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Sarah Palin – The People’s Leader

Guest Submission By Steve Flesher

With her announcement Wednesday that she would not run for President, Sarah Palin had broken many of our hearts. Personally, I’ve been waiting patiently since 2008 for Palin to prove the  naysayers wrong. To me, there truly was no other potential candidate more deserving of the title of “President” of our exceptional nation.

Like many of you, I became a diehard supporter the moment she graced the stage of the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota. Our country was dark. Our nominee in 2008 came with questionable baggage. I never expected John McCain to go as far out-of-the-box as he did by choosing this magnificent conservative from Alaska to join him on his ticket.

Sarah Palin brought energy back to our love of country. After many years of challenging wars, the beginning of an economic collapse, and the loss of Congress we suffered in 2006, she was my first sign of hope that patriotism was back with an endless well of energy and determination.

Like many of you and the wonderful contributors of C4P and volunteers at O4P, I made a choice to get involved. After the election loss of 2008, my attention immediately moved to the midterm  elections of 2010. Having Sarah Palin’s “boots on the ground” made that mission a lot easier.

But she couldn’t do it alone. It took us; the people she inspired in masses, to make a difference. She took shots and so did we. We struggled in our personal lives trying to make ends meet in an  Obama-economy, but through those challenges, Sarah Palin gave us the grassroots network by her use of the new social media. This network became a big step in shaping our electoral process by keeping us involved day-to-day. Couple that with the support of our hard earned dollars we managed to scrimp and send in to SarahPAC along with tireless hours of volunteering, we along with the tea party became a force to be reckoned with.

Because of her vision and intuition as well as the help from our energy and resources, conservatism presided over the biggest victory either party had accomplished since WW2.

Of course, we know in our hearts that no possible candidate can replace her. But the fact is we are collectively faced with the patriotic duty of properly listening to the remaining candidates and making an informed decision when we cast our ballots in the primary.

Sure, it wasn’t what we wanted. But what we have in this terrific lady is immeasurable. She showed us for three years that we can work together to attain results. She even showed us that we can do it without the blessings of politicos and the mainstream media. The biggest thing she proved is that there is no better tool in the mission for change than an energized people. Our duty is to continue carrying that torch she helped light and to not allow those happy with the permanent political establishment to discourage us from making a lot of noise.

In many ways, Sarah Palin has had a much larger effect on the positivity of our nation in recent years than any president has in the last couple of decades. Her proclamation of not needing a title has been illustrated on precisely what she did by disempowering those who sought to destroy her political office in Alaska simultaneously becoming the People’s Leader who was not constrained by a political office.

While I am disappointed, I am also relieved that we won’t be losing that quality in this all-too- important election cycle. Her “boots on the ground” are even more important than they were in the 2010 mid-terms. We have a White House to win and Senate to take back. She’s out there serving as the General to our army and I couldn’t ask for anything more of her.

Sarah Palin’s possibilities are endless. It took Ronald Reagan 16 years from the time he inspired Americans with his Goldwater speech in 1964 to make it to the White House. Sarah Palin is young enough to make herself the most powerful advocate in the country, a possible Senator someday, or yes, even a possible candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Throughout all that remains to be seen in the best days that are yet to come, I know in our collective hearts that we must continue our journey. I will continue donating to SarahPAC. I will continue to follow Sarah Palin’s commentary and campaigning efforts to restore our nation. I look forward to doing it with all of you. We owe her to honor what she spent so hard working for.

So while we won’t be calling her “President Palin” in 2012, we can be confident that with our unconditional and continuing support, she will always remain the People’s Leader.

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  • Robert Simmons

    Sarah Palin’s power was derived from the fear that the establishment and left had that a true reformer would get the authority and power to actually change the system. The good old boys in washington knew she could win. So they pulled out all the stops in an alliance with the media, establishment GOP and left to destroy Palin. My guess is that it was death threats to her children that finally made the call for her. They have destroyed American freedom. Now that Palin isnt in the race, she is no more a threat than any other random "civilian" so they dont care anymore. Her power will diminish and very rapidly in fact.

    America has flushed itself down the toilet.

    • travelingon

      As Sarah Palin has often said, it’s not about her, it is about ‘We the people’ I think the threat still lives, if we let it.

