Sarah Palin, the ‘We The People’ President – Encouragement and Observations from England

Guest Submission from Kevin Ainsworth

I am an Englishman who, out of curiosity, stayed up during our night to watch Governor Palin’s speech live at the RNC in 2008. I was blown away not only with her charisma but also the content of her speech. I first discovered the C4P website shortly after the 2008 election and have been visiting it most days since then. I have never commented because, although it greatly interested me, it was not my place to get involved in American politics. I cannot now stay silent because you seem to have missed something rather obvious. (I have to say you and not we because of my nationality but it is in no way meant in a derogatory way).

Sometimes people can be so deep in the political system or forest that they cannot see the wood for the trees in which case it takes somebody standing outside to show them. Hopefully I can do that here with encouragement and observations, and in further articles.

Like many of you I was shocked and stunned by Governor Palin’s decision not to run for President as the GOP candidate but then I stopped and had a think and realised that what she has done is the best thing she could have done and is remarkably consistent with all her words and deeds in the past.

Listen to what Sarah says. Obama will have a war chest of over $1 billion and 90% of the media on his side. Which means that the GOP candidate will have 10% of the media but will have to match the $1 billion war chest therefore they will have to rely on a lot of very big donations from wealthy patrons and big business.

What did Sarah say about the government stimulus money for Alaska? She vetoed it because of the big strings attached. Fast forward to her speech recently in Iowa and what did she say? She had only ever accepted donations from ordinary people so that she was not beholden to big donors because, like you, she was not for sale. She repeated this in her speech in St Louis. What was she attacking? Crony capitalism on both sides of the aisle. She could be an extremely effective Governor in Alaska and do the things she did precisely because she was not beholden to anybody except the people of Alaska who elected her.

So imagine her dilemma recently. She was the one everybody was waiting to enter the GOP contest and would have been the frontrunner. Having become the nominee, thanks to your help and support, she would have probably beaten Obama and become President as you all so desperately wanted. But at what cost? People and companies donating $1 billion will want something for that money. To get the money in the first place for the campaign they would probably have put conditions on it. Let’s face it – they would not have wanted her talking about crony capitalism for a start! She would have been shackled during the election and then would not have been free to do all those things you dream about and which she believes in once she was elected.

To have fought for the GOP nomination would have meant walking into a trap and being shackled by compromise and that is one thing she has never done in all her years of public service. Can you not see that by declining the chance to run for the GOP nomination she has remained uncompromised and unshackled?

Alexander the Great was confronted by the Gordian Knot and found the solution that all others had missed. He simply took out his sword and cut it. Shakespeare mentions this in Henry V, Act 1 Scene 1. By simply changing the gender of his quote you can see how it applies to Sarah and what she has done: “Turn her to any cause of policy, the Gordian Knot of it she will unloose, familiar as her garter.” (Shakespeare)

A more recent, if fictional, example is when Indiana Jones finds himself confronted by a fearsome and skilled swordsman in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. He simply took out his gun and shot him!

Sarah has done the same to the Gordian Knot and Whirling Dirvish of the Republican Nomination. She has found a solution where there was no solution! Or rather she saw the solution where others only saw the problem.

Besides, she was not turning down the chance to run for president but the chance to run for the GOP nomination. The other candidates are not yet running for president but are running for the chance to run for president and all but one of those are going to be disappointed.

Despite her disappointment at not running Sarah has promised to go out and fight for other candidates for the House and Senate and has started already with three great speeches (how long did it take her to reload?!) How many of the current GOP candidates will do that when they are finally forced, kicking and screaming, from the contest and their dreams? What has, for example, Tim Pawlenty been doing since withdrawing from the race? Which of them is the servant? Jesus said “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” Who is putting those words into practice?

Sarah came to her decision after much prayer and has done what God has asked her to do. Yet sometimes what God asks and what God intends are not always the same thing. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac but death at that point was not God’s intention for Isaac. Abraham did as God asked and literally at the last second God provided the miracle of the actual sacrifice in the bushes. Abraham put into practice his trust in God and God did not let him down. God has asked Sarah to sacrifice her dreams and ambitions to be President and she has obeyed Him and trusted in Him. She has put her words as a Christian into action. “By their deeds, you will know them.”

She knew what people would be saying of her when she made that decision and she knew the ridicule that would be heaped upon her by her enemies feeling that they had won and had beaten her and forced her out of the race with their Alinsky tactics. She also knew how disappointed so many of you would be who had invested so much of yourselves in her.

