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The Next Chapter: Following the Maverick

Guest Submission by Daniel Chioco

An era just ended.  This is what many Palinistas and Conservatives throughout the nation must be thinking.

But that’s just the beginning.  At the end of every chapter, there’s always a page turn.  There’s always another day, another era that picks up where the last one took off.  And hopefully this next chapter still includes Sarah.  She made it clear this evening that she intends to stay involved in the political arena.  Remember, her "doom" has been predicted countless times.  Many are claiming that her decision negatively impacts her influence.

I say they’re wrong.

Sarah is still young.  And so is her family.  She ruled out 2012.  But she didn’t rule out a presidential run as a whole.  We love to compare her to Reagan, yet we overlook the fact that Reagan was on the national scene for YEARS before running for the presidency.

Now, I hate to speculate, especially since speculation is what caused the hurt among many of Palin’s deepest supporters.  But could it be that Sarah is indeed looking at the large picture?  We’ve always called her a maverick and unconventional, yet many of us are freaking out when she doesn’t do what we expected her to do!  And we call ourselves her biggest supporters?!  There are many holes in the story, and we may never know the whole story.  But if you truly love Sarah like you proclaim to, then you should stand by her decision no matter what.  For instance, many were baffled by her decision to resign as Governor, yet that allowed her to plant the seeds for the Tea Party movement and grow the tidal wave in the 2010 midterm elections.

We should continue to follow her onward, especially as it is clear she wants to remain relevant.  True warriors (that’s you, Palinistas!) fight to the last man.

Like I said, I shouldn’t speculate, but here’s some food for thought.  I want to prove that it’s not all doom and gloom from this point forward.  Here are a few things to consider as possibilities in Palin’s future that I’m sure she’s considered:

1.  The Palin’s relocated to Arizona.  Many speculated this was for a Presidential run.  But could it be for a Senate run in 2012?  To boost her credentials and fight back against the meme that she is a "quitter"?  Should she become a Senator, she could easily use this new era to fix deeply rooted misconceptions, which would be easier to show with actions than with words.  Should she choose to run for president in a later election, she will have countered widespread misconceptions thanks to Senatorial experience.  It’s easier to change faulty misconceptions in an entire term than in a single election cycle.

2.  Palin’s chances of winning could actually improve if she waits for later elections.  I know this is counter-intuitive, but think of it this way.  We all know that the media has a very strong anti-Palin bias.  Now that she has become "irrelevant" since she is not running, could is be that the media takes a break on her?  They will no longer view her as a threat, so they won’t hound her like they have been the last 3 years.  They will have thought they won.  In the long term, the lack of a media fervently beating up on her helps repair Palin’s image, helps Palin build alliances within the media, and makes the media less reluctant to attack should she ever enter the spotlight again.

3.  Does history repeat itself?  Governor Palin resigned because of the frivolous ethics complaints and political gridlock in Alaska after her return from the 2008 election.  This gridlock occurred not because Palin was controversial, but because the media coverage of her was controversial.  Could it be that Palin realized that because she is such a "hot," "controversial" topic right now that if she were elected, then DC would experience a similar gridlock?  If my point #2 is correct, then if the media fascination with Palin dies, so does her controversial stature since the media is what makes her controversial.  While the "polarizing" effect she has now might have gridlocked DC had Palin won 2012, in a few years she may no longer drive liberals crazy and could work bipartisan with them like she used to – mainly because the media will have lost interest in stirring controversy around her every move.

4.  Did her family’s age affect the decision? Last night Palin cited her family as a large contributor to her decision.  This fits nicely into my theory (let me stress the word "theory") that perhaps she is eying a run in another election cycle.  Since her family has many young ones, waiting a few years until they mature would be better for their emotional and physical safety as well as the demands of not only the campaign trail, but political life.  It would also give her the time to focus on governing instead of her having to split it between governing and parenting.

I’m not saying Palin will run at all during her lifetime.  But what I am saying is that while we don’t have the full picture, we shouldn’t undermine the judgement of someone we trust.  There are many unanswered questions, but I doubt Palin would go through the trouble of a documentary to repair her record, a bus tour, and hiring a political team and foreign policy adviser if she simply meant to be a cheerleader.

Last night she never once said she would be a cheerleader.  Instead, she specifically said she would help craft strategies to help the Conservative movement and elect the right people into office.  Those are the words and actions of not only a true leader, but the maverick we all fell in love with in 2008.