    • chris87654

      No one feared Sarah.   Everyone appreciates what she stands for – less waste, lower taxes, less government interference, etc.  The problem is implementing her ideas without causing more trouble.   "Shrinking fed spending" is the biggest challenge.  If fed cuts are made, states’ budgets will suffer (taxes/fees in states would go up), unemployment would increase (after trimming jobs that are redundant or unnecessary), and national institutions (parks etc) would have to close.

      • ljmesq

        Cuts need to be done on the State and local levels as well.  A lot of those governments are now doing just that.  A problem in cutting on those levels is that there are so many Fed. mandates.  Gov. on all levels is trying or insisting on doing too much.  It needs to be cut on ALL levels.  If that can be done, taxes won’t rise.

      • Autumn Aleff

        Like I said, she doesnt have anymore power to implement policy than you or I.

        • chris87654

           I would have liked to seen the Tea Parties come up with a "road map" to get the country on track.   A plan that showed federal cuts (AK could have been used as an example – since it was 3rd highest recipient of fed subsidy vs. fed tax paid in 2005), what states should be responsible for, budget cuts at state levels, ways to deal with Social Security and Medicare, education cost/curriculum, etc.  A plan for the nation could probably be derived from things we’ve already seen/heard (like Ryan’s plan [though it had faults/needed to be tweeked], what Mitch Daniels has done in Indiana, what Schweitzer did in Montana), etc.   I’d have also liked to hear more about plans for job creation (simply eliminating corporation tax wouldn’t do it – corps are sitting on mountains of cash now, but they won’t hire until demand picks up).  

          But even if someone came up with a good plan, it may have been shot down or ignored.  A good plan won’t be liked by everyone because most will have to "chip in".  I’d like to see Sarah’s plans if you can supply a link.  Most all I heard is how things should be, not how to get us there (aside from eliminating corp tax to create jobs).

    • ZH100

      No true.

      From the article:

      " While I am disappointed, I am also relieved that we won’t be losing that
      quality in this all-too- important election cycle. Her “boots on the
      ground” are even more
      important than they were in the 2010 mid-terms. We
      have a White House to win and Senate to take back. She’s out
      there serving as the General to our army and I couldn’t ask for anything
      more of her."

      • Autumn Aleff

        I was a "boot on the ground".  Shes decided to lead from behind. 

    • Autumn Aleff

      I was O4P.  The base will split.  She is no longer a singular voice, she will become "white noise".

  • John Norton

    We all have ben Drygulched…..!

    • John_Frank

      You obviously never "stood with Sarah Palin."

      She made it quite clear during the interviews that she gave in Iowa that she could say no to running for the Presidency.

      So grow up; and if not, take your childish nonsense elsewhere.

      • John Norton

        Dont tell me to grow up you …!

  • VirginiaRidgerunner

    Not any more she’s not.

    • John_Frank

      You obviously never "stood with Sarah Palin."

      She made it quite clear during the interviews that she gave in Iowa that she could say no to running for the Presidency.

      So grow up; and if not, take your childish nonsense elsewhere.

      • sno_warrior

        KISS MY BUTT!

        • John_Frank

          Take a hike. You clearly were never a supporter and want to see America destroyed. Get lost.

      • John Norton

        Dont tell me to grow up you …!

        • John_Frank

          I will because you are acting like a child. Take your anger elsewhere.

          • John Norton

            You holier than thou take your arrogance and stick it…!

      • Fionared

        She is nothing but a fotnote now. You can’t admit you were conned.

    • $8196935

      Hey VR, Sarah’s reasons will be known in time.
      You know me from the other place and all the attacks on Sarah I countered for over two years.
      before I left.  I believe the attacks and threats  on her and  especially her family came to a head in recent days knowing she was about to jump in with the primary deadline closing

      As sad and sick as I feel, I will not be part of the back stabber crowd.

      I trust Sarah’s decision and we will know more as time goes on.

      There are some here who pride themselves in not keeping up with Foreign Affairs.
      They are the sit at home or third party crowd. election day.

      What Obama has done  to the U.S. along with helping bring on the revolutions to bring in
      the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and North Africa and more is laying the ground work
      for Western Civilization  to fall we can’t say, I going home to pout.

      Whoever the nominee is, we need to support no matter the differences.
      This country can’t survive another 4 years of Obama.

  • John_Frank

    A lot of people are acting very immaturely.

    We all knew that she could say no. She made that absolutely clear in Iowa.

    To impose upon Sarah Palin your feelings of disappointment, sadness and upset is wrong.