I am reminded of Aslan in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” who willingly sacrificed himself to save Edmund. He was bound and chained and mocked by his enemies who thought that they had won. His supporters were crestfallen and felt that they had lost only to find that Aslan unexpectedly came roaring back unchained and free to defeat the enemy. Is it a coincidence that Sarah mentioned that she was now unshackled after her decision and that she came roaring back at St Louis to give one of her best speeches? For a lion simply substitute a Mamma Grizzly!

A recent article looked at her touring bus for clues as to when she would announce but the biggest clue to her belief on that bus was overlooked – “We the people”.

Her entire working life as a public servant has been for “We the people” and it was the donations of “We the people” who enabled her to become Governor of Alaska and who gave her the mandate for her actions of cleaning up the state and taking on Big Oil. She was not doing it for herself but for “We the people”.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-20

By resigning as Alaska Governor, Sarah moved into the wilderness and wasteland politically as far as the pundits and experts were concerned. Yet God made a way through the wilderness and that something new led to the miracle of 2010 and the Tea Party claiming so many seats in the House and Senate. This is something that should not have happened according to the rules which the pundits and experts work by. They did not understand it and have tried to rework it into something that fits their existing paradigm. They have already forgotten it and written it off as something that will not happen again and, as far as they are concerned, normal political service has been resumed. Yet it is not a one off and who knows where that something new will lead in 2012?

Sarah Palin was not a candidate for the GOP nomination when she went onto Mark Levin’s show and she was not a candidate when she left that show. Nothing had changed in that respect. So why was she your choice for president before the show and not afterwards? If anything the fact that she has refused to compromise her principles and ideals should make her even more your ideal president. If she has refused to compromise then why should you? Why should you lower your sights and expectations? Why should you hold your noses and vote for the least worst presidential candidate? Why do you not hold firm to your beliefs and convictions that Sarah Palin is the best choice for president and no other?

You can guarantee that the various GOP candidates will be busily working with their strategists and focus groups and experts to work out what to say to get your votes. They see you not as “We the People” but as simply more votes to Hoover up for their own personal ambitions.

It does not matter which official candidate becomes president in 2012 because, whether Democrat or GOP, they will be beholden to $1 billion of donations! Many of those will be a spread bet on both candidates by the big corporations so that they will get their way no matter which candidate wins. Nothing will change. Why should you settle for that?

Why also do you try and get Sarah to change her mind and run for the GOP nomination and compromise herself and her principles when, like Alexander the Great, she has moved on to other things? Besides, was she ever really focused on the naval gazing needed for such a process? Look at all her interviews when she was asked to comment on the various nominees. How long did she take talking about them before moving on to the bigger picture and attacking Obama? All of about two seconds in most cases!

Your leader is a visionary and you should follow her vision. If you want her to be president then it has to be as the “We the People” candidate and nothing less.

Why do you only have two candidates for president who the experts and pundits say have a chance? Why do you believe that? You are registered as Republican or Democrat or Independent which makes three groups of people so why only a choice of two candidates for President? Do the math! I know your arguments about a third-party candidate splitting the votes and allowing the Democrat to win but is that really true or is that something the pundits and experts say to control things and keep them the way they are and under their control? I know that Ross Perot is mentioned here but as far as I am aware he was an elderly billionaire who used his money on a vanity project. He was not “of the people” or “for the people”. Whereas Sarah is most definitely “of the people” and “for the people”.

Perot ran for office before the internet and social media age so he had to go through the traditional media to deliver his message. Governor Palin has pioneered the use of social media to bypass the traditional media and go direct to her supporters and to the people. This is another of the new things. I live in England but I have been able to see all her speeches and interviews and read all her various Facebook postings and other articles. I am not the only one. People around the world are clamouring to hear her message which is why she gets invited to various other countries, Korea being the latest, to give speeches.

As somebody living in another democracy I will tell you a truth which I believe Governor Palin has gleaned and is trying to impart to you. In an election it is not the Republicans or Democrats or Independents who choose the President but people. There are no Republicans or Democrats or Independents but simply ordinary people with a choice!!! I cannot emphasise that enough. What if those people do not like the choice of Democrat or Republican put before them? Where do they go and who do they vote for if the person representing what they want and believe is not on the ballot paper?

Another thing which Governor Palin has talked about time and time again is the contested primary where it is good for many candidates to take part and share and debate ideas so that the people may choose the best ones. Why should this not apply to the presidential election as well?

