Roderic Deane Radio: Bannon and Singleton Respond to Palin’s Decision Sunday (12 Noon ET – 1:30 p.m)

Our friend and guest contributor Roderic Deane has another great show lined up Sunday … You can listen live or on replay (see links below).

After Sarah’s announcement on the Mark Levin Show that she will not be a candidate for the GOP nomination, many Palinistas are looking for a new direction, attempting to re-purpose their mission in response to Sarah’s news.

On Sunday’s Roderic Deane Show, I’ll be talking to Peter Singleton and Stephen Bannon, who were both heavily invested in a Sarah Palin candidacy. I have to say that I’m right there with them. Sarah’s decision to work for other conservative candidates requires that we adjust our goals, as well. We’ll also visit with Nicole Coulter of C4P, and Jelayne Sessler who is organizing the Draft Sarah efforts on Facebook, that currently has attracted more than 4,200.

Join me on Sunday, October 9th, at 11:00am Central Time. You can listen in at my show page or, if you’re so inclined, you can call the show. The call-in number is (310) 982-4283. Links to my show page follow:

The Roderic Deane ShowThe Aftermath of Sarah saying NO.

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