    • John Norton

      Thats a LIE…She never indicated that at all you…!

      • John_Frank

        Wrong. Go back and read her interviews. Stop imposing your upset on Sarah Palin. Take your hatred elsewhere.

        • John Norton

          Hatred…? nothing like that at all…!

    • Carol Carr

      John F you are wrong about Iowa,,,,She made it more clear in Iowa that she was running….HER PLAN….Glad she thinks someone will implement HER PLAN……yeah right. Now it will be all talk,,,,TALK TALK TALK!!!

  • Dan and autumn Aleff

    I will not hold my nose and vote for "the least worst candidate"….

    The country needs a person with a "TITLE" to force the proper agenda.
    I will stay home. 
    DO NOT try to tell me that I am NOT a patriot.  I served my country.
    Sarah was this country’s true hope….  It has all died now.
    Some will say that people that feel this way have a defeatest attitude.
                 We are no longer ‘undefeated’ – the left won.

    Sarah, if you still have a spark of that fire in you, please rethink this.  It is not only about your family, it is about ALL of our families.  When we fall, all of our families will fall together.

    • myj58

      Dan, Sarah is not God, she did not die for your sin and did not raise from the dead.  Why put a human being on such a high level as if they are your savior?  God know who he want in the White House, Sarah wasn’t on His short list… Shake yourself and more on, it is not the end of the world…. Go pray

  • John Norton

    Never suspected it for a minitue… There is something we are not able to see here…

    • generictrainee

      Yes, there’s more behind this.

      • John Norton

        Today is the "Wake" for what could have ben…

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Steve, for your loyalty to and support of our Sarah.

    God bless!!

  • RobBennett

    I am waiting to see the next step.

    The biggest problem we have is the media. Millions of people support Palin’s views but don’t know that she speaks for them because of the media distortions. On the day after the 2008 election, Palin brought up as a future goal the idea of doing something about the media problem.

    Becoming a commentator is nowheresville. There are lots of commentators already. But there would be real value in creating some sort of entity that would provide a means for regular middle-class people to learn the truth about what is going on in their world. 

    I don’t mean another blog or another web site. The internet has its own problems winning and holding people’s trust. This would have to be something in which things were done in a way that could inspire trust and respect from people on all sides of the political spectrum. And it couldn’t be more commentary. It would need to be a place where people could learn about the 5 W’s that Palin on occasion has made reference to (who, what, when, where, why). 

    An entity like this could have influence lasting far beyond one election cycle. It might be that Palin has the money, influence, contacts and work ethic to pull something like this off. An entity like this could be used to expose the crony capitalism in both parties and to hold candidates of both parties accountable. And over time the good such an entity would do could win over independents and count as the credential she would need to make a run for the White House at a later time.

    She hasn’t spelled out what she means when she says "you don’t need a title to make a difference." I want to see if there is something specific and of lasting power being planned.


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks for your interesting thoughts and speculation, Rob!

    • generictrainee

      "The biggest problem we have is the media." Exactly.

    • ljmesq

      The Medias’s failure(by choice) to fulfill its role in a democratic society was and is a huge problem in our society.  I agree that a large number, if not a majority of Americans, support her views.  You are also correct that a lot of people don’t even realize that they share her views because of the media’s perfidity and to an extent their own failure to pay attention to and research the issues.  I was hoping her campaign would have gone a long way to redressing that situation.  Sadly, that is not to be.  Hopefully, she’ll be able to assist the Country in waking up and taking action through other means.  That’s going to be tougher than she thinks from the sidelines of the campaign.  It’s going to be tougher for her to have her voice heard and paid attention to now.  After all, it’s the point guard that leads the team to victory, not the cheerleaders.

  • John Norton

    Last night she never told us all WHY she quit running for the Presidency…

    • Butteredpopcorn

      Yes she did.  After much consideration this time was not the time……period.

      • John Norton

        Thats no explanation I ask again why O4P  Peter Singletons and everyones efforts…

        • Butteredpopcorn

          Because they chose to make those efforts.  She didn’t ask, they did it on their own.  We now have people who have learned the ropes, people never before involved.  They aren’t going to sit on the couch now.  They still believe our country is worth fighting for so they tried.  Now they can help the one who will now be chosen to take back the country.  Every town, city, state and federal office must be fixed, would we be this far without her leadership?

          • John Norton

            Well heres to having Faith in something you cant see clearly…!