Read the part of her book “Going Rogue” about the vice presidential debate and then picture that process happening to the Democrat and Republican candidates before each debate. They will be busy trying to say what they think you want to hear and what their strategists have told them to say and what their donors have told them to say. They will both desperately be trying to avoid a “gotcha” moment and thus be perceived to have lost the debate. Then imagine those debates with Sarah Palin involved as the third candidate boldly speaking truth from her heart and mind to the hearts and minds of the people. Doesn’t that thought excite you because it sure as heck excites me.

You know full well that come the election campaign both sides will be saying what they think you want to hear (via their strategists and experts and focus groups) but will then do their own thing once elected and serve their financial donors. Where is the candidate who will give a consistent message in a campaign and will do exactly that when elected?

The only president who can make a difference and have the power and mandate to really change things is a “We the people” President beholden only to “We the people” and no others. Who is the only person who would fit that description?

You have the ground teams in place working and ready for her choosing to be a GOP candidate. Would those people have then gone home after she secured the nomination? Or would they have stayed to campaign with her during the election? All that has changed is that she is not standing for the GOP nomination. Does that stop you from believing that she is the best choice for president? Does that stop you from working to persuade other “We the people” that she is the best choice and thus create an unstoppable wave which would dwarf 2010? You are not paid workers but willing volunteers who have done what you have done for love of Sarah Palin. You have the means to reach people in ways that no previous candidate has been able to do. This is something new.

Surely her standing by her principles and beliefs and sacrificing her own ambitions to remain unshackled and free to speak out the truth should make you love her all the more, not less! Surely it should make you determined to work even harder to make her your President with a mandate to serve you with her servant’s heart?

There was an accepted way of doing things back in 1773 but “We the people” had other ideas and rose up and changed things against all the odds. Had you just quietly acquiesced back then and accepted what you were told because that was the way it was always done then the Queen would now be your head of state and Obama would be your Prime Minister.

But you dared to dream and you dared to change things and thus created the USA. Why stop now?

The pundits and experts have tried and failed to categorise the Tea Party simply because it is not a party like the Democrats and GOP. It is something far simpler and stronger than that. While other politicians stayed clear of the Tea Party until recently when they want their support, Sarah recognised it for what it was from its beginnings and embraced it. She saw that it was not a political party but an awakening of “We the people” – ordinary Moms and Pops and hard working people – which includes Democrats, GOP and Independents. That is how Sarah has always treated it. Listen again to her speeches and read her writings. It is always “We the people.” She is not telling them what to do but empowering them to do it for themselves. She is not telling you, her supporters, what to do but has been empowering you to do extraordinary things you never thought you could do. Why stop now? Because, according to Governor Palin, mighty things can be done through each and every one of you.

She says that 90% of the media will be with Obama but what does she mean? Those who own or run the media and some paid talking heads and editors. But the media is mainly comprised of ordinary people working for it. Who is to say that they will not listen to her message and chime with it and also become “We the people” such as that reporter who recently and publicly questioned the way his employer covered the recent book lying about Governor Palin? Is he the first of many?

Sarah has made her decision and is liberated by it. She will not change her mind for personal ambition nor will she run for the GOP nomination but she is open to having her mind changed so that she runs for president as the “We the people” candidate. Sarah said in her interview with Bob and Mark that it would take something seismic to change her mind.

You know of the situation in Greece but you are probably not aware just how bad things are financially in the EU. There is a massive economic earthquake on its way and that will be incredibly seismic. Politicians and leaders in Europe are powerless because none of them understand what is happening or why and thus can only deal with the symptoms not the cause. Listen to the part of Sarah’s St Louis speech when she says that other politicians are only talking about the symptoms of the current recession (for that is what it is) whereas she knows what the cause is and therefore what the solution is.

A seismic earthquake in Europe will send a tsunami, or tidal wave, across the oceans to America. Where was it mentioned in the Bible that somebody got caught up in a massive storm when God wanted that person somewhere else? When God wanted Jonah in Nineveh he sent a whale to take him there. If God wants Sarah Palin in the Oval Office then he will send a whale called “We the People” to carry her there. You are “We the people”!

“One person with a belief is equal to ninety nine who have only interests.” The official candidates need a massive war chest of money because they have to try and persuade those who only have interests to vote for them. Yet Sarah has an army of supporters with belief. People like Peter Singleton who has sacrificed months of his time and life to lay the groundwork for Sarah Palin to become President. None of the other candidates have that.

I like the picture you sometimes show, including today, of Sarah playing poker with other Republican Presidents. I believe that different combinations of cards have different names, for example Dead Man’s Hand. Sarah has a completely new combination of cards in her hand and it is called “We the People” and she has bet everything she has on that hand. Make sure that she holds a winning hand and not a busted flush! She trusts the people that much and you, my glorious American Cousins, are “We the People”!

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