Tea Party Group Launches Effort to Stop Romney from Winning GOP Nomination

A Tea Party Group associated with Lloyd Marcus, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, has been ramping up their efforts to make Obama a one-term President.  As a part of that effort, they are concerned that the Republicans will nominate a candidate, Mitt Romney, whose liberal positions are such that he will be unable to differentiate himself from Obama and thus lose the election for the GOP.  Toward that end, they have launched a Stop Mitt Romney Campaign, via CNN:

An independent conservative group says it’s going up with a series of new television commercials and radio ads in Iowa later this month as part of its campaign to “Stop Mitt Romney” from winning the Republican presidential nomination, CNN has learned.

The group, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, released a web video Wednesday as part of a fundraising effort to pay for what it says will be future ad buys for the TV spot in New Hampshire and South Carolina. The three states, along with Nevada, kick off the primary and caucus season.

While Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who’s making his second bid for the White House, is the front-runner in the most recent national polls in the battle for the nomination, he is not well loved by some in the tea party movement, who don’t trust the candidate’s conservative credentials.

“Mitt Romney’s so liberal he’s fought conservatives on abortion, RomneyCare, bailouts, illegal immigration, and much more,” says the narrator in one of the TV ads, which also uses a clip of Romney from his 2002 run for governor in Massachusetts.

“If you support the principles of the Republican Party platform, as I do, then it’s important that we make sure the GOP nominates someone who has supported and fought for those principles. On almost every single important issue facing America today, Mitt Romney has fought against conservatives and Republicans. He’s been a liberal on fiscal issues, a liberal on social issues, and a liberal on national security issues,” says Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, in a statement to CNN.

This “stop-Mitt” effort, apparently, incensed left-wing loon Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, who devoted an entire segment of her sparsely watched show to its denunciation before linking it (in her mind) to a conspiracy theory about Governor Palin running as a third-party candidate or something.  The video to which Marcus refers in the above quote appears below.  Some of the clips chronicling Mitt’s flip-flops have been seen before, but some I hadn’t yet seen.  Enjoy:

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