        • johnfromcanada

          It occured to me last night that perhaps Singleton’s efforts in Iowa were not wasted. Maybe they indicated that it just wasn’t going to be there for Sarah this time. I don’t know. We all like to think she could have taken that state (and many others), but we perhaps have simply overestimated her support, because of the passion of her stong supporters here. Or more likely  we tend to understimate the strength of all the forces arrayed against her.  

      • Buck Taylor

        this was her time- and she didn’t take advantage of it. hope she has a good life in alaska

        • Butteredpopcorn

          I don’t know if this was her time. Only she knows that. She listened to her inner voice. Would you wish she stayed in, ran and her children’s life destroyed for the nation? Her own life, marriage destroyed. That is a lot to ask of someone. Peyton Manning weighed in on this, him being a quarterback who knows how to read the field, he suggested it is foolish to be armchair quarterbacks. I agree.

  • Freelancer007

    Very good post. I too think Sarah can still become President one day if she so desires. I would love to see her become a senator or part of the administration and work her way up to President. I do hope she takes that path and not just a voice. Whatever she decides though this is her life. She needs to be happy in her decisions and in her service.

  • yttik22

    Democracy is a lot more complicated then electing somebody who can read words off a teleprompter and play a few rounds of golf. The majority of this country’s most amazing leaders never held political office at all. One thing Obama was right about, change comes from the bottom up. If you really want  change you don’t just pray for somebody with integrity and install them in the white house, you have to make the will of the people a powerful force that can’t be ignored. The white house is the people’s house, not the president’s house. Palin will be leading the country to the white house where we can all take up residence and live rent free in our leader’s heads.

  • Butteredpopcorn

    Palin is smart and intelligent.  It takes one to know one, so perhaps it is hard for you to admit you are stupid and dumb.  Go hide back under your rock.

    I stand with Sarah.  

  • PaMom4Palin

    Well I for 1 (and I may be the only one) looking at the "big" picture I heard something in her voice when she was talking to Mark Levin….something not heard before, can’t quite put my finger on it but we don’t know the whole story…maybe we never will…but I will continue to admire Gov Palin for what she has done for this country…….WAY MORE THAN ALL OF US …I have a feeling she will continue, maybe not the way we wanted her to but only she knows what is best for her family. After all look at the backlash she is taking from a lot of ppl on her side!
    Do I think her support will fade?…maybe….she knew that when she made her choice,but it will only fade to those who won’t listen. Do I feel we were thrown under the Palin bus?….sort of…but life will go on…
    You never know we might see her running for a Sen seat or appointed to something in a new admid.,time will tell what path will be taken,and in the long run it is Gov Palin’s to make and her’s alone.
    I feel it is a sad day for America but then look what she has put up with for all these yrs…would any of us REALLY want to be put through more of that? She said she prayed about it and this is the answer she was given…who are we to judge God?

    • PaMom4Palin

      I was also going to add that I will be excited to see what will unfold and I for 1 will support Gov Palin in what she does. (she is young and there is plenty of time for her to run…you never know maybe a Palin/Rubio ticket is at hand down the road)

  • TimDenchanter

    If we want Sarah to be the first woman President … and I certainly do … then we need to prove that she has the support to win … so let’s follow her lead and promote those she endorses … the more we can get elected, the stronger she becomes … until the establishment has no choice but to give way … note that I am a Republican in CT … the bluest state in the nation … worse than CA and MA … I was a delegate to the 2010 CTGOP Convention … and CT has been taken over by ACORN and SEIU so that we had the opposite results in 2010 from the rest of the nation … the TEA Party in CT still has to prove itself so when I say that Palin supporters need to prove themselves to get her elected … I am including my own state and myself at the top of the list of those needing to prove themselves. —TL

  • palin45potus

    I guess that I’m a complete fool, from the nature of these comments.

    I attended a TEA Party rally in Searchlight, NV back in March of 2010.  I think that I may have been the one to get the "Run, Sarah, Run" chant going, which eventually went on for about a minute.  What a time.

    Never once did I think that she owed me a damn thing.  I was glad that she was out campaigning for GOP candidates, and speaking out against Obamacare.  The idea of her standing on the debate floor across from Obama intrigued me, as I was convinced that she’d wipe the floor with him.  I hoped that the GOP would see what a rare gem she was.

    However, in an ominous aside, a friend of mine attended a GOP meeting in So Cal, and he mentioned Sarah in a positive light.  The Good Old Boys almost laughed him out of the room, and it was made clear that sarah, or any other woman for that matter, were only good for serving cocktails.