These last three years we have all claimed to believe in what Sarah stands for.  If we truly believe in that, we know that this movement is not about just one person and that it will continue with or without her.  However, she still wishes to be a leader.  Why should we abandon her just because she didn’t do what we expected?  We always knew she was unconventional.  Where her banner leads, her legions of followers should rally to champion her cause.

We are sailing into uncharted territory in the Palin world, so now more than ever should we look to her for leadership and insight.

Daniel Chioco is a 22-year-old conservative. You can follow him on Twitter @theGOPalliance.

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  • Eleanor

    Oye ! 

  • John B. Hefmier

    I respect what you wrote about her, Daniel. It is really possible that Sarah might be seeing a much bigger picture. However, I posted this on the Open Thread, and I have decided to also post it here as well, in a modified form:

    Something about Sarah’s announcement is not computing right for me. I know that there might be going to be many theories posted on why she has chosen not to seek the GOP nomination, and even many more about the way that she went with it (which I personally felt could had been done in a MUCH BETTER way). However, Mark Levin’s question to Sarah about her seeking a third-party nomination was really interesting. She responded back to him something to the affect of "I would assume that a third-party nomination would almost guarantee Obama’s 2nd term election". You can listen to Mark’s interview here:
    My question is this: if Sarah decided not to run due to family issues, why would she respond the way that she did?? She could have easily told Mark that the question about going Third-Party was irrelevant because she was not concerned about losing but how it would affect things within the family.
    My point is this: did she make her hasty (in my opinion) announcement because someone or some people high within the GOP Establishment make threats against her that if she got the GOP nomination that they promised to make life for her and her family a living hell???
    I almost feel like that I am creating a consciracy theory but, I simply cannot get over her answer to Mark’s question.
    What do you think???

    • generictrainee

      99% sure she was forced out. Look at the critters that are running , she would look good even coming in second or third or wherever. They were afraid she would win.

    • Jen4Palin

      I think you’re reading too much into it. Unlike the GOP nomination, she would never even consider 3rd party, so therefor the family consideration is a moot point. She also wanted to hammer home to other folks (ie. many Tea Party members) that third party is not the answer. She would not want to give anyone the impression that third party is even remotely feasible at this important time. Remember, there are other people who have toyed with the idea (namely, Trump).

      • John B. Hefmier

        Jen4Palin, you might be right.  However, I personally feel that she could had first answered his question with that the family comes first, and then elaborate on the third party issue.  I think that more answers will eventually come out with time.

    • DDJ58

      since Gov Palin resigned she has always kept her word. When her word was mangled and twisted she always came forth to correct the record. C4P has always had the Governor’s back and now I pray that will still be the case. We do not need to theorize on the deeper reasons for her not running for higher office in 2012. One thing is clear she wants the present occupants evicted from the people’s house. She is choosing to do this unconventionally while protecting her family.

      I’ll be standing with Sarah still.

      • generictrainee

        I support Palin fully , it’s just that there’s pieces missing here.

        • Zona

          You are finally starting to get it.

      • John B. Hefmier

        I will try to be as supportive to the Governor as much as possible, but there are still unanswered questions that are making me scratch my head. 

      • Elinfidelo

        I agree with you 100%.

      • Judi Smith

        "since Gov Palin resigned she has always kept her word"?  But wasn’t resigning not keeping her word?

    • WalkTogether

      I believe she is open to it, however she will not risk getting obummer re-elected. Therefore, NOW IS THE TIME for all of us to continue to do Undefeated parties, continue the Tea Party grassroots movement to select solid constitutional conservatives an ALL levels, and SHOW HER the kind of support she would have, while doing all we can to GROW that support purposefully through our own hard work. She cannot do this alone.

      At the same time, as I said last night in another thread:

      I believe she is absolutely still singularly focused as always on
      removing obummer and rescuing the country, and that she has determined
      the BEST way she can contribute to that, is via other ways than becoming
      POTUS this time around (… or than becoming GOP nominee this time
      around! ).

      If she sees in Herman Cain what I see in him (or maybe
      someone else is poised to enter that we don’t know of), she believes
      helping him/her become POTUS while at the SAME TIME having time /energy
      /money left to do what she did in 2010 and load the field even stronger
      with good, sold constitutional conservatives on all levels who are
      running for the right reasons, the impact can be multiplied, because the
      POTUS will work with a Congress supporting his policies and initiatives
      to do the tough jobs of repealing obummercare, living within its means,
      and cutting out the cancer of crony capitalism. These things will need
      overwhelming support or they’re not going to happen.

      That’s where
      we come in. She truly is a team player who sees the big picture and is
      willing to do some dirty /non glamorous work to get the job done. I pray
      we, the team, aren’t so paralyzed by captain worship /disappointment
      that we’re not worth anything when it’s time for US to break a little
      sweat and put some effort in. That time is NOW.

