Obama Leads Mitt “Peacetime” Romney By Almost a 2-to-1 Margin Among Moderates According to GOP Water Carrier Scott Rasmussen/Open Thread

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Even GOP water carrier Scott Rasmussen shows Obama leading Mitt “peacetime” Romney by a 55-29 margin among moderates.  What’s even worse news for Mitt “peacetime” Romney is that there are more undecided moderate/liberal voters in his matchup with Obama than there are undecided conservative voters.  23% of Republicans do not vote for Romney in the matchup.

Rick Perry has somehow managed to lose 76% of his support in Ohio in two months and his Gallup intensity rating has fallen by over 80% in three weeks.

Romney’s favorable/unfavorable rating among all GOP/GOP-leaning independents has fallen under 60% for the first time since June in Gallup.  Newt Gingrich’s net favorable/unfavorable rating among all GOP/GOP-leaning independents has improved by 62% since June 13-16.  Here are how things look acccording to Gallup with the favorable/unfavorable ratings among all GOP/GOP-leaning indies (multiply the “overall “strongly favorable + favorable” ratings for the candidate by the percentage who recognize the candidate).

Romney 59%
Gingrich 58%
Cain: 53%
Perry: 49%
Bachmann: 48%
Paul: 42%
Santorum: 35%
Huntsman: 25%

On this day six years ago, Governor Palin announced her Alaska gubernatorial candidacy. What else is going on today?

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