    As she started attending more rallies, and the candidates that she backed started winning, she was welcome, just as long as she knew her place.  No messing around with the GOP chosen candidates.

    Fast-forward to the post 2010 elections, where the GOP media men spread the word that she was Cinderella, and the clock had struck midnight.  Suddenly, she wash’t the warrior who’d led the takeover of the House of Reps.  No, she was the reason that the GOP didn’t have the Senate.  And since the entire RINOsphere sang off the same sheet of music, it was easy to determine that Washington had used her, and wished her gone.

    I think that she was willing to fight the good fight against them there, but then Tucson happened.

    She was never able to fully trust the GOP, or Fox News after that point.  Candidates who she may have expected to be able to count on made it clear through their deafening silence that she was no longer welcome.

    Sarah really started wrestling with the decision back then, I believe.  Was it worth it?  She was obviously horrified at the tragedy, and then to be so easily blamed by the duplicitous media, the evil Obama White House, and the complicit GOP left a mark.

    Then, when the Christy family had a restraining order put out against them, we saw that Sally Heath was very concerned about the safety of her daughter.  This is what I believe was the ultimate determining factor, BTW.

    She gave her speeches, and visited through the summer, but it was obvious that Piper wasn’t exactly having a ball.  This is the same Piper who was being spied upon by the new next-door neighbor.  You know who.  (Not for nothing, how would you like to have a reporter move in next door for 3 months, and his only purpose was to dig through whatever salacious dirt he could find?  And, as in the case of Joe McGinness, he could just make it up, since his own e-mails confess that he couldn’t substantiate a damn thing.  Someone you might not even remember from the 6th grade now could happily tell this author whatever they felt like, with no need for proof, or even identification?)

    Aside from all that, the polls show that it’s an uphill climb, the campaign season has just been shortened to close your window, and your daughter has just been accosted by a raving lunatic, all caught on video and broadcast around the world.

    When you met with your extended family to see if there was unanimity or not, and all these factors were weighed, together with the realization that getting behind the GOP candidate for President was the most important thing you could do, besides working for the eventual TEA Party-ization of the GOP, why is it surprising that Sarah Palin decided that she’ll pass.  Besides that, I think she’d like to have a semblance of her life back.

    I think that Sally Heath, Bristol, Willow, and Piper, as well as concerns for Trig’ health were all the determining factors here.  

    If I’m right about this, then I wish Sarah well, and it was great to see her inspire us.  Please stay involved in whatever way you can, Sarah.  We’ll all find a candidate to back who comes the closest to your views.

    God Bless the Palin’s and the Heath’s, and God Bless America

    • John Norton

      It was up to her her family woudastood behind her to run

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      WONDERFUL post, my friend!!  As I have said elsewhere in the last few hours, while I am very disappointed, I have never felt a greater loyalty to or love for our Sarah than I do right now.  All of these attacks on her just strengthen these feelings.

      She needs her friends now.

      God bless!!!

      • palin45potus

        Thanks, that means a lot from you!

  • Butteredpopcorn

    Get a grip or go hide udner your rock.  She must really be a threat to you because you are projecting yet again.

  • John_Frank

    Thank you for confirming that you want to destroy America.

    • John Norton

      Who died and left you God…!

  • Been_There_BT

    I see the PDS comment creeps have crawled out from under their rock to try and stir up the anti-Palin pot today.  

    That tells me one thing:

    Just like all the previous rumors of her political demise, this one is greatly exaggerated. 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      EXACTLY…the mood around here (and I am convinced C4P will continue) may be very different in a few weeks or months!!!

    • gwspfan

      I will always admire, respect and FULLY support Sarah for the principles and morals she stands for.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        AMEN, gwspfan!!!

  • Guest

    Excellent post Steve, right on the mark.

    Give them hell Sarah, game on.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      AMEN, dixie!!!

  • kalkasam

    Just read some of the comments, seems like a lot of you idiots were not real supporters of Governor Palin.  How sad for you.  She IS the peoples leader.  If you actually took the time to listen to any of her  speeches you would realize that she is as relavent as ever.  What a bunch of cry-baby loosers.  Pop your heads out and quit whinning.  Governor Palin is still very relevant in the direction this country will take.

    • Vicki

      idiots isn’t nice. people are upset. let them vent.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, kalkasam!

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