      I say let the
      Undefeated parties continue. It really isn’t about her–it’s about
      whether WE’RE going to pout and sit out and let the country slip away.
      That would be a shame. Let’s honor her sacrifices and show we "get it"
      by continuing right on with her.

      [Sheya’s} website,
      has the ideal name to get behind her every effort and help keep her in
      the news. And I see no reason http://www.conservatives4palin can’t continue to
      be the awesome place it’s been, highlighting all things Palin, keeping
      the record straight and letting her know WE HAVE HER BACK while she
      CONTINUES to fight for us.

      May G_d bless Sarah, her family, and her C4P-, O4P- and P4A families :)

    • Betsey_Ross

      The more time that passes by, the more I tend to agree with you.  I think Sarah had three battles on her hands:  the Media, the GOP Establishment and security.  I think Sarah is ready to take all of them on, but not as a President.  She had to relieve the security probem and step away.  I have no doubt that if the GOP gave her grief that she would fight back, but she couldn’t do it as a candidate apparently. 

      My next thought is that maybe Sarah is going to start her own third party.  Both the Dems and the Pubbies are in disarray.  I do know that our local Republicans are scared to death of the Tea Party.  They keep coming to our meetings to see if we are still on board.  They are watching us.  We are watching them.  Interesting times.

  • Gina Dalfonzo

    Well said.

  • dhoneagleswings222

    I have no idea what Sarah Palin will do over the next year as far as seeking "elected office" is concerned.  I do know, however, that I have seen nothing in her character over the past few years to indicate she was leading anyone on, or that she is not sincere in her motivation to help restore America’s greatness. 

    I think she has prayerfully considered this election cycle, and I can only respect her commitment to follow God’s leading in her life.  That being said, I also believe she still has the heart of a servant, and an undying love for this country.  Whether she will continue to be successful as a spokesperson, that remains to be seen.  BUT, I will never count her down and out.  I believe that is a mistake.

    I will stand with Sarah for the cause of America, and I will continue to pray fervently for her and her family.

    God bless.

  • John Norton

    Talk about gettin stiffed times one million../.!

  • Jen4Palin

    I truly believe that at one time Sarah was going to run. Somewhere along the way she thought better of it. The Arizona house was a smart move if she was planning to spend a lot more time in the lower 48. I don’t see her wanting senate, particularly in a state she knows little about. She’s a very loyal person, and I don’t see her representing a state other than Alaska.

  • AndreaB

    @RealClearScott Scott Conroy
    OK, 1 more. Palin held secret AZ meeting w/ 5 close aides in August to map out potential campaign:

    Guys, she wanted to run but she was looking out for her kids. They hung in there for the longest time and I thank they for that. Would your young kids be able to deal with the crap that was flung at the Palin kids? I’m bummed out big time and cried my eyes out and never got to bed but I don’t blame Sarah for doing it this way.

    • generictrainee

      I dont see how the family suddenly became a problem. It’s something else, maybe one day we will know.

      • socon

        I think Florida speeding up their primary date forced Sarah’s hand.  I’ve read that Romney and Perry had backers in Florida’s state senate who pushed Florida’s new primary date through.

        That’s what the phone calls from her attorneys making inquiries was about.  The Republican party/Romney did this to Sarah.

    • VirginiaRidgerunner

      That’s not much of an excuse after three years, numerous family appearances, and a reality show.

    • Jen4Palin

      I truly believe that, too. As a mom I can understand. All of the things she has done up until now are nothing compared to the presidential campaign trail. I suspect the incident with Bristol put her over the edge, especially since that depressing interview with Greta was right after that. She has very young children and grandchildren, and one chance to enjoy them. I am disappointed, yet I couldn’t ask her to make the immense sacrifice it would take to run now, because I wouldn’t be willing to make it myself.

      • Edie

        I’m noticing a pattern with you guys which why you are in the state that you are.  Specifically you guys do a LOT of assuming.  And you know what assuming leads to….  In your comment you say
         "I suspect" which is an assumption with no valid reference to facts.  If you look at a lot of commenters, you will see the same.  Shouldn’t that give cause for thought?

  • 01_Explorer_01

    I’m thinking the GOP convention is going to get real nasty. Especially if an establishment Rino gets in.  The house in Arizona , yes what does that mean? 

  • 01_Explorer_01

    What if no one becomes the front runner and its a virtual 3 or 4 way tie going into the convention?  I still would have liked to know how she would have done in Iowa and so on even if she is not running.

