

    Marco Rubio, "great conservative," "Tea Party" Republican, endorsed by Sarah Palin, stabs Sarah Palin in the back!  Way to go, Rubio.  We will not forget what you did!

    • Jules

      He isn’t he only one…They mostly ALL did except for Rand Paul. Rubio did not even want to be seen on stage with Sarah Palin during the election so what do you expect?
      They all used Sarah…Including most in the Tea Party.

    • Reynolds88

      Unfortunately most republican politicians do NOT have the still (steel) spine that Sarah Palin has.   I’m loving that Idaho twang as much as the longeyeland arrrrs in some of my NeuYawker friends.  I still dont like that r in warter that Karl Rove does.  I wonder why that is? 

  • Guest

    Nicole, good find. Change title from "September" to "November". 

  • LostinLA1

    Well, this is interesting speculation that is for sure.  I agree with others that an early primary date would help those with name recognition: namely, Romney and Palin.  Regardless, I feel that if she had of announced Sept 3rd during the Indianola speech that she was running then all the primary date movings would now be moot because she would now be picking up steam during the campaign.  A lot of people do not want to vote for Romney and are looking for anybody but Romney.  Romney may be the guy of the establishment but he’s not the guy of the people.

    I realize that she did not want Karl Rove, the pundits and the political class pushing her to declare her intentions along their time table, but I could not understand why she issued a blanket denial about not announcing during that speech.  I know a lot of people were waiting on her to announce that weekend, and when she didn’t they moved on to other candidates.  I have heard from a number of Tea Party folks who are greatly disappointed that she won’t run for the presidency because they were willing to support her candidacy.

    • JLAdevelop

      She had an opportunity and decided for her own reasons not to pursue it. Simple as that. 

      • WEL2

        Governor Palin was preparing to announce.  If she had an opportunity to win she would have announced. Check the definition of opportunity.  So you know better than Governor Palin whether she had an opportunity?  Really?

  • AJ40

    Nicole, look, your logic is good, but I’ m not certain you came to the right conclusion. It reads like a little wishfull thinking there.  Now there might be something to it, but I read Jues comment and he makes a point although Sarah’s position is different than Reagans too. I’m not a fair weather supporter. I would have supported Sarah if she’d entered the race, but now we have to go with the best that we can get.  I think it’s Michele Bachmann. She’s the most consistent, constitutional conservative in the race, and you can’t get around her on the tax issues and what’s going on in the bureaucracy to manipulate the code.  She has several weakness which I won’t go into here. [p]  However, if you  or Tammy Bruce have any contact with Sarah you might cajole her into getting back on the campaign trail and putting her influence into the mix on Mitt. I’m  verymuch in support of the Stop Mitt group featured on C4p. I was outraged at the way Mittis manipulating the primaries and his governors. As I stated in my previous comment this is as outrageous corruption in the Republican Party as I’ve seen since the Nixon  admin, and Nixon’s foibles pale in comparison. The Far Easet Republican Establishment is as vicious as any Democrat, but it does show the power that they wield.  That has got to come to an end.

    • Pat

      Michelle Bachmann is attempting the historically difficult feat of jumping from the House to the White House. Her campaign is floundering already. As I noted, the picking are now pretty slim. Cain is riding high, but so were Bachmann and  Perry. Ginigrich is inching up. Santorum isn’t.

      All in all, 2012 doesn’t look very hopeful any more.

  • jon

    We The People is the 10.5 Earthquake … We The People deiced who the next President is … Not the machines …. Still time … Independent run … IMHO Williard … I mean Romney will not defeat Obama … Think about  .. an unknown in Cain is neck & neck with him … What do think Axelord Inc will do to Willard …2-party system needs to be taught a lesson by We the People … Now that would be a real American Spring

    • Mountain

      "We the People" is plural, and those MANY people have MANY ideas about where they want this nation to go in the future.

      Some of the people are conservatives, and among those conservatives, MANY are already aligned closely with other ‘conservative" candidates.  They’ll stick BY those candidates, UNLESS there is another winning candidate, like Sarah Palin—–

      BUT, they will be LOATHE to write in her name, or campaign for her, if they do not see her ENTERING and LEADING the campaign.

      Two weeks from today is the deadline for filing.  Please, Palin family, reconsider.

  • Michael F. Bedwell

    Sarah had discovered the depth of the establishment’s corruption.  She quit the race because of this not
    due to family issues.  This is in alignment with her M.O.  She is reloading, now.  Her speeches since Oct 5 are in full campaign mode. Perhaps she is waiting for the GOP chaos to ripen or she is considering a third party run or maybe even write-in campaign.  I know Sarah is still controlling the debate. I stand with Sarah.