  • Ted Belman

    When Sarah gave her crony capitalism speech on Sept 3 she was running. Something happenned in the last month or less.  Her interview on Greta that we all hated was telling us where she was headed.  When Todd promoted the movie it was to help Bannon recoup some of his money.  When Sarah PAC asked for money, I was surprised and thought since she is running why is she directing money to PAC.  Now we know.
    Perhaps it was the publication of the McGinnis book.  Who wants their whole life put under a microscope? Perhaps it was the vile harassment of Bristol that turned the tide.Or perhaps her numbers weren’t good enough.
    Its a sad day in Mudville.

    • generictrainee

      It has to be something worse than the book and the Bristol incident. She has endured much worse stuff.

      • Edie

        Much worse???  Like what?

  • Freedomlovingmomof7

    We must remember that the most important goal is to get rid of Obama and Obamacare, which will ruin our nation.  Sarah will still be making a difference, only from a different position.  I am terribly disappointed, but she is a woman of integrity, and I believe she truly wrestled with the decision on the basis of her family.  Our commitment is to the USA as a free country, and we need to continue to work, as she will, to elect good conservative constitutional candidates who aren’t crony capitalists.

  • mymati

    Interesting, but….Re. Point 1) They invested in in a property in Arizona, they did not relocate. Re. Point 2) Sarah intends to continue to be involved in the political process and so will continue to be a target for the media and the left. Unless she goes back to Alaska and never says another word that will always be true.
    I cannot blame Sarah for my disapointment, She never told me to support her for President. So thats on me entirely.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I guess we have learned one thing.  We’ve learned that those who said, "I stand with Sarah Palin" either meant it or they didn’t.  Sarah didn’t quit on us and she hasn’t quit on the country.  Some of you need to quit acting like the very people who have attacked her and her supporters over the last three years.  We all knew that her answer was either going to be yes or no, but some of you have decided that because answer was no, she had no intent to run.  What some of you need is a "Leroy Jethro Gibbs smack to the back of Tony Denozo’s head".  Some of your comments are being used as a hatchet against Sarah.  If you can’t respect Sarah’s decision, fine, but go somewhere else and cry like a liberal whiny butt.

    • palmerguy

      Amen,  we will support her as she helps others with the right values get elected and help to turn this country back to the way it was designed to be over 200 years ago.  God bless Sarah and her family

  • ayamo

    Bravo. A run for AZ senate would be great (can you imagine her debating the likes of Durbin, Reid, Boxer on the senate floor? :D), but that would contradict the reason why she didn’t run for President. She says she doesn’t need a title (we’ll see if that assumption holds true, I hope it will). Senator is just another title … and it’s never good to be seen as a carpetbagger (Hillary Clinton did, it was never much of an issue, but the media play a different tune when it comes to Dems).

  • susiepuma

    I am an Independent who was formerly a Democrat and one of Hillary’s 18 million supporters.  When she suspended her campaign, I cried and then I vowed to make sure she would be the winner at the Convention because she had more delegates than the fraud – something happened – I don’t know what it was to this day but when she flew to Unity NH to appear with the fraud – I was heart was broken…there would be no woman for President.

    I vowed absolutely that I would never vote for another Democrat.  I still hold to that vow.  I switched to kinda halfway supporting McCain over the other Republicans who were running – he was a long time congressman, had been in Vietnam, was a POW, felt I could vote for him.  When he picked Sarah as his running mate – wow – I became interested again & then, McCain showed his true colors – just another DC political hack and RINO in disguise, put Sarah in handcuffs more or less, suspended his campaign, went to DC and lost the election…… another heartbreak but smaller because I believed then that Sarah was going to run for President in 2012 and I was ready…… I said then and I say now that Sarah Palin is the only one I will be voting for in 2012 and it looks like it will be a write in vote.  I truly thought she was running and I was willing to crawl thru glass to see her elected as our President.

    Same as before, I don’t know what happened, but Sarah has declined to run.  I don’t understand her reason because there is none. I don’t know what the real story is and don’t know if she will ever say but I do know this… I will not be voting for anyone – D or R in 2012 – I can support none of them and will write in Sarah’s name on the ballot.  She always said she was not a cheerleader but now she is and that, to me, is a slap to me and others who believed her when she said she had the fire in the belly, called herself a mama grizzley, etc. 

    She couldda been a contender – instead she has become just another politician with empty promises – the TEA party people who were elected in 2010 are being corrupted by DC and without a President who have enforced those values, we are done.  Alaska is a long way from DC and her influence and clout are slowly fading into the sunset. 

    I couldn’t sleep last night and I’m still feeling depressed but I will watch those who are running for local offices and if they feel right to me, I will vote for them but I will not campaign for them – my enthusiasm is gone and my heart is broken again.  Fighters never quit but quitters never fight – they just fade away.

    • generictrainee

      She was forced out. What other reason not to run.

    • votermom
    • excopconservative

      There is something wrong about Sarah’s decision.  We still have Obama in office and no candidate that is likely to beat him.  No frontrunner has emerged among the announced candidates.  None of them meet her criteria of executive experience in government and conservative values.  We know from that that nothing in the race itself motivated her decision.

      Her issues about family seem to have been dealt with satisfactorily in past months. 

      Here is a video that may shed some light on how Gov. Palin looks at running for President.

      Is this what is going on here?  Are we taking "NO" for an answer too quickly?

  • Robert Lambert

    She has cut Bannon’s movie off at the knees along with the rest of us. Who is going to buy his movie now?  It hurts that all the na sayers were right all along. What happened to the crack in the open door she would plow through. We have been had!

    • generictrainee

      We dont know what they have used against her.

    • Jen4Palin

      Bannon made the movie of his own volition, not knowing if Sarah would run or not. She owes him nothing. I’m not sure how her views on crony capitalism could be considered authentic if she ran for office or dragged the announcement out longer simply to help Bannon and other supporters maximize their profits.

      • Vicki

        I think it will continue to sell. Not as well as for a candidate, but who knows how many they made up.

  • Kitty Myers

    Talk about shackles… I’d hate to see her become a senator. If she’s not running for president then I think she’s got more power as an influential private citizen. 

  • Guest

    The question is not why she said ‘No’ yesterday, but why she did not say ‘Yes’ 4 months ago.  Realistically, it would have been nearly impossible to launch a serious presidential bid at this late hour.  Even Christie… who had the GOP elite begging him… reached the same conclusion. 

    I have really gone back and forth on this.  Yesterday, I was of the opinion that she was fully intending on announcing Yes up until two weeks ago.  Upon reflection, I think she probably decided a qualified "No" months ago…. and the qualification was that she would wait and see if the GOP field totally self-destructed and in that case, and that case only, would dive in and clean up the mess.  Instead, the landscape she saw was Romney’s uncontested hold on the RINO (with Pawlenty gone and Huntsman a non-factor) and a scrum vying for the conservative vote.  Thus, to win the GOP nomination, her only pathway would have been to destroy Perry, Cain, Bachmann etc..  She probably has the political talent to have succeeded in this mission, but it would have been ugly, really ugly.

    At the end of the day, she just made a realistic political calculation.

    My opinion is that if she had announced 6 months ago, she would have put Perry in that same uncomfortable position.  But hindsights 20-20.

  • yttik22

    The presidency is only one source of power in this country and it’s not as powerful of a position as people assume. You still have to get 435 members of congress to agree with you and you’re still limited by what the supreme court rules as constitutional. The real power in this country has always come from We the People. Nobody talks about that much, we pretend there are three branches of government and they rule the country, but the truth is, they don’t do much without the consent of the governed. Putting We The People back into government would go a long way towards fixing this country’s problems and probably be more effective then simply trying to find somebody with integrity and electing them to the presidency. Palin could go to the white house as one person and try to do something about crony capitalism, about corruption, or she can stay back and lead an entire country so we are one big voice demanding that government remember who they serve.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    There are matters of the heart and then the decisions from the brain. What Gov Palin has exposed for each of us, is more than a glimpse, of how corrupt our system has become. Real leadership is a very lonely place at times. Those people all experience times when they and their followers, stand alone against the wind. Retreat is not defeat! It just appears that way to many of the foot soldiers and the analysts. The lasting impact of a leader with legions of supporters leaving the race because of the system, is far more positive than staying in and allowing that system to destroy you once and for all. The biggest eye opener for me and what will drive my passion from this day forward is the exposure of the enemy within. In the GOP, in the corporate, banking, media, institutional elites and cronies, including her employer! They were all motivated to stop her. What motivates them? I know and so do you. It wasn’t as much that she might win, as it was what the results of the fight might be. They came down swift and hard because they didn’t want the fight, if she got in. It was an overwhelming display of power, out in the open. Thank her for that because these guys rarely expose themselves like this. She and you forced their hand and smoked them out. I will never forget and neither should any of you. Be proud. Be strong. Retrench. America is going to be an ugly place, for a while, and we will either survive or perish together. Don’t let the evil win! God Bless you all!

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