    • Right_Wingnut

      She’s not going third party, or doing a write-in campaign. Folks need to come to grips with this to avoid further disappointment.

      • Pete Petretich

        I agree, and she has clearly stated that she will not promote a third party candidate BECAUSE that would guarantee Obama’s re-election.

        • Massachusettspalinsupporter

          I know Pete but there NO difference between Obama both Crony Capitalists elist and not Pro_life

          • bunny06

            I look at it like this Romney says he will do all of this spending cut etc, you will have  a pretty cons. congress and senate they are going to send all kinds of budge cuts to him to sign either he signs them or he does not. I think he will be the nominee i will vote for him and see what he does in 4 years if he does not do what he said i will not support him in 2016. Anyone is better than what we have. 

            • Massachusettspalinsupporter

              veru good points


              • bunny06

                People are really following all of this insane spending more than ever before. Congress & the senate will be very cons. they will hold him to everything he said. I will give him 4 yrs if he does not cut spending i will not vote for him again. I will take him at his word. Not that a politicians word means anything. Funny they say all of this stuff get and do nothing. But this country is in such a mess i think people will pay more attention to what the next president does. With cain you are getting someone with not much experience at all. What did we say about obama.

            • Clifford J Cromer

              Bunny, I appreciate what you say. However there are many days before we walk into that voting booth. Sarah has not let us see her cards which she holds close to her chest. I have read and re-read the letter Mark Levin read to us on !0/5. I do not see where she is not seeking POTUS 2012. She is NOT seeking "the GOP nomination." Do you blame her after all the GOP oligarchy
              has done to destroy her? She hired a high profile attorney to gather information. If that information has been gathered I don’t see where it has been reported for public consumption. Would she have gone to this expense if she were just going fishing?? Sarah may be holding a Royal Flush and carefully playing her cards to win a bigger pot. By 2016 it may be too late to save the country we love. Evil is at work. The time is now. May I suggest to all who see Sarah as our last hope, hold our cards close to our chests and wait for Sarah to show hers. If she holds only a pair of deuces  I’ll hold my nose and vote against Obama and for the one most likely to take him out. Unfortunately such a one is not on my screen.
              KEEP THE FAITH. Let’s roll.         

              • Lor Mazz

                She would cause the nominee to got even more to the right.

    • John Norton

      One thing for sure is that she is not staying out of this fight…

  • Clifford J Cromer

    WHY do I find all over the internet [such as this commentary by Josh Painter] that " Sarah Palin has decided NOT  to seek POTUS 2012″???
    Her letter 10/5/11 announced "I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP NOMINATION
    for President of the United States."
    Is it not possible that she can seek the POTUS through some means other than obtaining the GOP
    nomination? The Power Houses in the GOP have been down right dirty to Queen of "We The People"; so why would she want to pull their chestnuts out of the fire!!

  • Biamciuil80

    When people talk about what may have changed Sarah’s mind in September, I think that one need look no further than the video of Bristol facing a heckler in a bar scene. Most of us saw that as an example of courage on Bristol’s part. But in viewing it from the point of view of her parents, it’s easy to see how they could become dismayed by what their family has to put up with even now. Recalling things like the Letterman remarks you can see a steady stream of nonsense that could become dangerous and would likely increase with a higher profile of Sarah.

    • cuttingboardblues

      I said it the day it happened.  Nearly everything in Sarah’s demeanor changed that day and went downhill until the Greta interview. 

      • bunny06

        Yes i agree 100% i could tell by what she said she was not running. 

      • Joe Wierzbicki

        Yes, I think this is a good point.  And around the same time of this event, and in the days that followed, she saw a great deal of disloyalty from conservative leaders.  You had unpleasant sniping coming from the likes of Ann Coulter, Eric Erickson, Laura Ingraham and others.

        We have to remember, she’s not just a political leader, she’s also a human being.  And at some point it’s hardly irrational to decide that this just isn’t right for you, right for your family, and perhaps not the right move for the constitutional conservative movement she had become a leader of.

        We’ll probably never know all of the specifics of her thought process, but what i do know is that as saddened as I was – and as much as I still hold that longest of longshot hopes that she’ll change her mind – I can’t begrudge her the decision she made, because let’s face it, none of us would have had to endure the hardships she would have faced if she had run, and none of us have had to endure the hardships she’s endured ever since she was tapped for VP by McCain and became a national conservative leader.

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